Question Tuesday – What’s your Beauty Resolution?


I loved this! It’s so simple and positive every single thing on this list! Don’t you think?


I vow to: 

  • Tell myself that I am beautiful every. single. day. Quite straight forward. Hahaha!
  • Is to love my body the way it is, and know that I am beautiful
  • Find my look or style and embrace it to it’s fullest
  • Water water water and more water!
  • Take five minutes every morning to stretch so I feel refreshed and ready for the day! :]

Come on now! I know you got some incredible resolution you’re dying to tell. I’m all ears babes!

Comment below and share list of your beauty resolutions, which I think is brilliant considering New Years Eve is quickly approaching. Share yours here like confetti-es!


Thanks for stopping by the blog. Have a great week, everyone!

Sharon xoxo



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13 thoughts on “Question Tuesday – What’s your Beauty Resolution?”

  1. No resolutions–I never do make them but I do try to think about what I might like to accomplish in the coming year. I would like to make a major dent in my debt (easier said then done!) I want to stay on trrack with keeping my sugar numbers low and try to lose a bit more weight.


  2. I love your resolutions! Water was a big one for me this year and I was doing really great but I’ve been slacking. Also, finding a balance between loving myself as I am but still making changes to get to where I wanted to be was a big accomplishment this year for me! Next year I think I hope to continue tracking my weightloss so that I can lose 50 lbs. And I would like to invest in doing things for myself like going to a professional for a nice haircut on a regular basis and maybe even getting a few professional pedicures 😀 I just feel better when I look better!

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  3. Great resolutions!!! I had a ton for 2016!!! I’m makeup obsessed but totally slacked in 2015 because #momlife…. so this year I totally started getting glam again, even if it was only for myself…. not sure yet about what I will do in 2017


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