July Favorites In Beauty


This year is zipping past, I feel like I blink and we’re into another month – apparently it’s a sign of getting old. As we’re in mid-summer, I’ve felt a little more rejuvenated and willing to try some products that are typically outside of my comfort zone. Let me share what I’ve been enjoying lately …

Labstory Perfect BB Cream 

Labstory Perfect BB Cream

A few months back I put together a post all about Korean Skincare and Makeup Products that I received from Labstory Korea. So many of you commented that you how much you loved that post that I thought might be a good idea to show you the BB Cream that’s making me look flawless this summer.

You guys know how obsessed I am with BB cream and what’s great about it is this product rocks!

BB Cream color swatch

Here’s the color swatch and formula of Lab Story Perfect BB Cream. You can use a brush or beauty blender and bounce the product all over your face. I’m pleased with dewy finish this product gives. I’m all about wearing a subtle BB that’s not overly in your face. This is truly stunning and if you’re sort of new to the world of a BB then this is a great place to start.

Aveeno Intensive Night Cream with Vitamin B2 

Aveeno Intensive Night Cream.jpg

I love love this night cream and had just hit pan recently. I’ve been using it for the past couple of months religiously as my evening skincare routine and I’m really impressed with the results. It works to maintain and keep my skin hydrated throughout summer. I’ve been enjoying this product. It’s lightweight, non-greasy and it locks out moisture. This is one product I would totally recommend.

Origins Ginzing Energy Boosting Moisturizer

Origin Gin-zing

The orange-tangerine zest scents is what makes me love this moisturizer but it’s not for everyone. This moisturizer is not for everyone, but for me, I appreciate the fresh scents and it has become my latest morning skincare routine. It’s very lightweight but hydrating at the same time. On top of that, it doesn’t cause any breakout on me. I’ve been wearing it the whole time and it leaves my skin smooth and soft. Worth the mid-range price tag. Go for it! 

But if you have very sensitive skin then I wouldn’t recommend this to you. It might cause irritation due to the scented ingredients.

Caudalie Instant Detox Mask 

Caudalie Detox Mask

Once a week, I like to pop on a charcoal based face mask to really deep cleanse my skin and clarify my complexion on the whole. I’ve combination dry skin and I didn’t notice it cause any dryness or irritation on my skin. The cream and bright pink product will dry up and it reminds me of my face dries up in the sun at the seashore. I leave if for 15 minutes and rinse it with lukewarm water. My skin feels really great and so clean. I used it again this morning and it leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. I just put in my order to get the full size at Sephora. So, that’s a thumbs up!

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk

Klorane Dry Shampoo

Perfect travel size dry shampoo bottle for summer. I’m on my second deluxe size bottle and have been loving it thus far. A dry shampoo that doesn’t disappoint even on a bad hair day. Love the amazing scents and how it makes my hair smells so good the whole day. I like carrying it in my purse on a hot summer day. A winner in my book.

What have you been enjoying the last few weeks? I love to hear what you think.

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Labstory – Korean Skincare & Makeup Products


Happy Wednesday guys! Hope you’ve a nice and productive week this far. If you’ve been following me on Snapchat or Facebook, it’s been a bit crazy for me and honestly what’s new? I’ve been having problem with my health and emotions again lately. Blogging has kept me going and moving forward. It forces me to get out of the bed each morning and keeps me on a schedule.

Having said that, I like to try as much product as I can from good brands or reputable brands I trust and want to work with. When Lab Story approached me not too long ago if I’ll be interested to do a collaboration with them, I can’t say no to that.

* Press Samples

Today’s post highlight four of my latest love for these skincare products. I never tried anything from the brand. This is my first time trying out products from Lab Story. Quickly I fell in love with Lab Story and here’s my story.

I received four full sample size products in the mail and I’m super excited to share my thoughts and opinions.


LAB STORY Facial Cleansing Foam Whitening Cleanser

This is by far my most favorite cleansing foam I’ve ever tried from a Korea brand. It smells divine and a little goes a long way. Just a tiny bit not bigger than the size of a pea is all you need to cleanse the whole face.

My current go to cleansing foam. I’ve been washing my face with the cleansing foam since I got it and I’ve loving it. This photo doesn’t do it justice but when you add a little more water, the foam lather like no other. My skin feels so smooth and soft after rinsing them. The fragrance of the herbs and fruit extracts are so inviting. Makes me look forward to my evening skincare routine every day.


LAB STORY Deep Pore Purifying Cleansing Foam Extra Mild Oil Control

Next is another cleansing foam that combats oily skin while going deep into the pores. They use natural ingredients such as tea tree leaf oils and herbs extracts which I really like.

Since I’ve combination to dry skin, I only used this for a week. I didn’t notice a huge dryness on my face, but I like the gentle foaming action that it delivers to your face. It goes on and washes off so easily. It smells fresh and clean.

This would be prefect for me try again in summer when the weather gets warmer and a little more humid. I’ll test it again for a little while longer and report back my final verdict on this one.


LAB STORY Perfect Blemish Balm Korean BB Cream SPF 30 PA++ 50ml

BB Cream (Blemished Balm) of the East. Although BB cream has a history that it begins in Germany, it’s the Korean that got hold of this product with the intention to get a flawless skin. But these days, you see every brands own a BB cream (stretching from East to the West) and they cater to different skin types and different demands across the world.


I was so excited to put my first experience to the test. This product has only one shade if I’m not mistaken and I’m happy to say that it’s a good match for my skin tone. It gives a good sheer to decent medium coverage. It’s feels lightweight and doesn’t feel tacky at all. It blends on beautifully and no streaky lines to be seen.

It claims to smoothes the skin and protects the skin from foreign harms and everyday UV. It covers skin blemishes effectively and equalizes the skin tone allowing for a natural clear makeup.

I second the claim for I could see that this product works amazingly as a blurring agent that covers pores and skin imperfections. This could be my holy grail Asian BB cream.


LAB STORY Anti Wrinkle Whitening Cream Skincare Cream SPF 50+ PA+++ 40ml 

Last but not least, I got this Whitening Cream which I assume it to be another BB cream but this has platinum powder in it. Well, at least that’s how I’ve been using it. It has SPF 50+ which is so perfect for spring to summer. If wrinkles worries you, what do you think of this Anti Wrinkle cream?


It has a very nice consistency and not thick in formula. It goes on smoothly and blends amazingly. I use beauty sponge but you can use brush whichever you like. It gives a very nice coverage and it smells so good. And I really like the dewy finish results on my dry to combination skin.

It’s so hard to make good skincare and makeup products and Lab Story does it amazingly on both categories.  So, it’s to no surprise I’m loving these products so much. I highly recommend this brand if you’re on the market for some great skincare products that actually work. I don’t have anything bad to say about them. I’m very impressed with the quality and will definitely go back to this brand again and again. Don’t have to take my word for it. You got to try it yourself!

If you want a chance to try everything in today’s post, you can check out Lab Story Korea, Amazon or Ebay and learn more about their products at the websites.

Have you tried Lab Story before? What are some of your favorites I’d love to hear from you! Whether you’re beginners to mavens, all are welcome here!

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Disclaimer:  Products were sent free of charge for review consideration. All opinions are my own. 

Question Tuesday! How Do You Keep …



by source

So for this “Question Tuesday “, I asked- How do you keep your skin moisturized during the warmer seasons?


Here’s what you could choose … (you could select multiple answers)

A. Apply lip balm

B. Use moisturizer with higher SPF

C. Wear BB cream instead of foundation

D. Apply body lotion

E. Drink lots of water

Not surprisingly, many people do feel the need to layer on the moisture this time of year with SPFs! I definitely answered all of the above! I’m really impressed with that I hope you’ll discover yours as well! 😀

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read. Hope to see you on the next one!

Have a great day everyone!

Sharon ♥



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Beauty Review Korean BB Face Cream


Hi guys! Today I’m going to share with you a product that I’ve been reaching for the past many weeks.

BB Face Cream

I know that I’ve been neglecting on some face cream review this year. Today, I want to make out with you guys with this BB Cream which had been in the back burner since last summer. If you like to read over a full review on my previous Japan Makeup Haul, here is the link.


Seriously, just one tube of this foundation is all I need when my skin are the happiest, meaning when I have a good skin days.


Bilingual ingredients and product feature. I don’t know any of you read Korean, but sadly I don’t. I welcome this bilingual packaging with open arms, I honestly think it’s helpful and brilliant.


Korean BB Cream makes it to the American market and has been growing in popularity. I know you want to see up close the texture and consistency of this product. Here is the color swatch in Natural Beige.


It blends like a dream and very lightweight feeling. Comfortable on skin and natural looking. This shade just blend in beautifully into my hand. I didn’t see it been cakey or powdery. It smells amazing, not to mention moisturizing.


Leaving my skin feeling smooth and natural. I definitely love this BB cream.


This product is for Daiso Japan and Made In Korea. If you see this BB face cream in your local Daiso, I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a sheer coverage BB cream. So this is a fantastic product if you love this BB cream!


Hope that helps a bit!

What do you think beauty products you recently pick up from Daiso? Can you find the same BB cream in your local Daiso? I would absolutely love to hear from you, either way!

Also, I will be reviewing many of makeup products in the weeks to come, so please stay tuned for more reviews!

Alrighty, so that’s pretty much it for today’s post! Hope to see on the next one.

Thank you for taking the time to read. .

Sharon xoxo


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Cover Girl Natureluxe Liquid Silk Foundation- Review


cover girl natureluxe cream

I got this at the Dollar store for $3.00. Truth been said, I much prefer BB/CC creams but this Cover Girl Natureluxe in 315 Bamboo color looks appealing that I decided to pick this one and share my review with all of you here.


This is a good foundation, it smells nice, applies evenly, and does not make sensitive skin break out. It lasts about the average time of a foundation, which is about 6-8 hours. This medium coverage foundation has a whipped texture which feels light on my skin, leaving me with a semi-dewy finish. It feels smooth and easy to apply and would be great if you’re beginners. I want to point it out that it’s definitely not a full coverage foundation if that’s what you’re looking.


It has a slight scents and I believed it infused with cucumber water and jojoba extracts. I like the feel and like how it goes on. It feels feather light on skin with a nice dewy finish. Would be great for normal to dry skin person.

I know that this foundation had been discontinued by Cover Girl. I can’t be sure if you can still get this foundation at your drugstore on clearance, if it’s on sale then it’s worth the try. But honestly if it’s for $11.99 I definitely wouldn’t get it. In  my opinion, I think that it’s a little pricey for a drugstore product since you can get an equivalent quality or if not better coverage foundation compares to other drugstore counterpart foundations.


I’m a happy bunny but I do think that those of you with oilier skin types who relied on this foundation might be disappointed.


I can really feel the difference and it works so much better on my skin. It blends in much better whilst still keeping the coverage, just with a bit of added glow. Don’t get me wrong that I don’t like full coverage but when I have good skin days, I prefer wearing a lighter coverage formula.


Overall, I think this is a good foundation, especially for people with normal to dry skin that aren’t sensitive to scents. Package is cute, practical and hygienic. I’ve dry complexion skin so wearing this foundation doesn’t make my face looks cakey. So yay!

Let me know if you’ve tried the new formula and what you think? Comment down below!
Thank you so much for taking the time to read. Stay Beautiful!

Sharon xoxo


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BB Cream/Tinted Cream From Dollar Store Review


I picked up this BB cream from the Dollar store a few months ago for product review. I was intrigued to try this product especially since it was from the Dollar store. I love trying out beauty products and I took the plunged to risk it. I wasn’t expecting anything great from this BB cream but boy what I wronged.


I have been using it religiously since last summer and it even was one of my favorite. It’s still going strong. Anyways, I have used it for a decent amount of time and I think I’m in position to give my opinions and share my experience with you guys on this.


This 2 in 1 Tinted Cream or BB Cream comes in a squeeze tube packaging with net wt: 1.7 fl oz. I got mine in Medium shade and I somehow noticed the color to be a bit lighter for my skin tone especially in summer and would be great for fall. My skin gets paler as the season changed. Has any of you had the same experience?


Like many BB creams that I had used in the past, this product offers similar end results as a BB cream should be. It’s moisturizing, easy to blend, lightweight and hide blemishes.


This cream could be layered for medium coverage without looking cakey or flaky. I’ve been wearing it for a while and today and not having any breakouts.


The method I use with most of the BB cream I had is by using my fingers to pat the cream and then gently applying the product with feather light pressure and blend them evenly.


This BB cream gives a soft and nice dewy finish which I really like. Another pro is that it makes your skin feels so smooth and moisturizing. So yay for that!

I’m really satisfied with the results hence my conclusion is – I must say this BB cream is now my absolute favorite!! I’m not saying this because it’s for $1.25 but I was surprisingly impressed with the quality. From my understanding, not all Dollar store has them, so it could be a rare find. You really have to try it if you happened to stumble upon one. Try it and do let me know in the comment section if it worked or not

What products would you pick from your Dollar store?

Thank you for reading.

Sharon xoxo

Wordless Wednesday



Hi Everyone!

Guess who came to town. Nope, not Santa but closed family from the other side of the globe. They didn’t just come to visit but brought souvenirs too. Okay, this is a special occasion and therefore, I took the opportunity to share some of their gifts.


So, here are some of the gifts. Let’s dig-in …


Lindt Chocolates in dark chocolate and hazelnuts. Yummy!


A model playtoy car for my son – Hyundai brand


Missha BB Cream. I wanted to scream out loud with joy when I saw this


Baby Oil sounds strange but by Amway. We love using this brand for massaging stomach discomfort and help relaxed head-ached.


Beh Teh Sau is a kind of fluffy baked cookies which is native to Penang. It’s very famous among tourists in recent years


Brown sugar cookies are also popular among Asian tourists


I really feel that this Backjoy Posture will be able to help me with my posture. So, thank you so very much.

If you guys are reading this post, thank you so much for visiting and all the wonderful gifts. We love it and will treasure it, So, that’s it on this week’s wordless wednesday and I’ll catch up with you guys again next time.

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Sharon xoxo

Missha Signature BB Cream |Review


I have been quite obsessed with BB Cream lately ever since I did my review on the Super BB cream. I’ll put the link below if you’ve miss my previous post.

Anyways I got this through online order and it arrives a few days ago. I’ve tried this BB Cream on me since I got it and I’m wearing it now today. The product I got is this Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream with SPF 25+. Made in Korea.

missha bb cream

Missha M Signature Real Complete BB Cream in Light Pink Beige (net wt: 45 g) for US$29.00/CN$28.99 (now on special for CN24.64). It has an English translation at the back of the packaging which I think is super cool. It says here on the packaging “multi-function BB cream with perfect coverage, well adherence and long lasting. It also claims complete makeup lasting test for up to 12 hours.

missha bb cream spf 25+

This Korean brand Missha practices against animal testing which is a cruelty free product. Paraben free and non-chemical in this formula. It has SPF 25/PA++ and yay!!! you can wear BB cream in hot summer days without needing to worry about melt down..

First of all, let me talk about the packaging. This is an adorably designed plastic tube packaging. The material is made of 2 plastic layers. The inside layer has a kind of hot pressed flowers and the second layer is used to enhance this packaging with Missha logo and some Korean writing behind this tube packaging. Sorry I can’t read Korean but it has some English description on as well. It has a pump applicator which I really love. It’s feels very unique and luxurious looking.


The formula has very nice consistency and it blends so well. I feel that this liquid BB cream looks powdery as I applied it on skin but it’s not cakey at all. This formula absorb so quickly that it feels lightweight as if I’m not wearing any cream on. And the scents is so freaking amazing. You really have to try this. Ohhh!!! I really love the smell of this BB cream.

Well, the shade I got is a little lighter than the shade I used to wear but this shade is definitely light for my skin tone but I need to mix with my other BB cream especially if I’m going to wear it in the summer since I got tan easily. The texture blend in so well and I just use gentle pat on my face. The whole time I’m wearing it, it didn’t budge or fade as the day wears off. My skin still look fresh and natural at the end of the day. This formula gives a sheer to medium coverage that leaves skin looking natural with abundant moisture to nourish your skin. The appearance performance is excellent.

color sacth missha

I love this BB cream because it has SPF25+ and this formula is water base which is gentle to the skin. It claims that it give perfect coverage effect and UV protection. Bravo!

The downside of this BB cream is the color toned is from pale to medium shades only and it stops there.

by Disney
by Disney

This is so embarrassing, I totally forgot to put the pictures of my first impression here.  So, don’t forget to check back for my next “FIRL” (first impression review look) tutorial. You can also follow me on facebook or twitter to get the latest posting updates.

Missha BB Cream is also available at Amazon and there are four shades to choose.

Again, I thank you very much for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo


Super BB Cream by SKIN79



Hey guys!

Can anyone seriously say No to this adorably cute Super BB Balm by SKIN79? I thought so! When I saw this at Amazon ‘s website I just jump straight to add this into my shopping cart. I’m super delighted when this package finally show up at my doorstep and without moment to loose I tried it out immediately and have been wearing it every single day. That was a week ago and oh boy, you can feel that your skin feels so soft and bright. All I can say is that I just saw a cupid shot an arrow and I’m falling head over toe with SKIN79 ❤  Here is our love story:-

super bb cream

“We walked together everyday, I can feel you so closed to me. You smell amazing and I love how soft and lightweight your kisses are when you planted them on my skin. Oh BB! My skin feels so wonderful and I noticed that my face brighten up every time you make contact. I can wear you the whole day and be happy with you by my side. We have so much fun together and one thing I want to tell you is that I’m so glad to have you in my life!”  

bb cream formula skin 79

Okay, in case if you have not heard of SKIN79 before – this is a Korean makeup brand which is popular in ‘Korea and has gained global popularity ever since their first BB cream to swamp North America and worldwide. This packaging comes in a freaking gorgeous hot pink cylinder metal container that just blow my mind. It is a pump method which I find quite sophisticated. The formula is not runny and it feels lightweight on skin. The consistency is more of a foundation but it blends beautifully.This BB smells awesome and leaving your skin feeling smooth and soft. You won’t feel like you’re wearing a BB cream at all. I’m telling you, you seriously need to try this.

The net wt: 40 g and I got this for $14.25 plus shipping at Amazon. Also available at SKIN79 website with six different color to choose from.

The great thing about this Super BB cream is that SKIN79 claims that it contains UV protection SPF 25, whitening ingredients and wrinkle improvement all triple functions in a bottle. It’s like the Disney movie “Aladdin” – Genie in the bottle” who grants you three wishes.

face comparison

Overall, this BB cream really impresses me by been extra soft and it gives a medium to full coverage. I didn’t layer up on this look. to see the effect when applied thin. It’s easily blendable and no problem with layering up a few notch to full coverage, I would say that this is a semi-matte to matte finish. I love love this BB cream to the moon and back. I highly recommend this.

Will I purchase? I will definitely repurchase. I’m satisfied over and beyond for the excellent quality and the incredible price. I recommend that you don’t miss out.

Thank you so much for reading and I look forward to read your comments below.

Sharon xoxo




NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat|Review



nyx stay matte

My innocent little pick me up makeup at my drugstore turns out to be a major beauty haul. That’s right. That how much I’m obsessed with makeup.

The shade I picked up was in Nude Diaphane with net wt: 1.18 fl oz.  That’s right! That’s the NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat liquid Foundation which by the way is cruelty free and oil free. Remember to look for the Bunny’s logo to be sure that it’s really cruelty free certified.

color swatch nyx

Anyways, this is an exciting foundation that I have been meaning to pick awhile ago. Since I ran out of foundation, I need to replenish it. He!he! I did a color swatch on hand and oh yes ….also on the jawline. That’s the proper way to find the perfect shade for your foundation (TMI). As you can see on wrist, the shade looks orange-y but on on face you can totally see the difference. I don’t detect too much of the orange-y tone on skin.

This foundation has an amazing smell but is not overpowering. It blends incredibly well and I find that the texture is closer to BB cream than a foundation. This formula is more runny and not as thick which is good by the way. I learned that to minimize big pores, it is advisable to wear liquid makeup products instead of using the thicker formula.

nyx on face testing

On the left is without foundation and on my right is with NYX liquid foundation.You can see that there a little bit more dewy and it does covers the pores. I would say that coverage is medium but buildable. This foundation stays on and didn’t bulge for many hours. I even worn it to take a nap and I can tell you that my skin still looks pretty awesome.

Will I recommend this to my family and friends? I definitely will and will repurchase once I’m in the moon and back. The price point is reasonable for a drugstore brand and the quality is impressive.

Have you NYX Stay Matte? Which shade did you choose?

Available at any drugstore, Walmart, Target and online.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sharon xoxo


I Have A Crush on OLAY BB Cream



Olay BB Cream.

I was at Target to pick up some more makeup products for the upcoming first impressions and beauty reviews (spoiler alert … it’s going to get worse in the coming week) where more products will be in and I’m suppppeeeerrrr excited. I picked up a hand full of interesting products which I know you will be interested.

This BB Cream … by OLAY! It’s pretty amazing stuff!


I got a crush on this BB Cream at first sight. Well, frankly speaking this is not my first time seeing this bad boy in the drugstores, Walmart or Target but probably because we weren’t properly introduced.

olay bb

The experience I got was like I got pulled right in front of this Olay BB Cream and the rest is history (giggling!!!). I pick the shade of Light to Medium which fit my skin tone nicely. Only two shades are offered, the other available shade is Fair to Light. The broad spectrum of SPF 15 sun protection is an added bonus. Net wt: 75 ml for $12.99.

olay ingredient

I can go on and on about it and make this post incredibly wordy and lengthy but I ‘ve got to retrained myself from doing so. I’m going to share the very gist of this BB cream which I have a crush on.

color swatch

It has a very nice and mild scents in this formula. The texture is not thick like those of the foundation counterpart which are much thicker in consistency. To me, this formula is not heavy and it blends pretty well.  Once it set, you get a beautiful and glowing skin. When I was trying it out I have to admit that my skin are happy and healthy. So, there isn’t much of a covering needed except for my under eyes. So, I put it to the test and it managed to cover some parts under my eyes. I would say the coverage is sheer to tinted finish. Honestly, it feels as if not wearing anything at all but in a good way. The last thing I want is a heavy formula on my skin.

exture olay

I have to agree that using this BB cream, my skin does feel softer and it’s great for addressing dry skin problems and wear well throughout the day.

Simple fact about BB cream is that it’s not to be applied as if i’s a foundation. I personally love using BB cream because I can :-

(a) wear it anytime of the day,

(b) it doesn’t clog my pores and

(c) it’ so easy to use.

It’s like if you can apply a face cream then you should ith BB cream. Huurraahhh!!!

olay face look 1

The downside of this BB Cream is the lack of coverage. The upside is that the price is reasonable for a ton of products compared to Rimmel and Maybelline. I’m quite happy with the result it gives on my skin so far. Although given the choice,  I would personally prefer it to be more of medium coverage than just tinted. But since I have it I’m going to continue to wear it as a tinted moisturizer just as stated on the packaging. I can always top up with foundation or pressed powder if I needed more coverage. But for now, I’m happy with my first crush 😀 I love how soft my skin feels after using Olay BB Cream. yay!!

So, that’s it on my BB cream review. What I want to hear is what kind of BB cream did you use? Which ones do you love and which ones you hate?

Thanks so much for taking the time to read.

Sharon ❤


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The BEST Products For Makeup|Spring


Hey friends,

I’ve got to admit that it has been a while since I did a review on foundations and BB creams. So, allow me to share with you my love for some of these products which I will eventually purchase. You can think of this content title as a Wish list or the best makeup products to have in your vanity.

buxom BUXOM Show Some Skin 

This weightless foundation is so light, it’s like you’re not wearing anything at all, so it claims. This is absolutely insane in my opinion and I really must get my hot paw on this Buxom for sure. My curiosity grew as I was writing this post. It’s available in ten gorgeous shades at Sephora. This weightless foundation claims to deliver breathable coverage that increases hydration, brighten and smooth skin appearance. Reducing fine lines and wrinkles. I’m totally sold!

roc bb creamROC 5 in 1  Perfecting BB Cream 

Works to reduce the appearance of imperfection by restoring an even complexion with a sheer coverage that blends beautifully with your natural skin tone. I really want to try this product and if you want to read a review of this ROC BB cream on my post, please leave your comment section below.

burberry foundationBurberry Glow Luminous Fluid in Golden Radiance

There are a few methods to use this Golden Radiance. You can mix a few drops of this liquid fluid into your favorite foundation for a more warm but radiant boost. Or another way is to simply apply them on nude skin to have a natural and healthy glow. Lastly, you can wear it as a primer under your foundation for hydrating effect.

stila foundationStila HD Illuminating BB Cream

It claims to take your skin to another level of beauty enlightenment. This is an excellent product to wear if you are heading to yoga or just out jogging. The rose gold pigments are supposedly to recreate post-workout glow. I find this to be interesting and can’t wait to pick this BB cream for my stash.

loreal pressed powderL’Oreal True Match Mineral , Loose Powder 

Haven’t pick this up in your makeup collection. Well, this is a loose powder that works to make your most dreaded mis-matched or uneven tone a matter of the past. Say goodbye to uneven lines and hello to beauty complexion. It has a blendable formula and gives a sheer finish.

UD lloose powderUrban Decay Naked Skin Loose Powder 

Many of you might know now that I’m a UDer and I love Urban Decay’s beauty products so far. I believe this is their new Naked Skin collection for Spring 2015. Up this Spring is the Naked Skin concealer, liquid makeup and loose powder. Sorry, I’ve gone tangent but the thing is that this loose powder claims to sets makeup and cuts shine. The jar packaging looks sophisticated and high end.

These are some of the best makeup products I’ll get for Spring 2015. I’m not affiliated with any of them whatsoever but I just want to share my love and findings on products that best suits one or the other. I’ve not tried any of these products yet but sources gave positive likes on each of these products.

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