Lorac The Resort Palette|Spring 2015


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I was looking for some Spring makeup palettes and I came across this Lorac The Resort Palette on Nordstrom‘s website. It’s Lorac Spring collection which was released three weeks ago and it’s exclusive to Nordstrom’s only. My heart skip a beat in excitement but then when I saw that it’s currently unavailable or out of stock my heart sank … boo…hoo… hoo ;'( !!!

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lorac resort palette

It’s Nordstroms’s Exclusive “The Resort” Eye and Cheek Palette by Lorac for $20.00 including free shipping. What more can one ask for? Except maybe for them to restock this palette at Nordstrom so that you and I are able to grab, snag or haul it for vanity sake.

It contains:-

  1. Six eyeshadows
  2. One eye and cheek highlighter
  3. Two blushes
  4. One bronzer

all in one palette. It comes with a full size mirror and the design on the packaging is freaking inviting.

lorac resort

I checked and found Amazon.uk has two palette but it’s insanely pricey. Has anyone heard and seen this latest Spring palette by Lorac? If you do, please leave comment below.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read.

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note: photos taken from Nordstrom

High-end Makeup – Beauty Haul


Hey lovelies,

This week, I love to talk and share with you some of the makeup products that I picked up from several stores during my hunt for more beauty products. You will see that in this post, I’m combining beauty haul with my review on the products which I picked this week. This is a new style format for me to share my experience hauling all the beauty product while also sharing my opinion by doing a review on each products on the same post.

beauty haul mac

I have here a Becca Sheer Sick Foundation, Mac Matte Lipsticks in Saint Germain and Fanfare, Korres Volcanic Minerals Mascara and lastly the Ecotools Brushes.

mac matte lipsticks

Did I tell you lately that after I did my first review on the Mac Matte Lipstick (Lady Danger), I was head over toes with the amazing pigment and its long wear?. Oh my gosh! you really have to get one of these, dear!

Both are really gorgeous colors which I loved. Well, I’m not really a pink lady so pale pink is not my cup of tea but since I’m planning to keep on to my beauty resolution, I intend to dare wear it :[

Are you curious which shades are those? The pale pink is Saint Germain while the other is Fanfare. Each net wt: 0.1 oz. Saint Germain has been a top seller and described as a “light cool pink”. I see that it’s more of a pale pink with blue base. Look at how opaque coverage this formula is? It also has some scent of vanilla but not overwhelming. I wore this for almost half the day. Yes, it looks a bit chalky as the wears goes on, as the sheen goes away faster than the color does. If you like, apply a touch of Saint Germain Lipglass even “Pink Panther” will indulge.

Next is the Fanfare which has coral-y tone. It’s pearly finish which is pretty. Nothing to complain about on the pigment category and it has a lovely nude color which I love. I can practically wear it anytime of the day.

Repurchase: Definitely! These lipsticks are definitely a winner in my books.

becca sheer stick foundation

Becca Sheer Stick Foundation with SPF 30+ in Treacle (Net wt: 0.3 oz). Available in 30 impressive neutral shades for light skin to dark skin and somewhere in between.  There’s a big chance that one of these colors will work for you. Check out at Becca, Sephora, Amazon and Ulta.

This is my first time picking up Becca foundation and I just found out that this shade is leaning to a dark tone. I picked this at Winners (a Canadian retail chain) for a good price tag. The disappointing part is “no testing allowed” 😦 I’m like argh …. so frustrating sometimes. But that’s their store’s policy and have to abide to it. Most of you might know that I’m always curious to try products be it old or now and how it fairs. so I wouldn’t mind going ahead to get this foundation 🙂 More so to share my experience with you.

Oh wow!!! just look at this beauty. The color swatch and its pigmentation is absolutely amazing. It’s so creamy and once the wax content warms up to skin temperature it’s sets to a satin cream finish. This stick foundation blends incredibly well and I just love the smooth and soft texture. It also has wonderful medium coverage and can be sheered out or to more opaque if needed. The best part is that this foundation’s sunscreen of SPF 30+ which is super awesome. Although it has a broad spectrum sun protection on its own. you will need to apply the foundation liberally and evenly in order to get the stated level of protection.

Repurchase: Absolutely! Will pick a lighter shade for my skintone.

mascara review korres

I also picked up this nice looking mascara by Korres from Winners. It’s a Volcanic Minerals Volumizing Mascara in 02 Obsidian Black (Net wt: 0.27 fl oz). Price $20.00 at Korres.ca. This pigment rich mineral blends derived from volcanic soil. With every lash coats are smudge-proof. It doesn’t clump or smears under eyes.

I wore it early yesterday morning for my review and boy am I glad that I didn’t ended up with a full on raccoon eyes with this mascara :). It’s a long wearing durability for 8-9 hours. I wore them the whole day and my lashes still looks pretty and it didn’t budge. I just washed them while I was cleansing my face with Tony Molly face cleanser and the mascara comes out effortlessly.

It comes with a nice clump free tapered brush. I’m happy with Korres and will sure be checking out more on their skincare products for review.

Repurchase: Without a doubt!

ecotools brushes

Ecotools Bamboo 4 piece brush set. I comes with a concealer brush, a mineral powder brush, a mini kabuki and eye shading brush. A lovely set for mineral makeup. I love brush material from bamboo because it supposedly last for a long time. It’s an earth friendly set and join others with 1% for he Planet.

I haven’t tried these brushes yet but I know that I love the feel of these brushes.  It feels so soft and easy to bring for travelling. They’re available at Wal-mart and Ulta.

Repurchase: Not certain! Haven’t yet tested till perfection.

So, that’s my take on the reviews and beauty haul for this week. Until next time, thank you very much for reading.

Let me know what you think of this new style format? Your comment is important to me 🙂

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Oh My … Gosh Foundation!

Hey lovelies!

Yesterday, while I was at the drugstore (Shoppers Drug Mart) I really have to pick up this makeup product. It was on Sale and I just couldn’t resist even though this is the only shade left. I’m also curious to try out this brand. As many of you may know, I’m obsessed with makeup and for this super cheap price I’ll hop and somersault to get it (giggle!!!). This is the first Gosh makeup product that I’ve ever used.

Read further to see how it fairs after I did my first impression wearing them, all I can say is that it didn’t disappoint.

gosh natural founation ingredient

I picked this Gosh Natural Touch foundation in 38 Sand with net wt: 1.0 fl oz. By the way, I only paid $2.00 at the drugstore for this lovely babe! It happens to be on liquidation/special sale and I couldn’t pass this out.

Available in ten natural shades from light to dark tones. It has medium coverage and it has amazing flower scents. The strong scents will slowly fade and leaves a soothing floral delight on skin. It contains organic sweet almond with moisturizing and nourishing SPF 8. It comes in a pump applicator tube format that is easy and convenient to bring in your makeup bag or travel bag.

gosh natural touch sand in 38

It’s a lightweight foundation that gives flawless and natural looking skin. I didn’t expect much from this foundation honestly speaking, I was impressed by how light and lovely coverage it gives.

color swatch sand in 38 (2)

The formula is a little bit liquidy than I expected, it’s more similar to BB cream texture. Usually foundation is much thicker in consistency. But having said that, this natural touch foundation blends very easily and the result was satisfactory.

compare color swatch sand 
Color swatch of this natural touch foundation in Sand

Look how it blends evenly and the finishing touch is amazing. Well, even-though this foundation is a little bit too light for my skin tone but it definitely gives a smooth and lovely finish. I’m starting to love this Natural Touch Foundation already! Yoo.. Hoo!

If you want to know more on how to choose the right shade foundation for you, I can do a Foundation tips upon request.

Would I repurchase? Yes, I will and would recommend it to my friends.

Gosh cosmetic product is available online and also at Shoppers Drug Mart (Canadian drugstore chain) and in UK, France and Amazon online.

What do you think of this Gosh makeup brand? Have you tried them before?

Thanks for reading.

Sharon xoxo