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Hey guys! This January I’ve set myself a challenge: aside from the healthy eating/fitness challenges you get with the start of any New Year, I’ve set myself the mission to be a little more minimalist.


Drugstore beauty hauls are some of my favorite blog posts to read. So a few weeks ago, I decided to pick up some beauty bits from my favorite brand Joe Fresh. I didn’t go too crazy – I’m on a bit of a minimalist kick at that moment. If you like Joe Fresh brand then I think you’ll appreciate all of these products I’m about to show you.

So when Maxi Grocer running one of their beauty clearance,  you know it won’t take long before you’ve stocked up enough for a life supplies. LOL! It may result in a few ‘unnecessary’ or ‘impulse’ purchases but I didn’t go overboard this time.



I’ve been looking for a nice mousse blush to try and was really excited to pick up not one but two blushes at my local Joe Fresh counter.

Starting with this brand’s mousse blush.


I like everything about this blush. It comes in this nice and cute white jar packaging with cap matches the products inside. Did I mentioned already that I really like these two shades?


The shades I got here are in Rose and Melon. Here are the description of the ingredients and where it’s made, in case you’re curious to know.


With this blush it takes very little effort to blend. I’m really enjoying the performance of this formula. The formula is nicely pigmented and it blends out to a beautiful dewy finish. I adore this product!

Have you tried out any mousse blush products? Let me know what other brands you’ve tried that you’d recommend?



It’s a deep sheer coral that looks great for everyday wear and natural at the same time. It applies smoothly, but as for the moisturizing I honestly don’t know. It feels more like a lip stain than a lip balm.

Price wise – CAD$8 really is not that cheap for a tinted lip balm, consider their regular lipsticks are only $6. I wouldn’t have picked it up if it wasn’t on sale.


My only gripe is the sweet scented smell on this lip balm. It hangs around. I can’t figure out exactly what the scent is…artificial pomegranate or melon? Whatever the case maybe be … I’m not a huge fan of any strong scented products on my lips and for this reason alone I don’t see myself reaching for it. The smell just make my head spins.



Next up is their Eye Primer. I couldn’t find the shade off hand but I’ll put it in my next blog post if I find them.

So, here’s how the packaging looks like, a white cyclinder bottle with a doe foot applicator. Simple, clean and a perfect size for travelling. It contains a good amount of product in this bottle.


This is my first experience working with this product and I really like it. It looks like an Ivory shade to me when I did the color swatch. I like the easy to blend formula of this eye primer. CAD$6 price point is amazing!

I’ve been wearing this the moment I got it but I’m going to try again for this week before I write a full detail review. So, I hope you’d bear with me for a little longer.



Last but not least is their lipsticks. I’ve several of Joe Fresh’s matte lipsticks and love them including this Nude ones. I was on the hunt for a nude lipstick and picked this up when it was on sale. I was expecting it to be more of a soft brown or peachy tone but to me surprise, it looks incredibly opaque camel in color. I find this shade fits me alright given I’m light-medium toned person. If you’re deep tone then it may looked a little more washed out in my opinion.


The white and clear packaging is simple and sleek. I would say this is a better made plastic packaging. The packaging definitely feels so much solid and durable compared to than other drugstore brands.

On a short note, I do like this lipstick, it’s creamy, moisturizing and more! It doesn’t give a complete matte look that I was expecting but a nice demi-matte finish. I’ll continue to wear this for another week before I share my final thoughts and opinion.

That’s all for my haul. I’ve tried out most of them, some to my liking and some are not. 😦 I’ll make a review on these products, stay tuned! 🙂 Oh yes, let me know which product you like me review first. Don’t forget to leave your comment below.

So it’s the end of my post. If you’re looking for a good cruelty brand beauty products, Joe Fresh does not test their products on animals if you’re concerned. If you’re in Canada you can find them at Shoppers Drug Mart or Loblaws. 

Have you tried any of these products before? What drugstore products are on your wishlist?

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog. I hope to see you all again on my next post. Stay tuned for more popped up makeup products which I’m so excited to show you guys. Bye!

Sharon xoxo


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19 thoughts on “Drugstore Beauty Haul – Joe Fresh”

  1. I’ve never tried any of their products but I sure am interested in the lipsticks! I like the nude ones and not to mention that they’re also matte, that’s a sure winner for me!

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  2. i’ve heard a lot about this brand before! my bff told me once that she was using the brand for 1 month and the result are pretty amazing! i would like to try this one!

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  3. I am hearing about Joe Fresh for the first time, but sounds like a wonderful brand with some nice beauty products to try out. I love that mousse blush in Rose and Melon right away and that Lip Balm looks gorgeous as well.


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