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I’m so glad to be back after my one week off from surgery and I just can’t wait to share some of the highlights for the coming weeks. As we go along, you will be introduced to different segments in my upcoming posts. So do stay tuned!

On my previous post, I did talked and touched the tip of doing more of the cruelty free beauty products in my post and today I’m going to enforce it by just going to do just that.

So, what does cruelty free products actually means? In layman terms it simply means products which are not tested on animals. You can help save rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats and other animals from going through the excruciating tests.

How do you know if the product is cruelty free? Well, with the PETA’s Beauty program it’s as easy as (vegan) pie! Just look for the cruelty free bunny logo on the product package you intend to purchase or check out on my weekly post where I’ll feature more of the new brands joining this cruelty free program, also where to get them and how to be active to help save one bunny at a time. Here is the link of the logo.

Frankly speaking, I don’t claim that I am all about cruelty free and vegan free but after reading  and understand the importance of supporting cruelty free products, I put myself this challenge to have and create more awareness on the makeup products I’m about to purchase in the future.

Do you know that you can find cruelty free makeup brands at your local drugstores? I didn’t know before but I do now and I’m totally going to share some of these amazing finds with you guys.

Here are the counters to look for when you shop for cruelty free makeup products :-

cruelty free durgstore brands

Annabelle|Flower|Milani Cosmetics|NYX Cosmetics|Physician Formula|Pixi|Wet N Wild|E.L.F.

As you can see that there are plenty of cruelty-free alternatives out there! I’ve put together this list to help you make the right choices. It’s very easy to find good budget-friendly brands and products at your local drugstore.

That’s it for this week’s edition of the cruelty free drugstore makeup brands and I will do another posting on high end makeup brands for the companies whom had also signed up for cruelty free pledge.

What are your favorite cruelty free drugstore finds? I love to hear comments from you.

As usual, thank you so very much for reading!

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Hey Lovelies!

Today, I went to the drugstore to pick up this new released lipsticks from Revlon. It’s their latest lipstick theme “Love is on”.

Oh yes, it seems like the HD isn’t for TVs anymore. We have seen HD in blushes, foundation, eyes, and lips. Right? Beside this Ultra HD Lipstick, another exciting product is the Ultra HD Lip Lacquer which I find it very interesting as well. But first thing first, I picked these two bad boys and I’m just thrilled to be doing my first impression on them.

The shades which I got were in 875 Gladiolus and Magnolia in 865. There were 20 High definition shades to choose from and all were named of flowers. Each lipstick has it’s own distinct scents of flower fragrance.

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick in 865 HD Magnolia and 875 HD Gladiolus (net wt: 0.10 oz)

Revlon Ultra HD LIpsticks Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick

HD Magnolia shade is creamy and the formula are very soft. I love this Nude shade and it’s so richly pigmented. It blends so well and I love the staying power of this formula.

revlon HD Magnolia lippie

I love red lipstick and I couldn’t resist this one for sure. There are a few other red lipsticks such as Poinsetia and Poppy. I got mine in Gladiolus and wow!!! The texture is moist and I don’t feel heavy at all on my lips. It’s a brilliant formula for lips, in my opinion.

Revlon HD Gladiola

Look at these lovely color swatches. Aren’t they just simply gorgeous. Aww… look at how pigmented they were and the shades were beautiful.The price tag is $10.99 but the price may depends on where you live. I couldn’t find this new released Revlon at Target and Walmart last week but I’m hoping that they will put it up soon. .

revlon color swatch

NUXE Paris Nirvanesque 1st wrinkles smoothing cream is a freebie sample which I got from my purchase. It says here that it de-stresses, relaxes and moisturizes with blue lotus sees and peony. Sounds interesting and I’m in to try it out.

NUXE Freebies

So, that’s it for my first impression and I hope you find it useful and interesting. If you have any request for a review, don’t forget to leave comment below.

As always, appreciate you stopping by. So, thank you.

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Coloured Raine ~ Matte Lip Paint

Hey friends!

If you have heard of this makeup brand named Coloured Raine then you know what I’m about to talk about and for those who doesn’t, do not fear for I’m going to share with you this awesome looking color lip paint which is insanely wow!!! It took my breath away.

Well, I came across this Coloured Raine lip paint before on youtube but it sink-in until when I visited their website  lately and I have to tell you that I have a jaw-dropping experience, mind you! If you like to check out more of the colors available, I’ve put the link below and color swatch chart by Coloured Reine.

lipstick-colour-guide by Colouredraine

I’m like Oh my gosh!!! I missed all this fun color lipsticks and luckily I got news that Coloured Raine announces recently like a week ago that pre-order for these bad boys will be on Black Friday (November 27th) and shipping on December 19 just in time for Christmas holiday. Price per piece is $16.00.

So, if you find yourself looking for something really magical and obviously bold looking and sexy then you have come to the right place. The photos are taken from Coloured Raine. I’m so jealous with the color lips.

I have put my order in the wishlist and I hope to get mine before Christmas. I love the Vanity Raine and Arabian Night lip gloss. So, another reason for me to look forward for this holiday season even more! Yay!

Which one is your favorite color? Are you a bold lipstick wearer, let me know what other bold colors you’re loving!

Thanks for reading.

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for Less is more!

How to Perfect a Winged Eyeliner 101!

Hey Lovelies!

This is a very tricky question and I have great news for you, lovelies! Let’s face it, doing a winged liner can be a tacky things to do. I find it difficult even for myself. I have been practising and practising but sometimes if I’m not in a mood, then winged eyes can’t fly : ( It’s disasterous if lack of focus (arrghh!!).

beauty makeup tools

maybelline eyestudio gel liner in charcoal

marcelle monocromatic eyeshdaow quad

maybelline big eyes waterproof mascara

essence coverstick in 04 true nude

elf professional eyeshadow brush

So, here are some of  the tips which I find them helpful and without hesitation, I like to share them with you. How to do a nice beautiful winged liner without putting on a sweat?

Tip #1 – turn on your favorite music. I would prefer blues or musical music. But no rap or hip hop music, please. We don’t want to dance to the beat quite yet. Remember, we need to calm down and stay focus here.

Tip #2 – close all doors, turn on lights and get ready all the makeup tools you need.

Tip # 3 – invest in a good eyeliner

Tip #4 – sit on a nice comfortable chair and have a proper lightup makeup mirror

Tip #5 – eye makeup remover and Q-tip

Then the ultimate process begins, by start applying the makeup base foundation, eye concealer and then once all prep. Let’s begin:-

winged eyes closedupwinged eyes

winged eyes (2)side view winged liner

First of all, start with a clean eyes. Meaning no eye makeup for example mascara and eyeshadow. Examine where you want your wing. Then follow the bottom lashline as a reference.

Then begin to make a thin line at the bottom of the lashline diagonally at a 45 degree angle from bottom line up. Drag the line longer if you wish to have a more dramatic winged liner. Do this with your eyes open. Look straight into the mirror and do the same on the other eyes. Make sure you have a perfect balance line.

Next, with  your eyes closed, use your pointer finger to pull your eye lids to your brow brown while applying liner very closed to your lashline from center to connect the line to meet the wing. Then from the top of the wing, draw a straight line to the center of the lid. Continue to fill inside the liner. I prefer to use gel eyeliner instead of liquid liner but it’s entirely up to you. Whichever you find easier. For me, I’m using gel eyeliner for more control when doing this look.

oct 6, winged eyes look

The last steps is just to continue lining the lashline as you would applying your eyeliner. I like drawing a thin line at the beginning of my eyes and then thicken towards the end of my eyes. If you need to clean up the edges for a clean perfect wing, that’s when the Q-tip and eye remover comes in handy.

I then finished up with mascara and then with a neutral color shadow for an awesome look.

looked don winged eyes

So, congratulations, yo.  Look a perfect winged eyeliner makeup look. yes!!!

I hope you find this makeup tips helpful and interesting. Leave comment below if you have other tips for your own type of  eyes, feel free to share : )

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Bourjois Khol & Contour Eyeliner Pencil

Hey guys! Bourjois is a brand that I am a big fan of. I gave many positive reviews on their foundation and lipsticks and etc… and it has never let me down. I’m so thrilled to try this eyeliner which is this Khol & Contour eyeliner in Bronze Raffine. It’s a really nice color of Bronze-y shade. There are 7 different color shades available on their website but I got mine from Winners. You can also find it at Amazon for $12.90 but they only have it on Ultra Black.

bourjois eyeliner pencil

The color payoff is definitely good as compared to other kohl pencils which I have tried before so far. It designed to be worn at the inner and outer rim of the eyes. Today I’m reviewing this Bronze Raffine  shade and not Ultra Black. This kohl pencil has quite an intense line even with a single swipe as the swatch below.

bourjois closeup eyeliner

It glides very smoothly and it does not sting the waterline. With its soft formula, I can easily create a smudge look around my eyes and when it’s sharpened, the pencil draws an accurate lines. This would be a nice liner to draw on waterline and to make smoky eyes look distinctively beautiful. Basically, this Khol pencil can be used for waterline, upper and lower lash line.

swatch bourjois eyeliner

I made a single swipe swatch to show that it soft and doesn’t drag on skin. Bourjois says that this Khol eyeliner pencil has a long lasting wear of 16 hours and it’s waterproof. Meaning for drawing waterline, this kohl pencil will not be a problem, after all it’s waterproof. Yay!!

Overall, I do like this khol eyeliner pencil and I’m happy that it was my autumn liner purchased which I won’t regret getting. On top of that, I’m planning to get another Ultra Black shade for a more intense line finish for an extreme smoky eye look.

So, that’s all for my take on this bourjois Khol liner and hope you find this helpful.

What is your favorite Khol eyeliner brand? Please leave comment below.

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Top 5 Tuesday Favorite Foundations

top 5 fave foundations
It’s a beautiful day and I really wanted to talk more about some of my current Top 5 Tuesday Favorites in makeup categories. To start off with, I think Ill do the foundations which I got from drugstores and retail stores. When it comes to foundations, I own more drugstores foundations than high ends. Why is that, I’m not sure.  I prefer to think that I like to pick up foundation that I can share my experiences here with all of you. I don’t owned a lot of foundations but it’s piling up in my makeup box for sure. I’ll be going all out to hunt and trying getting more different foundations to share my thoughts.
closed up foundations
L-R: Revlon Agre Defyingfoudnation |Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation|L’oreal Visible Lift Serum Absolute Foundation | Ahava Mineral Makeupcare| Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation

As you can see I have included 2 higher end foundations, one in serum gel and the other in mineral formula.
top 5 color swatches
Here are the color swatches I made earlier today to show how the texture were from the packaging. I really like all these shades that actually complement my skin tone perfectly.
The darkest shade is the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse on the farthest left swatch. I love this as it’s so feathery light and it blends so well, giving a lovely medium coverage finish. I picked up the mousee foundation in Honey Beige (4) shade for this.

Next up is the Ahava Mineral Makeup on the 2nd left swatch. This is a special foundation which I really like since it’s light on skin with sheer-average natural finish look. Ahava has a limited color choice and the one I picked was the Terra Dark.
texture of foundations
Closed up color on how the formula blends.
Next is the L’oreal Visible Lift in Honey Beige (155). This shade seems to have a little bit peachy color tone which dressed my warm  undertone amazingly. Love the medium coverage and the smoothness it gives. The good thing about this formula is that it allows layering up for full coverage.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum has a paler color swatch but that’s like the 3rd darkest from their selection of 6 shades. I picked mine  in Dark Beige (55). Love the texture and the 16 hour radiance booster it claims. I’m definitely loving the scents of these fruity formula that gives instant anti-fatigue.

Finally to my top 5 favorite Revlon Age Defying foundation in Honey Beige (35).  It has 12 color shades selections to choose. It’s fragrant free and The texture blends so well and it has lovely medium coverage. My skin does looked more radiant with slight natural glow finish.

That’s it for this week’s Top 5 Tuesday Fave foundation and I hope you find it helpful and interesting.

What drugstore foundation are your favorites? Am I missing out on any good ones?
Thanks for stopping by.

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Beauty Haul – Makeup Haul!

Happy Friday Beauty friends! It’s Friday and it’s time for Beauty Haul! Yay!!!

This week, I’ll be sharing with you guys some of these makeup haul which caught my eyes when I was at Winners (Canadian Retail Chain Stores).Well, this may be my may impetuous buy but I’m happy that I got them. I’m obsessed with makeup and so I have to get them. Once I have tried them thoroughly I’ll give my thoughts to share them with all of you. But for now, I’m just as thrilled to just post them up.

winners beauty haul

Here are some of my beauty makeup haul.  So, let’s start. I have here the …

bourjois eyeliner pencil khol bourjois lipstick

Bourjois Khol & Contour eyeliner (16h) in 79 Bronze Raffine (wt: 0.04 oz). It says to be enriched with pure pigments and allows for an intense results lasting up to 16 hours. Its soft and blendable formula is ideal to apply both on the inner and outer rims of the eye. Had been tested on sensitive and contact lens wearers. I picked up this bronze color which is perfect for autumn eye makeup. It’s also waterproof so no worries about freaking out.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick. It says to keep perfected pout hydrated for 10 hours. Does it include eating and drinking time?  Ok, I always wanted to have a collection of Bourjois’s makeup line and once I spotted it, I can’t resist the temptation to get it. I always love red but this fuchsia seems to speak to me and well with the price I have to get it because it’s Bourjois! On color swatch it has  rich pigments and pretty creamy finish. I’m not sure when I will wear this color but I’ll make a review to share.

cake lipbutter balm maybelline age rewind powder

Cake Kiss Me Lip Butter Balm. This I bought because of the cute tube packaging. Furthermore,  it’s a limited edition and also I’ll be needing lots of lip balm when the weather gets dryer here. I love to collect limited edition makeup’s too.

Next is the Maybelline Age Rewind “The Perfector- Primer Inside” pressed powder. The white swirl is mixed into the compact to infer the primer inside. Although powder is usually applied after primer , concealer or foundation. It says no caking, no settling. Provide a touch of radiance for a younger looking skin instantly.

I picked this in light/pale. My bad bet, I didn’t see the shades after been drawn with this swirl thingy (giggling!!!). Anyways, this shade is definitely too pale for me. I usually get light to medium shades or just medium. I’ll probably return it or mixed with darker powder. I haven’t decided yet and yes I read some good reviews on this though. Urghh!!! What to do???

revlon lip gloss stila eyeshadow

Revlon ColorBurst Lip gloss has amazing colors and shine that make lips pop. It’s said to be 5x more shine than patent leather. I picked up this lip gloss in Embellished, it’s like dark violet/plum color and I like the fact that it’s not sticky. Seems to have glittery formula in it.

Stila Countless Color Pigments Eye shadow in Encore (wt: 0.1 oz). Below are the claims by Stila

Features & Benefits:

  • Endless color combinations in each pan
  • No two Countless Color Pigments are alike
  • Full coverage, pearl formula
  • Long-wearing
  • Vibrant, color-matched compact

stila eyeshadow safari

Last but not least is this Stila Stay All Day-wet to set eye shadow trio in Safari (wt: 0.15 oz). I paid $12.99 for it. Here is a preview of the stay all day shadow. It’s a 3D velvety shadow which are unique, it gives a luxe finish on lids when combined with water. Stila promises an all day wear that’s crease-proof. I like the looks of these a lot so I’d be curious about trying one or two shades.

This ends this week’s beauty haul and I’ll be bring in more hauls next Friday.

So, until then, Stay beautiful and thank you for stopping by.

When was the last time you had an impulsive buy makeup? Leave comment below to share.

Sharon xoxo



Top 6 Tuesday beauty makeup!

makeup look autumn

I’m back to do my Top 6 Tuesday beauty makeup. This morning I feel motivated to do a few makeup reviews. Some you have read them before in my previous blogs but there are a few which I have tried recently and I’m going to share my thoughts with all of you.

I started my morning routine, washing my face with Aveeno Ultra-Calming foaming cleanser. Next. I will apply my ever favorite Lancome moisturizer with SPF30 and apply my favorite Dream matte mousse foundation by Maybelline on and then I’m ready for my next step of finishing the makeup.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAapply bourjois concearler

I haven’t do a review on some of these products and so I’m excited to do it today. First is the Bourjois Brush Concealer. It says to apply over dark circles and eyelids for a radiant look. You see, I have dark circles under my eyes and also puffy eyes. I applied this wonderful magic concealer and the dark circles seems to have been oncealed by this amazing concealer. It’s light and the texture is not too thick. I love this concealer and have been using it everytime I need to look fresh and radiant. The pen-style packaging with its ‘turn and click’ mechanism provides the perfect amount of product every time making application a breeze. Oh yes, I picked this when it’s on discount for $8.99 at Winners retail store.

revlonphotoready compact powder   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Next is this Revlon PhotoReady powder. I got mine in 030 Medium/Deep for $15.99 at a drugstore. I chose the darkest color shades actually and it looked medium to me when I wear it. Very slim choice of shades. They have light, medium and deep. In general, it lacks options for light and dark skin tone.

This pressed powder is not as mattifying for me. I like the radiant  and natural glow on my skin and it doesn’t show much of fine lines. It has only SPF14  which is low in term of protecting skin from the entire range of UVA. It would be good if the SPF is higher for better skin protection.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  applying the Nude eyeshadow from Maybelline

Maybelline The Nudes eyeshadow. I got it for $14.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart when it was first released(Canadian drugstore chain). But the price of this Nudes eyeshadow palette differs from different drugstores. I saw some selling for less than $12.00 and around $15.00 depending on where you are. I love the neutral shades on this palette and the formula is quite satisfactory. There are six matte and six shimmer colors in this palette. There are also guide on how to apply the eyeshadows on the back of the packaging. I can play with many different colors options from this palette and I’m doing the brown color look for autumn. It blended very well and has good pigmentation especially the matte ones. I did a review on this eyeshadow awhile ago in my previous blog.


Rimmel Volume Accelerator mascara with volume boosting complex. This one is in 003 Extreme Black (net weight 0.23 fl oz). It has fairly long wand and this mascara is huge. A note of caution is not to start too far on the lashes because I did accidently rubbed into my eyes once.This mascara doesn’t curled my lashes but it definitely put some volume on my eyelashes.

revlon blush

Next is Revlon blush, I did a review in my previous blog together with the Top 5 blushes earlier. So, please go back to my previous blog if you like to read more about it.

Revlon colorburst

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in 250 Standout Remarquable (Net wt: 0.095 oz). Yes, I love, love the color and the texture of this matte balm. It glides so smoothly and has perfect pigmentation. Available in 10 collectible shades. I love the creamy matte finish look. It’s easy to bring anywhere I go. With this, I don’t need my lip gloss since my lips does feel moist already. Overall, I love it.

So that’s about it, my Top 6 Tuesday beauty makeup and I hope you find them interesting and helpful.

What is your favorite makeup? Please share on the comment below.

Thanks for reading.

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