Promo Monday: Love Contours All Palette by NYX [Review + Swatches]


Hey guys, welcome back to my blog! Happy New Year to everyone! Christmas has been so  amazing and I’ve really enjoyed the break, not to mention I got my hands on a few treats too.

My first treat is the palette by NYX which I picked up at my local drugstore (Pharmaprix or Shoppers Drug Mart). And it’s the NYX Cosmetics Love Contours All Palette. This palette retails for CAD$26.99 and it comes with fifteen products where nine been the eyeshadows. So this is a very good deal for the price.

Honestly, I’ve no idea that it’s going to be so versatile of a palette when I saw it, as I thought it was just an eyeshadow palette and no, this is the ultimate palette to travel with.


As you all know I’m obsessed with eyeshadow palette and what’s so neat about this palette is that it comes with highlighter and contour. I don’t remember owing this kind of combo in my collection but let me tell you that I’m delighted. Super excited! Can you tell!


They’re great for those with all skin types and truly look amazing on the skin! I’ve been using them everyday for the past week and into the the holiday season and I’m so happy with the results in photographs as well. I love the texture of this product.

When you opened up this palette, you’ll see a ginormous mirror. It’s stable and sleek which is great for storing or travelling.


I’m glad to say that all shades are nicely pigmented and are easy to blend, the contour shades are the most pigmented part of the palette, so I’ll be using this palette every day.

The low point is there’s no shade names on this palette which is a bumped. I always love when palette has shadow names on them. It might just my thing but thought you might want to know.

I’ve swatched everything for you guys below. These swatches are with one swipe  on my hand with my finger.


I was impressed to see so many varieties of shadows from this palette. Looking into this palette, you get 4 shimmery shadows and 5 mattes but the White shade ones look like a satin and not a complete matte. The shimmery shades are really pretty they’re pigmented and they’ve a  beautiful finish to them. My favorite is the pink shimmery one on the right.


As for the matte shadows NYX nailed it. They’re super pigmented but not necessarily in a bad way. They’re pigmented and easy to apply on the eyes. I’m loving it.

I really like the color selection, where you get the cream shade which is very necessary, a deep brown, a deep plum, black, and lilac which I think is very cool to have it here.


I find the color payoffs are amazing except with the taupe-y shade ones. But it’s a pretty shade don’t get me wrong.


So you got two very different highlight and contour shades in this palette.

The one on the right circle swatch is a Pearlized pink icy iridescent highlight and the matte warm brown contour which  I noticed a little too dark for my skin tone. I tried it on my crease and it was the best decision I’ve made. The formula is so pigmented with buttery feels on it.


Left circle swatch is this Super bronze highlight and Light Brown contour which is a cooler tone. I like this color contour better. It’s super blend-able and are easy to work with.


Bottom row (L-R): for Eyebrows, you got a taupe-y brown and a deep brown. I haven’t tried these yet since I’ve been reaching for the Essence Make Me Brow Gel Mascara lately. The texture is quite nice and smooth. Another thing I wanted to point out is that they’re completely matte.

Overall, I’m impressed.  I just can’t say enough good things about it. I really feel like NYX Cosmetics are trying to bring an affordable yet professional range to the drugstore shelves and I welcome that with open arms. I’m so thrilled I’ve my hands on this palette really. You got to try the color swatches the next time you’re at local Phamaprix.

I definitely see myself reaching out for this palette. The quality is there, NYX never lets me down. I’m always happy with their products.

As usual, I want to thank you all so much for having a read of my post. I’ve been so lucky to have had such a great response to all my posts this year, so again thank you guys.

Sharon xoxo


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  1. Wow! That really looks like a great product. I have gotten out of the habit lately of wearing makeup at all. This year I do plan on starting to care for myself more and maybe I can fit this in again. Thanks for letting me know about this, I have always loved the NYX brand.


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