PR Box Unboxing – Everything Cruelty Free


Hey everyone! Welcome back to my blog post! February is always such a crazy month for me.  So many holiday celebrations, we just celebrated V-Day and Chinese New Year which happened to be on the same month this year. This month, I’m really excited to be sharing a PR Box Unboxing with your guys. There are some interesting and new baby products in this box. A big thanks to my wonderful PR agent for sending me this free samples.

PR Box Unboxing
*PR Samples

If like me you’re a fan of organic, natural and cruelty free products then you’ll know how amazing these formulas and products really are.

The Green Beaver Company

First thing I want to talk about are The Green Beaver Company Baby Wash and Baby Lotion. A Canadian family company founded on the belief that the best ingredients come from Mother Nature. This brand is certified Organic! These stuff are amazing, the formulas are made with your baby benefits in mind. When I use baby wash and baby lotion on my little guy multi-days in a week, I want to know that there’s skin food benefits in them.

What it does: 

Fragrance Free Baby Wash – it’s infused with their exclusive organic chamomile flower extract to provide extra needed hydration and soothing nourishment for baby’s delicate skin, scalp and hair. Also available in Calming Lavender. I’m glad that like me, you only want the best baby products for your kids. Head over to your nearest drugstore and give this a try!  

Baby Lotion – consist of soothing organic chamomile and pure Canadian sunflower oil, our baby lotion will gently moisturize your baby’s delicate skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Perfect for winter and dry weather!

#leapingbunny Cruelty Free logo

What’s great about this whole process is that you can find logos of what this product is free of on the packaging. Look for the certified logo of a leaping bunny if you’re looking for a cruelty free product and several other logos that shows what it’s Free of.

#Weleda Baby

Weleda has a vast range of products for face, body, baby and your personal care with affordable prices and great quality products. Here’s a brief history and value behind this brand which I thought might interest you. “Our purpose is to cultivate beauty. We are committed to supporting your overall wellbeing and beauty, and that of every living being. We strive for each of us to be empowered to cultivate beauty in the world, for ourselves, for our children and the future of our planet.” I love supporting brands and companies that holds the same shared values.  Have you found your inner nature?

Weleda Diaper Cream

Diaper Care Cream for that gentle protection on your baby’s delicate skin. I share some product swatches below for your convenience. Well, I don’t have a small baby to test it on but I’ll be curiuos to hear what’s your thoughts on this one if you’ve try it on your baby already! 

What it does: It claims to soothes skin and diminishes the appearance of redness from day one. Do you agree with their claim? Comment below.

Weleda Face Cream

Next baby care product is the Weleda Nourishing Face Cream that feels so creamy and smooth to touch. It smells so good and relaxing at the same time. I really like the scent of this Calendula flower extracts. I can smell it all day!

What it does: Moisturizing, soothing, easily absorbed, shelters skin from dryness. Helps support skin’s moisture balance and leaves it velvety-soft. I honestly believe this cream is a must-have during this dry winter season. Suitable for use by adults with sensitive skin, too! I can’t wait to give this a test run!

Weleda Skinfood

Weleda Skin Food cream feels so moist and hydrated on the skin. It has the natural plant extract scents that’s so aromatherapeutic making my body feeling extremely calm and relaxed. I could feel it almost immediately when I had it on. I like treating my skin with skinfood and needless to say I’m now completely hooked!

What it does: For dry and rough skin. Formulated with plant extract traditionally used to soothe the skin. Skin Food hydrates skin to give you that healthy-looking glow. I urge you to give it a go!

#Suro Kids Organic Syrup
Made in Canada

Suro Organic Elderberberry Syrup is great to fighting cold, cough and sore throat. A weeks ago, my little guy caught the worst winter flu plague ever. The fever, flu and cough took a huge toll on his health. It was so bad that, I’ve to rush to our nearest pharmacy to grab a bottle of cold and fever mixture to calm his fever down. One thing I learned that day was, as a parent it’s advisable to always have a cold mixture on standby all year round. I was grateful to receive this in my pr box, it pretty much got my kid covered from now on.

What it does: Traditionally used in herbal medicine to help fight colds and relieve sore throats, cough and fever. For fast, effective relief from colds and flu, cough and soreOREthroat. Elderberries contain over 2 to 3X the antioxidant value of blueberries. This product is all natural, gluten free, preservative free and kid safe.

Iboo bamboo Baby

Moving on to the next two products from the Boo Bamboo Baby range are the Biodegradable Baby Wipes and Baby Natural Sunscreen Spray for kids.

What it does:

Boo Bamboo Biodegradable Baby Wipes – are made of ultra soft, eco-friendly, 100% unbleached bamboo cloth. Safely and gently cleanses baby’s face and body using the highest quality, natural and organic ingredients. 12 sheets for $2.99 a pack. For a smooth and soft baby butt skin your baby will thank you for later, try this on your baby. This stuff is cruelty free, gluten and vegan free.

SPF 30 Kids & Baby Natural Sunscreen Spray Mini – specially formulated, gentle Broad Spectrum UVA / UVB Protection to shield your baby from sun damage. It claims to be fast absorbing, non-white cast and unscented. Spray it as instructed and just leave the rest to the sunscreen!

Radius Organic Baby

Last but not least, I got two items from a good organic brand that in my opinion was a bit under-rated, and it’s the Radius Organic Children Toothpaste in Coconut Banana and the Baby Toothbrush.

I wish I found this brand when my kids were still a baby but t’s not too late for my little ones to still use and enjoy its flavorful toothpaste.

What it does: 

USDA Organic Children’s Toothpaste – the unique formula is certified USDA organic, delivering a natural deep clean, minus any unpronounceable chemicals or additives. It’s quite literally good enough to eat. If you’re looking for a product that’s utterly organic, hs natural whitening, eliminate nasties and tasty, look no further. This is a must-try for your baby!

Pure Baby Toothbrush – Designed for the delicate teeth and gums of 6–18 month olds, it softly massages the whole mouth as it works to remove plaque buildup on your little one’s tiny teeth. RADIUS® products do not contain BPA. Never have. Never will. You can trust and count on them!

So if you’re interested on natural and cruelty free products, look no further. Give these products a try!

I hope you guys find this useful especially those with young kids. Let me know which you’ll probably pick for your little ones. I’d like to know if you’re inspired by any of this box unboxing in the comment below.

Thanks so much for stopping by and sticking around.

Sharon xoxo



Disclaimer:  I only work with brands I love, so thank you for helping me to support them. I received these products for free in exchange for sharing my experience, all thought and opinions are my own. The products shown in this blog post were sent to my by a PR company for consideration. The post is not sponsored. 

Question Tuesday: 15 Questions to Ask a Beauty Blogger (TAG)


Hey guys!  I’ve realized I haven’t really done any tag posts by now, so I thought I’d post one. I saw this random beauty tag called 15 Beauty Question and found it interesting because it gives a bit of a history behind the beauty blogger and the reason behind the whole cosmetics obsession. If you would like to answers these questions, just copy + paste the following questions, and give out your answers! Now, let’s get started, shall we?:)

1 What is your daily skin care routine?

– If I obey it properly, I cleanse, tone, moisturize, eye cream before bed.  Then in the morning tone, moisturize, and eye-cream

2 What is your weekly skin care routine?

– I use a scrub one a week

 3 How do you prep your face for makeup?

– I do my skincare routine and use a foundation primer

4 How do you take off your makeup?

– I use the Olay cleansing cloths as mentioned earlier to take off my eyemakeup and lipstick, then do the rest of my nightly routine

5 What are some DIY face masks?

– I haven’t tried any

6 What are some inexpensive makeup brushes?

– BH Cosmetics!

 7 Do you prefer matte or shimmer eyeshadows?

– I like both equally much

8 Do you prefer matte or dewy skin?

– Semi-matte.  I think some girls look nice with dewy skin but there is a fine line between dewy and shine

9 Do you prefer matte or shiny lipstick / lip gloss?

 – I love a matte lipstick.  If it’s a lip gloss, I like some shiny part to it 

 10 Lipstick, Gloss, Lip Stain, Balm, or Lip Liner?

 – Lipstick.  But if you’re going to go bold, make sure you use a lip liner

11 What type of coverage do you prefer from a foundation?

–  I like my foundation to be medium to light. I’m definitely not keen on heavy coverage foundations.

12 What cosmetic brands you always wanted to try but haven’t?

– Bobbie Brown, YSL, Tom Ford, Milk Makeup, Guerlain & Estee Edit  

13 Do you wear fake lashes?

– I do, usually for more special occasion and I do collect them. 

14 What type of product do you buy the most of?

– I’m obsessed with eyeshadow palettes and anything eyes related so you’ll probably find me buying some new eyes product. 

15 Do you like trying new skincare products or do you keep a certain routine?

– I prefer to stick to same skincare routine, but I like to try something new every now and then.


My take on this tag, I love how makeup makes me look good, polished and how it completes any outfit from outside in. Makeup makes me happy! When I do wear makeup I always emphasize both eyes and lips, which is unacceptable for many, but I think it looks great on me. I like to “break the rules” sometimes when it comes to makeup and I enjoy every single part of it.

Hope you’d enjoyed reading this post as much as I did doing this tag.

Thank you so much for stopping by to read. Until next time, have a great day and stay beautiful!

Sharon xoxo


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Question Tuesday



Q: Do you know that you could use lipsticks for everything? 

Here’s how: A fun, classic hack is to get a makeup brush and apply your lipstick to your lips, but also to your cheeks and eyelids. Apply lightly for a sophisticated look. How cool is that!


Thank you so much for stopping by and have a great day. I hope to see you guys again on the next one. Bye!

❤ Sharonoox


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Clarins Paris|Perfect Shine Sheer Lipstick – Hit or Miss


This weekend was super mellow, we stayed in Friday and my hunny bear picked up some take out food for dinner and we just relaxed and caught up on some TV. Since coming back from vacation, I’ve been pretty busy coming back to blogging. I was also excited for the get ready to school stuff for my little guy. So yeah, lots of emotion brewing and happening for the past weeks.


Anyways, Now I’m all ready to take the week head on! (giggle).

While I was on vacation several weeks ago, it rained on the second day and we decided to be indoors and so we stopped by Winners (Canadian Retail Stores).

If you’re a long time follower, you already know that I’m a beauty junkie! I love to try new products and trends and when I saw this Clarins Paris Perfect Shine Sheer Lipstick there,  had to get it and give it a go. I was really excited with this one. I posted it on my Instagram and shared a lip swatch if you like to check them out.


For the past few days, I’ve been wearing it daily and I really don’t have anything bad to say about this sheer lipstick. Before I delve into my thoughts and opinion on the product, I want to say that I love Clarins skincare products and this is my first experience testing out the lipstick. If you’ve any recommendations on their makeup products you want me to try, don’t forget to leave comments below.


Let’s talk about the lipstick. I love the silver bullet packaging. Very sleek and looks luxe. There is a logo embossed on the top cap. The shade I got is in Coral Tulip.

I don’t feel that I wear a lot of makeup, but would say I wear a lot of products. That might sound contradicting, but I mean that I don’t wear heavy makeup. If that make sense!


It feels comfortable on lips. Looks like the color of my lips only better. Quite pigmented and it glides like a dream. It gives a shimmery and pretty lips. I really like the shade of coral for summer and this is just a perfect timing.

Overall I really like Clarins Perfect Shine Sheer Lipstick a lot but I don’t think it’ll be a repeat buy for me. Don’t get me wrong, I really like it but not love love. I prefer lipstick which is more opaque in formula most of the time. I wouldn’t suggest this product solely as a lipstick but definitely recommend it as a lip gloss.

What products do you like from Clarins’ range? Leave your comments below.

Available on Clarins Paris website, drugstores and Winners.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you in my next blog.

Sharon ♥


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Question Tuesday| How do you clean off your false eyelashes?



eye lashes.jpg

Q1: How do you clean off your false eyelashes so they can be re-used? I dunk my sponge in my eye makeup remover and then gently clean.

Q2: How do you know when it’s time to throw out the lashes?  

My tip is to toss them out if:

  • the lashes start falling off them you clean them
  • the outer lashes start pointing in a different direction
  • straying from the pack
  • if the lashes feel brittle and aren’t straight & smooth
  • or if they look downright nasty

Hope you enjoyed reading this post today. Until next time, keep smiling.

♥Sharon xoxo


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Summer Drugstore Beauty Haul Under $5


Hey guys! So I’m bringing you a drugstore beauty haul under $5 today. I know that I haven’t done a haul for a long time. I know I’ve been slaking a little lately, but I’ll make up to you guys. The months of May and June passed with a blink of an eye and we’re already staring at July. I have a lot of beauty and makeup products waiting for me to try them out. I wanted to make sure to give each product a fair trial/test before sharing my thoughts and opinion for you guys. Well, at least that how I worked.

So, this summer drugstore beauty haul is all about Garnier products. I got these because they’re on sale and this also pushed me to get the products.

So, let’s get into it:


Though I have my mainstays (don’t we all?), I’m constantly trying out new products that come my way or catch my eye while perusing the beauty aisle. I can’t walk into Sephora, Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, drugstores or basically on the internet without buying some beauty products which I never intended to purchase. There’s always a hits or misses but some just stand out from the rest.

I do not have many facial  products from Garnier but when I saw all these were sold for less than $5.00 at the drugstore, I had to do a haul. I’m quite excited to try them actually.


The first product I got here is the Nourishing Cleansing Oil for Dry Skin by Garnier Clean. I got this for $2.96 on special. Regular price was $10.99 at Uniprix (Drugstore).

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I’m obsessed with skin care products. I love trying out new products for you guys and everything is game.

The only negative thing about this product is the bottle that it comes in. I love the pump, but somehow the bottle always manages to leak a bit and leave oil behind on the counter. Not really a big deal, but if you are going to travel with it you should definitely pack in in a zip-lock bag or something. I would not take this with me for travelling since I can use the other products I have.

This Cleansing Oil I’ll put it on my vanity. I’ve tried it a few times to remove makeup and even the toughest, yes – I’m referring to waterproof eyeliner and mascara, would just came off easily. There are some oily feeling on skin when touched but you just cleansed it with their Smoothing Cream Cleanser I’m going to talk about below.

I love this stuff! I have combination skin, but it leans more on the side of dry, so this stuff is perfect for me. I will be re-purchasing when it runs out.


This Smoothing Cream Cleanser contains jojoba and macademia oils which is suitable for dry skin person. It gently cleans and restores softness to dry skin. I paid $2.96 when it was on sale.

It’s a little steep for drugstore cleanser at $10.99 on regular price but it’s totally worth it if you can get it on special deals.


I’ve several short trips for traveling next month and would definitely love to share with you what I’ll be bringing in my beauty bag.

Really am looking forward to try this one.

I really like that the formula is for dry skin. I’ve some uneven skin and dry skin around my nose area especially in winter. So, I’m hoping this will help.


Well, you can’t go wrong with this price at $2.96, right! Here is a closed up claims by Garnier. This Reparative Balm would be suitable for those who has very dry skin. You’d going to love this.

Since it’s summer now, I’ll have to keep it till winter when the weather gets drier for my skin. I’ll do a review once I’ve tried it for a good period of time. So, I’ll keep your guys posted.


I wasn’t in the market for a new moisturizer when I came across Garnier’s Pure shine control moisturizer, but it was on the clearance rack, so I thought to give this a try. Well, I’ve combination skin that tends to lean to the drier side but in summer, I noticed my skin is a little oily on my T-zone area.

So, this comes as a perfect product for me to test it for you guys who has oily skin. I honestly would say that you’ve to give it a good chance to see results as its effectiveness seems to build over the first few weeks with regular use but after about the 3rd week it’s doing a brilliant job for me and provides a good base for make-up as well.


I’m going to continue using it this summer and so far I’m loving it.

I guess this is kind of a Summer Haul but I managed to get a little bit of everything. Hope you enjoy this post!

So, that’s my thought process. If you haven’t explored the wonderful world of Garnier, you must check these awesome products yourself.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope to see you guys again on the next one. Bye!

❤ Sharonoox


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Best Waterproof Drugstore Liquid Eyeliner – Review



Do we want a daring swipe of purple eyeliner or a sexy black cat eye? Regardless of the look we choose, we need the best eyeliners, from the perfect smudgy kohl to a precise, smudge-proof liquid liner, to get the job done, correct? I thought so too!


Question is can we get a great eyeliner without breaking the bank? And the good news is yes. Believe me if I told you that this cheap eyeliner don’t smudge or disappear on you, but it also is easily removed with eye makeup remover.


I have a hard time finding a good eyeliner that doesn’t smudge or smear from my lower lash line. And this doesn’t budge until I decide to wash it off. I’m quite satisfied with the eyeliner to say the least.

The answer I found is with this Wet n Wild  H20 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner I picked up recently from Walmart.


The product is long lasting, dark, affordable and easy to apply. Seriously what else could we want in an eyeliner? It’s soft and I like this thin felt tip brush, not to mention a good consistency in the color. Quite an impressive eyeliner if you want to create a cat eye look.



Here is a closed up look of the thin felt-tip. I like the fact that Wet n Wild’s products are cruelty free and the price is affordable for a drugstore brand. Last thing I wanted to mention is if you are planning to head over to the pool or beach this summer, this liner is an eye saver! A waterproof eyeliner that works. No smudging! You can say goodbye to the messy dreaded panda eyes.


A thin stroke tip makes it easier to create a winged eye.


Overall, I think this product is amazing especially considering the price.

So, what are you waiting for? I think it’s time to say goodbye to smudged raccoon eyes and having to reapply at noon, and hello to these eyeliners that are colorful, cheap and long lasting. Problem solved!

Thanks to all for stopping by to read and comment.

Anyway, that’s it from me for now. Talk soon.:) Bye!

Sharon xoxo



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Bourjois 5x Colorpop Nail Kit





I got this from Winners two weekends ago while shopping for Mother’s Day gift. Yes, this post is a little late and hope you don’t mind. Just to let you know that May is usually a busy month for me.

I wasn’t really looking for any nail polish but I was very much drawn to pick this Bourjois 5x Color Pop nail kit for its cute and adorable packaging.


Inside you find five mini bottles of color pop nail polishes. The nail polishes came in an adorable little blue cardboard box, with 5 great shades which are sure to cover any mood you’re in or any occasion you’re going to.


There are 3x ‘vacances’ polishes (bright, summery colors which fit their name as they would be great to bring on holidays) and 2x ‘soirée’ polishes (a dark one and a light one for evening time, great for a more subtle look).


  • Ideal for all occasions.
  • Beautiful colors.
  • Good value for money.
  • Ideal for keeping in your handbag or taking on your travels.
  • Long lasting with a high shine finishing.
  • From the designer house of Bourjois


Here are all the 5 shades. Five mini Bourjois Nail Elements in 3ml bottles

  • 61 – Light Pink – sheer/opaque 
  • 63 – Burgundy Red – opaque 
  • 67 – Coral Orange – is very sheer
  • 70 – Fuchsia Pink – opaque 
  • 72 – Minty Green – is very sheer


61 – Light Pink


70 – Fuchsia Pink


67 – Coral Orange


Another good thing about them is the applicator – which is a big thing for me as I need a good brush, and I’ve found it in these. The brush is quite small, and I enjoy that, as I can get a precise finish when I’m applying nail polish.

I’m wearing 63 – Burgundy Red

I notice that the formula is long lasting and it’s very good for drugstore brand in my opinion, lasting up to 5 days. Truthfully, I’m not sure if these are part of the permanent line, or if you can get them from a regular Bourjois booth in the pharmacy or at Winners (Canadian retailers) stores.

They’re minis and it’s a good way to try them out before buying a full sized polish in the wrong color. I thoroughly enjoy these Bourjois polishes. I would buy again without a doubt. I’m happy that I got to try them.
So, that’s it for today’s post and I hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks post. Let me know if you have these or if you have been able to find them in the stores in your areas.

Thanks for reading this post guys. I’ll see you again very soon. :) Bye guys! 

Sharon xoxo



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Mineral Wear Cushion Foundation Review




Seriously, wouldn’t this packaging reminds you of a pin cushion? Well, I don’t know about you but I definitely think so. As much as I like physician formula beauty products I’ve to admit that I picked it up because I was totally drawn by this pin cushion packaging look.


I think Physician Formula launches their new line of product last December. It may not be totally new for some of you but it’s still new to me.

Good news guys, this Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free All-in-1 ABC Cushion Foundation  consists of SPF 50. It is a weightless mineral formula that promises to blur fine lines, correct visible imperfections and give skin an airbrushed finish while protecting it with a SPF 50 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen. Cool right! Continue reading …


Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free All-in-1 ABC Cushion Foundation (for CAD$16.95) is one of two drugstore cushion foundations you’ll run into this Spring. The other is the new L’Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation which is selling for over $20.00 price tag.

I really like this one!


My only complaint is that this Mineral Wear Cushion Foundation sadly arrives in three color selections only. I afraid not everyone is going to fit into their Light, Light/Medium, and Medium shade range. Very limited color options. But if you’re lucky enough (their light/medium tends to be a perfect match for me) to fit into one of those three shades, let’s just say you’re in for a treat.:)


This cushion makeup arrives in a cute blue compact. On the face plate you’ll see that it looks like a spongy cushion. It has a sturdy dual-lidded cover. So, the first lid opens up where you’d see a small mirror and a compact sponge while the second layer is a snap closed method to prevent the product from dying out.


Here’s an up closed picture of the sponge.

I don’t know why I like cushion makeup, I guess because a lot of the time I find the consistency of the texture super lightweight yet creamy and easy to blend.

So what is a cushion foundation? Good question if you’ve never used a cushion makeup before. They are simply a sponge saturated with foundation which you can press into to release the product onto a makeup sponge (yes you can use your beauty blender my dear), your brush or even fingers.

I personally prefer using my beauty blender and it kick out the products nicely and blend very well. It didn’t set immediately as I feared which is good. It gives an average medium coverage but if you’re looking for full coverage than this product will not be to your liking. The formula is lightweight and it gives me a pretty natural look.


I really like the smooth finish of this product, truly it does look airbrushed and it wears like a champ at around seven hours without fading. Yay!

It is a little expensive at $16.95 for a drugstore brand but it has a $9 mail in rebate offer from now until December 2016. So go and pick yours if you haven’t already. I recommend it. Make sure you pick the right shade, I know that some drugstores accept returns but do check with the store’s return policy first.

Lastly, I feel that this cushion foundation is light, natural looking, easy to wear and apply well. This one had absolutely no issues with formula wise except one just wishes they would extend the shade range so everyone could partake it such a great formula.

Let me know if you have tried this cushion foundation? If yes, what do you think in the comment below.

And that’s it for today’s review. Thanks for stopping by to read. I’ll see you on the next one. Bye!

Sharon xoxo



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Me & My Tresemmé, Ya!




Shout out to Tresemmé for sending me their new hair products for consideration. These are press samples and I did not purchase them just so that you know. It was last Monday when the mailman deliver this parcel to me. I didn’t expect to receive any delivery but there I was, staring in awe at these full size samples nicely packaged in a big black gift box.

*press samples


Here’s what I received from Tresemmé.

Full size bottle of Pre-wash conditioner, Shampoo and Volume & Softness Hair Maximizer. But before I start, I like to share some information about my hair so that you know.  Full disclosure – my hair is straight, thick and long, dark and I wash my hair every two days with little to no use of heat styling products. I’m just lazy and usually use towel to dry them. And yes, the weather where I am is super dry in winter.


This is a new product in which you use condition first before you use shampoo! It made me very curious on how this would affect my hair. I go like WHAAaaatttt!!!

Well, it says on each bottle …

Step 1: Pre-wash Conditioner your hair first. I loved the pump feature on the bottle. The consistency was a bit runny but it got the job done.

After applying you are supposed to wait for a minute before rinsing out. When I applied it on my hair I did not find anything great just felt like ordinary conditioner but I loved how my hair felt after rinsing it out. My hair felt soft,smooth and silky and I was really amazed at the end result. I’m totally in love with these!


Step 2: Shampoo. It smells amazing. I feel that the combination of this pre-wash conditioner and shampoo made my hair feel soft and silky with lots of bounce. Yay for that!

A totally new revolutionary concept for me and I admit that I was very skeptical about using a conditioner before a shampoo. It’s my first time trying these out and I was totally sold after having tested them.


Step 3: Volume & Softness Hair Maximizer. Apply the maximizer after shampooing as the last step, and then wash hair. I notice it leaves my hair soft with amazing scents. I really love the result the way my hair looks after wash.


If you haven’t try this new Beauty-Full Volume Collection hair products from Tresemmé. I highly recommend that you try them. Get something that actually works for you. Try it and you’d be convinced.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are three slide images of before and after results trying on Tresemmé. You tell me what you think in the comment below!

Special thanks and shout out to Tresemmé and CBB Network for this opportunity to test this product out. I would never have found it otherwise.

What do you think of the new hair products? Would you indulge yourself to get this awesome blossom volume collection?

Available at all drugstores and Tresemmé online.

Thanks for taking the time to read and hope to see you on the next one! Bye!

Sharon xoxo



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Bleeding DANGEROUS Love by Ed Hardy




I got my hands on this Ed Hardy Cosmetic Palette a few days ago and I LOVE it! I had to get this one first because of the Dangerous Love theme and it’s in pretty color. To tell you the truth, I haven’t been disappointed because I was in love with the look and design, and mostly the color selection itself looks wearable for day and night. Yes, I know it’s a disease but I like to collect beautiful things, sue me. lol!


The cosmetic palette is available in only one style for CAD$14.99 for eye, face and lips. You can count on Ed Hardy kit to go travelling or motorbiking if you’re in warmer area, for example Florida .


This set contains:

– 8 x 0.12 oz Eyeshadows
– 4 x 0.07 oz Lip Gloss
– 2 x  oz Blush
– 3 ml Lip Gloss Wand

Application brushes:

  • dual ended sponge
  • lip brush
  • blush brush


Underneath this palette kit, you’ll find four pretty color lip colors, a lip brush applicator and a tube of glitter lip gloss. I’m a lipstick enthusiast but as for lip gloss is concern I usually wear it to shadowing the latter.

sharon beauty prime

Each of them are very pretty. But if you don’t like shimmery eyeshadow, then you’re not going to like this kit.  Majority of the products here are shimmery.The eyeshadow is averagely pigmented with decent color payoff. It’s not that bad, but you might need to use a primer for long lasting wear.


To be honest, I picked up this kit seeing all the shades in this palette seems to be calling my name. I caved in and brought it home. I find the shades to be pretty on swatch actually.

Here is the  color swatches on bare arm, without eye primer. It has very nice color selection with mid-toned shade. These eyeshadows are shimmery and  with satin finish. Another downside I noticed was, its colors don’t really have names.

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Left: Coral cheek and rose pink blush on the right are both my favorite color blush. I wish they made it creamier and soften.

It’s dense packed with products but nevertheless it feels smooth with a pretty good pigmentation. I like that it allows room to built up to the desire intensity and it blends nicely too.

lip gloss

Creamy lip glosses anyone! Here are four different color from plum to mauve, peach orange to rose pink for your every look. I’m not a huge fan of lip gloss but I don’t mind wearing it when I just want to look natural or the no makeup look, you know what I mean!

Formula wise, it feels nice on lips. Not too tacky or gunky which I absolutely detest in a lip gloss. I also noticed that it doesn’t have any smell which is good sign for me. The loudest shade you can see from the swatch are the peachy orange and plum.


Too Cute ^;^ packaging! Travel friendly if you asked me.

Dangerous Love Glitter Lip Gloss

IMO, this might be overkilled at least on me, whahaha! Yet another lip gloss in a tube. Oh gosh! I really can’t do much with this lip gloss and it’s going to be in my Junk It box unless someone wants it.


A standard duo foot applicator. Glittery lip gloss which I find it to be too thick to be desired. It’s give a glittery and gloss finish on lips no doubt. I want to like it but it’s a miss for me.


Overall, this is a decent Ed Hardy Kit perfect for travelling and for younger girls who just started makeup. I’m not overly crazy with this purchase but I’m glad I did. It gives me the opportunity to try and test out products for friends and readers my two cents opinion hoping to help you on decision making.

What do you think? Have you tried any Ed Hardy cosmetics?! How did you like it? Leave your comment on the comment section. I love to hear from you.

Alrighty, so that’s pretty much it for today’s post! Hope to see on the next one.

Thank you.

Sharon xoxo



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Burt’s Bees A healthy radiance fit for a queen.


Hello everyone! Back to reviews this week! A few weeks ago my honey bear bought this Burt’s Bees Radiance Body Lotion home for only $5.00 instead of $15.49 when our Pharmaprix (SDM) store was on liquidation. Okay, not embarrassed to admit, we’re bargain HUNTERS, lol!

I’ve been interested in trying Burt’s Bee’s in my skincare, but either balked at the price or was skeptical of how much of the good stuff was actually in the product. Luckily, since Pharmaprix has this on sale, I got to try this and share my point of view.

It contains Royal Jelly and Mica to soften and make your skin more radiant. Also, this product is 98.2% natural and not tested on animals. It smells amazing and the texture lightweight and pleasant.

The first thing I noticed was the formula runs quite watery when I first applied it, but moisturises well. I can tell that this moisturiser is rich in nutrients because it makes my legs look a lot healthier when I massage it into my skin. It makes my legs look amazing because it has a slight sheen when you apply it to skin.

The price of a body lotion is steep in my opinion but if you see this on sale, you definitely have to try it. It’s worth the try. Worried of the sheen or shimmer finish, you can pick the normal body lotion from Burt’s and Bees without radiance.

Overall, if you’re looking to enhance skin tone to your skincare routine, I recommend trying out this Radiance Body Lotion. I personally like this body lotion and I’m sure be going through this a lot in winter.

Don’t forget to check their website or local drugstores for their Holiday Gift Sets which I think is amazing to give it as a gift for someone who loves and appreciate this brand. They’re going to love you for this.

Have you tried Burt’s Bees products? If yes, which one. Be sure to leave your comments in the comment section.

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minions christmas

As always, thank you so much for taking the time to read. Until the next one, Stay Beautiful!

Sharon xoxo