QUESTION TUESDAY| What’s Your “Sweat Pants” Eyeshadow?


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Welcome to the weekly Question Tuesday that I’m so pleased to inform you it has been a success thanks to fellow beauty fanatics who share and connect the same passion of BEAUTY!  So, a big thanks to all of you for making Question Tuesday possible!

In honor to this thanksgiving celebration for our US friends, here is my question this week.

Q:  What’s Your “Sweat Pants” Eyeshadow? 
In other words, what’s the eyeshadow you reach for when you want something that’s low maintenance, reliable, and comfy?

Don’t forget to leave your comments below and connect. I really really love to hear your comments. I appreciate each comment. Until then, see you all back next week 🙂

December is going to be a fun month where I’ll be doing a month of blog collaborations with some of my good friends. If you like to know more what’s on schedule, tune back next Tuesday at 11.00am ❤ Share the love of thanksgiving.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read.
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by source  – Happy Thanksgiving week to all friends! ❤

Sharon xoxo


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Question Tuesday! Liptsick

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I get a few frequent question from my friends on how to help color stay put? I agree with the fact that most of the lip products that claim to have staying power tend to be more of a matte formula and dry out the lips. But there are tips to keeping lipstick last longer. Here’s my tips:

  • You can either use an excess cream concealer or foundation as the lip base for the lip color to hold on to
  • Pre-prep your lips by moisturizing it usually with lip balm twice a day
  • Use a sharpened lip liner to line your lips following the natural curve of your lips and then blend inwards with a brush. It’s to prevent bleeding and try to use the shade closest to your lipstick if possible. Remember less is more since you can always apply more layers as you desire.
  • lastly, you can blot it by covering it with a tissue paper and use a translucent powder and use a brush to pat it on the lips.

I would like to know :-

Q: How do you make your lipstick last longer?

I love to read your comment and what’s your tip on the comment section below.

Thank you so much for reading.

Sharon xoxo

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Wordless Wednesday! Rare Super Blood Moon

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Today’s post is what I believed most of you have heard in the news, facebook, most talked about in social media and from weather forecast etc… So, I was anxious to see what this Super Blood Moon is all about and guess what? Here is what I saw last Sunday evening.

Sitting in front of our porch on Sunday evening relaxing and watching this rare Super moon and lunar eclipse combine for ‘blood moon. We don’t want to miss this opportunity to capture all on the video camera which I was so excited to share them here with all of you. I was planning on posting a video but unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling well to edit the video last night. Instead I have all the pictures to show down below.

Hope you enjoy this rare astronomical event in which the moon appears to redden in the night sky – a ‘blood moon‘.

Let me know if you too have seen this “Blood Moon” in your area? I love to hear your comments down below.

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by on my Wordless Wednesday. Until next week, have a great rest of the week 😀

Sharon xoxo

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Question Tuesday! Beauty Products You Regret Buying

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Happy Tuesday Everyone! Welcome back to Question Tuesday. It’s September and yes, we got a lot of makeup that we purchased and tried but let me know if there is any particular makeup or beauty products which you regret buying.

Q: Let me know recently what are the one or many things that you’re so disappointed with or regret buying, like in a product?

Q: Would you return it, throw it out the window, continue using or store it at the back burner? Which personality type are you?

Let’s hear it from you on the comment section below.

This is all in for good fun!

Thank you very much for stopping by and I’ll see you next time. Stay beautiful!

Sharon xoxo

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Question Tuesday|What’s Your Recent Must Have Eyeshadow Palette?


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Okay Beauties! Welcome back to an exciting week of Question Tuesday. Did I hear a yay! Oh well … let’s get straight to the question:-

Q: What’s Your Recent Must Have Eyeshadow Palette for Fall Collection?

A: I’ll go with the New Anastasia Beverly Hills collection. How about you? I’m dying to know!

Let’s connect – you can leave your comments on the comment below or join me on my social media or you can share the highlights of your day with me?

Thank you very much for stopping by and comment.

Sharon xoxo

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Question Tuesday|Do Double Duty

photo by source
photo by source

Q: What makeup products you reached for to do a double duty for you?

It could be anything you used frequently or go-to products, for example: I’d use my shimmer bronzer on my crease as eyeshadow or a blusher and I’ve used lip liner for an eyeliner, lipstick for a cream blush etc. Let me know and share your comments down below which product work on double duty.

Thank you so much for reading.

Sharon xoxo

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7 Days Posting Cut-Edit-Cut


Hi everyone! How’s things going! I would like to inform you that there will be no posting for Thursday, Sunday and Monday starting June due to some personal engagement and schedule that have shifted. I wanted to take those time off to read and comment on your blogs.  So, there will be 4 postings a week tentatively but I plan on throwing in a post or two as a surprise read. Rest assured that you’re going to enjoy reading each one of them ❤

See you guys on Friday and until then stay beautiful.

by disney
by disney

Happy Summer to all my gorgeous friends!

Sharon xoxo


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7 Beauty Sins Tag

Hey Beauties! It’s been a minute since I talked about a beauty product on my blog despite having a little shopping spree just recently like two days ago and getting some new goodies. And here I am doing a 7 Beauty Sins Tag. Never heard of, right! Then continue reading …

by Disney
by Disney

1. GREED: Most expensive/inexpensive make up product you own. 

I have lots of inexpensive products which can’t beat this Bonne Bell set. So, I got to put this up to share with you guys. It’s my most recent acquired Bonne Bell 3 in one products in a purse. I paid $3 for three makeup items with a cute purse at my local Dollar Store. Yipee!!!

While I’ve a fair share of expensive products to mention but I’ll just going to pick one item and it’s the Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palettes 1,2 & 3.

2. WRATH: what products do you have a love/hate relationship with? What product has been the hardest to get?

Hmm… my love and hate relationship product will have to be the

3. GLUTTONY: What are your most delicious beauty products?

Hahaha! I’m going to say eos lip balm. It has delicious flavor. Its 100% natural and organic. Yum!

4. SLOTH: What beauty product so you neglect due to laziness?

One of my New Year resolution is to curl my eyelashes which I have been slacking recently.

5. PRIDE: what beauty product gives you the most self confidence?

I would have to say my lips. A good lip color will definitely boost up my self confidence to the max.

6. LUST: What attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?

Mens shaving cream – I love the smell and it attracts me, hahaha! Oh gosh … this is embarrassing 😛

7. ENVY: What item would you most like to receive as a gift?

I’m obsessed with eyeshadow palettes and wouldn’t mind to receive them as a gift ❤

There you have it, my 7 beauty sins tag which I enjoy doing. I’m not good in tagging but if you are reading this post and feel like confessing your 7 beauty sins, I suggest you don’t suppress it. Confess it! 🙂

Do you have a beauty sin that you like to share in the comment section below?

Thank you for visiting.

Sharon xoxo

Top 3 Picks of May|Blushes A Collab With CurlySpringBlossom

top 3 blushes

Hey Lovelies! It’s Wednesday you guys and you know it’s time for my beauty collaboration post with my good friend Ingrid from CurlySpringBlossom to do a Top 3 Picks which this week calls for BLUSHES. I’m super excited to be sharing with you all guys my thoughts and opinions on these beautiful blushes that deserves some applause.

benefit, mac, thebalm blushes

These blushes are my top 3 picks for May simply because of the color shades, texture and rich pigmentation and let’s not forget how cute the packagings are.

coralista benefit

Coralista by Benefit is an incredible blush to have. It goes on pinky coral toned with beautiful pigmentation. I love the scents, it’s just so freaking amazing. This is the perfect shade to wear in summer. The blush is both beautiful on the box packaging and on your skin. Coralista gives you a sweet summery flush that allows you to go back for more. IMO this is a perfect shade for all skin tones. I highly recommend this blush to anyone and I will repurchase again and again.

mac blush

I did a review on Mac Sheertone Blush in Spring Sheen not too long ago. I’ve put a link here of the full review.

I couldn’t say enough how amazing this blush is. I love the soft shimmery finish and the color payoff is awesome. It has super silky texture and it apply extremely well. If you’re planning for an evening out, don’t forget to wear Sheertone blush for some beautiful shimmer .

thebalm blush

We’re down to the last blush which is the Instain Blush by theBalm in Lace. This blush has a soft and creamy texture. Highly pigmented and if you love bright pink toned blush with matte finish then you’re going to love this one. If you love an adorable sturdy cardboard  packaging like this one with gorgeous shade then it’s double the cuteness.

I love the matte finishing and I don’t see that this pink is too bright on me. I’m in a medium skin tone as I get more sunshine and I’m happy that this blush makes my cheek looks healthy and not too dull. Full review on previous Instain blushes, click here.

3 color swatches

So, here are the three color swatches from my Top 3 Picks – Blushes. Which one is your pick? Hope you enjoy this post as much as I love sharing them with all of you.

Don’t forget to hop over to CurlySpringBlossom  blog where she has some amazing blushes to share with you too. We had so much fun with this collaboration but due to some personal commitments from both sides we decided to take a break for now and hopefully to resume back again in the Fall.

So, in the meantime the Top 3 Picks Beauty Collab will be replaced by my Madness Wednesday starting next week.

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by source

Let me know in the comment section below if you want to see another beauty collaboration in the near future? I love to know what you think.

Thank you so much for stopping by. Until next time,  stay beautiful.

Sharon xoxo

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Question Tuesday| Walmart




by source
by source

Q: Tell us what you love and hate about shopping your beauty products at Walmart!

A:  I guess Ursula says it all in one breath 😀

Well, this is what I think – the upside of shopping my beauty products at Walmart is their low prices and return policy. Depending on the Walmart you go to, some have available Tester products which I find it helpful. There are two exclusive brands at Walmart. Can you make a guess which brand?

The downside is that they’ve limited product inventories in store and their liquidation sale products which were on the shelf weren’t such a big deal. Moreover, not all Walmart carries the same beauty inventories.

I wish that Walmart here will have more makeup brands and please have the $5 beauty box available here too.

Now, is your chance to express how your shopping experience at Walmart affected your purchasing power. Feel free to leave your comments below.

Thank you as usual for stopping by.

Sharon xoxo




The Bloggers Burnout Symptoms

by Disney
by Disney

I cannot say this for many bloggers but this is how I feel right now 😦 Maybe, some of you had experienced it before while some of you are like me getting this burnout symptoms that is just demotivating. Today, I’m going to talk on something non-beauty related post but focusing on the main topic of productivity blogging vs burnout. I read an article recently on how bloggers have burnout and it seems common when you set your productivity level too high. So, then what is  productivity actually means:-

PRODUCTIVITY = is an average measure of the efficiency of production (taken from wikipedia). 

Okay let’s all face this, if your idea of productivity simply means you check email from your bed, working until you crash the sofa or have the to-do list like there’s no tomorrow well, honestly speaking – you’re not alone. We’ve all been there and sometimes still feel it. Well, the definition of what you do is called productivity burnout.

So, how do you enhance productivity? Here are 5 methods you could try:-

1) PRIORITISE – You know that there is no way that your to-do list is both urgent and important. Do you know which tasks to cross out? So, do what is important and urgent first. Because those are the ones that propel your business and life forward. Laundry could be urgent but not an important one.

by source
by source

2) YOU ALWAYS COMES FIRST – love yourself first. You are your own investor and keeping a healthy and happy life is important. Do you know what is the most important thing in your blog that couldn’t exist without? It’s YOU! Your blog is done for, if you stop having brilliant ideas, or if you stop being creative and if you’re too tired to generate value or growth to your blog.

by source
by source

3) SET RULES AND FOLLOW THEM – we’re all guilty of this charge one way or another. But you need to discipline yourself to set rules that are realistics. Nobody knows you better than yourself so my rules includes No work during lunch break, getting away from the screen at least every 1 hour, stop and walk away if my brain is too tired to think and no typing when I’m skyping or while talking on the phone.

by Disney
by Disney

4) CHOOSE BETWEEN QUALITY THAN QUANTITY – I’ve experience in this field (remember my daily post) and boy you have to listen to this advice well. I’ve learned over time that it doesn’t matter how many posts you write in one evening if they’re all crap because you are too tired to even think. Best advise is to take time off or walk away from your computer screen and return with fresh and relaxed mind. It works for me 🙂

by Disney
by Disney

5) SIT DOWN AND MEDITATE  – if you feel the wave of anxiety or already feeling the burnout, one thing to do is stop everything, take a break, sit down and meditate for a good 10-15 minutes. Meditation will increase energy level and it helps clear your mind and anxiety or even stress.

by Disney
by Disney

This is not my usual blog post but since I’m sort of experiencing this burnout first hand, I thought of sharing how my productivity can cause burnout. I’m not ashamed to admit it. It’s no fun to be stressed but there’s help. I hope these few methods help when you needed as you walk forward towards your goal 🙂

I want to know if you have felt burnout? What does productivity mean to you? Leave your opinion in the comment section below. I love to hear from you.

If you like to read more of this similar post which is non-beauty related, don’t forget to comment the topic you like me to do next 🙂

So, thank you so very much for taking the time to read.

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by Disney

Seriously! LOL!

Sharon xoxo

Note: The pictures above are not mine.





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by Disney

M is for the many hugs you gave me

O is for all the outstanding care you shower me with

M is for being a marvelous mom to me.

I love you mom for everything you are for me. Thank you for all the hugs and kisses and for loving me ❤

Celebrate Mother’s Day with compliments and thanksgiving.

Happy Mother’s Day to all who is a mom and yours.

Sharon xoxo