Question Tuesday – A Funny Take on Valentine’s Day


Hey guys! What’s up bloggers! Yes, it’s February 14th and needless to say today is Valentine’s Day.

Love is in the air! The one thing I love about Valentine’s Day is that it’s not only a day to celebrate your love with your significant other, children, and family but also to yourself.

Q: So, what’s your plans to celebrate this special day? 

A:  I’m going to stay away from restaurant (not because it $100 and it includes a rose and a complimentary Champagne toast!) but because I feel ain’t right to seeing table after table filled by other struggling couples who haven’t been out for a nice meal since the last Valentine’s Day.

Q: What’s your advice for single people on Valentine’s Day?

A: It’s been said that no one will ever love you until you learn to truly love yourself. And the best way to learn something is to teach it, so get out there and teach someone to love you! Then you will love yourself and they will love you, too, because you love yourself now that you’ve taught them to love you. Make sense?

Q: What’s the fun thing you do with your Valentine? And/or how will you celebrate Valentine’s day? Comment below if you’re alone or attached.

So, hun could we just stay home and get drunk!

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Sharon xoxo 


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27 thoughts on “Question Tuesday – A Funny Take on Valentine’s Day”

  1. I don’t actually celebrate Valentine’s day. I want all 365 days to be a celebration of life and love. The ups n downs, the sweet, the sour; all part n parcel of our beautiful relationships. Sweet post you got here:)


  2. I bought my husband a skillet and we made breakfast for dinner and he got us a pet bunny! For singles it’s still a day for you as well. I would txt friends and family that I live them. I still do this. Valentine’s day is for everyone not just couples.


  3. I just ate cake on valentines day because eating out is such a hassle especially on a work day. But the cake was worth it =) as for the single ladies out there, enjoy being single. it doesn’t last long and when it’s over, it is over. so have fun while you can


  4. I don’t really mind spending Valentine’s day alone or with the person I love. These are fun questions and answers though!


  5. I completely agree that you need to love yourself to be loved and to love others. I worked Valentine’s Day, I’m a chef, so I am that sucker that gets to cook for all of the people who don’t celebrate any other day than Valentine’s Day.


  6. We always spend valentines at home. my husband actually worked this year so we didnt do anything special. He brought me home some flower and Chinese food and that was it!


  7. We usually stay home on Valentine’s day. We do movie marathons, binge on chips and popcorn, have wine or beer. whatever. I mean Valentine’s day is a day to celebrate love, but we believe we must not only stick to one day in a year. Everyday should be Valentine’s Day


  8. I spent Valentine’s Day evening catching up on the Walking Dead with my teenage son while my husband was out at his sport’s class, lol! Hot chocolate and a few pieces of shortbread were enjoyed. 🙂


  9. My Valentines is different every year. Attached, but it’s a Tuesday! lol. My butt will be in bed early after enjoying a night of letter writing. lol.


  10. I don’t make it a big deal if single on Valentine’s Day. You simply enjoy it like any other day. But it’s nice seeing and hearing about others spending it however they wish to whether it’s at home, a romantic dinner out or fun with friends.


  11. I decided to celebrate the big day on August 5th, the anniversary of my divorce! It marks the day I started loving myself more than the rudeness I was living with!


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