Acure Day Cream|#Ipsy March Glam Bag|First Impression



Hey beauties!

It’s me for my first impression review on this beauty product which I got from my March’s Glam Bag from Ipsy.  This month’s Ipsy’s bag has everything to love and I have started trying out some of the products that I’ll be writing my reviews on. Except for this, Acure day cream and an item or two which I’ll do it as my first impression.

acure day cream

If you have normal to dry skin than this will be a good product to try and if you have sensitive skin the natural ingredients might help you to consider. I have problems with some products that often times causes breakouts. I’ve tried this since yesterday and so far so good.

It has an amazing smell of citrus or tangerine. Sorry, I’m terrible in describing amazing smells but each to its own. But this scents I do like very much. It smells refreshing.

acure day cream

This is a sample and not for resale. Net wt: 1 fl oz.  Guys and gals this is going to get better. This day dream is cruelty free certified. It’s good for your skin and for the planet! Hurray!

I find that the texture is thick and heavy on application. It’s not runny but rich and creamy. No stickiness detected except moisturizing skin. I apply them on face and neck as per my usual day cream routine and oh how moisturizing my skin feels throughout the day. It blends easily with it’s smooth and soft texture and the only thing this day cream leave is a soft and tender skin.


Well, if you are looking for a simple moisturizer for day time wear that will keep your skin moisturize without giving you the shine and also health conscious then you’ve found your perfect moisturizer. Afterall this day cream is vegan, paraben and gluten free.


I don’t see any SPF or UV protection formula in this Acure Day Cream but like I said, if you’re wearing it to moisturize then go for it. Afterall, your skin deserve some love and care even though when you’re indoors too.

So, that’s it on my first impression review and if you like to see more of Acure skin care products, you can find them at local drugstores, ipsy, Amazon and Acure online.

Frankly, I don’t picked any day cream or facial products by random choice but thanks to Ipsy’s sample bag I got this month, I got the opportunity to try it and totally love it. I won’t hesitate to grab a regular size tube at my local drugstore once I have emptied it out.  Under my skin care regime calculation, I predict to be hopping over to get another pretty soon.

What do you think of this day cream? Have you tried any Acure beauty products? If yes, which one.  Let me know on the comment section below.

As usual, thank you so much for the love.

Sharon xoxo




Cruelty Free Drugstore Makeup Brands



Hey lovelies!

I’m so glad to be back after my one week off from surgery and I just can’t wait to share some of the highlights for the coming weeks. As we go along, you will be introduced to different segments in my upcoming posts. So do stay tuned!

On my previous post, I did talked and touched the tip of doing more of the cruelty free beauty products in my post and today I’m going to enforce it by just going to do just that.

So, what does cruelty free products actually means? In layman terms it simply means products which are not tested on animals. You can help save rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats and other animals from going through the excruciating tests.

How do you know if the product is cruelty free? Well, with the PETA’s Beauty program it’s as easy as (vegan) pie! Just look for the cruelty free bunny logo on the product package you intend to purchase or check out on my weekly post where I’ll feature more of the new brands joining this cruelty free program, also where to get them and how to be active to help save one bunny at a time. Here is the link of the logo.

Frankly speaking, I don’t claim that I am all about cruelty free and vegan free but after reading  and understand the importance of supporting cruelty free products, I put myself this challenge to have and create more awareness on the makeup products I’m about to purchase in the future.

Do you know that you can find cruelty free makeup brands at your local drugstores? I didn’t know before but I do now and I’m totally going to share some of these amazing finds with you guys.

Here are the counters to look for when you shop for cruelty free makeup products :-

cruelty free durgstore brands

Annabelle|Flower|Milani Cosmetics|NYX Cosmetics|Physician Formula|Pixi|Wet N Wild|E.L.F.

As you can see that there are plenty of cruelty-free alternatives out there! I’ve put together this list to help you make the right choices. It’s very easy to find good budget-friendly brands and products at your local drugstore.

That’s it for this week’s edition of the cruelty free drugstore makeup brands and I will do another posting on high end makeup brands for the companies whom had also signed up for cruelty free pledge.

What are your favorite cruelty free drugstore finds? I love to hear comments from you.

As usual, thank you so very much for reading!

Sharon xoxo



Wet n Wild Mega Last|Review|Swatch


Hey lovelies,

Today, I’ll be sharing with you a short review of this Wet n Wild Mega Last lipstick which I posted earlier before in my beauty haul. If you like, please check the link here.


Available in twenty four long lasting shades. Makeup sure that you look at the lipstick color formula when choosing your right shade because I notice that the label description at the bottom doesn’t match the actual color formula. The actual formula is darker than the label.

wet n wild reivew

Wet n Wild lipstick in 900B Pink Suga is a velvety matte lipstick with awesome pigmentation. I just love how beautiful it was on swatch. I’m quite impressed on how matte and lovely this nude shade. It’s long lasting and should I say durable!

On first application, the texture seems to be a little bit drier than other matte lipsticks I have tried a dozen times before. One thing that is lacking is the creamy moisture formula. To counter it, you can apply a lip gloss on leaving your lips nice and pretty! Awesome!!!!

In my case, since I love matte lipstick, I don’t mind wearing it without the lip gloss. A perfect nude that feels so natural 🙂

Which is your favorite Spring lip color?

So, thank you so very much for stopping by.

Sharon xoxo


Wordless Wednesday|PHOTO|Last Call of Winter


Hey friends,

I’m sharing with you a few more images of winter before spring is here. I love winter mostly because of the ambience of serenity and another reason for me to snuggle under my warm bed 😀


While my husband was driving in the downtown area, I got the chance to take a quick photo snap of this old church.

a blanket of snow

A bank of snow on busy street.

in the woods

I moved to a more country side area and here is another route through the woods. So, tranquil!

winter wonderland

While this image is taken near a hospital in downtown area.

on the highway

Early sunset in winter and it’s time to be heading home after a long day.

That’s it for my wordless wednesday this week. I’m excited to know what will be your wordless wednesday. You can share it in the comment below or head over to It’s Wednesday, Makeup Talk with Beauty Junkies where discussion is opened for the whole day, every Wednesday.

Thanks for passing by.

Sharon xoxo


Ipsy Glam Unbagged|February|Preview


Hey Beauties,

Hurray! I could not believe my eyes when I saw this pink package in my mail box yesterday and thank goodness I’m able to share some of these interesting products samples just before Valentine’s day.I didn’t expect to receive them so early but guess I’m in luck (giggling!).

ipsy bagipsy love february

If you are not familiar, Ipsy is $10/month and sends its members a beautiful Glam Bag with deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products.

I think this month’s glam bag is absolutely pretty and I know that I’m just going to enjoy wearing them tomorrow and the day after.

This February’s Ipsy bag is pretty classy with diamond shapes pattern print on and I just like it.

The February ipsy glam bag theme is ipsyLove. Let’s see what’s in my bag.

ipsy glam unbagged ipsy unbagged 5 samples ipsy

Let’s see what I got in my glam bag. Oooo!!! a lovely and pretty,

creamy lip stain lip stain

1) Creamy Lip Stain by City Color Cosmetic in Flirtini (valued for $4.99) Available in six fun and lovely color of hybrid lipstick and gloss. It also has a soft sweet scents that I like. The color texture is of a soft rose pink with a nice subtle shade for you who loves rose pink lips. I’m not so sure how to describe the texture but I’ll do my best. This lip stain feel very lightweight and creamy. It glides so easily and soft. The formula feels as light as a face primer but not quite. It looks a little messy as I first applied it but as it dries up, it gives a lovely pretty finish look. Once the lip stain sets, it surprised me with a matte finish lips which I really really enjoy. It sort of feathery at the beginning when I try it on. Just make sure to check your teeth just right after you apply this lip stain but once the formula sets the result is exceptional.

I thought I would not like it on first sight but boy was I wrong. I really love this creamy lip stain after I tried it. My lips look so pretty and I just love this color stain. Cupid must have struck again ❤

eye lash curler emite curler

2) Professional EyeLash Curler by Emite Make Up (valued for $25.00) This eyelash curler has a special curl design angled to suit all eye shapes. It has a red silicone rubber pad to apply a specific pressure to curl the lashes. Very nice and comfortable handles not to mention its sturdy. They even included 3 extra rubber pads as spares. I’m very impress with this big boy and was too excited to give it a try. An awesome eyelash curler for everyday curling. Emite Makeup is new to me but do check them out because not only do they have beauty tools but also makeup products from Brows to lips.

night volumizing

3) Up All Night Volumizing Spray by Eva NYC (valued for $10.00 for 1 fl oz). As the label reads, this Volumizing spray is here to keep your hair up all night, alright! This lightweight formula adds volume and texture to your hair. Many of you may know that I’m not so of a hair person, but for you guys I’m going to try this spray and will share my thoughts and review on my next post. Do stay tuned!

face oil

4) Fine Radiance Face Oil by Mitchell and Peach (valued for £30.00 actual size of 20 ml). Oh wow… this is an interesting product that makes me wanted to venture more on it. A face oil that has anti-oxidants and vitamins that absorbs instantly and leaving skin plumper and firmer. This statement makes me wanted to check it out at once. I applied them on my skin and first, it’s not oily and  second it has an aromatherapy scents to it. My finding is that this face oil is not heavy and it absorb quickly into skin. I do not see and feel any difference right away but in a weeks time after testing, I’ll be able to write a review on this face oil. I’m intrigued by it and seeing how it’s price, I’m curious to see how this product perform.

blush flirtini

5) Blush Cheek Powder by ModelCo  in Cosmopolitan (valued for $22.00) This is a beautiful blush that was created to give a rosy glow and beaming effect on every complexion. I got this pinkish shade blush in regular size. I love how pigmented this blush is and it’s very smooth and creamy. On top of that it has quite a bit of shimmer. Another lovely pink for all my pink ladies this Valentine. This blush gives a sheer and natural radiant look that lasts all day. Available in two lovely shades. Full review will be up soon once I have tried it thoroughly 😛

Honestly, that’s great value for a $10 subscription service!

Did you get this month’s ipsy bag? What variations did you get? And what’d you think? If you are interested in subscribing or interested in learning more, click here.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

cupid love

Sharon xoxo




Etude Etoinette Lipstick|review


Hey gorgeous,

A few weeks ago, if you remember I shared with you in my post the newest picked of Etoinette lipsticks by Etude in my makeup collection. As usual, I tried wearing these four gorgeous looking lipsticks the past few weeks and here are my thoughts on each of them.


Well, the packaging if incredibly cute and very 18th century design in my opinion. Oh my gosh! Just look how adorable they are. Lovely isn’t it!

color shades

Okay cuteness aside. Let’s get to the point. I received four of these lovely shades of plum, pastel pink, nude and orange shade. The texture is very buttery, creamy, moist and it glides like a dream. It’s all girl’s dream to get it.

etude swatch

Here are the color swatches and they are all awesome shades. I very much like all the four colors and the shades look pretty on lips but I find that it is not velvety enough. It is not as pigmented as other lipsticks which I have tried before. I feel that it’s more sheer and doesn’t last as long.

etude nude lips

Etoinette in Nude

etude orange lips

Etoinette in Orange

etude pink lips

Etoinette in Pastel Pink

etude plum lips

Etoinette in Plum

I recommend if you buy this for collecting the cute packaging but other than that the lipstick itself is not that great. The colors are really gorgeous but surprisingly bright.

I really love the packaging and the beautiful shades but not so much on the texture and pigmentation wise. Will I repurchase, I don’t think I will.

What do you think of this Etude Lipstick? Please leave comment in the section below.

Thank you so much for reading.

Sharon xoxo




Lorac Mega Pro Palette|Bold Red|Makeup Look


Hey beauties,

What a busy week? It snow and cold and more snow in February. I love winter but I just can’t wait for Spring. Speaking of Spring, I’m excited to share with you guys some new daring eye makeup looks for 2015 in this post and on several postings. So, do stay tuned!

For this first Bold Red eye makeup look, I’m using Lorac Mega Pro Eyeshadow Palette. You guys know that I’m obsessed with eyeshadow palettes, but today somehow I felt that Lorac Mega Pro is calling me.

lorac mega pro palette - tutorial 1

In this palette are 32 gorgeous, gorgeous shades of shadows. There are 16 shimmer and 16 matte eye shadows in all shades you need to create the look you love. They’re highly pigmented and wearable eye shadows. Love IT…. Love IT!!!

makeup products

Having said that, let’s jump into creating the look that inspires me from the beginning. Since I’m a big fan of red lips and eyeshadows, I just have to jump to it. Red is a scary shade to some but this intense beautiful color can easily pull it off your eyes.

Okay, it’s time for those who like to break boundaries to try something new. Are you ready for Your Special Valentine or a night out to party?

step 1

The first step is by applying your eyeshadow base or concealer on your dark circle under your eyes. Pat it gently until the concealer is well blended in.

I then proceeded to use my recent love of Pacifica Ethereal eyeshadow on the lids. It’s very pigmented and easy to blend. Beautiful neutral shades with some amazing shimmer on my lids.

mulberry crease shadow

Alrighty, next is to use Mulberry for the crease, I started from the middle but you can start from the outer corner lid as well. The important thing is to blend and blend well. I really love this awesome shade in this palette. A little goes a long way and believe me, it does!

outer lids

Oh wow …. easy peas-y right. We’re already almost at the end – which I used a smaller brush and dapped a bit of the White shade on the inner corner and the center of the lids. This method is to make your eyes look more pop and brighter.

The next is applying Merlot on the outer corner of your lids. Use a circular motion and start from the corner lids and blend softly until you reached the darker shade for the outer lids.

mascara, eyeliner

We’re almost done. For more intense and dramatic look, why not put some eyeliner, pretty up the brows and lashes. What I did was applying the Granite eyeliner by Prestige. It’s a drugstore brand that I feel that it was so amazingly easy to glide on my lids.

I chose Sonia Kashuk eyebrow pencil in Taupe for my eyebrow and the finishing touch, I used the Volume accelerator by Rimmel. I just love how my lashes look :3

lorac pro mega tutorial

So, here is the look which I recreated using my Lorac Mega Pro Palette. I really enjoy playing with the colors and creating this bold red eye makeup look which I think is stunning.

You’re ready to celebrate this Valentine with your love ones and don’t forget to pose for professional photographer’ shot,  even your phone camera or selfie. Spread your passion and love for love is in the air!

Question to you is, which bold color eyeshadow have you tried before?

Until next time, hope you find this interesting and helpful. Thank you and see you guys tomorrow!

Happy Sweet Valentine!

Sharon xoxo


Urban Decay Naked Palette|Swatches|Review


Hey my loves!!!

Remember I did a review a couple of month back on Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette and today I’m going to share with you guys another of Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palette which I picked up recently. I love the Naked Palette since I heard raves on all these Naked Palettes and I as usual curious to find out and gladly try them for my next makeup review.

Naked Palette

So, as you can see I have another palette under my paw and I just can’t help but to scream in excitement when I saw this parcel in my mail box. Let me tell my love for Urban Decay palette is true unless proven otherwise.

Oh gosh!!! Here with me is the ORIGINAL Naked Eyeshadow Palette by Urban Decay and I’m so excited to share my opinion and thought on this palette with you guys.

package thickness

This Naked Urban Decay palette packaging is made of velvety chocolate brown exterior with golden trim logo on the casing. Inside the palette is a average size mirror with twelve lovely color shadows. I personally love, love this palette. It has a very sophisticated look and I think this is the best palette to date from Urban Decay. The darker shade looks perfect for smokey eyes look and the lighter for daytime makeup.

naked shadow palette

Included in the palette is this soft synthetic Karma shadow brush for blending. I’m mesmerized by these amazing shades on this palette. Every shade is so soft, smooth and incredibly pigmented even the mattes.

shadow palette

Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette : Net wt: 0.13 fl oz for $54.00 (Available at Sephora, Amazon, Ulta, Urban Decay online)


Many of you may know that I did a review on Naked 3 Palette on my previous post and in comparison with this Naked Palette I find that the latter has more neutral shades which you can really work on for a nude or dramatic finish look. Whereas, the Naked 3 seems to lean more to the pinkish hues that gives beautiful, soft rose shimmery finish. I love both palettes very much and again the color payoff  is so amazing and I just love how easy it was to blend with a drop dead stunning look. I will be doing a makeup tutorial for daytime and night time makeup in my next post using this fabulous Urban Decay Naked Palette.

color swatches naked palette

After doing the color swatches, here is what I found: There are only two matte shadows and they’re Naked and Buck. The rest ten shadows are either with frosty or shimmer finish. There are five new shades in this palette. In my opinion, Gunmetal and Creep looks very close in tone while Darkhorse is of .

naked palette (2)

Here is my Nude look using Naked Palette by Urban Decay vs Naked by Kim Kardashian !!!

Behind this box packaging … it says “Go Naked and not neutral …. clothing is optional”! lol

It’s A…MA…ZING!!! Worth every dime in my opinion, if you ask me.

Whatever you’re looking for in an eyeshadow is all compacted here in the Naked Palette. A very versatile eyeshadow that you can wear day and night. A must have!

I’m not affiliated with them whatsoever but I just wanted share the love with you guys.

What do you think of this Naked Palette? Don’t forget to leave comment below. I love reading your comments.

Thank you so much for your love!

Sharon xoxo


Instain Blush by the Balm – My First Impression!

Hey guys!

Today I have a blush review that I love to share it with you all. It’s the up and coming brand called The Balm. Most of you may have heard of this company as they are creating and coming up with new and exciting products. Bear in mind that this blushes are not new to their lineup but worth sharing.

So, are you as excited as I am now before I reveal what I’m going to do on my first impression?


Instain blushes

I ordered these Instain blushes by thebalm and I fell head over heels on these ones. I received them in my mail a couple of days ago and inside the package are two beautiful matte finish blushes and an amazing satin finish blush. I ordered 3 different color shades for this review. They’re available in six lovely shades for all seasons and skin tones. You can order online at the balm or also check out at Amazon, ebay and nordstrom.

Two are of matte finishing and the other are satin finish. These blushes comes with a sturdy cardboard packaging that’s not bulky at all and a good size mirror. Each blush has a unique photo of a retro/vintage woman in front. I’m sucker for cute packaging and I just love how cute they are. Inside in the pan are these beautiful blushes.

instain the balm

closed up instain

Pinstripe is of plum toned and the texture is soft and blend-able. Net wt: 0.20 oz for $22.00 at thebalm. Beautiful satin finish for medium to dark skin. It gives pretty coverage and a little goes along way.

argyle blush

color shade

Spring color (Argyle) is of soft petal pink with a matte finish. It’s a little bit lighter in shade that I expected and a little powdery. The texture is soft and smooth. Once you’ve blended it well, this blush will look dashing. If you have pale skin, this shade will look pretty on fair skin toned.

lace blush

lace shade

Lace is of bright pink with a matte finish. The shade does popped out better for me on swatches than the argyle which is a paler pink in my opinion. All three blushes are intensely pigmented and they’re blend-able. Since they’re so pigmented, it’s better to gradually built up the color. If you’re looking for some shade to look fresh and cheerful, Lace is the perfect choice.

color swatches pic

I highly recommend these blushes for its high pigmentation, color pay-off and long wear time. Overall, I love these Instain Blushes and I know they’re going to keep me busy for awhile dolling up!

What do you think of this Instain blush by theBalm? Will you pick them up?

Thank you for reading.

Sharon xoxo

5 Genius Eyeliner Tricks You Must Know


Hey Beauties!

Have you ever encounter time and again that drawing an eyeliner can be as challenging as standing on a circus ball doing a balancing act?

Well, here are a few tricks that might keep those challenges at bay:-


Trick #1 – Use a pencil liner as a guide for tricky liquid liners. Not everyone of us owned the same type of liquid eyeliner at home but we are more a less have the same type of eyeliner pencil, agree? We all learn to hold a pencil the day we know how to write but not a brush unless maybe in China, then chances are you might be an expert in holding a liquid liner to draw a liner. So, if you are like me, then this trick might work for you.

First and foremost, use what we know best since childhood, drawing a line with the pencil liner. Draw the liner closer to the eye lashes or even you can even make a cat eye wink. Just kidding! Once you have the look of the pencil liner you like, go ahead and trace them with a liquid eyeliner. This way, you will achieve the best liquid eyeliner look your friends will want to copy.

wht eyeliner DSC06875

Trick #2 – Make less pigmented eyeshadow more vibrant by covering eyelid with white eyeliner first. You might be wondering how? Alright! I’ve to admit that I don’t like to waste makeup and what do I do after picking up some eyeshadows that doesn’t perform or as pigmented like it should be? Absolutely disappointed I must say! But here is the remedy of not putting the shadow to waste. Simple apply a layer of white color eyeshadow or even white eyeliner on the eyelids before applying the eyeshadow. You will see the obvious result instantly.

DSC06892 blend the hashtag

Trick #3 – The next time you wanted to get a perfect smoky eyes. Just draw a few # sign on your eye lids. Then smudge it and repeat the process several times until you reached the results you wanted of a smoky eyes.

create new shadow

Trick #4 – Getting bored with the same old color eyeliner over and over again or have a broken shadow pan that’s looking sad. Well, there is a solution to boredom and save your shadow. Why not create your own custom eyeliner with wet brush and eyeshadow, let me assure you that it’s simple! I mixed two shadows and created this color in taupe-grey. Loveeeee iiiit!!!!!

putting the dots connecting the dots

Trick #5 – Simplifying a straight line by drawing dots on the eyes before connecting them. Once you know what’s the width of the liner you want your eyes to look, then put on the dots on several places close to eyelashes. I personally put three dots one in the middle and one on each side. Connecting the dots can be fun too just like when we were once little (nostalgia!!!!).

For more ideas and tricks on eyeliner, please check on my next post in a week to come. In the meantime, stay beautiful, love.

Would you try this tricks? I love to know what you think.

Thanks for reading.

Sharon xoxo










Ipsy Bag Creme Lipstick by Forever 21

Hey everyone!

I’m back with the Ipsy November unboxing bag that has this nice creme lipstick Berry shade. It comes in a black plastic packaging and the great part of this lipstick is that it has a transparent bottom for easy pick me up color shade identification.

love and beauty berry lipstick

Okay, maybe I have high expectation on this brand but this creme lipstick really falls short. No doubt that it glides smoothly and actually it’s jut too moist for a creme lipstick in my opinion. It feels more like a lip gloss than a creme lipstick. The other downside is that this formula tasted strange (like kerosene). One thing that push me away from a lipstick is the strong smell and taste. I was really put off by the taste on this one.

color swatch color transfer

Color Swatch and color transfer 

It has some shimmer finish. This lipstick bleeds and color transfer very easily and my lips feels oily and I just have to rub them off immediately after trying. Sadly, this is a no no for me 😦

closed up lips

Lip color with lip liner (from NYX)

kissable lips

Kissable lips (color transfer)

Any who, it has very good pigment formula coupled with a sheer finish. Overall I feel not comfortable wearing it on my lips because of the smell and taste. Frankly, I’m not impressed at all with this lipstick and will not repurchase it. This is my take and my opinion only and it may work for others but definitely not for me. I don’t plan to wear this Forever 21 lipstick again.

Have you tried any lipstick that doesn’t work on you? If yes, which brand? Let me know below. I love to hear your experience.

Thanks for reading.

Sharon xoxo







Stila Countless Color Pigments Eyeshadow

Hey friends! Alrighty, today is the day that I will reveal this beautiful Countless Color Pigments eyeshadow by Stila. I did a beauty haul on sometime ago. I tried it and am going to share my experience with all of you.

swatch line bourjois DSC03608

This formula is the made through handmade proprietary pressed and baking process and the end result is a beautiful and marvellous piece of vibrant pigmented shadow. I got mine in a more neutral color but also available are the Light Show, Melody, Indie and etc.. just to name a few.

stila eyeshadow stila

There are 3 shades in the same color pan and I used them individually to create a nice color shadow look. I use a eyeshadow brush and swirl the shadow in a circular motion and apply them on my lids. The finishing is of pearly finish and I noticed that not 2 countless pigments are alike. The shade I picked was in Encore that has more brown and pink than the lighter shade which I used as a highlighter.

This Countless Color Pigment is on special at for $8.00 while stock last. It seems that this product will phased out soon along with some other makeup favorites. If you are a fan of Stila Cosmetic, please check their website to get their discount when ordering.

So, that’s it for this lovely Stila eyeshadow review and see you guys tomorrow. Have a wonderful day!

Have you tried any of Stila makeup eyeshadow?

Thanks so much for reading!

Sharon Xoxo