How To Apply Cream and Gel Blushes Like A Pro


The last few posts I mentioned and share some of the cream blushes I picked up from different stores. So, today I wanted to do something different to share with you all. Therefore, here are the cream blushes that I’ve tried and love.

cream blushes

First thing first. You need to start with freshly moisturized skin or a liquid base.


Taking minimal amount, apply the product onto cheeks.


Next, using a brush or sponge, buff upwards and out. You can also use your fingers but remember to blend in a patting motion to avoid rubbing off the product. Blend and blend until you do not see any harsh edges. If you require more coverage, go back and add more.


Here are the tips I learned and gladly share in my post – do you know that :-

* Cream and gel blushes work best on those with normal to dry skin. Those with oily skin are better off with powder formulas.

* For a flushed-within look, apply a heavier layer over bare skin then add foundation on top.

* Applied too much? Do not use powder on top (you will risk looking cakey). Instead, tone down the color by dabbing a clean sponge over the area.

You just have to remember these 3 simple tips and you’re set for wearing cream blushes like a Pro. You got to try it!

Which is your favorite cream or gel blush and the brand? Don’t forget to leave your comment down below.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo


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Top 3 Picks of May|Blushes A Collab With CurlySpringBlossom

top 3 blushes

Hey Lovelies! It’s Wednesday you guys and you know it’s time for my beauty collaboration post with my good friend Ingrid from CurlySpringBlossom to do a Top 3 Picks which this week calls for BLUSHES. I’m super excited to be sharing with you all guys my thoughts and opinions on these beautiful blushes that deserves some applause.

benefit, mac, thebalm blushes

These blushes are my top 3 picks for May simply because of the color shades, texture and rich pigmentation and let’s not forget how cute the packagings are.

coralista benefit

Coralista by Benefit is an incredible blush to have. It goes on pinky coral toned with beautiful pigmentation. I love the scents, it’s just so freaking amazing. This is the perfect shade to wear in summer. The blush is both beautiful on the box packaging and on your skin. Coralista gives you a sweet summery flush that allows you to go back for more. IMO this is a perfect shade for all skin tones. I highly recommend this blush to anyone and I will repurchase again and again.

mac blush

I did a review on Mac Sheertone Blush in Spring Sheen not too long ago. I’ve put a link here of the full review.

I couldn’t say enough how amazing this blush is. I love the soft shimmery finish and the color payoff is awesome. It has super silky texture and it apply extremely well. If you’re planning for an evening out, don’t forget to wear Sheertone blush for some beautiful shimmer .

thebalm blush

We’re down to the last blush which is the Instain Blush by theBalm in Lace. This blush has a soft and creamy texture. Highly pigmented and if you love bright pink toned blush with matte finish then you’re going to love this one. If you love an adorable sturdy cardboard  packaging like this one with gorgeous shade then it’s double the cuteness.

I love the matte finishing and I don’t see that this pink is too bright on me. I’m in a medium skin tone as I get more sunshine and I’m happy that this blush makes my cheek looks healthy and not too dull. Full review on previous Instain blushes, click here.

3 color swatches

So, here are the three color swatches from my Top 3 Picks – Blushes. Which one is your pick? Hope you enjoy this post as much as I love sharing them with all of you.

Don’t forget to hop over to CurlySpringBlossom  blog where she has some amazing blushes to share with you too. We had so much fun with this collaboration but due to some personal commitments from both sides we decided to take a break for now and hopefully to resume back again in the Fall.

So, in the meantime the Top 3 Picks Beauty Collab will be replaced by my Madness Wednesday starting next week.

by source
by source

Let me know in the comment section below if you want to see another beauty collaboration in the near future? I love to know what you think.

Thank you so much for stopping by. Until next time,  stay beautiful.

Sharon xoxo

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Theme of May -Orange

Orange-Sharon beauty prime

The theme for this month of May calls for Orange color-toned products. Frankly speaking, I haven’t accumulated many of orange color makeup but I do have a few blushes which I love going back to. This summer is no exceptional where punchy orange will be a delight to me.

Esence Kalinka Kalinka orange

I did a review on all the blushes in my previous posts and if you like to check them out. I’ve put a link here if you like to go back to read it.

Essence Kalinka Beauty Blush in East Side Story is of an orangey warm undertoned. It has soft and smooth texture and it blends beautifully. There are some shimmer in this formula and the finishing touch is amazing. Great color payoff and a little goes a long way. Oh my gosh! I just love this cute packaging.

revlon coral revlon coral blush

Revlon Powder Blush with Brush in Classy Coral. This shade has warm undertoned and it’s in an orange-coral tone which I find it to be a very pretty shade. The texture is silky smooth and it blends well. The pigmentation is awesome. This blush gives a silky dewy finish look.

maybelline bouncy cream maybelline bouncy orange

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Coffee Cake is a little dark peachy orange tone which is a gorgeous shade for summer. This is a cream blush that will outlast other powder blushes on a hot summer day. This shade is not as bright as the Kalinka or Revlon but you’ll love the appearance it gives. On me, it shows some tan-ny orange look which is perfect for summer.

coor swatches

I did some color swatches of the three blushes from my left is Dream Bouncy, Revlon and Kalinka for you to compare. The pigmentations are incredible and in a hot sunny weather you definitely need orange to cool down the temperature (okay, now I’m thinking of getting a glass of orange juice since I’ve been talking nothing else but orange, lol).

Orange is so fresh looking

So, what do you think of these blushes? Leave your comment on the section below. Oh yes, you can also follow me on facebook, twitter or instagram and bloglovin’ ❤

Thank you for stopping by. Stay beautiful!

Sharon xoxo

Mac Sheertone Blush – Review!

Hey gorgeous!

Okay, I wasn’t really planning to get a blush since I still have some of my favorite coral shade blushes. But the rave on this blush made me more curious and I gotta have it.

So, I got this through a friend and since I know exactly what I really wanted. It’s easy for her to pick up one for me at Mac store since she’s getting hers as well..

packaging mac blush springsheen blush

I was head over toes when I got it and totally love it. The packaging is of Mac traditional packaging which I’m fine with it. A black round plastic packaging. As far as the packaging goes, IMO it’s nothing to shout about. But true enough to never judge a book by its cover.

color pot closed up mac blush

This Sheertone Blush by Mac in Spring Sheen with net wt: 0.21 oz. Selling for $21.00. I paid $26.00 It has sheer finish with a hint of pinky-coral with warm undertone. It’s available in 70 beautiful shades for all skin tones. I’m sure you’ll be able to find your perfect match blush from all these array of shades.

color swatch fingers color swatch mac blush

It has excellent pigmentation and the color payoff is amazing. I did color swatches and blend on cheeks and it blends so beautifully. Oh my gosh!This is one awesome powder blush that really blew me away. The texture is soft and smooth when applied.

pretty matte blush
It has excellent color coverage that was buildable. Up close from the pot, you can see the micro-shimmer but it’s more forgiving than the average blush with this much of shimmer but I didn’t notice it from the photo shot.

And if you are sill thinking or contemplating whether to get this Sheertone blush, I suggest you go and grab it or pick one now.

So, that’s my take on Mac powder blush which I highly recommend you check them out. Go check them out at Mac stores or online. You gotta try this!

What do you think of this Mac Sheertone Blush? Which shade will you or did you picked?

Thanks so much for reading.

Sharon xoxo

e.l.f DIVA HD Blush


Hey friends!

Many moons ago I did a beauty haul on this lovely HD Blush by elf in Diva and somehow it was pushed down by other makeup products for reviews. So finally, I pulled it out from my drawer and do a review on what I think about this product.

I picked this from Target for CN$8.00. It’s available in five fancy shades from hot pink to plum shades.What a remarkable liquid blush for such a great value and quality. So, here we go ….

elf studio HD Blush

Let me tell you that this HD blush is so pigmented and all you need is just three tiny dots from the pump applicator and you can basically look amazing. Another trick is to start by pressing a small dot or a soft squeeze on your hand and then blend them evenly before applying them on your cheekbones. You see, I have to reiterate again how pigmented this formula is for a little goes a long way. As for me, this bottle is going to last me forever.

hd swatch  elf hd blush

The Diva shade which I picked up was a hot pink and the color was amazingly vibrant and bright. I love the creamy texture and it’s so soft. I’m very impressed with this elf HD blush, frankly speaking. Didn’t expect it works so well. It wears all day and the shade is amaazzzing …

I’ll definitely go out to get more of this lovely HD blush such as Superstar and Encore after this review. I would obviously recommend to anyone who love liquid blush and once you’re in you will be hooked with its incredible durability and

For that price, who can resist? I’m in. How about you? Which color would you pick? Please leave comment below. I love to hear from you 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Sharon xoxo



Instain Blush by the Balm – My First Impression!

Hey guys!

Today I have a blush review that I love to share it with you all. It’s the up and coming brand called The Balm. Most of you may have heard of this company as they are creating and coming up with new and exciting products. Bear in mind that this blushes are not new to their lineup but worth sharing.

So, are you as excited as I am now before I reveal what I’m going to do on my first impression?


Instain blushes

I ordered these Instain blushes by thebalm and I fell head over heels on these ones. I received them in my mail a couple of days ago and inside the package are two beautiful matte finish blushes and an amazing satin finish blush. I ordered 3 different color shades for this review. They’re available in six lovely shades for all seasons and skin tones. You can order online at the balm or also check out at Amazon, ebay and nordstrom.

Two are of matte finishing and the other are satin finish. These blushes comes with a sturdy cardboard packaging that’s not bulky at all and a good size mirror. Each blush has a unique photo of a retro/vintage woman in front. I’m sucker for cute packaging and I just love how cute they are. Inside in the pan are these beautiful blushes.

instain the balm

closed up instain

Pinstripe is of plum toned and the texture is soft and blend-able. Net wt: 0.20 oz for $22.00 at thebalm. Beautiful satin finish for medium to dark skin. It gives pretty coverage and a little goes along way.

argyle blush

color shade

Spring color (Argyle) is of soft petal pink with a matte finish. It’s a little bit lighter in shade that I expected and a little powdery. The texture is soft and smooth. Once you’ve blended it well, this blush will look dashing. If you have pale skin, this shade will look pretty on fair skin toned.

lace blush

lace shade

Lace is of bright pink with a matte finish. The shade does popped out better for me on swatches than the argyle which is a paler pink in my opinion. All three blushes are intensely pigmented and they’re blend-able. Since they’re so pigmented, it’s better to gradually built up the color. If you’re looking for some shade to look fresh and cheerful, Lace is the perfect choice.

color swatches pic

I highly recommend these blushes for its high pigmentation, color pay-off and long wear time. Overall, I love these Instain Blushes and I know they’re going to keep me busy for awhile dolling up!

What do you think of this Instain blush by theBalm? Will you pick them up?

Thank you for reading.

Sharon xoxo