Youtube Made Me Buy It – Makeup Products


Hi guys! If you’ve been following my blog, you may already know that I’m a makeup addict, and for most of you who have no knowledge of my beauty product addition! Just so that you know, in fact next to reading blog posts on all different topics, watching beauty bloggers on YouTube is something else that I love. And yes, I take their opinions seriously!

I found out, on YouTube of course, makeup products they swear by it. So, here’s Youtube made me buy it products.


I did my Sephora online order recently using ebates cash back for 4% returns and for those of you who aren’t familiar with ebates, click here to find out more. I’ll also put a link down below if you care to check it out. In case you’re wondering, no I’m not paid or affiliated with ebates. I’m sharing good news of earning cash back as you shop.

Sorry I went tangent, let’s get back to the point. I got Nars Radiant Concealer and Sephora Matte Lip Color, while the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea skincare travel set has been sitting in the storage room for a couple of months because I didn’t got the time to try all of them out. So sorry about that guys! There are so many products that I wanted to test run for you guys but with so little time.


Sephora Luster Matte Long Wear Lip Color in Ruby Luster. You can get them at Sephora and there’s 12 colors to choose from.

I’ve never tried any Sephora brand lipsticks before and I was super excited to give this a test run the moment I got it in my hot paws.


I really like the applicator because it’s a flat doe tip so it’s very easy to line your lips and just turn it over flat to fill in the color. It doesn’t have any scents at all, that’s actually a good thing because like most lip products the scents lingers.

What is it? 

  • It’s a matte liquid lipstick with a subtle sheen
  • It’s long wearing and hydrating
  • Has rose seed hip oil
  • $16 at Sephora


It’s the most pretty bold matte color that you must have in your life.  The color is so pigmented and long wearing. Definitely feels lightweight on the lips as if not wearing anything at all. I like how comfortable it make my lips feel. It doesn’t feel sticky whatsoever but you’ve to be extra careful when applying this. A precision hand is required so that the product won’t stick on your teeth. Overall, I find it glides on smoothly and the best thing is that it gives you a pretty nice kissable lips. Don’t you think?


It doesn’t dry down to completely matte as you can see here, I actually kind of like the slight luster of it. It’s subtle and not drying on lips and it doesn’t give the matte finish I was expecting. I wore it the other day when I picked up my son and I got so many compliments from other moms.

Bottom line: This is not really a con because it says it’s a luster matte. So it’s not Matte guys. If you want matte go for the Matte Lip Creams by sephora collection. In conclusion, I really love this lip color. It looks flattering on me and the claims are on point. So yay!


Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in the shade Custard. I got a deluxe size for now because I want to try out this shade before committing to the full size.

I think this is the product that I’m most excited out of my three purchase. I’ve been wanting to try out Nars concealer for a while now and this will hopefully be one of my first purchases in the line if all goes well.


I’m always on the hunt for new concealer products to try, so when I saw one of my favorite youtuber raved about it, I’m down to give it a shot. I’ve been dying to try this out and boy was I impressed with the full coverage on the under eye areas. It’s creamy and works very well with any foundation. I didn’t notice any crease or crack from this product. Also, it’s multi functional which I really appreciate.

Let me just say that this is a pretty custard shade which I really like. I really like that it covers my dark under eyes circle very well and it looks fresh on the skin. I want to point it out that the formula could be a little bit thick and heavy but if you use a beauty blender like I did to blend, you wouldn’t have any problem because it blends out really easily.

I’ll definitely get a full size tube on this one.


Tarte Rainforest of the Sea in Make a Splash Hydrating Skin Saver travel set (LE). Whew! That’s quite a mouthful! I got the set awhile ago and the last time I checked, they’ve something similar which is also a limited edition of the Hydration Vacation Skincare travel set.

This product has me very excited.


Drink of H2O Hydrating Boost Moisturizer – My skin has always been at some level of dehydration. That’s part of the reason with me having a dry to combination skin. At my age, I’ve lost the overproduction of oil and developed dryness quite drastically. So, I was very keen to give it a test run.

It’s thin and gel like but it’s very hydrating. This is a formula that dry skin users will benefit most from. It quickly absorbs into skin without leaving been greasy or oily. It just leave my skin with a nice glow that isn’t shiny but dewy finish. It’s actually great for both day and night use which is a rarity in the gel moisturizer world .

Another thing I want to mention is that it has a slight lavender scents which I wouldn’t be very concerned about. But if you’re someone who doesn’t like scented or fragrance smell in your skincare products then you might want to skip this.

All in all, I’m very happy to have try this. It’s a very nice gel moisturizer and considerably more hydrating than other gel moisturizers I’ve had the pleasure of using in the past. This is such a great treat for my dry skin.


Deep Dive Cleansing Gel – It removes make-up and leaves my skin feeling clean & baby soft. One important factor is the fragrance. This is “lavender oil-infused” and has a lavender that’s very pretty and relaxing. However, like I mentioned earlier if you’re sensitive users then you might not love this.

A product that marketed for all skin-types. It claims to remove makeup, soften, hydrate and brighten skin tone thanks to Vitamin C. It does a good job removing foundation and color cosmetics and rinses clean away.

It works well as a cleanser should be but I find it to stripe the moisture out after use from my ever drier skin. Anyways, I’ll continue to use it till its empty.


Marine Boosting 4-in-1 Mist – This is the third product from this travel set. With my dry skin situation, I welcome and am a fan of a more dewy makeup look so I like this product.

According to Tarte’s website it says as follows: Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Marine Boosting Mist is a new four-in-one facial mist that acts as a primer, makeup setting spray, hydrating mist, and skin refresher. So far, I’ve tried only with the misting and I can say it feels refreshing and the mist is an even mist, which I appreciate. From my experience, this is a good product for my combination skin. It keeps my makeup intact.

I’ll be working on trying it out as a primer the next coming days. I’ll report back on the development once I get more use of the product.

I really hope that you enjoy reading my latest post. So glad to find these products to be actually working on me. Shout out to the Youtubers that made me buy it.

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think? What has Youtube made you buy in the past? I’d love to know what products you guys would recommend that I try, so please leave me a comment down below and tell me what your favorites are!

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Sharon xoxo


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Wake Me Up Concealer – Review & Swatch


Hi guys! Hope you’re all having a wonderful Friday 🙂

Nothing much to report today except editing my post while listening to oldie songs and Bee Gees. This song keeps playing on my head now. Oh I can’t stop… hahaha!

Let’s take a look …


Wake me up before you go-go, don’t leave me hanging on like a yo-yo with little Rimmel Anti Fatigue Radiant Glow Concealer in Light/Medium. I picked up this concealer many moons ago and had just brought this our to wear again recently.

After testing it out, I remembered why I didn’t reach for it in the first place.


The concealer comes in a lip gloss like tube which I particularly like. It comes with a doe foot wand applicator which means applying only a little of the product at a time.


Comes in very limited shade range which I find quite frustrating. This shade has a little pinkish undertoned and just not the right color for me since I’m currently on NC25. The shade is a bit dark as concealer. Sorry, but I don’t think I like this concealer very much.

It’s available in 4 shades – Very Fair, Fair, Light-Medium & Medium; the shade I have is in Light/Medium.


The formula is decent with the consistency of it being not thick but creamy. It gives a medium coverage and over applying could be a nightmare.

I also have combination skin and  one of my biggest struggle is to find concealer that covers the redness around my nose and cheeks without it clinging to the dry patches or making skin look flaky. That’s a big no no!


I tested it over the long weekends and I’m going to say that it’s a miss for me. I really want to like it but the coverage isn’t as I expected with poor color selections a disadvantage.

Overall, it’s a decent product if you’re a fan of Rimmel’s makeup brand, but in my opinion it’s not necessarily a must have. There are other drugstore concealers out there which absolutely works much better than this. So, sadly, it’s a miss for me but if you love it, then continue what floats your boat.

Have you tried Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer?  Did you like it? Share you experiences in the comment below.

So, that’s it for this today’s blog post and I’ll see you again on the next one. Bye!

Sharon xoxo




Quo Face Contour Palette



quo duo face contour palete

I got this at Shoppers Drug Mart and I quite like this product! I bought this contour palette the same time I purchased the other two Quo eyeshadow palettes which I had review here. The packaging is great, there is no fragrance, and it does not break me out.

Quo has launched two limited edition contour palettes and a contour brush. The palettes are priced at $18.00 and the brush is $16.00. And of course, Quo does go on sale so there is always a chance of getting it cheaper!


This is a limited edition and since it was on liquidation, I so had to get it. I found the light palette to be perfect, with both a matte highlight and cool contour shade.


The product is quite pigmented (bronzer and the highlighter) and it’s a powder formula and not a cream contour kit. It’s not as silky smooth as I would like but they still work very well.


However, after using it a few times, i’ve noticed its flaws. the highlight shade is barely pigmented, and does not show up on my light-medium skin tone. I really like the highlighter since it does show up on my on my light-medium skin tone but the bronzer is a bit lacking.


Well, the only negative thing I could say is the pigment which isn’t as rich as I would have liked. But that isn’t exactly a bad thing when we are talking about highlight. The colors are buildable and blendable and for $18.00 I think they are totally worth it.


It’s cheap and lovely so that is a bonus! This stuff lasts forever so it’s easier on the wallet.

So as I’ve mentioned above this is a limited edition and if you’re looking for a frugal contour run to your nearest Shoppers Drug Mart asap. You get 20x points on your purchase.

That’s it for now and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post. Until next time, stay beautiful!

What’s your favorite contour palette from high end to drugstore brands?

Thank you so much.

Sharon xoxo




NARS Product Review – My First Impression


Even though the color was not the perfect match for me, this was a great way to try the TEXTURE of NARS concealer. I always wanted to try NARS foundations, concealers etc, but their whopping price always scared me. But I bite the bullet and caved in since its calling my name. I got this for $19.99 and it’s a great price to try out some product from NARS.


Nars Duo Concealer is a cream compact concealer containing two shades in order to create your perfect color match. A compact containing two shades of NARS concealer. How pretty!

The first thing that I noticed about the concealer was its weight. This stuff is so light!! Its amazingly thin. The concealer is not sticky or overly drying.


I also noticed that the texture is different than any of my other cream concealers. Because it’s a cream, you’d expect it to be dense and creamy. It’s very lightweight and has a powdery feel once applied.

In order to get a nice natural finish, I feel that it’s necessary to moisturize your under-eyes before applying the concealer because the concealer is sort of dense, and a moisturizer helps it smooth on the skin and blend like a dream.


The shade Toffee is too dark and didn’t work well on me while the other shade Praline is lighter and it works better on my skin to hide dark under eyes circles and spots.


I usually use my fingers to apply concealers, rather than using a brush. I find it works better that way for me.
The product has no scent which is good. I don’t think any concealer has smell, but I have this habit of smelling every make-up product.


.Left – Praline , Right – Toffee 

Above is the color swatch of the concealer. I’ve some stubborn dark under eyes which badly needs a good hide out lol! I find this formula to be sheer and you can built it up to medium coverage


The product is very very nice when it comes to TEXTURE. Its sad that the color didn’t match me as well as I wanted it to be. I think the lighter shade in Praline/Toffee duo which is meant for medium skin tone along with Ginger in this duo would work better on my NC 40 skin tone.

I would have wished the shades matches my skin tone better but I’ll continue to wear the Praline shade and would report back in my other post for more updates.

Nars products are available at Sephora and Nars website.

What do you think of this Duo Concealer from NARS? Have you tried it? Leave your comments below.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo

Question Tuesday! Liptsick

by source
by source

I get a few frequent question from my friends on how to help color stay put? I agree with the fact that most of the lip products that claim to have staying power tend to be more of a matte formula and dry out the lips. But there are tips to keeping lipstick last longer. Here’s my tips:

  • You can either use an excess cream concealer or foundation as the lip base for the lip color to hold on to
  • Pre-prep your lips by moisturizing it usually with lip balm twice a day
  • Use a sharpened lip liner to line your lips following the natural curve of your lips and then blend inwards with a brush. It’s to prevent bleeding and try to use the shade closest to your lipstick if possible. Remember less is more since you can always apply more layers as you desire.
  • lastly, you can blot it by covering it with a tissue paper and use a translucent powder and use a brush to pat it on the lips.

I would like to know :-

Q: How do you make your lipstick last longer?

I love to read your comment and what’s your tip on the comment section below.

Thank you so much for reading.

Sharon xoxo

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Starter Kit By Cargo – Unboxing


cargo sarter kit

Hi Everyone! Hope you guys are doing great! Today, I’m going to share my unboxing of this Starter Kit from Cargo Cosmetics which I got recently from Winners. I’m so excited to do this unboxing with you guys.

Cargo is another proud Canadian brand with catchy motto “Be-you-tiful” and the well known eco-friendly Plant Love line.

4 in 1 starter kit cargo

Okay, it’s stated here on the box that the suggested retail price is $39.00 but I paid $24.99 for this Starter Kit. The shade I got is in Medium and I believe there is another color option.

In this kit you’ll find a travel size TexasLash Mascara, travel size One Base Concealer, a full size Bronzer and a Swimmables Eyeliner Pencil. I’ll do a full reviews on these products once I’ve tried them thoroughly. Don’t forget to check back 🙂

cargo eyeliner

First up is this ultra creamy, extreme wear, waterproof eyeliner with the feel of a liquid and versatility of a pencil. It claims to locks comfortably into place for up to 14 hours. The texture is creamy and it glides on effortlessly to create a variety of looks. I’m so excited to try this bad boy out. The eyeliner is packed with concentrated pigments and it provides rich colour payoff. Since, we’re already feeling the summer heat, this Swimmables Eyeliner Pencil will stays put through sun, sweat, swim and tears.

The shade I got is in  Black Sea with a net wt: 0.04 oz . It’s available in 6 beautiful shades for $18.00 when sold separately at Cargo Cosmetics website.

cargo bonzer

I love metal tin packaging and this Bronzer look so adorable. It comes in a huge pan and the formula is silky smooth. I got this in Medium but also available in Dark and Matte Medium for $29.00 online. Net wt: 0.31 oz

This bronzer has some light shimmer which gives a healthy looking finish without looking orange. The texture when you touch the pan is hard but it picks up the formula amazingly. I think the reason why the texture is hard is due to the manner the way it was packaged to avoid breaking. It’s very pigmented and it blends so well. A little goes a long way and the color payoff is incredible.

mascara cargo

Cargo TexasLash Mascara in Black for $20.00 a tube. I love this formula for it makes my lashes look more volume and longer without feeling smudgy or clumpy. I don’t feel any eye irritation using this mascara which I sometimes get with other brands. Image on the left is without mascara for comparison purposes.

The packaging is simple and nice and I’m more surprised to see the huge wand applicator. I noticed that the bristles are very closed to each other and very soft. It works well in holding up my lashes and extended it. Well, you see I don’t have a long and curly lashes like “Bambi” does, but I’m just as content with the appearance from this mascara on the right picture.

one base foundation cargo

Final product in the starter kit is the One Base Concealer + Foundation in One by Cargo in the shade 02. I got mine in a travel size 0.17oz but the regular size is net wt: 0.6 oz for $28.00. It comes in 7 pretty shades from Very Fair to Dark with neutral undertone.

I’ve always wished to wear a concealer with foundation in one application and this One Base seems to be the answer to my wish. I don’t usually put foundation all over my face except with BB cream but this concealer + foundation is really marvellous. I can’t stop myself from trying it the second I pulled out the doe wand applicator. Which I did and here is what I think on my first impression. It’s time saving and it gets its job done in a second. All I did is just make a few swoosh under my eyes and on the area which I need covering and I just pat them in. It blend and absorb so nicely. I’m really impressed! I can feel that the texture is really really nice and it’s smooth and so lightweight. It feels like not wearing any products at all on my skin. It gives a very natural looking finish which is not too shimmery or glossy. I just love it. Love it!

There are four products for me to play with. However, they have been quiet lately, I haven’t heard any new product announcement from them but I’m hoping for more new collection in the near future. Cargo products is in the mid-range of cost as well.

Overall, I’m super happy with this Starter Kit. There are some products above which I’ve briefly reviewed and some that I wanted to try out more before giving my final thoughts and opinion. I hope you like and find this unboxing helpful.

Which of the beauty item from Cargo that you have in your makeup collection?

Thank you so very much for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo



Joe Fresh Duo Concealer in Dark – REVIEW


sharon beauty prime

Today, I’m going to talk about this Duo Concealer by Joe Fresh. I did a beauty haul last week and the link is here if you want to go back to read it. Anyways, onto the review!


This side is the stick while the other side is a cream with a doe applicator. Neat packaging isn’t it!


The shade I got is in Dark and I’m glad that it matches my skin tone nicely since from the packaging the formula doesn’t look Dark at all. I’m a medium skin-tone in the summer and I have to say that this Dark shade doesn’t bother me at all. This shade fits me perfectly. Having said that, I recommend that you choose the shade one notch down from your usual shade might help.


The stick side is usable for acne scarring on forehead or on the redness around the nose  area but since I don’t have much issue recently with my skin tone, so I’ll be trying out on under my dark circle areas only for this review.


Love the cream side. It’s semi thick, it has amazing coverage and matches my skin tone precisely, the stick part is a little thick but work amazingly and it’s perfect for covering up blemishes. All I did was pat the formula with my fingers and they blend it effortlessly. Love this!


Here is the color swatch of the cream/liquid and stick concealer. In my opinion, both works amazingly and I’m happy with my purchase since I picked the right shade. So, yay! Overall, it’s a good buy with good quality and I really like this concealer. 

Both the formula runs smoothly and it blend very well especially under the dark circle areas. The texture feels smooth and lightweight.


The only downside of this concealer is limited color choices. It has only 3 shades from Light, Medium to Dark in this selection. Kind of sad in the color selection… but overall a pretty good duo concealer. So, please Joe release more shades!!

It’s a pretty good concealer and works very well I would recommend this product for sure.

What do you think of this 2 in 1 Concealer? Would you try them out? Please leave your comment in the section below. I love to hear your comments.

As always, thank you so much for stopping by.

Sharon xoxo


Top 5 Foundation Mistakes We All Make


Hey guys!

Foundation is the fundamental to flawless skin but unknown to many of us, we’re still doing it wrong. First thing first is to discover where you’re doing it wrong, then on how you get a quick fix. I have some good news on how to avoid these few mistakes. 

1) Skipping Primer 

Let’s face it, not all everyone wants to have another layer on their skin and it’s so conveniently for us to skipped this step. But putting a primer is equally important in order to avoid foundation from changing colors (when the foundation changing to light orange) due to oxidation. Primer also act as an anchor to hold down makeup for a good few extra hours of wear.  


2) Using your fingers

Sure, it’s true that the warmth of our fingers can help melt the makeup in. But it can also leaves harsh lines on our skin. Therefore, it is recommended that using a foundation brush or sponge is crucial to have a more accurate blend. 


3) Using Powder foundation

For those of you who has oily skin, using a powder foundation can be a great idea. But for those of you who has dry-skin, avoiding powder foundation can be a life saver. Powder foundation can look chalky and settle into wrinkles. Instead it was recommended to use matte foundation on the T-zone to eliminate the unwanted shine area and only to use powder to setting your makeup at the end. Make sure to give it a thorough blending to avoid patchy and white marks.


4) Testing 123!!! Testing 123! 

We often make the mistake of testing the foundation shades that we wanted to pick up on my hand instead of on our face. Truth been said, I sometimes unconsciously will do that too. Instead of offering my face to the salesperson I’ll just shovel my hand which is much convenient. But the best place to test is the jawline, around the nose and underneath the eyes to find a perfect color match. 

testing 123 foundations

5) Applying concealer under foundation

Another thing to ponder is what’s the point of putting a concealer under the foundation if the main purpose of a concealer is to add additional coverage when foundation doesn’t completely covers the problem area? By putting a foundation on top of the concealer, we are just thinning out the concealer making it lose it’s purpose to cover trouble areas. 

bourjois concealer

6) Trowelling it on

Oh yes, good foundation is something that we tend to want to apply it over and on every inch of our face but hold on! Come on ladies, use foundation where it is needed and not all over the face. The less you use, the more natural it appears. I’m sure you must have heard of the theory of Less is More! So, it stay true for foundation too. The next time you apply foundation, focus on the red area around the nose, dark circle under the eyes and blemishes. 


7) Highlighting fine lines

Okay, foundation’s job is to make our skin look flawless and natural looking. Foundation is to hide lines and not enhance them. Avoid creasing a thin amount of product under the eyes and around the mouth area where it’s prone to house wrinkles. Dab off any excess products with a tissue.


So, that’s it on my take to avoid the foundation mistakes and I hope these few tips helps. 

Do leave comment on what other mistakes you experience on the comment below?

Thank you for reading.

Sharon xoxo


Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer & Highlighter

Hey lovelies!

Today, I wanted to share with you a product which I find interesting. I picked this inexpensive 2 in 1 Match Perfection Concealer by Rimmel in 335 Light/medium from Target awhile ago. I’m always on the hunt for a good concealer and believe me that this concealer works as a drugstore brand would have.


Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer in 335 ~ Light Medium for $6.99 (net wt: 0.23 fl oz) 

But having said that I happened to have the chance to be wearing this match perfection concealer for more than a week and I have to say that I’m satisfied with this concealer. Available in 5 different shades from fair to medium tone. You can find them at any drugstores, Target and Walmart outlets. Oh yes, it’s also available at

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA rimmel match perfection concealer

This Match Perfection comes in a tube packaging with a top brush attached to the tube. The liquid comes out easily as I squeezed the tube. I find that it covers and blends very well especially on the dark circle under my eyes and beside my nose area where I need more concealer coverage. Very nice coverage and works well as a highlighter too. This is a small tube concealer and would last for about 2 months if use daily.

Rimmel claims that this Match perfection formula can mimic your color skin tone and frankly speaking, I think that is a meaningless claim in my opinion. There is no way that any of the shades may automatically turned to your skin color. If you have a light skin and you buy a darker shade concealer from Rimmel that is darker than your skin tone, it would not magically turned lighter. Unless you find a shade that fit your skin tone then it will be a perfect match.

The good side of this concealer is that it gives a soft matte finish and holds up pretty well throughout the day. This concealer doesn’t creep into fine lines or crease on me.

Overall, I still think that it is a good buy for the price point and I would recommend trying it out. It’s affordable and accessible at any drugstore beauty counters.

Have you tried this Match Perfection Concealer & Highlighter before?

Thanks for reading.

Sharon xoxo



The Body Shop Concealer Pencil

Hey everyone!

Today, I will be doing a review on this lovely concealer pencil. Well, I do need a eye concealer when it comes to doing my full face makeup. I especially love this concealer because it gives a good amount of coverage on my dark circle area and some uneven skin.

concealer pencil pic

So, this awesome concealer works wonders on me. It glides so smoothly and blends well. It’s creamy and smells good too. This jumbo crayon style concealer stick is perfect to have. It’s thick and able to cover a bigger area where I want to mask my dark circles.

concealer eye pic

I did a color swatch in 04 shade. It’s available in five different shades for the price of $12.00 a pencil. It needs a large pencil sharpener size for sure. Other than that, I think it is a good buy for those who has blemishes and redness for coverage.

I read some articles on using a stick concealer in general. The advantage is that it’s easy to apply but too heavy to use over breakouts. So, basically, for very creamy concealer, it will not hold up for the oily skin person and on the other hand,  for those with dry skin, you might want to try to avoid using ultra matte finish.

The proper method I learned is to use a concealer after applying foundation but not the before. Finishing touch using powder if you love your makeup to last the whole day 🙂 It doesn’t matter whether it’s a translucent, loose, pressed or setting  powder. You will be amazed!

Overall, I’ll give a 7 over 10 rate for this concealer pencil. I totally love this concealer.

So, what’s your take on this? Please leave comment below.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo

Wish List – All things Beauty!

It’s Autumn and not yet Christmas but I have been wishing to get so many makeup to try on. Many of you may know that I’m obssessed with makeup and even though I have plenty they’re just not enough. Due to my makeup spending and purchases, I have more than enough makeup to last me for awhile. So, it will be a little silly of me to buy even more!

But then after reading so many beauty blogs, my lusting for makeup grew even more especially those ones that were highly loved and raved about so many times. So, here is my wish list that I have put up together of all the products that I have been drying to try on. And yes, I have to hold on until I deserve to have a little spend. Otherwise, my other half will not be so happy with me.

Star Light, Star Bright, The first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight (Poem).

Laura Mercier Concealer

Laura Mercier High Coverage Concealer for under eyes – I watched on youtube a UK beauty guru that used this concealer to hide her dark eyes during her makeup tutorial. I have dark undereye circles and I definitely need one of this for sure. It supposed to cover, de-puff and brighter the dark undereye circles. I haven’t owned any of Laura Mercier’s products but this is one that I will wish to get once my piggy bank is full. It’s retail for $34.00 online at Laura Mercier’s website.

Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Color

Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color – I love creamy matte lipsticks because I feel that it gives a more vibrant color and velvety finish on my lips. What more to say when it glides comfortably and feels light weight? BB says that this Creamy Matte Lip has long lasting wear up to 8 hours unbudged. I’m convince but need to try it myself to get the truth. There were 13 color shades to choose from, lights to bolds to brights shades. There are so many pretty colors to choose from. I wish I could have the Red Carpet (for the holidays) and the second would be the Razzberry, for autumn. Price is $30.00 Rating of 4.6. Now, that’s the lipstick I want to have on my wish list.


Lorac Pro Palette – Okay, you may be asking why do I wished for a Lorac Pro than Pro 2. The reason is simple. I love more neutral color shades. I love the Nude, Taupe, Sable, Espresso and Slate to do the smokey eyes look. I just love the rich pigmented texture just by watching how it blends in. So, far, it has been receiving love and I have yet to read any bad reviews of it. There seems to have more shimmers on the Pro 2 palette in my opinion. I know I am going to love this when my wish comes true.

Nars Blush Orgasm

Nars Blush Orgasm – Yes, here I come. Once I have save enough. I read some good and not so good reviews on this blush orgasm and I started to have mixed feeling to put on my wish list. But hey if orgasm is the blush that has high pigment and amazing colors then I shouldn’t miss out on this one. The color blushes seems to have very interesting names like Deep Throat, Luster, Miss Liberty, Desire, Outlaw, Unlawful just to name a few. For $35.00 is a bit pricey but let’s not put a price on orgasm! (He!He!)

If you own any of these products please do let me know if they are worth buying and also what do you wanting to purchase at the moment!

Sharon xoxo






Top 6 Tuesday beauty makeup!

makeup look autumn

I’m back to do my Top 6 Tuesday beauty makeup. This morning I feel motivated to do a few makeup reviews. Some you have read them before in my previous blogs but there are a few which I have tried recently and I’m going to share my thoughts with all of you.

I started my morning routine, washing my face with Aveeno Ultra-Calming foaming cleanser. Next. I will apply my ever favorite Lancome moisturizer with SPF30 and apply my favorite Dream matte mousse foundation by Maybelline on and then I’m ready for my next step of finishing the makeup.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAapply bourjois concearler

I haven’t do a review on some of these products and so I’m excited to do it today. First is the Bourjois Brush Concealer. It says to apply over dark circles and eyelids for a radiant look. You see, I have dark circles under my eyes and also puffy eyes. I applied this wonderful magic concealer and the dark circles seems to have been oncealed by this amazing concealer. It’s light and the texture is not too thick. I love this concealer and have been using it everytime I need to look fresh and radiant. The pen-style packaging with its ‘turn and click’ mechanism provides the perfect amount of product every time making application a breeze. Oh yes, I picked this when it’s on discount for $8.99 at Winners retail store.

revlonphotoready compact powder   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Next is this Revlon PhotoReady powder. I got mine in 030 Medium/Deep for $15.99 at a drugstore. I chose the darkest color shades actually and it looked medium to me when I wear it. Very slim choice of shades. They have light, medium and deep. In general, it lacks options for light and dark skin tone.

This pressed powder is not as mattifying for me. I like the radiant  and natural glow on my skin and it doesn’t show much of fine lines. It has only SPF14  which is low in term of protecting skin from the entire range of UVA. It would be good if the SPF is higher for better skin protection.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  applying the Nude eyeshadow from Maybelline

Maybelline The Nudes eyeshadow. I got it for $14.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart when it was first released(Canadian drugstore chain). But the price of this Nudes eyeshadow palette differs from different drugstores. I saw some selling for less than $12.00 and around $15.00 depending on where you are. I love the neutral shades on this palette and the formula is quite satisfactory. There are six matte and six shimmer colors in this palette. There are also guide on how to apply the eyeshadows on the back of the packaging. I can play with many different colors options from this palette and I’m doing the brown color look for autumn. It blended very well and has good pigmentation especially the matte ones. I did a review on this eyeshadow awhile ago in my previous blog.


Rimmel Volume Accelerator mascara with volume boosting complex. This one is in 003 Extreme Black (net weight 0.23 fl oz). It has fairly long wand and this mascara is huge. A note of caution is not to start too far on the lashes because I did accidently rubbed into my eyes once.This mascara doesn’t curled my lashes but it definitely put some volume on my eyelashes.

revlon blush

Next is Revlon blush, I did a review in my previous blog together with the Top 5 blushes earlier. So, please go back to my previous blog if you like to read more about it.

Revlon colorburst

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in 250 Standout Remarquable (Net wt: 0.095 oz). Yes, I love, love the color and the texture of this matte balm. It glides so smoothly and has perfect pigmentation. Available in 10 collectible shades. I love the creamy matte finish look. It’s easy to bring anywhere I go. With this, I don’t need my lip gloss since my lips does feel moist already. Overall, I love it.

So that’s about it, my Top 6 Tuesday beauty makeup and I hope you find them interesting and helpful.

What is your favorite makeup? Please share on the comment below.

Thanks for reading.

Sharon xoxo