Question Tuesday Tag Comments


Hi guys! Today I’m going to do something really different in this blog. I’m thinking of starting a new tag questions for November and I need your help to comment below what you would like me to put in the tag.

Let’ s chill out:


It’s going to be called #Tag Me Beautiful.

The rule is very simple. All you’ve to do is comment one or many questions you like in the comment below. It could be any random or beauty related questions. Once I’ve collected 30 questions from you all, I’ll do a tag based on your questions. And for doing that, I’ll put a link back to your blog so that you too can do this tag.

So, let’s do this ladies and gentleman – share it and make this viral.

Sharon xoxo





Waatt are you Thankful For Today?

This is my next series of Waatt are you Thankful For Today? I did my previous What do you Love Today? and I’ll be doing this every once a month since I received a few feedbacks and comments which I think is important for me to leave a blog simply for this purpose. For I love to hear and get to know all of you better.

Today I’m thankful for been able to write this blog and share with all of you.

thankful to readers (image from guruwizard)

Over to you , I would like to read your comment, so kindly write briefly your comment on this topic?

Thanks lovelies!

Sharon xoxo