Which is best? Elf Blending Sponge [Review]


Hey guys! Today, I’ll be reviewing this product which I purchased at Walmart. I did a Walmart beauty haul previously. I’ll have a link here if you care to check it out. I got request to do this review and so let’s jump right in.


This is a specific post to makeup blending sponge. I finally got my hands on this little cute sponge by ELF Cosmetics


Here’s what Elf claim on their website “Flawlessly applies makeup for professionally even and smooth-looking skin. Great for creating a full coverage base, contouring or layering color. This durable sponge is washable and reusable, and perfect for use with all formulations including creams, liquids, and powder foundations, concealers or blush.”

Let’s get into the review:

Before soaking in water

This is how it looks like. It’s definitely has an odd shape compared to other brands. I don’t particularly love or hate this shape. In contrast to the teardrop shape of the beauty blender, the e.l.f. sponge has a pinched middle to grip which some people might like.

After soaking in the water and squeezing the water out

I’ve to squeeze harder to immerse the e.l.f. sponge in water or squeeze water out.


The maximum I can squeeze out of this blending sponge.


After soaking it turns out to be so much bigger in size. You see it can’t fit into the packaging anymore. It grew! I notice that it’s a little dense and feels much harder than the beauty blender when it’s dry, if that make sense.


So, I’ll be showing you the foundation and concealer application with my favorite! I like that it’s much easier to grip with this blender than the other that I’ve tried. It doesn’t bounce as much which I don’t particularly hate as long as it applies well.


I’m trying out my Milani Conceal + Perfect Foundation again today. I’ve been reaching for it ever since I got it. I’m excited to be trying out this ELF Blending Sponge for this review. Yayyy!!!


I can’t stand when sponges soak up a ton of product and shape is secondary for me. What I’m saying is that I really like this blending sponge. I’m quite impressed that it blends so well.


I feel that it blended out great as it should. I really feel that it really works well putting on my foundation. You can tell, it works very good.

Overall, it’s really a good price tag for beginners but it’s not my favorite favorite. You know what I mean. Well, there’s a lot of other makeup blenders out there which are much better but for this price tag, I say give it a try if you’re on a budget spend.

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Thank you so much for visiting. I hope to see you guys on the next one. Bye for now!

Sharon xoxo

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65 thoughts on “Which is best? Elf Blending Sponge [Review]”

  1. I never really embraced the makeup sponge idea. I have had several but just really couldn’t do it. Plus my makeup is mostly mineral powder based and I don’t use much of it.


  2. I honestly enjoyed reading your review because I feel like it was so honest and detailed. I haven’t seen that product yet but I’m willing to give it a try.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am not into make ups but I’m always happy to read reviews. I might try it in the future, thanks for a great review.


  4. Thank you for the lesson on blenders and what the sponge is supposed to do. Looks like it did the job well enough.


    1. Believe me, I’ve been there before. I don’t think there’s anything wrong by using fingers, I used to do that too until I was introduced to a beauty blender. Game changer for me!


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