Ipsy Bag Creme Lipstick by Forever 21

Hey everyone!

I’m back with the Ipsy November unboxing bag that has this nice creme lipstick Berry shade. It comes in a black plastic packaging and the great part of this lipstick is that it has a transparent bottom for easy pick me up color shade identification.

love and beauty berry lipstick

Okay, maybe I have high expectation on this brand but this creme lipstick really falls short. No doubt that it glides smoothly and actually it’s jut too moist for a creme lipstick in my opinion. It feels more like a lip gloss than a creme lipstick. The other downside is that this formula tasted strange (like kerosene). One thing that push me away from a lipstick is the strong smell and taste. I was really put off by the taste on this one.

color swatch color transfer

Color Swatch and color transfer 

It has some shimmer finish. This lipstick bleeds and color transfer very easily and my lips feels oily and I just have to rub them off immediately after trying. Sadly, this is a no no for me 😦

closed up lips

Lip color with lip liner (from NYX)

kissable lips

Kissable lips (color transfer)

Any who, it has very good pigment formula coupled with a sheer finish. Overall I feel not comfortable wearing it on my lips because of the smell and taste. Frankly, I’m not impressed at all with this lipstick and will not repurchase it. This is my take and my opinion only and it may work for others but definitely not for me. I don’t plan to wear this Forever 21 lipstick again.

Have you tried any lipstick that doesn’t work on you? If yes, which brand? Let me know below. I love to hear your experience.

Thanks for reading.

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Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation
  Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation

Bourjois healthy mix serum foundation (CN$27.00 for 1 fl oz) is a review that I have been looking forward to write. I picked up this foundation a couple of months ago when I discovered it at Shoppers Drug Mart (a Canadian drugstore chain). Bear in mind to go to bigger drugstore if you are looking since smaller store doesn’t carry Bourjois or Stilla or higher end brands. Oh yes, Bourjois is a french makeup company with some distributions in Canada and also in Europe and Asia.

Foundation swatch No. 33 (Dark Beige)
Foundation swatch No. 33 (Dark Beige)

They have six color shades to choose from and I got mine in No. 55 (Dark beige). Perfect color shade for my skin tone. I have dry skin and warm color undertone. I loved the feel of this foundation. I have been trying it out for the past few weeks and was satisfied with the texture and the nice fruity scents. I love how it blends in nicely and it feels light and not sticky. It is like not wearing a foundation due to the color pay-off. This foundation has medium coverage and could be build up without looking cakey. It does cover dry patches on my skin but with a little concealer it works wonderful. Once the foundation set in, my skin feels smooth and soft.

It also claimed to give 16 hours of radiance boosting and revived complexion. My face does looked more radiant and fresh. After about 3-4 hours later when I checked on the mirror, I saw a little bit of shine on my T-zone. But that’s about it on the downside. Just pad some setting powder and good to roll.

The glass bottle packaging was average I would say. But with the pump it makes quite a lot of difference. Easy to use and limit wastage (accidently pour too much) and hygenic.

I am very happy that I finally found an amazing foundation that works for me. The price was a bit steep but overall it was a great product to have. Great value for money in my opinion, given a little of this product goes a long way.

Let me know what’s your favorite foundation? What are other foundations you have tried before that works or may not work for you. Make sure to leave your comment below : )) Thx.


Maybelline NY Color Tattoo cream gel shadow ~ Painted Purple (No.20)

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 hr

Purple eyeshadow? Anyone? Well, I always ended up choosing purple color eyeshadows everytime I shop. Purple seems to attract my attention more somehow. So, I got drawn to get this painted purple in No. 20. I must have this lovely vibrant cream gel shadow to my collections.  Color choice is a little bit limited. There were only 6 color shades to choose from.

What so special about this Color Tattoo is that it claimed to last for 24 hours. I wore it just by itself for 8 hours and it does live to its claim to be long lasting. It is not recommended to wear any eye makeup or cosmetic to sleep – in my opinion. So, the 24 hours long lasting claim is a bit of a stretch. I have to use more eye remover to clean them.

I like the creamy and smooth texture of this product. It blends so easily and without creasing and the best thing is that I can use my fingertips for even blending. The price is  very affordable for the value of this product. The packaging makes it looks trendy and pretty.

So, for those who feels the need to wear something for a long lasting period of time, then I would recommend it simply because it lasts.

Has anyone of you have a favorite color eyeshadow that caught your very eyes everytime you shop for makeup?