Blogmas Day 21 – Make Up For Ever #2 Artist Palette (Swatch & Photos)


Palettes are one of my favorite beauty investments. And it’s safe to say that it’s my soft spot especially when it comes to eyeshadow palette. You can discover new beautiful color combinations, introduce new finishes to your eye look, or layer different tones building an everyday look into a smoky evening finish.


Here’s my latest palette I’ve  been loving to be added with my beauty routine revamp.

As soon as I laid my eyes on this Make Up For Ever Artist Palette Vol. 2 Artistic I just knew I had to get one. So I got this with the Sephora VIB sale. Woohoo!


This is a beautiful palette with a nice and bright pop of color schemes and a good size shadow palette you can throw it in your bag. The packaging is slim ad sleek and there you  have it.


I would describe the texture as velvety, and the color payoff as rich and pigmented. The staying power and blend ability has been perfected by the brand, and the silky shimmery colors apply equally as well on bare skin and on a primed eyelid.


The palette houses nine pans, which are arranged into color-coordinating columns of three (or rows, if you turn it sideways). Shown here are the color swatches.

Top-Down (by column)

Left: Eye Shadow in I-872 Pearly Pink ( is a very light, pinky-white with a pearly sheen), ME-910 Electric Magenta (is a light-medium gold with warm, yellow undertones and a frosted, metallic finish), S-924 Purple (is a brightened, medium-dark purple with warm, pink undertones and a satin-matte finish) is the Playful Look

Middle: D-552 Crystalline Gray Beige (is a warm-toned, golden pewter with a sparkling, metallic finish), ME-232 Turquoise Blue (is a brightened, medium aqua-blue with a hint of warmer green undertones and a frosted finish), ME-302 Peacock (is a blackened, brown-black with green-teal frost) is the Bold Look 

Right: ME-512 Golden Beige ( is a light-medium gold with warm, yellow undertones and a frosted, metallic finish), ME-700 Amber (is a golden copper with warm undertones and a frosted, metallic finish), ME-930 Black Purple (is a blackened purple with subtle, warm undertones and a frosted sheen) will be the Sultry Look.


All of that is just to say that they’re very soft. They almost feel like a cream, but they’re not. They’re just incredible formula with great consistency. They’re so so pigmented. I couldn’t stop saying good things about these shadows.


Note that ME910 Electric Magenta Artist Shadow and S924 Purple Artist Shadow can also be used as a blush. 


Crazy colorful and crazy pigmented. They’re really easy to blend. I know this is obviously not an everyday look and not everybody will be rocking.This is a fun color you could wear in the summer as oppose to winter. So don’t be afraid to embrace this color.


The downfall is that I noticed some fallout especially the purple and green. Tap your brush before applying to your face. Don’t opt out just because of the fallout. Try at your nearest Sephora and really check this one out.


All told,  I really love this palette, it’s definitely a winner in my book. This post is not sponsored or anything by the way, I bought it with my own money and I’m letting you know how I really appreciate these shadows. I don’t want anybody to miss out on this awesome shadows.

Look book #EOTD

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Make Up For Ever Artist Palette Volume 2 – Artistic is $29.00 (sale price) and available here

Will you be investing in this palette? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog. I hope to see you all again on my next post. Bye!

Sharon xoxo


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59 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 21 – Make Up For Ever #2 Artist Palette (Swatch & Photos)”

  1. How pretty! They sound and look a lot like Urban Decays shadows to me only without all the glitter! I know you said they aren’t everyday but I’m really hoping to be a bit more daring in 2017 with the colors I wear. I hope the they become Cruelty Free soon too cause I’d love to try them. Until then I guess I’ll just have to bust out my Vice 3 since you’ve inspired me, lol 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahhhh so pretty! I love the colors in the “sultry” column, but the peacock is a gorgeous shadow all by itself! I don’t usually go for more colorful palettes like this one, but I’d be tempted to buy peacock as a single if it exists!


  3. wow! That’s quite the eye-shadow palette! I used to have an Urban Decay one similar but the colours were so bright that I couldn’t use it. I love the neutral shades in this palete though, the gold/ bronze colours are gorgeous


  4. I love all their tones, especially the lighter ones since most of the time they look like they’re going to drift away with your complexion. I like those that are there but don’t necessarily stand out nor fade away.


  5. I really like how you put three different colors together showing us what looks good together. I like a hint of bold color this was a helpful key.


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