Sephora Beauty Haul !

Friday Haul!!! Yipeee! I always enjoy doing beauty haul. You guys might know now that I  am obssessed with makeup. I love to shop at the drugstores, retail stores, high end stores and sometime online stores. I prefer to go to the store to get my makeup stuff but sometimes if I can’t get the particular makeup that I wanted to try it on, then I’ll have to get them online.

sephora haul sephora haul 2

Front left to right: Tarte Brazillian Self Tanner in 0.5 fl oz, Amazonian Clay Bronzer in 0.11 oz

Back left to right: Sephora Color Bronzer, Smashbox Santigolden Age Legendary in Hot Lava

tarte bronzerTarte swatch 2

Tarte Amazonian Clay Mineral bronzer. Came in a nice square box with smooth matte texture. This bronzer doesn’t have shimmer on it. The color pay-off is absolutely great. The texture is pigmented and offer nice bronze contour. I simply used a circular motion when applying this bronzer and  the result is fabulous.

Tarte tannerTarte Amazonian Clay Mineral swatch

This Brazillian Self Tanner is quite a treat. It came together in the same box as the Amazonian Clay Mineral Bronzer. Don’t be surpirsed by the color of the cream which I squeezed out a bit for swatch. Well, the color component is like dark brown/black. After 8 hours since my swatch on my hand, the stain was still there.

Be sure that you only apply them of  the body eg. the elbow, knee and ankles. Since fall is almost here I will have to keep this for next summer if I plan to do some self tanning. For those of you who are enjoying tropical season, this would be a nice way to get tan at the comfort of your own home. I included the info I extracted from Tarte for ways to prepare the tanning session.

Info on how to use from Tarte website:

Make sure skin is dry before application. Use Tarte’s unique blending mitt for an easy, no-mess, streak-free tan. Dispense at least a quarter-sized amount of self tanner to the mitt and apply to one body part at a time in long even strokes until the bronze color is uniform. Allow self tanner to absorb for 10 minutes before dressing. Wait at least 8 hours before showering, shaving and sweating to allow a seamless tan to fully develop. Use Brazilliance 1-2 times a week to maintain a gorgeous, natural-looking tan.

DSC01241Sephora eyeshadow in dark brown matte

The next item that I got is this Sephora Color Bronzer. In it, there were lip gloss and a bronzer with the 8 pretty color eyeshadows. I feel that the eyeshadow are a little bit chalky and lots of glitter or shimmer. For those who loves the bing and gleam these eyeshadow is for you. Out of the 8 colors I only like the dark brown matte which was quite pigmented and I wore it for my review.

Sephora HaulHot Lava lip gloss

Last but not least, is this incredible lip gloss from Smashbox – the Santigolden Age Legendary in Hot Lava. There was another color in All Gold E’vrywhere in sheer copper sparkle but I chose this sheer red/orange instead. Be excited with this wonderful vibrant, glassy-finish gloss. Absolutely, an everyday wear. To be worn alone or with a nice lipstick.

When is the last time you shop online? Leave you comment below.

Thank you for reading and stay Beautiful!






Hard Candy ~ Lip Plumper & Mascara

Good morning beauties!

Recently, I have this huge pang of excitement with mascara which I don’t usually a big fan of. I have a crush on these amazing mascara by Hard Candy at Wal-mart.

These adorable, shinny packaging mascaras drove me to get them. Which I did. yay!


From Top to bottom: Plumping Serum Volumizing lip gloss in 0.04 oz

Lashaholic Super Volume mascara in 0.068 oz on Blackest Black

Flat to FAB mascara in 0.074 oz on Blackest Black


Hard Candy Mascara Hard Candy closed up mascara

Very affordable price and I like the way the brush works on my eye lashes. Each different brushes have its own function. I love the uniqueness of these brushes.

It said that this Lashaholic mascara works to volumize, thicken and lengthen the lashes with it’s elogated brush that separate and  define every lash to create the baddest lash ever.

The Flat to Fab provides instant curling sexy lashes. Smudge free. Love the brush that scrupt and help lift up each lash with precise definition. I’m totally in love with it since my eye lashes are short not not curly so this mascara really helps makes my eyes more pretty.

Hard Candy Lip Plumping Serum Hard Candy swatch

Lastly, the lip Plumping Serum. I’m not so sure about this plumping serum to be honest. This is my first time trying it. Reason been that when I applied it my lips feels like burning or stingy sensation. I used it twice just to confirm my first reaction to it. Well, it does sting a little. I did feel that my lips are a little puff up but not for too long. After the stingy left, so were the puff.

I did some readings on this topic and it seems that almost all lip plumper  contained a certain ingredient for example cinnamon oil, hot pepper or even menthol that will intentionally irriate the lips and make them swell  thus giving the plumping appearance.

For those of you who loves to have more plumper lips, it seems this can be your answer for plumper lips. But hey, for me I think I will stick with my good old lips, the old fashion way.

I hope you guys find this post interesting and helpful.

Do leave your comment below if you have any question.

What is your experience with lip plumper and what brand?

Thanks for reading and enjoy the day ahead.





My Fantastic 9 ~ Autumn Breeze!

Hey guys! It’s autumn and the nights are drawing  in quicker and the colors of the leaves are turning to red, amber and brown. As we also noticed the cold air blowing gently into the northern hemisphere. I am ready for autumn.

Well since the season is changing, I am also doing a new makeup look for the season. I’m starting off with a brown color eye look with dark berry color lipstick and pretty coral blush and finishes it with a touch of mascara. Oh yes, I put on my moisturizer cream as usual and then the matte mousse foundation before applying all the makeup.

makeup for fall (2)Autumn makeup view

I treated myself with all the makeup and I am thrilled to share it with you and also on my new makeup look.

Fantastic 8 ~ The makeup products which I used for this new look:-

Foundation: Maybelline Dream Mate Mousse in Honey Beige (0.64 oz)

Eyebrow Pencil:  Prestige in 12 Medium/Deep (0.042 oz)

Eyeliner: Essence Kajal Pencil in 21 Feel the Eclipse (0.035 oz)

Lipliner: Essence in 08 Red Blush (0.035 oz)

Eyeshadow: Marcelle Monochromatic Eye Shadow Quad in Terracopper (0.16 oz)

Blush: Revlon Powder Blush in 010 Classy Coral (0.17 oz)

Eyeshadow: Rimmel Glam’eyes Quad Eye Shadow in 030 Royal Tea (0.148 oz)

Lipstick: Revlon Super Lustrous LIpstick in 646 Sultry Sable (0.15 oz)

Mascara: NYC Volumizing Mascara Sho Time in 844 Extreme Dark (0.27 fl oz)

Autumn Makeuplook



Eyes with brown hues shadow
autumn look                                                                                    indoor light

autumn lips


lips with Dark berry lipstick


By the way, I did my makeup up a bit (maybe I was feeling a bit daring this day).  He!He! As the season started rolling in, I will be doing different makeup look for the next few weeks using Autumn color palettes which I will call it My Fantastic 9 ~ Autumn Breeze!.  

Are you changing up your makeup bag this autumn?

 Thank you for reading!



Smashbox Santigolden Age Legendary ~ Hot Lava, Lip gloss

Smashbox Hot Lava Lip glossHot Lava lip gloss

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Today, I’m going to share with you a review on this awesome lip gloss. The Santigolden Legendary Age lip gloss by Smashbox selling for $12.00 in 0.2 fl oz when it was on special. I purchased it online with some other makeup from Sephora. And I got mine in Hot Lava color. Another color that was available was the All Gold E’vrything (copper sheer). It arrives a month ago and I haven’t got the chance to try it on and make my haul. I have reviewed the Sephora color bronze last few weeks. You can check back on my previous post.

I’m always super excited went it comes to makeup. It’s just that I have too many and all of them are asking for me to pick them up. So this time, I’m going to do lip gloss and yes I’m getting a head of myself. I need to do my mini haul from Sephora. Anyways, I’ll get to the bottom of this. A Sephora mini haul will be out this Friday.

Smashbox Santigolden Age be Legendary Hot Lava Lip gloss package

On Sephora’s website, it says One-of-a-kind glosses hand-picked by artist Santigold to be worn alone or layered over other shades to give them new life! Wow…. that’s great. I’m going to try it.

Lip gloss by SmashboxLip smack x

I used my lip liner by Essence in 08 on Red Blush and then I go ahead and apply the lip gloss. Just with 1 swipe top and bottom I have full lips coverage and it’s not very tacky. It get’s better after wearing it for 10-15 minutes. Instead it does makes my lips feels moisturized.

The color is a pretty red/orange-y. Love the vibrant color. I did a kiss-proof  transfer and yes it does transfer unless I wore a lip primer before as the base and then the lip gloss to prevent transfer. Long lasting, you bet it did. I have worn it for more than 3 hours time including drinking coffee and chewing on a piece of baguette as I am write this post. It’s still holding on.

Guess what, I tried to put a bit of extra gloss in the center of my lips and it leaves my lips looked more pumper pout. It has a nice aroma flavor scents.  I’m also drawn to the artistic sense put on the packaging which I find it quite lovely.

I’m satisfied with the lip gloss by Smashbox and the color is amazing for summertime 🙂

Have you tried Smashbox lip products before? I love to read your comments.

Thank you for reading and have an amazing day!

Sharon xoxo

NO 7 Lift & Luminate Night Cream

Oohhh noooo…. I ran out of my night cream. I have been using my Lancome Bienfait Multi-Vital night cream for many months and I just have to replace it with a another night cream fast.


The next morning, I rushed to a nearby drugstore and found this brand ~ No 7 Lift & Luminate Night Cream in 50ml retailing for $25.99. Boots company made No 7 cosmetic in UK and I saw in youtube one of the UK beauty guru was talking about the lip liner she uses for her makeup tutorial.

No 7 night cream

This product claimed to be restoring, replenishing and containing rich formula that works to help your skin recover from the day and smoothes fine lines, leaving skin soft with a healthy renewed radiance and visibly lifts and firms and as an added bonus, improves the appearance of deep lines in 4 weeks. They also recommend to use their Day Cream in the morning for even better results.


I have been using this No 7 night cream for more than 4 weeks since my last purchased and I dare to say that it does really worked for me. I have dry skin and so far, my skin is working great with this product. Although this won’t lift skin in the least,  it does makes my face felt smoother and firmer. My skin felt hydrated and it left my skin moisturized. What else could I asked for? Ummm… okay, maybe some fresh after cleansing smell? Love the smell. It’s soothing and relaxing.

Cute nice glass jar packaging. I also liked the sound of the lid of the jar opened or closed. To me that’s skin care.

Thanks for taking the tiime to read my blog.

When was the last time you ran out of your favorite night cream?




Last Chance/Taupe of Drawer by Pure Ice nail polish

Pure Ice Nail Polish (2)Pure Ice nail polish

Happy Mondayyyy Beauties! … Last weekend, I spent sometime having fun playing with some of these nail polish which I got from Wal-mart for less than $2.00.  I grabbed these two fantastic colors in Taupe of Drawer in watermelon and Last Chance in purple. I think Pure Ice has 55 different color selections to choose from. They also have very cute and quirky names : ))


Taupe Drawer PUre IceLast Chance Pure Ice

The brush is thin and slim. The formula is okay in general. Not too thick nor too thin. I find the cube glass packaging adorable. The price is so cheap I wouldn’t expect much for something which cost so little. To me, for a nail polish that won’t chirp on me for less than 3 days is good enough and these nail polish has proved themselves worthy of me getting a few more colors for fall. The last time I wore them, it lasted me for about five days and I’m happy so far. Let’s face it, sometimes there are wear and tear and that goes too for nail polish.

I agree that the first coating is sheer and double coating will have a nicer look. Applying them too thick, if more than two layers might be more prone to chirping. The downside of it is that it takes a longer time to dry. So, patience is a must.

Pure Ice nail color look

I would hope and love if these nail polish lasted longer but if you plan to just wear it for an evening out or catach a movie than, it would be just right. On the photo, I applied the nail colors in a pattern style. Hope you guys like it!

Oh yes, Pure Ice also came out with their 3 in 1 Top Coat which is selling at Wal-mart. Thought you might want to know.  Please let me know if you would like me to make a review for this One Stop Shop (3 in 1 Top Coat).

3 in 1 top coat pure ice
photo courtesy of Pure Ice


What is your favorite Pure Ice nail color?

Thank you for reading!

xoxo Sharon



Visible Lift® Serum Absolute Advanced Age-Reversing Makeup SPF17

Visible Lift® Serum Absolute Advanced Age-Reversing Makeup SPF 17 DSC00943

Today, I’m going to give my overview of this L’oreal Visible Lift Foundation which I have been using for quite sometime. I remembered, I got this fabulous foundation awhile ago and it was on special. I paid half price of $19.00(1.0 fl oz) for it. Well, after minutes of digging and almost turning the bin upside down (just kidding!). I was so glad that I found my skin shade (Hurray!!!). And yes! I got mine in Honey Beige (No. 155). Perfect color tone for me.

loreal visible lift color swatch
Color swatch (Honei Beige in No. 155)

There were twevlve color shades available and ranges from lightest to darkest shades. The darkest shades will suit more likely for the medium skin tone. Can be purchased online at or at your L’oreal counter store.

photo without loreal foundation
photo without loreal foundation

I wore it this morning and are very excited to give my first thought about it. Mind you, this foundation felt so lightweight and smooth. I love it. The texture is slightly thick but soft. It has a silky texture and exceptional blending ability. It has medium coverage that was able to cover most of my uneven skin. I started by applying moisturizer first and then proceeded to applying the foundation. Putting moisturizer as a base is important for someone who has dry skin. This product seems to cater more for normal to oily skin person. I just dispensed with one pump of the foundation on the back of my hand and apply them with my fingers. It blends very well and set in pretty fast.

after loreal visible foundation
after loreal visible foundation

Here is my photo shots taken The “Before” L’oreal Visible Lift foundation and “After” with makeup and the amazing foundation.

after 11 hours look with foundation
after 11 hours look with foundation

Photo taken after wearing the foundation for 11 hours. I can still see my eyeshadows and maybe a little bit of  some shine on my T-zone area and that’s about it.  I see that my face still looked fresh and this foundation is so long lasting, except for my lips of course. I didn’t do any touched up at all. I’m amazed!

On their website, they claimed that this Visible Lift Serum Absolute – features an age reversing serum of 5 ingredients in 1 luminous makeup. This new makeup instantly evens skin tone with a luxuriously lightweight formula that doesn’t settle into lines and wrinkles.

Okay, let’s not get too excited. First of all, no makeup foundation is age-reversing, not even a second. Well, I didn’t buy it because it’s age-reversing but it does make me feel fresh and less fatigue.

I also love the bottle packaging that comes with a pump applicator. A little goes a long as the saying goes. Great product with great value for money.

Let me know on the comment below. Do you have an everyday foundation? What are some of your favorite shades and brand?

Thank you for reading!









Pixi Mesmerizing Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hey guys!

Yesterday, I put up some of my beauty haul. It was my recent purchased from Target. Frankly, I haven’t tried Pixi makeup before and I’m just thrilled to be able to pick up this pretty eyeshadow palette in Copper Peach for $12.00 (0.20 oz).

Pixi Mesmerizing Eye Shadow

Pixi Mesmerizing Mineral Palette.

Pixi Mesmerizing Eye Shadow

On their website, it shows five different varieties of color palettes. This palette is not a limited edition since I don’t see anything on the packaging that says so.

Color swatch

Color swatch

I would say that the colors are almost nude and neutral. It’s a very pretty color and I think it is well suited for everyday wear. Some shades are smoother/softer than others, but all of the shadows commonly are very pigmented, and you only need the lightest touch of the brush for good color pay-off (especially the darker shades).

Pixi Mesmerizing shadow Pixi closed up Pixi Pixi eye makeup look closed up Pixi side view Pixi mesmerizing shadow (2)

These colors are beautiful and smooth. It’s silky and the pigmentation was perfect. There are three matte colors in the palette and three shimmery or gem-y. I also noticed that the third and fifth color seems to be pretty similar when I made the color swatch. Both colors looked like light beige to me on swatch. Color division of the packaging are clean and sleek.

I like the box packaging. It was of soft light green with gold lining.  I’m sure some of you would know that green is one of my favorite colors. These colors are great. The pigment is perfect and it stays all day. It didn’t crease has any fall out and I really like the smooth and soft texture of this eyeshadow.

At $12.00 a palette , these eyeshadow is decent in price for Target brand but a little bit pricey for high street store.

I find it to be a lovely everyday shade. Great for day and evening wear. I used three color shades from the palette for my makeup look, top with granite color eyeliner by Prestige and mascara from NYC.

What is your favorite makeup product from Pixi?

Thanks for reading.




Everyday Minerals|FREE Custom Sample kit


Hey friends, I just want to share with you some of the samples that I received recently. They are my free custom sample kit which I ordered online from Everyday Minerals and all I have to do is pay for the shipping costs which is about $3.79.


So, I got these 7-piece custom sample kit :

3 pcs for face – lanai in the sand(bronzer), poipu-lar shores(bronzer) and finishing dust(finishing powder);

2 pcs for cheek – peony petal and cameo(blush);

2 pcs for base – golden beige (matte base) and honey(jojoba base)


Okay, let’s get to the point. I got these samples to try the products and also to check the color swatch if it works for me instead of buying a regular size and then decided that it doesn’t. So, I think this is a wiser way to actually pick up any makeup products without much hesitation after sampling them.

These samples have been lying around on my desk for awhile and I decided to try it on today.


I started with their Golden Beige (3w) with peony petal as the blusher and poipu-lar shores the bronzer for today’s makeup look. Since, they were all in powder format, I have a hard time applying them. The powder foundation didn’t stick well and I have to dap my brush with water and then mixed it to make it easier to blend as if it’s a liquid foundation. Maybe, it’s just me, I’m so used to liquid and cream foundations. I like the smooth feeling on my face and it has medium coverage. Would definitely need to build-up for full coverage.

Since I have dry skin, I tried to avoid applying too many layers. Like always,  I usually put my moisturizer on before foundation but sad to say, I can still see dry patches on my face with these foundation. My face does looked more radiant and fresh except it’s a little drier for dry skin person. Not too bad for those who prefer powder foundation. The color I chose was a little lighter than my normal color tone. Luckily, this is just a sample and I know now that I’m going to use this as my standard guide on how light or dark shade I should get when ordering online.


The bronzer and blusher works perfectly well for me except that the powder were flying everywhere while I was putting them on. It’s a little bit messy though. I have all finger prints now on my keyboard. Oops!

Overall, I like the color blush and also the bronzer because it’s quite pigmented and soft. The bronzer did it’s job by contouring my face well. I would love to them in creamy formula but that’s just me. For those who loves natural mineral makeup, I would recommend you start with Everyday Mineral. The price is reasonable and the quality is good for a mineral product.

My conclusion is that these samples from Every Minerals are all good products. Except that I need to use them wet instead of dry when it comes to using these pretty formulas.

If you like to try their samples, just click here to get your free samples. You choose the shades you like, how great is that?

Have you tried any mineral makeup products? If you do, which kind and brands do you like most?

Thank you for reading.

Sharon xoxo







Huge Drugstore Makeup Haul

Drugstore Makeup Haul
Drugstore Makeup Haul

Hey friends! Today, I would like to share with you some of my makeup haul which I purchased from the drugstores. Some of them, I have tried and posted my thoughts on it min my earlier posting while there are many still waiting for me to try. I picked up these huge makeup haul while window shopping. I wasn’t exactly aiming for makeup this time but ended up get a bunch of them. Anyways, I was glad to pick some of my favorite makeup products to share my thought on it once I have tried them thoroughly.

NYC Long Wearing Nail Polish in 139, 144 & 147
Drugstore Makeup Haul
Revlon PhotoReady Powder in 030 Medium/Deep (net wt: 0.25 oz)
Drugstore Makeup Haul
Revlon Photoready BB Cream
Drugstore Makeup Haul
Marcelle Monocromatic Eyeshadow Quad
Drugstore Makeup Haul
Revlon Colorstay Foundation
Drugstore Makeup Haul
Essence eyeliners, a lip liner, eyeshadow pencil
Drugstore Makeup Haul
Essence Silky Touch Blush
Essence Party of my life
Essence Party of my life eau de toilette
Essence Kalinka Eyeshadow
Essence Kalinka Eyeshadow
Sonia Kashuk Eyebrown Pencil
Sonia Kashuk Eyebrown Pencil in Taupe

Since I have many makeup products to review. I would encourage you to leave your comment and let me know which makeup  products that you like me to write on my blog. The name of the person requesting for that makeup review will appear in my blog.

I hope you like my drugstore makeup haul this week and hope you find it helpful and interesting.

Have a wonderful weekend.



Revlon Colorstay Longwear Nail Enamel

Revlon colorstay nail polish (No. 250) in Rich Raspberry
Revlon colorstay nail polish (No. 250) in Rich Raspberry

Honestly, I don’t remembered when I actually picked up this wonderful Rich Raspberry color nail enamel (in No. 250). I believed I got it from Target where it was on special. It’s a nice raspberry color shade which I like. They were like one of my favorite color of all time.

Finished coloring nails
Finished coloring nails

I really like this color, it makes my hand stands out more in the light and it’s so pretty. I can’t stop but admiring my hands every chance I got : P

Revlon Colorstay nail enamel, the brush
Revlon Colorstay nail enamel, the brush

Great brush, perfect application, great pay-off, beautiful colors. It lasted me about a week. Average lasting.

Revlon Colorstay - the texture
Revlon Colorstay – the texture

I only put one coat but two will be fabulous. Very opaque. Nice formula consistency.  Revlon Colorstay nail enamel came with many selection of colors to choose.

Revlon Colorstay Longwear Nail Enamel in Rich Raspberry
Revlon Colorstay Longwear Nail Enamel in Rich Raspberry

Overally, I really do like the polishes as I do with all Revlon polishes, great value for money : )