Blogmas Day 19- Essence Cosmetics First Impression


Hey guys! As with December coming to an end, I thought I’d do one last first impression post because I’ve actually found quite a few amazing things I wanted to talk about! So, today I’ve a special post which was probably the brand I was so excited to work on.

Yes, it’s Essence Cosmetics makeup brand as you can see from the title of this blog.


I would like to give a quick mention of this cute sparkly silver metallic photo box I found at Michaels Stores though.

And the products I picked up from Maxi are the following: Essence Make Me Brow, Essence Pure Nude Make-Up, DIY Eyeliner and Camouflage Cream Concealer.

If you’re still in the hunt for to fill your stocking stuffers then these makeup products are just perfect.


I remembered mentioning on my twitter last Saturday that I had a Women’s Christmas Banquet to attend and I took advantage to try all the products out. I wore them from 9.00am till noon and when I checked everything were still intact. I checked again at  6.00pm that same evening I was surprisingly impressed. Nothing major to report of fading foundation.


First up is this Pure Nude Make-Up Natural Finish foundation in the shade Pure Sand. If I’m not mistaken, Pure Nude is one of their new collection line by Essence.

I love this foundation. It feels light weight as if you not wearing anything at all, yet evens out my skin and it stays nicely for at least 8 hrs with no need to touch up at all.

The packaging is super cute! I comes with a pump with a slim and simple packaging. Love, love it!


I really like the pigmentation of this formula. It’s not too thick and feels more like a tinted moisturizer than a standard foundation would be. You can see from this image that it has an extremely runny formula but can be built up to a light/medium coverage.


The downside is that it has only 3 shades, but it worked for me…love it! The plus side is it has a light-medium coverage, has a natural finish, and lightweight on wear, great on combo-normal/dry skin.


If you looked two images above, you can see the scar on my arm but with blending the formula, it covers the scar completely with a small amount of products.

The finish is natural looking and non-made-up feeling as promised! If you’re new to makeup, this would be a great product to try given the price and quality you get from it.


Next thing I got is the Camouflage Cream Concealer in  Natural Beige for CAD$3.99.  It comes in a duo cream pan.


I like to use the lighter peachy one for under eye circles and the beige shade for concealing blemishes. The formula is great given it’s my first impression. Why do I say that… the cream is soft and love the amazing finishing coverage it gives.

From how I wore them, I would describe the coverage as medium, but definitely buildable if you apply more layers as you go along.


I’ve combination dry skin and it doesn’t cake or dry up on my under eye areas like many concealers do. And it’s so creamy and smooth on application. It’s really easy to pat in with the fingertips and voila! You’re done!


My take from my first time experience with this concealer is amazing. I don’t see any creasing or dried up effect from the whole day wearing with I’m quite impressed with. Above all, it’s a great value product with affordable price that I suggest you give this a try.


Another love from this brand is their Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara in Browny Brows.

Honestly, my first impression of this brow gel was that I was going to hate it but I was completely wrong. I noticed it has a perfect dark, ashy brown that matches my brows perfectly.

The spoolie pick up a nice amount of products and with one dip is enough for both of my brows. It combs and fill in my brows nicely without resulting to flaking or smudging at all. I’m loving it. Another winner in my book, Essence.


It really coats my sparse yet unruly brow hairs, fills in the gaps in my brows pretty well and gives a nice natural kinda bushy look. My brows never feels so proud. Super natural finishing look, stays for long hours and great value for money.


Last but not least is this Dip Liquid Eyeliner I got in the shade Black.

This is not a waterproof eyeliner but it works dang well.I love how dark it applies and the color was an intense matte black look.


The tip applicator is an ultra soft one with good precision. I love my winged eye look and I know that I’ll have good use of it. I’m happy on how very easy this apply.


Here is the swatch for your eyes only. Hope you’ll be convinced.

What do you think of these? Have you tried any of Essence’s makeup. Comment below if you’ve.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you’ve a lovely week. [muah]

Sharon xoxo

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61 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 19- Essence Cosmetics First Impression”

  1. I am a fan of a nude makeup and the feeling that you are not wearing anything at all plus it stays longer for 8 hours was an all in one foundation that I am looking for. Pure Nude foundation was specially made for a busy woman like us.


  2. I am a fan of a nude makeup and the feeling that you are not wearing anything at all plus it stays longer for 8 hours was an all in one foundation that I am looking for. Pure Nude foundation was specially made for a busy woman like us.


  3. I didn’t hear about this brand before but I like the review you have made. I would like to try the concealer, it’s great that it doesn’t leave creases and that it’s so soft.


  4. I am loving that tone on the eyeliner. I might as well get me one of those camouflages, lately I’m in need of covering up a few arm parts since I’m mostly in a humid area nowadays.


  5. The wife noticed your blog and appreciates the neat content you have here. We would like to encourage you to keep writing and never abandon this blog. If you ever decide you’d like a mobile app version of your blog, we would love to help. I appreciate the hard work you have put into this blog and wish you all future success in business and in life.

    Thank you for your time, it is the most precious thing we all possess.

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    1. Aww thank you so much for your well wishes Jacque and wife. You’ve made my day! It was the most motivating comment I got. Wishing you all the best too on whatever you venture.


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