Do You Need It? Essence Makeup Bronzing & Highlighting Palette


Hi guys! Today’s I’ll be talking about this new palette by Essence Makeup well maybe not new new but it’s definitely new to me. It’s the Glow Must Go On bronzing and highlighting palette and I picked up mine at my local drugstore but it’s also available at Essence’s website if you want to check it out.

essence glow and go

This palette is a collaboration with beauty youtuber and this one bronzing & highlighting palette is with Serena from Beautylab. I like supporting beauty youtuber who works hard and get their name out.

There are four available and the one that drawn me the most is called The Glow Must Go On, a bronzing and highlighting palette! 

Really like the outside packaging and design of this palette. It’s made of cardboard material but very sturdy. It’s a nice size for travelling and small enough to fit into any makeup bag.


In this palette, you get a highlighter, two eyeshadows and three beautiful shimmery bronzers. There’s a small brush to help you apply the products but I prefer to use it for touch ups only. To me it seems like a perfect “getaway” palette for holidays. You can also use the glowing highlighter or bronzers on your eyes, to add them some more shine.

This palette is amazing. I was blown away when I swatched these. They feel so creamy and pigmented.  “the glow must go on” palette has three different bronzers in warm.

If you want to know if it impressed me or not, read on!


L-R: Honey Glow Highlighter, Cinnamon and Sandalwood Eyeshadows 

The Cinnamon eyeshadow is described as brick orange while Sandalwood is more like medium dark brown shadow. I was drawn to the Sandalwood shade as it’s chocolaty and looks like a rich color.  As for the Cinnamon, it’s more dusty than the darker brown and the pigmentation isn’t the best but can be built up a bit. These two eyeshadows are matte and can be used as bronzer if you like to mix things up a bit. I used the Cinnamon shade as transition color or on the crease and the Sandalwood on the outer corner.

Next is the Honey Glow highlighter which gives a frosty finish that I really like. It’s pigmented so you don’t need loads to achieve the desired look.


Next are the swatches of the trio power Glowing Bronzer. The bronzers are in copper,  bronze and pink shade. The finish of the bronzer is super metallic and looks very well on warmer skin tones. Brunettes with yellow undertone will love this!

The texture is very soft. It’s buildable as well as blendable. The shades are beautiful but the drawback for me is the shimmery formula.


This small brush applicator is useful to apply highlighter or touch ups. I find it’s too big and flat for your eyes and too small to use for your face.


Oh boy, am I glowing!!! The highlighter is my only favorite from the palette.

Overall, I think this is a nice palette if you’re looking for minimum color palette which is easy to work. It’s not a terrible palette if you like glowy bronzers which I’m not really a fan of. The design got my attention and the fact that I’m supporting a youtuber in her collab with Essence. Sadly,  as much as I want to like all of them, it’s a miss for me. I would say don’t waste your money, there are other drugstore palettes out there that offers more for your buck.

Hope this review was helpful to you! If you do decide to try these palettes, let me know how they fared with you!

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I’ll see you on my next blog, bye!

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Beauty Products by Avon – First Impression


Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Today, I’m just going to share with you two makeup products I picked up from a bazaar last weekend. We were supposed to go to the flea market but they were closed. So, as we were driving on our way back, we saw a bazaar sign. Long story short, very happy to find this random community center that hosted this event.


First of all, it’s indoor and with air condition. Yay! One thing you would hear me complaining over and over again is the summer heat.

Anyways, I’m going to do a quick first impression review today for you guys. Here they are:-

So, let’s roll …


I don’t remember owning any Avon makeup products before beside a vintage fragrance I got awhile ago. You like to know what I’m talking about, head over to my instagram, girls. I’ve heard of Avon brand per say when I was in my teenage years but most of the talks among my aunts were quite negative that make sense why I never own this brand before.

I was skeptical at first but was completely sold when I saw the packaging of this beautiful sunny embossed product in a nicely packed compact powder.

First up is the Avon Glow Bronzing Powder in P202 Warm Glow for $4.00. Net wt: 0.37 oz. Available in five different shades online for $9.99 (regular $15.00)


Frankly speaking, I’ve quite a few bronzer lying around lazy in my drawer. Yes, I don’t need another bronzer that for sure. In fact, just last weekend, I started to pull out my favorite bronzer from Wet n Wild to wear over the weekend and have been reaching for it since then. It’s summer and what better time than to contour, highlight and bronze up.

This bronzer comes with a nice brown compact packaging and a decent size mirror on the cover. The packaging is nicely made but the formula is one thing they need to improve on. Otherwise, it would be a good product to have.

Who wouldn’t, right! It’s so pretty and it’s summer after all. Sadly,the pros stops here.


Although, I paid $4.00 only for this glow bronzer, thank goodness! I wasn’t impressed at all with the formula.Some of you might liked it and raved abut it but honestly, it’s definitely a miss for me.

The texture is rough and not creamy at all to touch.Pigmentation is okay but it doesn’t wow me. I feel that it’s too powdery and a lot goes along the way. You definitely need to dab a lot of products in order to get a decent finishing look. By then it was too glow-y for my liking.


Here is the swatch directly from the pan. You can see how golden shimmery this bronzer is up closed.

The shade of this Glow Bronzing Powder has more shimmer and fragrance than an actual bronze color do. Yes, it smells really nice but it doesn’t perform to what a bronzer should. It lays down quite a bit of shimmer instead of actual bronzing color.


Overall, I’m quite disappointed with this product. It contains too much luminous effect for a bronzer. Laying it would make skin glow like a disco ball. One last thing, I like to put it out for you, is that it’s lacking in terms of staying power. I was at home the whole time to test it out. I was out to pick up my kid from school by car and that was not even 2 hours of wear, all the glow has already faded.

Conclusion: I really want to like it but it feels like a cheap formula to me. I would not recommend this. In my opinion, I think you could find a much better product from the drugstores for the same price if not cheaper. That’s all I have to say about the glow bronzer.

Next is the quad eyeshadow palette.


Many of you might have already know that I’m obsessed with palettes. So, as you can see here, I got one here with me to share my thoughts and opinion on.

One thing I wanted to mention is that I haven’t heard much about Avon eyeshadow that much and thought of giving it a try. Yay! I was excited to try.


The True Color Eyeshadow Quad in Mocha Latte is brand new to me. The shades in this palette include a Highlight (Champagne), Lid (Bronze), Crease (Brown), and Define (Dark Brown). The shades don’t have specific names, as it’s named after the purpose for each color.

I really like the packaging. It comes with a decent size mirror and a dual-ended sponge applicator. It’s of a sturdy compact packaging with Avon logo printed on the lid.


Available in thirteen pretty shades at Avon online for $12.00. The texture is smooth and easy to blend although I noticed that the matte shades kicked up some powder. Averagely pigmented. There are two mattes and two satin finish in this quad.


They swatch okay but not over the top or that you have to rush out and get it. If you like Avon products, then you would like it.

My dream palette consists of more neutrals, because I tend to go for a more basic eye look while working up my lips with reds (gotta have my reds)! So – I’m really hoping that one day we can have customizable palettes or quads from Avon! Seriously – how awesome would that be!

I hope this post is helpful and interesting. Let me know what you want me which product reviews you like me to do next? Comment it down below.

Thank you again for stopping by to read and I’ll see you again on my next one. Bye!

Sharon xoxo



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BRONZER by Cargo Cosmetics|Review


by Cargo Cosmetics
by Cargo Cosmetics

Cargo Cosmetics is a Canadian cosmetics company based in Toronto, Ontario. Their concept : simple, professional results that would be easy enough for all women to achieve. You can get a free Frequent Miles Club when you create an account for Exclusive Annual Birthday Gift and much more.

cargo bronzer

After trying this bronzer for a week, I wanted to update the status of this bronzer. I did an unboxing last week. Click here for full post. So, here is what I think.

It’s a pretty decent bronzer, I noticed that for cooler skin tones it wouldn’t work as great because it definitely has a more coppery tone to it. The upside is that this bronzer doesn’t make your skin looks orange-y which is a good thing. But frankly speaking, this bronzer really put me on the fence. I love the soft texture. the beautiful pigmentation and packaging but the shimmery finish turns me off 😦


Look at the formula picked up directly from the tin, the color swatch is what you see and what you get. It has a beautiful creamy pigmentation with high shimmery finish. Easy to blend, soft colour and great for light to medium skin tones (depending on the shades). But I don’t know if it would be everyone’s cup of tea. I personally prefer a matte finish now for a bronzer since recently my skin tends to be more oily on my T-zone somehow. I believe it’s either the summer heat or the medication I took. This bronzer is too shimmery for my oily skin and I’ll say that it’s a miss for me. It might work amazingly for some of you but sadly it’s not my favorite bronzer. I would prefer a matte finish or I may opt for strobing than contouring though.


Description of what this Cargo Shimmery Bronzer is all about :-

  • Also available in a Matte shade (no shimmer).
  • Subtle illumination and a healthy-looking radiance is yours year-round.
  • Silky powder formula glides over the skin.
  • Subtle hints of shimmer add a youthful glow.
  • Natural-looking color, never orange.
  • The sheer powder is buildable for a customized look.


I really like the metal tin packaging, Cargo definitely has some of the most practical packaging on the old blushes and bronzers, its neat looking and doesn’t get broken or scratched.

It has a great amount of bronzer for the price, so I think the price is worth how much product you get. It’s not my favorite, but it works. There are other less expensive brands that’ll be as good. I’ll continue to wear it a little longer and will update back if my opinion changed.

You will be happy to know that Cargo Cosmetics does not participate in animal testing according to their website.

What is the best product experience you had with Cargo Cosmetics? Don’t forget to leave your comment below.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo


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Wet n Wild Coloricon Bronzer In Bikini Contest

wet n wild

I have heard quite a lot about Wet n Wild Coloricon Bronzer and I’ve decided to join the bandwagon. I”m curious to see how they fared compared to their eyeshadow 8-pan palettes in terms of formula and pigmentations.


If you are a frequent readers to my blog, you all know how much I love Wet n Wild makeup products. From eyeshadows to lipsticks and I’m trying to discover more from this brand. Not only is the quality impressive, it’s also a cruelty free makeup brand which I am and many of you are excited with.

wet n wild bronzer spf 15

I picked this bronzer up several weeks ago but it just got piled up in my to be reviewed product stacks. And today, I just wanted to share this amazing and gorgeous looking bronzer with all of you. So, let’s go right into it:-

The shade I got is in 740 Bikini Contest by Wet n Wild which is the darkest tone of the 3 color options. Shades available are the Reserve Your Cabana (more a highlighter than a bronzer), Ticket To Brazil (golden brown) and Bikini Contest (which has much more reddish bronze undertone than Ticket to Brazil). You can find these at the drugstores, Walgreen, Walmart, Target and online.


The plastic packaging looks a little cheap but the formula and texture just blew me away.


This is a really great and affordable bronzer. It contains SPF 15 which is nice. I find that this bronzer last all day and I love it.

wet n wild bronzer

This bronzer is huge and it’s the size of my palm and very generously portioned with net wt 0.46 oz. You really get a lot for your money. The product is really easy to get picked up on a brush and it’s got enough pigment that it is easy to apply. So, the color payoff is incredible and a little goes a long way.


I love the texture and feel on my fingers. It feels so smooth and velvety soft. It blends so well and it gives a nice bronzy finish. The only downside I notice is that it has a slight shimmer of the product because matte bronzers are really the best for contouring.


It does blend easily and once blended, you really can’t see any shimmer. I also love that you get such large compact for the price. It comes with the generous size and it’s going to last all summer plus some. This is another winner for Wet n Wild.

Overall, it’s a nice color that’s just a tad too shimmery for me, if you don’t mind shimmer I’ll say give it a chance!

Do you own any of this new Wet n Wild Bronzer? If so, which shades do you own and how do you like them. I love to hear your comment in the section below 🙂

Thank you so much for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo

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Starter Kit By Cargo – Unboxing


cargo sarter kit

Hi Everyone! Hope you guys are doing great! Today, I’m going to share my unboxing of this Starter Kit from Cargo Cosmetics which I got recently from Winners. I’m so excited to do this unboxing with you guys.

Cargo is another proud Canadian brand with catchy motto “Be-you-tiful” and the well known eco-friendly Plant Love line.

4 in 1 starter kit cargo

Okay, it’s stated here on the box that the suggested retail price is $39.00 but I paid $24.99 for this Starter Kit. The shade I got is in Medium and I believe there is another color option.

In this kit you’ll find a travel size TexasLash Mascara, travel size One Base Concealer, a full size Bronzer and a Swimmables Eyeliner Pencil. I’ll do a full reviews on these products once I’ve tried them thoroughly. Don’t forget to check back 🙂

cargo eyeliner

First up is this ultra creamy, extreme wear, waterproof eyeliner with the feel of a liquid and versatility of a pencil. It claims to locks comfortably into place for up to 14 hours. The texture is creamy and it glides on effortlessly to create a variety of looks. I’m so excited to try this bad boy out. The eyeliner is packed with concentrated pigments and it provides rich colour payoff. Since, we’re already feeling the summer heat, this Swimmables Eyeliner Pencil will stays put through sun, sweat, swim and tears.

The shade I got is in  Black Sea with a net wt: 0.04 oz . It’s available in 6 beautiful shades for $18.00 when sold separately at Cargo Cosmetics website.

cargo bonzer

I love metal tin packaging and this Bronzer look so adorable. It comes in a huge pan and the formula is silky smooth. I got this in Medium but also available in Dark and Matte Medium for $29.00 online. Net wt: 0.31 oz

This bronzer has some light shimmer which gives a healthy looking finish without looking orange. The texture when you touch the pan is hard but it picks up the formula amazingly. I think the reason why the texture is hard is due to the manner the way it was packaged to avoid breaking. It’s very pigmented and it blends so well. A little goes a long way and the color payoff is incredible.

mascara cargo

Cargo TexasLash Mascara in Black for $20.00 a tube. I love this formula for it makes my lashes look more volume and longer without feeling smudgy or clumpy. I don’t feel any eye irritation using this mascara which I sometimes get with other brands. Image on the left is without mascara for comparison purposes.

The packaging is simple and nice and I’m more surprised to see the huge wand applicator. I noticed that the bristles are very closed to each other and very soft. It works well in holding up my lashes and extended it. Well, you see I don’t have a long and curly lashes like “Bambi” does, but I’m just as content with the appearance from this mascara on the right picture.

one base foundation cargo

Final product in the starter kit is the One Base Concealer + Foundation in One by Cargo in the shade 02. I got mine in a travel size 0.17oz but the regular size is net wt: 0.6 oz for $28.00. It comes in 7 pretty shades from Very Fair to Dark with neutral undertone.

I’ve always wished to wear a concealer with foundation in one application and this One Base seems to be the answer to my wish. I don’t usually put foundation all over my face except with BB cream but this concealer + foundation is really marvellous. I can’t stop myself from trying it the second I pulled out the doe wand applicator. Which I did and here is what I think on my first impression. It’s time saving and it gets its job done in a second. All I did is just make a few swoosh under my eyes and on the area which I need covering and I just pat them in. It blend and absorb so nicely. I’m really impressed! I can feel that the texture is really really nice and it’s smooth and so lightweight. It feels like not wearing any products at all on my skin. It gives a very natural looking finish which is not too shimmery or glossy. I just love it. Love it!

There are four products for me to play with. However, they have been quiet lately, I haven’t heard any new product announcement from them but I’m hoping for more new collection in the near future. Cargo products is in the mid-range of cost as well.

Overall, I’m super happy with this Starter Kit. There are some products above which I’ve briefly reviewed and some that I wanted to try out more before giving my final thoughts and opinion. I hope you like and find this unboxing helpful.

Which of the beauty item from Cargo that you have in your makeup collection?

Thank you so very much for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo



5 Easy Steps To Speed Up Your Makeup Routine

Hey friends! You can save your time and avoid wasting your precious minutes while dolling up in front of the mirror every single morning by following these 5 easy steps.

concealer and foundation

1) Concealer

Applying concealer under dark circles and blemishes usually takes 1/2 minute, while foundation is also a good way to improve your complexion if you are not completely satisfied. There are some women ho prefer to apply concealer before foundation while others think that concealer should be applied on top. But seriously, it’s completely up to you which ever way you feel comfortable or in what order you put these two products. You can use either a sponge, brush or even your fingertips all depending on your makeup style.

bb cream

2) BB Cream

This product is a must-have for all of us. BB Cream are of light texture although it tends to be a little bit less sheer than tinted moisturizers. You can omit the foundation, sunscreen moisturizer, concealer if you use a BB cream since it replaces those other products. On top of that, BB cream also can replace highlighter and anti-aging serum too. It hides wrinkles and lines and soften your skin, making it brighter and fresh looking. No other beauty products are needed to make your skin look perfect. BB cream solved all problems!

shadow, liner, mascara

3) Eyeliner / Eyeshadow / Mascara

Running out of time on in a rush. Then I suggest you pick only one from both. Natural eyeshadow over your eyelid will give a natural look while eyeliner tends to stand out more. If you are comfortable to apply eyeliner in a hurry that’s fine too. You can apply eyeliner on upper eyelid for a more define lash line and not even need to apply mascara later. But if you are a mascara person then apply one coat so that it dries up before you head out the door. It usually takes up 2 minutes for doing the 3 steps process.

bronzer, blush

4) Bronzer /Blush

Use either bronzer or blush for a lowing and sun-touched skin. It’s especially good for those of you who natural pale skin tone. A touch of bronzer or blush will do the trick. Oh yes! your bronzer must not be 2 shades darker than your normal skin tone.

lip gloss lipstick

5) Lip Gloss/Lipstick

The final step includes applying lip gloss or lipstick or lip stain etc… Both products are great to lift up for a cheerful and refreshing look ready to face the world.

So, conclusion is that these are my 5 easy steps to follow if you like them. But if you have your own routine and like to stitch with it, it’s still fine with me. With this steps I find myself more time to do other things.

Hope this helps and if you have other requests for tips and tricks of doing beauty makeup, please leave comment below. I love to hear from you.

What is the makeup process that took you the longest time to do in the morning?

Thanks as usual for reading.

Sharon xoxo


Happy Booster by Physician Formula

Hey beauties!

I got a request to do a review on this pretty looking Physician Formula Happy Booster. I’m honored and happy to give my opinion on this product. Physician Formula product is available in any drugstores and Target. Retail price is $21.99 at a drugstore depending on where you live.

physician formula blush-pic

Awhile ago, I did a post in my beauty haul on this Physician formula bronzer and blush. So, let’s start!

I have been using this bronzer for a week now and so far I like it. The downside of this bronzer and blush is that it doesn’t pick up the colors when I used my brush. It works better with using fingers to pat and then blend.

As for the packaging, it comes with a cute round mirror and a brush located in the second tier of the compact box.

PH color swatch pic

Color swatch bronzer has medium to high pigment formula. I find that this bronzer’s application is decent and the color payoff is softer than I expected. It looks natural on my skin and I don’t see any contour as I applied this bronzer. It might work better for lighter skin tone.

swatch blushes  pic

Next is the color swatch on the three heart shape blushes. Medium pigmented coverage formula. These lovely color shades has a soft subtle shine. The pinkish blushes are dewy and has a lovely soft pink tone. I used the light pink on the left as highlighter on cheek bones. To be honest, I like the soft color tone and the natural looking finish.

I like Physician Formula brand because it is supposedly more catered to sensitive skin typed. The other cons is that it’s a little pricey for a drugstore brand but if you are into it then price doesn’t matter that much. I usually weight the pros and cons = value + quality.

Will I repurchased again? Probably not for I will give average rating for this one.

I hope my review helps before your final purchase. Again, thank you for your request and keep more coming. I’ll be more than happy to do a makeup review or first impression on products that you requested.

Have you any of Physician Formula beauty products?

Thanks for reading.

Sharon xoxo

Sephora ~ Color Bronze Palette

sephora color bronze
sephora color bronze

Recently, I ordered a few items from Sephora using their online order. So, I really like to try this Color Bronze which has a bronzer, 4 colors lip gloss and 8 shades eyeshadows. It’s 3 in 1 combo packaging. I received my order quite fast. I believed in 2-3 days depending where you live and the ordering process was easy.

Sephora Color Bronze
Sephora Color Bronze

The size is almost like a credit card size but there were two wings on both side. The packaging is of hard plastic compact material.

Sephora color bronze eyeshadow
Sephora color bronze eyeshadow

Out of the eight color shades from the palette only one was matte (brown), where else the rest were with shimmers.

Sephora Color Bronze Eyeshadow swatch
Sephora Color Bronze Eyeshadow swatch

The top three lighter shades were very light and has little pigmentation. It was more of metalic shimmer and best to wear for evening nightout. I made a swatch color and to my disappointment, these eyeshadows have very limited lasting effect even with eye primer on. It’s powdery and color were very light.

sephora lip gloss swatch
sephora lip gloss swatch

Lip gloss swatches of the four colors in nude, pink, wine, orange-y red. Texture wise, not too bad for a lip gloss. It’s fragrant free and it glides smoothly as any lip gloss should.

sephora lip gloss
sephora lip gloss

I used a quite a bit on the lip gloss since it does give some nice color on my lips. It’s not sticky and paired well with a lovely lip liner if I just want to wear lip gloss for the day.

sephora color bronze swatch
sephora color bronze swatch

Lastly. here are the swatch I made for the bronzer which I quite like. The color is nice and it has good pigmentation.

sephora bronzer color palette

Overall, I think the name Color bronze really focuses a lot on its bronzer and not so on the eyeshadows and lip gloss. I admit that I expected more from Sephora product compared to the drugstores brand but in my opinion these eyeshadows doesn’t work for me. It might work for some and I’m sad to say that it failed my expectation.

Anyways, my question to you is:

Have you ever bought a product that fall short to your expectation? What would you do if this had happened to you?

Thanks for reading.