Lise Watier Makeup Products (LE)


Hi guys! I thought I would share some of my beauty purchases I’ve made last summer. I know it’s long overdue and that I finally got the time to do it. I got a few other bits and bobs to show you but for now we will focus on the products I purchased at Lise Watier warehouse sale with a fraction of their retail prices.


This Aurora Collection is by no means Lise Waiter‘s new collection line but it’s fairly new to me. As a matter of fact, this collection was offered in limited edition only a few years back. I picked them because I was drawn to the beauty of this inspired AURORA BOREALIS teal design packaging. So preeetty!



This is a stunning collection of six shades ranging from a pale highlight to a deep shimmery plum and midnight blue. The eyeshadows from left to right are Ivory Rose, Pink-Mauve, Violet while the second row are Taupe, Gold and Midnight Blue. The finish on these shadows range from matte to slightly iridescent look. They’re nice and bright but without been too much.  I love the color combination of this palette even it’s missing a Green shade. I can go from fairly neutral using taupe and gold to party ready with the other darker shades (smoky eye).

Like most Lise Watier eye shadows, I found these a little tricky to work with as the shadows are hard and not very buttery. The pigmentation is decent though and I really like the richness of the colors. But let me know in the comment if you like to see a separate full review post on this palette with color swatch.


AURORA IRIDESCENT Duochrome eyeshadows ($25)

The colors of these sumptuous powders, embedded with glittering micro-particles, change as they catch the light.


One word: WOW! Glittering hints of green emerge from the teal. Did you see that? This is so cool don’t you think?


A different effect you see here – a coppery highlights appear in the violet shade. I’m in LOVE with the colors of the collection, especially this violet duochrome!

I wanted to mention that the packaging is not only cute but it’s also luxe to have. Lise Watier think of everything and even for a single eyeshadow pot, the packaging comes with a decent size mirror which I really appreciate.


A close-up look of the products. I have here a color swatch I picked directly from the pot. Can we just take a few moments to admire these beauty and the glittery effect. Look how insanely pretty the finely milled these glitters are. I  want to put it out there that the texture is not buttery or silky soft but it blends out beautifully on the lids. You can wear this product wet or dry.


Color swatches of the shades Violet and Teal with just one swipe.

You can layer it off to get your desire effect. I’ve been into spring color lately and this Violet shadow is calling my name. I decided to create a one shadow eye look today without any eye primer. For this look, I’m using my finger tips to apply the shadow. Honestly, you don’t really need a brush when applying them. That’s how good they are.

Another thing to point out is there’s only very little fallout from these glitters and I didn’t see any creasing from it. If you like to see how I created my #EOTD, click the link to my instagram.



This one comes in a beautiful deep red-purple called Aurora and contains finely milled glitter. I never have this color eyeliner before so I was very excited to try it out when I first got it

A long wear liquid eyeliner with the fine tip brush of my dreams. I love brush liners as they’re quite uncommon, but nothing gives a fine line like them.


This eyeliner swatches really nicely, but on, this liner was not nearly as pigmented as I hoped. The color is pretty but due to the iridescent glitter this makes the formula a little chunky. I don’t think it’s terribly bad of an eyeliner but I personally would enjoy it more if it’s not glittery and thus more pigmented.

Comment below what is your favorite part of the collection? I love to hear what you think.

Thank you so much for stopping by to read. If you did enjoy this post definitely follow my blog. I hope you come to check on my social media down below. In the meantime come and say hi! I’ll see you on my next blog, bye!

Sharon xoxo


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What Worked? Beauty January 2017


Happy New Year everyone! I hope you’re having a wonderful day filled with joy, laughter and of course, family.

On today’s post I like to talk about best in beauty as the title says. I’ve no intention to buy anymore makeup but when I saw these gift sets by Essence Cosmetics on Christmas Eve while I was at Maxi Grocery. I was tempted and lost my self control. Left the store with two holiday gift sets.

First, let’s start off by talking about the packaging of the Stand Out Eyes, cute! Inside the packaging are five amazing makeup products while Shimmer and Shine. It houses six holiday shade nail polishes with a Gel top coat. Each gift set retails for CAD$8.97. These for me were some amazing deals!

Love love makeup products and so I want to start with my favorite part of the month : Makeup


This is the first gift set I picked up at the store. I was drawn by the price tag and also the single eyeshadows were calling out my name. Admittedly, what attracted my attention in the first place was the gorgeous embossing pattern! It looks so luxury and fine.

I don’t remember having the Velvets collection line by Essence Cosmetics, so I’m curious to give these a try.  If I’m not mistaken, this is their Spring 2016 line.


Look how cute these chequered embossment surface is. They’re the cutest I’ve seen from this brand. The texture is buttery soft and very nicely pigmented.

The shades I picked up are Smooth Caramel and Taupe Secret. They’re made in Italy in case some of you are curious to know. They’re available in nine velvety soft color spectrum and now I’ve two from the collection. Individual pan retails for US$2.49 each.


Now let’s see how they fared!

They promise to be silky smooth, which they totally are! They may seem to have a matte finish, but to me these have more like a silky satin finish. There’s no visible shimmer but just to put it out that the finishing does reflect some light.


Super star standout is this Taupe Secret. This is the star of the show in this set. I love love love it!

They do dust a tiny bit, but comparing to other drugstore eyeshadows I’ve tried, this isn’t that bad. Lasting power is decent without primer, but nothing out of the ordinary.

If you’re looking for a budget makeup with neutral color eyeshadows, then these two are a must-haves.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these shades and how they worked for you?


Next is the I Love Colour Intensifying Eyeshadow Base. The formula is of light rose shade and it works to help eyeshadow long lasting and looking great all day.


The applicator is of doe foot applicator. The formula has very nice consistency and it blends quite nicely.


Look how pretty this swatch is? If you’re in the market for a long lasting and intense eyeshadow base for an affordable price, then look no further. This is made for you!

I’ve been wearing it for a week now and again today. I was out the whole day because it’s a good day for me. Out and about to just soaked in the sun. It’s a gorgeous day!  I’m thankful for today. Sorry I went a little off tangent but coming back to eyeshadow base, this is something I would recommend this to anyone who is new to makeup world and/or to friends who are a collector like myself.


Third is their Eye Pencil. It claims to be a long lasting and this makes me eager to put this to the test!

So, I’ve been trying it for a week now and I’m wearing it today. Really enjoy the dark black color it gives.


I’ve been obsessed with liquid liner for a long while. Honestly, I haven’t been wearing pencil liner for what seems ages. But when I saw this, it sure brings back sweet old memories. I’m excited to try it one more time. I can feel the butterfly feeling, it’s like of a lost love that returns, if you know what I mean.


Sorry about the photo. I couldn’t get the best lighting after sunset. It just refused to focus. Well, this are one of those days. Anywho, here’s a swatch of Black Fever. It glides on like butter with amazing formula.

If you’re in the market for an affordable drugstore everyday eyeliner pencil, that’s the way to go! I like to wear it on my tight lines. Gives my eyes more definition and depth.


I recently reviewed an eyebrow gel mascara by the brand and I’ve been getting lots of use with it. I love how the spoolie comb my brows without smudging. This is just another product that I always have in my makeup collection. I’m talking about this gel eyebrow that really works for me.


I’m happy that they named their polishes besides just numbering them. The packaging is so cute. I can say now that all these colors are something I know I’ll be reaching for them.

These nail polishes have very good formula. The consistency is just nice- it isn’t too runny or too thick. It goes on easily and I’ve these shades for a week with the top coat (when I tested the color swatches) and it only has a minimal chipping. So, I would say it’s reasonably long lasting. I’m quite impressed!










#44 ON AIR

I’ve been wearing this shade since boxing day and it’s been FIVE days and it’s still going strong. It’s just too pretty to take them off. No chipped at all with the Essence Gel Top Coat. Hurray!




It claims to give ultra long lasting gel shine and I agree with their claim.

I’m leaving you here with the color swatches.


There’s so many Essence products out there, I mean I feel like I could continue to talk about Essence products forever. I hope this gave you a feel if you’re new to Essence or help your feet wet with products that actually works.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post on what worked from the beauty drugstores.

Have you tried any polishes from this line? If not, what was your favorite nail polish shade? 

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog. I hope to see you all again on my next post. Bye!

Sharon xoxo


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Disclaimer Policy: All the content on this blog is the result of personal trial of products. I write about purchased products as well as press samples on my blog. All reviews are truthful and based on my honest opinion. By accepting a PR sample or a product for consideration I do not place myself under the obligation to review the product in question. Also, I always retain the right to freely express my own opinion on the product. All the context and photos on this blog are made by me unless otherwise credited. Sometimes I also decide to post previews but they are of my own volition and are not paid content. Please, do not use my photos and content without my permission.





Colourpop Beauty Splurge – Photos & Swatches


Hey guys! I’ve been collecting makeup left and right in preparation for the biggest holiday of the year. When I saw their kit-LoveAFlare,  I placed a sneaky order with ColourPop! Here’s what I got in my mail weeks ago …sorry to put this post up late, I haven’t been feeling so good of late.


This is strictly just swatches and color descriptions as I just feel better yesterday to do an unboxing of this package from Colour Pop and haven’t tried out any of these products yet.

I got to admit that I’ve really fallen in love with this brand and my collection of their products is growing rapidly. Their prices are amazing and the quality of their products is outstanding! I’m hooked!

Ultra Matte Lip in Knotty


Knotty is a light warm taupe color tone which I really like for everyday wear. It’s not too over the lips kinda shade. This is definitely more of an everyday out color for me which I know I’ll wear and make it out the door with this. It’s just a lovely color.

Creme Gel Liner in Swerve 


I picked up this gel liner because I always love to try new liners from brands. This shade is a true onyx black and the formula feels super creamy. This is a nice black liner if you’re in the market for a pretty black liner or smoke it out.

Creme Gel Pot in Swerve


I also ordered the creme gel pot that costs only $6.00 and I’m eager to try it out. Excited I must say. This is my first order of their gel liner and I totally love the formula. I’ll definitely be doing a detailed review once I’ve tried it long enough.

Brow Colour in Bangin’ Brunette


This shade is in true brunette brown. A lovely brown that looks so amazing on swatch. I’ve tried a few drugstore gel brows before and I got to say this is my first time trying out from this brand. I’ll do a separate post review on this product as well.

It comes in a cute glass jar which I absolutely adore.

Super Shock Cheek Flexitarion 


I love this shade and ordered it the moment I saw it. This comes in an intense white champagne tone in pearlized finish.


Honestly I don’t see what’s not to like on this highlighter. So, I’ll pull a closer look swatch for you guys to see for yourself.

Another product which I couldn’t resist trying after I did an unboxing. It’s really lovely, and would make such a nice stocking stuffers.

Love A Flare 


Do I need more eyeshadows in my life? No! Do I want more? YES! This is my second order of their eyeshadow kit after my not too long ago purchase of their Foursome Zingara. Can you tell I’m obsessed with eyeshadows now?


These shades are gorgeous for winter months. You got four matte shadows with a shimmery and a metallic. The super shock shadows were something I see myself reaching for.

Here’s what inside this kit:

  • I Spy: Matte finish soft yellow peach
  • Melrose: Matte finish true rust 
  • Moonwalk: Pearlized finish yellow gold with a rust orange undertone and green duo chrome flip
  • By My Side: Pearlized finish duo chrome yellow peach with a pink flip 
  • High Rise: Matte finish deep olive
  • Head Rush: Matte finish khaki olive

Color Swatches OMG!

One swipe shadow on bare hand (without primer)

The pigmentation really impresses me. These eyeshadows are a creme to powder finish and it does not budge.

I think it’s safe to say I’m addicted to their Super Shock line. The formula of every finish is to die for and they’re only $5!! Such an amazing price. Don’t you think!

Here’s a quick guide in case you’re curious or not to be overwhelm by all their incredibly awesome products.

Products and Prices:
Ultra Matte Lip- $6 (Over 35 Shades)
Lippie Stix- $5 (Over 50 Shades)
Lippie Pencils- $5 (Over 50 Shades)
Blush/ Highlighers/ Bronzers- $8 (Over 40 Shades)
Eyeshadows- $5 (Over 70 Shades)

I’ll have more in-depth reviews of these up in the near future. I loved everything I got and I can’t wait to try them out more.

That’s all I got from Colourpop this time. I fully intend on making a larger order soon with more exciting winter/spring shades! Heads up for more hauls in the coming blog.

Have you tried anything from Colourpop before? Or have you seen anything you like? Comment in the section below. I love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks a million for be an awesome friend! Hope you’ve a lovely week. [muah]

Sharon xoxo

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Milani Makeup Cruelty Free|Swatches|Reviews


Hey gorgeous,

I’m back earlier than planned. In fact, I have posted one review yesterday. I miss you guys and I just have to kick start with my blogging as soon as I’m able to sit and type. It’s like the “Die Hard” movie.

Anyways, I really want to talk to you about these three makeup products that I have tried and here are my thoughts and opinion on each. Last Friday, I did a beauty haul and since I can’t wait any longer to try them I immediately dived into swatching the colors and here is my review.

A short announcement – Milani cosmetics is a cruelty free brand company. It does not test on animals according to PETA.


These are my beauty haul which I have posted and for convenience sake here are the products from previous post.

But since I’m only going to do Milani’s makeup review today, I have included all these lovely and amazing products which I will dig deeper into. I suggest that you continue to read to find out what makes Milani products to be my next favorite high street brand.

milani ;istick review

Well, I have been eyeing on Milani makeup line for a while and as strange as it may sound I just couldn’t get a hold of this brand where I live previously. But fortunately, I was in the moon and back when I found Milani at my new neighbourhood Walmart 😀

Oh!!! oh!!! I’m so excited that I can’t figure out how do I put this? Okay, let me start by saying that this Milani Color Statement comes in a golden lipstick packaging which I think is unique. I love how the transparent bottom able to show the exact shade to choose from.

This color statement lipstick is very pigmented with a matte finish. It feels creamy and it glide easily. The shade I chose was “Naturally Chic” and this color is neutral nude and natural looking for my lips. I feel pretty wearing it.  milani blush review

Oh my gosh! Just look at how stunning this baked blush is? For $9.88 only a pot I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting a few more shades for my collection. I got Corallina in 08 and I just love, love this blush. It’s so freaking pigmented and look at the color on swatch. It has a soft shimmer which is not completely matte finish but it’s not shinny. I only swipe once with my brush to pick up the formula and look at how insanely the color on my cheekbone was! I have to say this again, a little goes a long way with such incredible pigmentation. Ah..mazing!

It’s soft and smoothly blendable. I love the packaging too. It pretty and cute. Inside the second tier is a round mirror and a semi-circle brush. I’m not so sure of the brush but the mirror is an asset for touch-up<3

milani face powder review

This Milani Illuminating Face Powder  in Hermosa Rose is lovely to look at and undoubtedly great as a bronzer and blush but less than a highlighter. I would say 85% spot on for a multi purpose product. I notice that the lighter shade in this pot doesn’t bring out the color as a highlighter. The rose-y tone blush and bronzer are pretty amazing.

This product is so pigmented and creamy that my heart is screaming with joy. I love the shade I picked and just can’t get enough of it. So, I will be going there for another round of “Beauty’s Touch” very soon. Oh dear! Did I forget to mention that the rose flowers design on this packaging is stunning and dang cute!

If you are looking for a cruelty free makeup products then look no further. You’ve come to the right place. Milani has an amazing collection of products that can’t stop to impress me. So, you rock Milani! 

Is there any particular favorite products you like to share in the comment below? 

Thank you for the love.

Sharon xoxo


Urban Decay Naked Palette|Swatches|Review


Hey my loves!!!

Remember I did a review a couple of month back on Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette and today I’m going to share with you guys another of Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palette which I picked up recently. I love the Naked Palette since I heard raves on all these Naked Palettes and I as usual curious to find out and gladly try them for my next makeup review.

Naked Palette

So, as you can see I have another palette under my paw and I just can’t help but to scream in excitement when I saw this parcel in my mail box. Let me tell my love for Urban Decay palette is true unless proven otherwise.

Oh gosh!!! Here with me is the ORIGINAL Naked Eyeshadow Palette by Urban Decay and I’m so excited to share my opinion and thought on this palette with you guys.

package thickness

This Naked Urban Decay palette packaging is made of velvety chocolate brown exterior with golden trim logo on the casing. Inside the palette is a average size mirror with twelve lovely color shadows. I personally love, love this palette. It has a very sophisticated look and I think this is the best palette to date from Urban Decay. The darker shade looks perfect for smokey eyes look and the lighter for daytime makeup.

naked shadow palette

Included in the palette is this soft synthetic Karma shadow brush for blending. I’m mesmerized by these amazing shades on this palette. Every shade is so soft, smooth and incredibly pigmented even the mattes.

shadow palette

Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette : Net wt: 0.13 fl oz for $54.00 (Available at Sephora, Amazon, Ulta, Urban Decay online)


Many of you may know that I did a review on Naked 3 Palette on my previous post and in comparison with this Naked Palette I find that the latter has more neutral shades which you can really work on for a nude or dramatic finish look. Whereas, the Naked 3 seems to lean more to the pinkish hues that gives beautiful, soft rose shimmery finish. I love both palettes very much and again the color payoff  is so amazing and I just love how easy it was to blend with a drop dead stunning look. I will be doing a makeup tutorial for daytime and night time makeup in my next post using this fabulous Urban Decay Naked Palette.

color swatches naked palette

After doing the color swatches, here is what I found: There are only two matte shadows and they’re Naked and Buck. The rest ten shadows are either with frosty or shimmer finish. There are five new shades in this palette. In my opinion, Gunmetal and Creep looks very close in tone while Darkhorse is of .

naked palette (2)

Here is my Nude look using Naked Palette by Urban Decay vs Naked by Kim Kardashian !!!

Behind this box packaging … it says “Go Naked and not neutral …. clothing is optional”! lol

It’s A…MA…ZING!!! Worth every dime in my opinion, if you ask me.

Whatever you’re looking for in an eyeshadow is all compacted here in the Naked Palette. A very versatile eyeshadow that you can wear day and night. A must have!

I’m not affiliated with them whatsoever but I just wanted share the love with you guys.

What do you think of this Naked Palette? Don’t forget to leave comment below. I love reading your comments.

Thank you so much for your love!

Sharon xoxo


The Body Shop ~Beauty Haul!

It’s Friday!!!

Happy Friday friends. Guess what I am going to share with you today after my last Friday’s haul on NYX makeup. I’m always happy to do my haul and you are all an encouragement to me. Thank you.

When the Body shop have one of their sale of Buy 3, Get 2 Free, it takes quite a lot of willpower to resist it. To be honest, I’m quite a big fan of Body Shop on bath & body, skin care and makeup products. So, with sales like that, it’s going to take a tranquilizer to put me down (ha!ha!ha!).

So, here are some of the haul which I spent about $70.00 in the store. I got them several weeks ago. It’s just sitting there and waiting for my review. It’s strange how I didn’t do my haul on these earlier. I’m always excited to share newer hauls and so once I forgot then it will be sitting there until today. But don’t worry, the sales are still on their website.

The Body SHop Beauty Haul

The sales includes all bath & body, skin care, makeup, hair etc…  I will definitely be reviewing the majority of the items I’ve bought in due course, after I have been able to thorougly try them out.

body shop lippes

color swatch of lippies

Color Crush Shine Lipsticks in 201 and 130

I love lipsticks and I told myself that I’m just going to get one but ended up getting three in total. I paid $12.75 for each.

The Body Shop website says that it’s an irresistible lipstick that gives a sheer wash of colour with a sorbet-fresh shine. Each moisture-rich lipstick is infused with a delicate rose fragrance. I can’t agree more. I always prefer to go for matte and creamy finish but since it’s sooo irresistable I got them in sheer finish. What am I thinking? Hmmm…. probably impulse buying! But the colors are nice. Perfect to wear them for doing shopping errands.

Body Shop Sliver bullet Body Shop  lipstick

The Body Shop Lipstick in 07.

The trouble I have with body shop’s lipstick is that there is no color name description on their packaging or even on their website. They only use color code on its packaging label. I find it hard to distinguish which red and the other darker without having a color name to link. But I guess that’s just me. Overall, body shop’s products are  really amazing and I have been using their bath & body products for decades. I have confident in their products and that’s part of the reason why I branched out to their makeup section to try them out.

Body Shop Vit e moisturizermoisture cream body shop

Vitamin E Moisture Cream for All Skin Types on Daily protection and moisturization (1.7 oz)  $18.00

I need moisturizer for my dry skin and I picked this up for cloudy or rainy day’s wear. It doesn’t have SPF but I plan to wear it when the sun is hiding behind the clouds. It says to provide daily moisturize and hydrate skins leaving it feeling smooth and soft. I tried it in the store and I can feel the cold, soothing and soft cream on my skin. It has a lovely smell too. Can’t resist so this goes in my shopping basket.

body shop camolie makeup reomver makeup remover cream

Camomile Sumptous Cleansing Butter (net wt: 2.7 oz)

This is the product that caught my eyes. I have my usual Estee Lauder eyemakeup remover but this one looks unique. I like the tin can packaging. It’s a simple design but light in weight. It does have a gentle soothing smell which I really like. The salesperson tried it on my hand and it feels buttery and it does removed the lipstick swatches I made earlier while at the store. I have’nt had any butter type of makeup remover before and this one  impresses me.

Tea tree flawless bb cream

Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream in 03 Dark color shade (net wt: 1.3 fl oz)

Well,  I mentioned earlier that I bought these items several weeks ago when I still got my tan. So, the dark shade in 03 fit my skin tone but now as the weather gets colder I need a lighter shade of Medium. There isn’t much of color shades selection to choose from. It’s either Light, Medium or Dark. I might just get another medium for autumn till winter.

Tea tree always comes up with incredibly wonderful tea scents on body wash, lotions, tea tree oil to name a few which for me is quite rejunevating and therapeutical.

Since the promotion is still on and the weather is getting colder, I don’t mind getting a lighter color of Tea Tree BB cream now.

Products are never tested on animals, and all their products are 100% vegetarian.

So, there you have it. That’s all that I bought from the Body Shop on this week’s beauty haul.

If you bought anything from the 3 for 2 promotion, I’d love to know what you bought?

As always. thank you for reading.

Sharon xoxo