Sonia Kashuk Tinted Lip Balm|Review & Swatch




sonia kashuk lip balm

As I was sobbing that Target had left town and picking up the pieces are hard to do. I was so sure that the Nail Polish was the last item I remembered getting from Target but then as I was doing my spring cleaning on the makeup products to review, I found this. I’m like “ahhhhhh”. It feels like the clouds opens up and the light shines directly onto this Sonia Kashuk lip balm. Obviously, jumping for joy is all that I can do but wait I did the happy feet dance tool! LOL!

sonia kashuk lip balm swatch

Sonia Kashuk Moisture Luxe tinted Lip Balm in Hint of Coral. I don’t remember how much I paid for this but on Target US and Sonia Kashuk’s website it shows $8.99. There are 4 super gorgeous colors available.

The packaging is sleek and packed solid. On the top of the cap, you’ll see the color tone for easy access to the shade you like.

lip swatches sonia

This is a lip balm that I will highly recommend you to get. It’s so creamy and it moisturize your lips and my lips feels great wearing it. High pigmentation and this lip balm glides like butter. The formula looks shinny but it’s not sticky at all. At first thought, I expected it too maybe feel a little sticky but boy was I wrong. No gunky or tacky feeling at all.

I really love how it makes my lips look. I love the smooth texture and the sheer color is freaking amazing. The color tint keeps your lips looking awesome and the formula works to moisturize all day. The Coral shade I got isn’t too orange-y or to bright so, it’s just a perfect shade to wear this summer.

I kicked myself for not getting more shades when Target were still around 😦 But on a more positive note, I’m glad to have this one to keep as a momento but in the meantime I’ll be wearing it from spring to summer.

Anyways, I hope that with this first impression review, and if you haven’t get this lip balm yet, head over to your local Target and grab one or  maybe two. The shades are so beautiful. You should definitely check it out.

Am I affiliated to any of this companies? Well, I’m not and I paid all the makeup I have with my hard sweat money. All the opinions are solely my own for all the reviews I made so far. So, rest assure that I’m giving  you my honest opinion and that’s what I love doing 🙂

If you have this Sonia Kashuk let me know what do you think of this by commenting below.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo



Bourjois Illuminating Touch 96 Rose Universal – Review

Hey Guys!

For those of you who are a regular readers know that I love Bourjois’s makeup line and for those who aren’t now you do! I have been slowly putting up one piece at a time of the puzzle everytime I picked up a bourjois makeup. well, it’s a long way to go but I’m adarmant to finish my puzzle one day.
bourjois blush touch bourjois blush inside
I picked this lovely round pot of Bourjois illuminating touch powder blush in 96 Rose Universal which is in coral shade. Pretty packaging ith a mirror and a semi-circle brush that fits in the pot. Net wt: 0.05 oz
bourjois color swatch
I did a swatch on my fingers and see how richly pigmented this formula runs. It’s smooth and soft. The offside of this blush is that it’s very shimmery and feels like too much of glitering happening on my face as I applied it on. It does says blush but obviously it is more of a highlighter by the texture of it’s light and sheer finish. I put them to my cheekbones and then added a touch on my browbone as a highlighter and it does work beautifully except with too much shimmer for me.
tested on hand
Oooo! It’s so blendable and look at the shimmer that it gives. I’m not quite a shimmer person but I might use it with my matte finish blusher. I think this illuminating touch blush is good to be worn for evening out or for going to a party.

Anyhow, I like it if it wasn’t as shimmery but on the contrary I’ll have to say I’m just liking it averagely. I’m sure this illuminator will lift up a dull skin to a radiant and fresher feel. But it just didn’t work so much for me personally and for those who loves shimmer highlighter, then this product will be perfect for you.

So, that’s it for my 2 cents opnion and hope to see you guys again tomorrow for another new blog.

Which is your favorite highlighter brand?

Till then, thank you for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo.