What You Don’t See On Social Media!


In this Tuesday’s blog post, I’m going to talk about What you don’t see on social media. I’m sharing some moments where I hid myself from online life. If you’re in a viscous circle of comparison right this moment, you got to read this.


What you wouldn’t find out from my social media postings is that I love my family, I love wearing heels, I don’t share selfie pictures and I’m an introvert.

With social media, you’ll never know what the person is truly like. I understand how easy it is to judge someone based solely on these posts. There’s more to it.

Remember that social media personas aren’t the whole truth. Rather, they’re just pages of information of what I choose to share. But again life can still be honestly magical. Maybe take the pictures you see with a grain of salt or, perhaps allow yourself a moment to believe that maybe the trick of it all is to feel like there can be a small amount of perfect within the mess.

Let’s take Facebook post as an example. Everything I want to be doing, or strangely, the things I think I want to be doing. That is, Facebook is inherently biased.

The number of pictures I take of myself working, sitting on a couch, hiding behind my pajamas and thick writer’s reading glasses?

Anyways, I’ll close with this “what we see is not all that there is”.

What other options are there? You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. The world needs you to be weird. Now I tag you to share what you don’t talk or share on your social media.

Or better yet, to be you. Not what you think you ought to be. Just be YOU!

I hope this helps anyone reading this post to refrain from comparing at this moment.

Sharon xoxo


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22 thoughts on “What You Don’t See On Social Media!”

  1. Social media is a tiny glimpse into the parts of our lives that we want to share… it’s very very biased and I hope that people are wise enough to know it’s just the tip of an iceberg. It bears reminding!

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  2. I like to think I share me. My IG is not picture perfect, with staged items for the most part (sometimes it is but very minimally) or color coordinated. I don’t take a picture of kids having fits because who wants to see that? I happily snap a happy shot though.


  3. It’s funny how easy it is for us to see certain things – or people – on social media, and we think their lives or their families or their jobs are so PERFECT. But they aren’t, and we’re only seeing the good moments they choose to share – the highlight reel from their lives. And it’s so easy to get caught up in someone else’s highlight reel – especially when you’re focused on your own outtakes.


  4. I think a lot of people hide the majority of themselves when they post on social media. I am a huge introvert too and you wouldn’t be able to see that when I post on my social media pages.


  5. I had one friend who put it this way – social media lets us put our best version of ourselves out there. That really made a lot of sense to me. I think it really resonates with your post as well. Too often we forget that we really aren’t seeing the whole picture. I think this can be bad for younger generations too, who idolize YouTubers but don’t really get to see them when they are sitting in their pajamas and no makeup in the middle of the night editing videos, or when they are sick, etc. The internet is awesome for connecting us, but it really does create an environment where we are too likely to compare ourselves to others.


  6. Oh dear, I couldn’t agree more. Posts on social media should not always be the basis of our judgement. Sometimes people are going through difficult times but they choose to post happy memories.


  7. Social media is such a small insight into you. This isn’t all bad – you don’t want employers seeing you drunk or the days you couldn’t be bothered looking your best because you had flu etc. It is sometimes a way to be more confident and show your kindest self x


  8. Definitely true! With social media you see what I want you to see and that’s not always the whole story. You see the good, but not always the bad and the ugly.


  9. People need to realise that people are only posting their best moments like you say so there is no point getting jealous of other people’s lives. There is all kinds of boring stuff that no one would post online and everyone does this editing.


  10. You’re so right – these days everyone’s social media feeds are so curated that you never really know the person behind them. No-one’s life is as perfect as it seems on the screen and no-one can look that beautiful all the time! Bring back the realness!!!

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  11. thank you for your post, it depends on what the person put in the social media, if he put all his life on those portal…it will reflect the real person and tell too much about him.


  12. I saw this week a video about the fake hapyness behind facebook´s post and that is absolutely real! people just post the good moments pretending everything on their lives is OK


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