Go Nude! $4 Eyeshadow Palette by Risqué Beauté


I’m super excited to to share with you my latest love that I just picked up over the weekend. This palette is so affordable and it’s going to be my latest day-to-day go to for quick and beautiful eye look.


I bought this at Dollarama and I swatched it in the store. It’s so pigmented that I’ve to get it but is it justifiable?

In short yes! The GO Nude Eyeshadow Palette is a stunning collection and I’m going to tell you why.


First up for the packaging. The palette comes in a pink and sturdy metal casing.  It’s a slim palette considering it’s size, so convenient for travelling and popping into larger makeup bags. I love that they use metal packaging for this kind of palette as opposed to cardboard given the price is only $4.

It says on the packaging that this palette is Not Tested on Animals but I can’t find anywhere on the website to confirm this.


The hinge makes it easy to open and close the lid. The packaging is slim and sleek which I really appreciate. The pink color design is so pretty and girly.


Does this reminds you of the Naked Palette or what? Like honestly just this packaging it reminds me so much of it.

In terms of the shades, there are a total of 12 in the palette mainly consist of neutral nude shades. There is a great selection of both matte and shimmery shades, with the textures and formulations being on point throughout. You get 9 matte shades thrown in the mix and the shades are of warm, cool and neutral tones. When it comes to texture, they’re creamy and smooth to apply. They blend beautifully.


You’ll get a full size mirror and as you can see you get a total of twelve beautiful shades for less $5 a palette.

I believe it comes with a dual ended applicator like those of Naked Palette but the palette I got is missing a brush. I’m not completely bummed since I don’t really care about palette brush anyways.


Here are the colors up closed. I want to do it a few up close shots for you guys.


I’ll go ahead and swatch all these eyeshadows and as always I applied these shadow swatches on my bare hand.

I can see this becoming one of my go to palettes this year as the shades are so me. If you want to get your hands on one I’d recommend you heading to your nearest dollar store before they’re out of stock. However, it seems to be available on ebay or amazon website.

Will you be picking this up? What do you guys think? Share it in the comment below.

Thank you guys for taking the time to read and I hope this was helpful for you. I’ll talk to you guys very soon. Bye!

Sharon xoxo


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Dollar Store Random Haul


Hey everyone! Thanks for joining me in this blog. Today’s post is going to be about Dollar Store Random Haul. I was in there when I visited Ottawa a couple of days ago where I excitedly picked up a few random things. Oh yeah! I’m literately the ultimate tourist.

Dollartree Haul

I noticed they’ve souvenirs for Canada 150th Birthday (which is on July 1st) and so I grabbed a few as a memento. I want to say nothing is over $5 from Dollar Store and they’re usually price around $1, $1.25, $2 and $4.

Blending Sponge

When I saw this Blending Sponge by Jolie Couture, my instinct told me to get it. I don’t really know this brand but I don’t mind trying out new brands and products especially when it costs only $2.50.

I’m very curious to try out this sponge so I let you know what I think in the hit or miss series. So don’t forget to check back later.

Sticker and after sunscreen

I was tempted to go nuts on the sunscreens, but had to remind myself of the insane amount of sunscreens I’ve that I got to finish this year and opted to just picked one. L’Oreal Sublime Sun After Sun Rich Repairing Lotion drew me to it. Made the purchase and I asked my hubby if he’ll help me to use it and was glad that he’s on board with the idea. I burnt to crisp with summer heat and this after sun repairing lotion is what need this summer.

It smells amazing and feels so lightweight. I really like the cooling sensation which is not sticky at all when I rubbed it on my body. Seriously, I’m in love! You guys have to try this.

Next is the Adventure Sticker that I’ve been loving. It would look super cool to have them on my laptop. I’m a sucker for cute things so I can’t pass on this one. I’ll show you how it looks in my snapchat and don’t forget to add me!

Tattoo and keychains

I’m such a tourist in my own country. Grabbed some souvenirs to mark Canada 150th Birthday on July 1st. The Tattoos and Key chains are super cute. I wore the tattoos last weekend and even though it rained, the tattoo was still holding on. It was a big celebration for Canada from coast to coast. Check out my instagram or snapchat where I shared some interesting posts.

Sharp alarm clock

This is a random pick by my hubby. A Digital Alarm Clock that’s only $4 by Sharp that’s a super steal. I’m going to put this in good use once our old Casio call it a day.

Air Wicks Stick ups

Last but not least are two packs of Airwicks in Lavender and Chamomile scents. These are products I love to have them in my home all the time. I need to go back to get a few more packs. They smell amazing and it makes me happy.

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Happy Canada Day, friends!

Sharon xoxo


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New Bonne Bell Nail Lacquer – Review & Swatch



I spotted not only one but two of these pretty color nail lacquers two weeks ago. I have some pictures and swatches for you. So, don’t go anywhere and continue strolling down.

Here is a closer look at them.


This is a new collection line from Bonne Bell and I’m super excited to share my thoughts and opinion on this post.

I picked up Honolulu and Key West nail lacquers from the Dollar store. They have a few variety of combinations but since I heard about their new nail polish I grabbed this one to try. Both are for $3.00 and they come with a cheap makeup purse. I threw the purse and keep the nail products.


I’m so thrilled to see that these comes in a full-sized bottles. Happy to say that I’m quite impressed with the formula and the cute packaging. I remember buying my first Bonne Bell’s eyeliner from a drugstore many years back and I really like it. So, every time I see this brand in a drugstore, I’d make a point to definitely check out their products.


This polish was a bit sheer, but not terribly so. I needed two-three coats for what you see above.


This is two coats of the nail lacquers. I was actually surprised at how pretty and I like how opaque it was. It’s not glowy, shimmery or glittery. This polish was very easy to apply and it also dried VERY quickly.


Here’s a look at the brush. I find the brush  to be very nice. It’s cut very cleanly at the edge and the brush shape is flat, thin and wide. Helps apply the product easily.


That purple is gorgeous. I really like the purple better than the red (Honolulu finishing). Don’t get me wrong, I like the red but the purple has a great shine that I really like. And the color of Key West is just so pretty.

Last thing need to mention is, I have a feeling you’ll be seeing more and more of this polish show up on my blog 🙂

What have you picked up lately? Comment below.

Thank you so much for stopping by to read.

Sharon xoxo



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Dramatic Shades Review, Photos and Swatches!




I did a review on Mariposa Metallic Eyeshadows Palette in the past couple of months (click here for full review). I picked yet another palette in Dramatic Shades at the Dollar store recently. I remember mentioning that I’ll be picking another palette if I find them available and luck was on my side that day!


I really like the Mariposa Eyeshadow. Although like any brand, some shades can be a hit or miss, I’ve been pretty pleased with their Metallic eyeshadows I’ve purchased and intrigued to try this Dramatic Shades.


Some shades are smoother/softer than others, and it has a decent pigmentation for the price.


At $3.00 a palette what could possible be wrong, these eyeshadows are super affordable, and I purchase them whenever I get swayed by the sparkles or the pretty color selections and always end up caving in.


I find it to be a nice every day shade especially the neutral earth toned shades and I often wear it solo on my lid and smudged on my lower lash line for a soft wash of color, topped with a mascara.


After swatching them next to each other yesterday, I realized how pretty they are together. I’m definitely going to try incorporating them all in a look!

Here’s the look. Not bad but I’d expect better pigmentation as the Metallic Palette.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The bronze and purple colors are pretty. The color payoff is average and it surely needs to be layered up. Applying eye base before the eyeshadows would be helpful to achieve an everyday look.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

mariposa eyeshadow dramatic

I do like this eyeshadow, but because of the loose glitter it’s not very practical, nor is it for everyone. MY only complain for this palette is the powdery texture and some colors lack pigmentations.

I don’t hate this palette but it’s just not something I’d reach for, if I’m aiming for an intense color, long lasting, glammy look.

If you’re beginners who started to play with eyeshadows, then this is worth the buck. For $3.00 only,  you get 12 eyeshadows which in my opinion is quite an amazing price.

Do you like Mariposa eyeshadows? Which are your favorites?

Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope to see you again on the next one 🙂

Sharon xoxo


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Mariposa Metallic Chic Eyeshadow Palette – Review

mariposa metallic eyeshadow

Hey Beauties! It’s weekend and let’s talk about eyeshadow. Honestly, I was not sure what to expect considering this was my first Mariposa Eyeshadow Palette purchase. Interested to read past post for full review of Dollar Store Haul, click the link here. I’ve tried their blushes and falsies and like them alot so I’m curious to put my fingers for a color swatch.


I’m an eyeshadow junkie and have probably bought more than 25 palettes this year alone. Having said that, I have a good base for comparison. I’m impressed with the pigmentation or color payoff. A little goes a long way.


This palette is very pretty by Mariposa!! The colors are very vibrant well pigmented. Very soft pigments! Smooth application. I love that they threw in a few nudes, warm tones, purples, blues and highlighters. It’s a good palette and easily one of the most affordable for those who are new to makeup or those who likes to play with shadows for the holiday seasons.


The quality of this palette is on point with full size shadows for the price at least. You get a lot of product for the money with this palette. The packaging is sturdy cardboard with two sponge tip applicators but there is no mirror on the lid. It comes in a clear plastic lid and I like this packaging design since you can see the eyeshadows right away. That’s brilliant!


Here’s a closer look of the palette.

Mariposa’s powder eyeshadows are really good, particularly the satin ones, and they seem to last longer on me without creasing. You get 12 of them in the giant palette which is a real steal. On hindsight, it looks quite close to the packaging of L’Oreal La Palette Nude Eyeshadow.


Brighter shadows – just as glammy!


Warmer shadows – look how pretty these shadows are!


Shadows picked up directly from the pan. Really like the pigmentations. I dare say that the eyeshadows are true to color.


You get the burgundy that is so very on-trend right now. And a glittery steel grey, another one of my favourite shades to wear. The taupe, gold and pale pink are very versatile, and would work for day or night.

Color swatches under natural lighting

They swatches beautifully and the shades are amazing. I was very impressed with the pigmentation given it’s only $3.00. I love that there are a few nudes/neutrals for daytime, in various textures and tons of shimmery shadows that aren’t black. The bright maroon and bright gold are the two unusual colour pops. The color selections are amazing and the textures soft and smooth. I really really like this palette.


Here are the color swatches on bare arm without primer or eye makeup base on closed up picture. What you see is what you get. Impressive, don’t you think?

eye makeup look look 2 look 4 look 5

I have so much fun playing with all the shades in this palette that I want to share some of the eye makeup look with all of you. Tell me what you think in the comment section. I’d love to know what you think.

PicMonkey Collage

I was excited to share a few of the eye makeup look with only using this Metallic Chic palette. So yay for that!

Overall, this is an amazing palette considering the low price. I’ll certainly repurchase and planning to pick the other color palettes the next time. This palette won’t cost an arm or leg, don’t wait till Christmas, this great value and quality products goes out fast. You’d love this! Available at Dollar stores and on ebay.

Hope you find this post helpful. Until next one, stay beautiful! ❤

Thank you so much for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo



The More You Have, The More You Need!


Dollar Store Mini Haul

So after my obsession with eyeshadow palettes as many of you who knows me by now my craving for eyeshadows have gone to an insane height. My eyeshadow collection is confirmed full as last weekend but yet, just a few days ago I was happily stashing in a few more palettes from the Dollar Store. Here I’ve rounded up five products that are perfect for the Holiday season. Best of all, they won’t break the bank. Each product is less than $5.

Well, one thing I know is that I love trying new products and very excited every time when I’m sharing my thoughts and opinion with all of you.

I have these five products which I just picked up yesterday. I’m excited so let’s just get started.

Cover Girl Exact Eyelight for blue eyes

I have this Exact Eyelight Quad Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes by Covergirl. This is Quad shadows comes in a standard clear plastic drugstore packaging with a sponge tip applicator. To my surprise it even has an eyeshadow brush together in the box. For $3.00 you get the quad eyeshadow with a decent size eyeshadow brush.

There are four nice eyeshadows and I apologized that you’re only seen three. The last shade was hidden and it’s a Navy blue. All the shades are average and I noticed that only the first two lighter colors have high pigmentation while the Green and Navy Blue feels drier and low color payoff. They’re not pigmented at all and the colors just doesn’t cut it. I wanted to mention. I’m disappointed with the formula but I’ll continue trying them and will give my final verdict on my next post.

Christmas Greeting Cards

I’d be lying if I said I’m not excited with the coming holiday season. Christmas is the time of sharing and giving and I just love the atmosphere and the holiday decorations. It’s the best season of all and I’ll be busy mailing Season Greeting cards to family and friends. I still love sending cards by mail than e-cards. Maybe, that’s just me. If you love to get a card from me, you can pm me your address 🙂

Mariposa Metallic Chic Eyeshadow Palette

I’ve said before and I’m going to say it again that eyeshadow palette is my favorite topic to talk about. When I saw this Mariposa Metallic Chic Eyeshadow Palette at Dollar Store, my jaw almost drop. Unbelievable! $3.00 for twelve eyeshadows is seriously a non-brainer. But, I don’t care since I got to try something new from this brand again.

There are two other shades available and since I’m planning to do some holiday season makeup look with metallic shadows, I dive in immediately to grab it. I like the color selections and the color placements in this palette. But one visible downside I notice would be the narrow color pan. I tried using a different brush but still I think using your pinky or a small flat brush works better to pick up the shadows. Another point to mention is the size of the products are decent and all could work for a glam look.

OPI Schnapps Out Of It! Nail Polish
OPI Schnapps Out Of It! Nail Polish

This shade just speaks to me and I got it for it looks so pretty in the bottle. Regular drugstore price is $9.95 and I got it at Dollar Store for $3.00. I’m not regretting purchasing it. Schnapps Out Of It! is described by OPI as mauve. It reminds me more of a rosy terra cotta kind of shade. There is also a hidden silver shimmer, it’s not very obvious on the nail…even in the sun. The formula is really really great, if you like it, you can go with 1 coater and if you’re loving this shade then 2 coats would be AWESOME!

Not for everyone but if you are willing to try something different, it’s a good pick. You may share your color obsession with OPI on their facebook or twitter.

Covergirl Natureluxe Silky Foundation

CoverGirl Natureluxe Silky Foundation for $3.00 with net wt: 1 fl oz. The shade I have is in 315 Bamboo. This shade is a good match for my light-medium skin toned. Note of caution -this product has a slight scents of jojoba extract and cucumber water. It has a medium coverage and it feels lightweight on skin. I’m excited to try this and will share my review in the next post.

What are some items you have hauled recently and are super excited to try? I’d love to know. Don’t forget to leave your comments down below.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo



December Empties!


Hey lovelies!

You may know by now that I love my skin care and I bet many of you too. Finishing a product can be both exciting and devastating at times. So today, I’ll share that feeling with you.  Let’s get started for it’s time for me to show you, my empties of the month!

december empties (2)

Time to riffle out my skincare items for year end 2014 😦

4 decmeber empties

Aveeno, Aveeno, Aveeno & Dial !

aveeno daily moisturizing lotion

Aveeno‘s Daily Moisturizing Lotion is a staple in my skincare routine (net wt: 532 ml). I like this body lotion since it’s creamy and non-sticky. It was clinically proven to relieve dry skin. I used it every night on hand and body and it does moisturize during warmer months for 24 hours as claimed. It’s a solid drugstore body lotion but my only problem is that it’s just not heavy duty enough for me in winter where I live.

Repurchase? Yes, this is a basic moisturizer that does the job.

aveeno daily scrub

Aveeno‘s Skin Brightening Daily Scrub is my favorite exfoliants by far. It has many tiny microbeads that scrubs that even my skin tone and texture. I use this scrub 3-4 times a week and I see the result of a pretty and brighter if not radiant looking skin looking back at me from the mirror. A wonderful product every beauties must have. It has an amazing smells too. I’m already on my second tube and I can’t stop wanting more.

Repurchase? Forever and a day 🙂

aveeno ultra calming cleanser

Aveeno’s Ultra Calming Forming Cleanser:It claims to cleanse, softens dry, sensitive skin and it’s fragrance free.Well, this cleanser has very nice foaming properties and it does work well as a cleanser to remove makeup and it stops there. My face feels tight after washing with this, it leaves my skin feeling extra dry and crusty 😦

Purchase? Not likely. I need a cleanser that is calming but non-drying.

All the Aveeno’s products mentioned above is available at Walmart, Target, Ulta, drugstores.

dial naturals body wash

Dial Naturals Body Wash: (net wt: 473 ml). I use this everyday for a week and then it’s empty. I must squeeze and squeeze a handful to get all the foam I wanted. I claims to be a moisturizing body wash. It has a fresh scents of tangerine and guava. I like the smells of it simply because one of my favorite fruit is guava 😀  Bad news is that I emptied the whole bottle in a week. Bought this for $2.00 at our local Dollar-store but this Dial is a huge disappointment for me. It doesn’t perform as well as a body wash should have. I’ve tried Dove and St Ives or even Axe shower gel which does much better than Dial. So, goodbye Dial!

Purchase? No, I won’t 😦

So, that’s it for my December 2014 empties! and check back again next month for my next empties!

What is your favorite empties? Let me know in the comment below.

Until then, thank you so much for reading.

Sharon xoxo