Wordless Wednesday | Korean Food Haul


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November flew by just like the autumn leaves and here we are standing on the month of December. A month, many would be busy preparing, for the holiday season. The biggest festive event of the year.

Did you get any good deals from Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales? I got several breathtaking beauty products online. So excited! Heads up for those who are interested to know what I’ve ordered, note that it would be featured under the weekly“Epic Beauty Snag” posts.

Needing to take a break from online shopping and since I was feeling better last weekend, my hunny bear decided to drive me to a new Korean Grocery Store which I haven’t been before. The store is called “Jang Teu” and just that you now, they have several other branches in the island.

LOL! More shopping and we ended up with lots of grocery snacks and I thought I’ll do a food haul to share what I picked from the Korean store.

Hope you’d enjoy this post.

I love trying snacks from different countries and my favorites are the rice cakes and dried squid. The anchovy granule is good to make soup base.

Many different type of kimchi and this one is radish kimchi instead of the napa cabbage. It’s much crunchy and add some sesame oil and sesame seed and you can eat it as a side dish. Kimchi is supposed to be a healthy side dish from what I’ve read.

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What is your favorite food or snack to pick at your Korean Grocery store? Comment what you find unique and leave your comments in the section below.

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Wordless Wednesday|Food Corner

Hey guys,

Have you ever tried any of these delicious food before? I’m sharing some of the food which is yummy in my tummy. So, the next time time you wanted to go for a lunch date – why not suggest something different  to challenge your taste buds.


Japanese Sushi Dish -futomaki (rolled sushi),nigiri (hand-pressed sushi), uramaki (inside-out-roll) with wasabi and pickled ginger


Korean Bibimbap (mixed rice) signature dish served in a stoneware bowl.


Korean Tteokbokki (hot and spicy rice cake) cooked with ramen (instant noodles)


Vietnamien Pho (tonkinese soup) with grilled chicken noodle soup

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Sharon xoxo