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I love to eat and I couldn’t go on my day without breakfast. You can say that I’m a breakfast type of person and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Breakfast to me is important and I make sure that I start my day right with a perfect meal. You might also know that I love my carbs so much that I couldn’t live a day without my beloved carbs. Anyways, talking about breakfast and carbs really make me hungry now.

So my question to you is this:

What do you like, pancake or waffles? Are you a breakfast type of person or you prefer lunch?

Shoot your comment below. I’d love to hear your answers. I’m curious to know which is your favorite.

Sharon xoxo


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38 thoughts on “RANDOM Question Tuesday”

  1. I like both pancakes and waffles but I lean more towards being a pancake kind of girl. I am a breakfast person, because I truly believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s not good for your health or your metabolism if you skip breakfast, so I always make sure I eat a good breakfast.


  2. I love breakfast food, I honestly think they double as a comfort food. I can’t pick between waffles and pancakes because they’re both amazing!

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  3. I used to NEVER eat breakfast but now that I have kids, I have to eat it or I am a shaking mess by 10am! I prefer homemade waffles but my kids LOVE grandpa’s pancakes. The syrup is really what makes or breaks either meal.

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  4. I like both pancakes and waffles, however I usually lean more towards pancakes. I am definitely a breakfast person, I firmly believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day


  5. i love breakfast! talking about pancakes I’m gonna cook some tomorrow as per daughters request with strawberries too and Honey instead of syrup. i love waffles too but it is easier to have some pancakes when you crave for it at home


  6. Definitely WAFFLES! I love them with lots and LOTS of whipped cream and plenty of butter. I really like how they pool in the little wells so when you take a bite, you get all that gooey-ness in one forkful! By the way, I’m neither, I’m a dinner person – especially breakfast for dinner!


  7. I’m honestly more of a dinner person but if I had to choose between breakfast or lunch, lunch it is :). I prefer pancakes to waffles most days.


  8. Prefer pancakes. My favorite topping on them is butter and blueberry syrup. Only waffle I like is pecan waffle at Waffle House, with lots of butter and maple syrup and a large side of bacon with either/or.


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