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Thank you so much for visiting me in this blog. It has been a crazy crazy busy week here but today I’m going to talk about blush actually. I did a drugstore beauty haul several weeks ago where I’ll put a link below if you want to read it.


For those of you who have been following my blogs, you might remember when I touched just the surface of this pretty Sonia Kashuk’s Cream Blush in 03 Blossom (peachy coral toned). I picked this product from Target when it was in the process of disclosure. Sonia Kashuk is an exclusive brand to Target just as PIXI brand. I paid $9.79 for this blush.

sk blush

Okay, let’s start with the packaging. It comes in a simple and round plastic-que container with a decent size see through top. I always love packaging that can see through. It so much convenient to grab a shade that way rather than trying to figure out “hmm! what shade is blossom?” You catch my drift! But seriously, this is a pretty packaging and I love the simplicity it brings.


I couldn’t find a word to explain the formula of this cream blusher but anyways I’m going to try my best to explain i as plainly as possible. It’s just stunningly soft, creamy and smooth. It feels like a soft light weight primer but instead it’s a blusher. How brilliant this is? I was super thrilled to try this cream blush and oh my goodness …the texture feels glorious!

DSC01031 DSC01034

I don’t see any shimmer on pan but it gives a soft natural finish glow which is very skin like. The coverage is sheer and dewy but the pigmentation is insanely pigmented. Since it’s a cream formula, it’s light enough to be workable. The formula sort of been absorb in leaving skin beautiful and fresh.


I really love this Cream Blush and regretted not getting a few more shades when Target were still here (sob!). But anyways, if you have Target in your area don’t forget to check this out. It’s the most incredible blush I’ve tried so far. The shades are not shocking bright and the silky soft texture is to died for.

Will I recommend it to my family and friends? Well, you bet I will.

Thank you so much guys for stopping by.

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