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You guys know that after being highly impressed by its Wet n Wild Coloricon Eyeshadow Palettes which I did a full review on. Click here if you like to go back to read. Since that day, I’ve been fanatically looking for a their new and good eyeshadow palettes to try on. My goal is to find the best and comfortable shadows that can rock my world. Hope that make sense!

In this post, I’m not doing the latest trend collection but more the best palette there are from Wet n Wild. I was inspired by youtuber, Emily and I decided to try this Wet n Wild Trio Eyeshadow Palette she raves about. So, I picked up the shades in Walking on Eggshells and also I’m Getting Sunburned.

I’m so excited you guys 😀 Let’s jump right in …

wnw trio palette

I have the winner here the Wet n Wild Coloricon Eyeshadow Trio in Walking on Eggshells and I really like the I’m Getting Sunburned palette too. Yay! Now, I got two palettes to play with. I got these for only $2.77 a palette when it was on special sale, the regular price was $3.97.

Here are some closed up pictures. Do I have to say more!!!

color shadow wnw

I couldn’t believe myself when I did the color swatches. I’m like Aahhhhh!!!!! (in opera high note) that I can find an amazing combination and texture out from a drugstore brand. The texture is silky smooth and buttery soft. I love it, love it! The pigmentation is insanely incredible and it’s long wearing too. I was wearing it today and the day before yesterday and I’m totally loving it. These 3 shades have shimmer finishing and it blends so well. It’s such a versatile palette to play with. You can wear this for day or night wear.

I highly recommend you to try it. I’ll be repurchasing Walking on Eggshells over and over again. For less than $3.00 a palette, please do yourself a favor and get one. I love the low prices and the incredible quality. I’m totally hooked to Wet n Wild eyeshadow palette now. Let me know if you like to read more of Wet n Wild makeup products that I’ve not mentioned in my post that you like me do in the comment section below.

You can find twelve pretty colors from this collection and they’re available online at Wet n Wild website, drugstores, US Target, Walgreen and Walmart.

Oh what better thing to do than wearing Walking On Eggshells on a beautiful Friday morning and I’ll be back for another review on the I’m Getting Sunburned palette tomorrow.

What do you think of the Wet n Wild Coloricon Trio Palette? I love to hear your comments, leave them down below.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read.

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