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Hey guys! Today I wanted to talk about some makeup haul from Japan. No I didn’t go to Japan but my daughter’s friend did and she was so kind to haul back all these makeup goodies for me. Without these, this post wouldn’t even be possible. A big shout out to Nan if you’re reading this. Thank you so so much!


Bear in mind that the makeup products I got here are from the drugstores in Tokyo. You can find them in mostly every drugstores in that area. Here are a bunch of drugstore stuff that I’ve been loving. I got a lot of products from Canmake and and what can I say, it’s a popular drugstore brand in Japan. But anyways, I’m very excited with this haul so let’s jump straight in.


First thing I want to mention is this Canmake Lip Tint Syrup with SPF15+. I’m obsessed with the cute packaging. It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen thus far from a lip product. Available in four pretty colors for 650 yen on their website.


Canmake Mat Fleur Cheeks in the shade Matte Girly Rose.  I would described it as a soft rose blush that’s so pretty and dainty. These cute 3D print of cherry blossom flowers are to die for.  The texture of this powder blush is just everything. I mean you feel how creamy and soft this stuff is. It gives a lovely dewy finish on your skin. It’s really beautiful and it’s intense but wearable. Even though it’s a powder, it doesn’t feel powdery. An extraordinary texture that clings to your bare skin, as though the soft, light powder is melting into it! If you’re looking for a sheer, luster and healthy looking cheeks, you’re going to like it.


Canmake Face Brush & Highlight Brush are so soft and velvety smooth. My skin feels so happy they come in contact. These brushes are so versatile I can use it for foundation, whether bb cream or powder etc… The long bristles feels dense but in a good way. It blends my face product in place perfectly. I’m really enjoying the softness of both brushes. They’re so cute, inexpensive and good quality. What a steal!


Canmake Stamp Cover Concealer in the shade Natural. Here’s the guideline on how to use it:

  • Use after applying your foundation and blusher.
  • Apply directly to areas of concern, such as blemishes, acne scars, under-eye shadows, and patches of dullness or redness, then blend gently with your finger.

I like the round pointy tip that you can use to pinpoint the area to cover your acne or blemishes and it’s travel friendly. I really appreciate the sleek packaging. It’s so convenient to bring around in your purse or when you’re out on an important date.


Canmake Perfect Serum BB Cream SPF50+  and it’s available only in two shades which is Light and Natural. This is suppose to help reduces the effect of the sun’s rays and acts as a foundation with sheer coverage! And it says to contain 21 beautifying ingredients whatever that means. Judging from the packaging and their claims, this stuff really packed a punch! I can’t wait to try.


Canmake Day & Night Lip Serum. It comes in a tube packaging and travel friendly. Convenient to throw it in your makeup bag to keep your lips hydrated day and night. I didn’t notice any taste whatsoever but I like that it’s so so moisturizing. A little goes a long way with this product. I just use a grain size rice of product and it covers my whole lips. Any Canmake fans out there I urge you to try the lip serum it’s amazing!

Want to see how it looks on my lips. Voila!

lip serum by canmake
Closed up #LOTD color swatch


The next product I have is from Daiso Japan and it’s their Ellefar Princess Volume Mascara in Black. It says here on the packaging that it’s waterproof. It comes in a pretty Princess packaging style and it has good size wand if you’re not so crazy with big wand. I didn’t smell anything unusual with this mascara like I’ve experience before with other brands I’ve tried.

EOTD mascara
Testing out the mascara – wearing 2 coats

It didn’t hold on my lashes for too long but I appreciate it works to open my eyes and makes it look more lively for everyday wear then I’m sold.

Sometimes when I talked about mascara it’s like quite an individual thing right. So, I’ll say I enjoyed this mascara but if you’ve already got something you love then you go with that and stay with it.

Otherwise, for new beginners this is a good everyday mascara that’s so much affordable and works for the money, this is a good alternative.

Top left: Cream, Right: Dark Brown;  Bottom Left: Taupe Grey, Right: Golden Brown

Ellefar Pearl in Eyeshadow A in shade Natural Brown comes in a quad palette. The packaging is of cheap plastic material but the star of the show are the eyeshadows. The eyeshadow color selection in this quad is perfect. It feel buttery to the touch and nicely pigmented. They’re blends very well with no fallout. If you need a good basic pretty eyeshadow quad check that out. They got other color ones as well so you know.


I’m pleased with the finishing look that’s not too over the top. Perfect for everyday wear or do an intense smokey eyes whichever floats you boat.


Daiso Ellefar Shine Color Eyes C in Gold. It housed six eyeshadows in this compact palette. I appreciate a travel friendly packaging.

Daiso Eyeshadows

I haven’t tried this yet so I can’t make any definite review but I wanted to show you some color swatches from this palette.

Daiso Ever Mascara Coat

One of the deciding factors for me on what makes a good mascara coat is if it holds my curls well. So when I saw this Ever BiLena Mascara Coat I got to try it out asap. The shade I got is in Brown. I wasn’t blessed with long and curly lashes (no secret there) so when I got the chance to try out stuff that helps hold my curls then I’m all in.

I like the cute packaging. It’s compact and handy. It won’t take much space on your vanity kit. The wand has a small and straight circumference making it easier to reach every lashes.

If you think your lashes get weighed down by most mascaras, then it’s best to coat your lashes lightly with this mascara coat. It does holds the curls quite well for my short lashes.


Daiso Japan False Eyelashes C in Glamorous Type & Eyelashes A in Natural and Eyelash in 248. These are some cute falsies that I was excited to try them out.

Here’s how it looks like before I curled it and without mascara on … it’s super long and if this is your first time wearing falsies you might feel like a butterfly landed on my lashes but you’ll get use to it after a few tries.

Daiso Falsies

Wearing False Eyelashes C in Glamorous Type (Fabulous falsies that would make Bambi jealous)  😉


Daiso Disposable Powder Puff includes 10 rectangular pieces sponge. It claims to disperse foundation without any of the lump and it’s good for using to the sensitive skin. This sponge feels soft and bouncy to touch.


Honestly, I haven’t been doing my nails for a couple of weeks and it’s about time to switch up my nail art game with these adorable nail stickers. I’m loving this pastel blue, so cute, feminine and girly.

I hope you enjoy my recommendation and find this post to be helpful for you guys. I’m happy to discovered these products and I’m confident that you guys will love their stuff as much as I do. If you’re travelling to Tokyo Japan (#Tokyu Hands) or browsing these brands online definitely check them out.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read. I really appreciate it. Make sure you are following me on Twitter and Instagram (@heysharonoox) for the latest update. In the meantime come and say hi!

Sharon xoxo


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