Tester Wednesday – e.l.f. Jet Black Eyeliner


Hi guys!

I definitely had an “a-ha” moment while shopping for a liquid eyeliner at my local Walmart last weekend.

Could you tell now how much I love to do product reviews for you guys? All your comments and likes really encourages me to write better every time. As we transition from summer to fall, in my blog, you’ll see new series introduced here and there. So, keep checking back for new features. Alrighty! Enough of me blabbing, let’s get to the real stuff.


I was looking for a replacement liquid liner for my favorite LA Colors when I saw the e.l.f. eyeliner.  You might remember about a few weeks ago I did a post on Tester Wednesday series where I talked about their cream eyeliner. In it, I raved about how much I like the cream liner. Well, today I’m bringing in another eyeliner but in liquid form.


FYI, this is E.L.F. Cosmetics Jet Black Liquid Eyeliner in 0.15fl oz net wt. You can see here that the packaging comes in an elongated bottle with quite a user friendly handle and cute container. The applicator is of felt tip nip and is an okay size in my opinion.


The liquid liner has low pigment and applies okay but not over the top. It’s definitely not the best liner I’ve used from other drugstore brands. I find with a correct technique it dries to a nice black, but the formula is really runny and thin which requires you to wait for it to dry before going back to clean up your eyeliner or else it’ll streak. Much effort and work needed if you’re going for a simple look not to mention cat and winged eyes.

The reason it was happening was that the felt tip carries more product than is needed so it is difficult to handle it and smearing occurs. If you’re beginners, stay away from this product. It’s the most tricky liner I’ve tried thus far.


This liner is not waterproof and wears off super easily when in contact or rubbed with fingers. It doesn’t smear but just faded to almost zero formula.

Overall, I’m not happy with this product and I do not recommend this and will not reach out for it unless for emergency. It’s neither matte nor shinny finishing so to me, this one is a failure.

Are you a liquid liner girl? Comment below.

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e.l.f DIVA HD Blush


Hey friends!

Many moons ago I did a beauty haul on this lovely HD Blush by elf in Diva and somehow it was pushed down by other makeup products for reviews. So finally, I pulled it out from my drawer and do a review on what I think about this product.

I picked this from Target for CN$8.00. It’s available in five fancy shades from hot pink to plum shades.What a remarkable liquid blush for such a great value and quality. So, here we go ….

elf studio HD Blush

Let me tell you that this HD blush is so pigmented and all you need is just three tiny dots from the pump applicator and you can basically look amazing. Another trick is to start by pressing a small dot or a soft squeeze on your hand and then blend them evenly before applying them on your cheekbones. You see, I have to reiterate again how pigmented this formula is for a little goes a long way. As for me, this bottle is going to last me forever.

hd swatch  elf hd blush

The Diva shade which I picked up was a hot pink and the color was amazingly vibrant and bright. I love the creamy texture and it’s so soft. I’m very impressed with this elf HD blush, frankly speaking. Didn’t expect it works so well. It wears all day and the shade is amaazzzing …

I’ll definitely go out to get more of this lovely HD blush such as Superstar and Encore after this review. I would obviously recommend to anyone who love liquid blush and once you’re in you will be hooked with its incredible durability and

For that price, who can resist? I’m in. How about you? Which color would you pick? Please leave comment below. I love to hear from you 🙂

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elf Mineral Face Primer ~ First Impression

Hey guys! I’ve got this Elf mineral face primer for quite sometime now and I haven’t really got the chance to talk about it. It was stacked under with my other makeup stuff which I have totally forgotten about it. Good news is that I found it while clearing my makeup bag. So, I tried it yesterday and wow… it’ unbelievably impressive.

elf face primer

I found the receipt where I got it. I picked it up from Target for $8.00 (net wt: 0.49 oz) in Clear. There were 3 other colors available to pick with each having it’s own different functions. For example the light purple/mauve will cancel out the sallow tones for studio perfect look while subtle pink can brighten a dull complexion.

I love how smooth and airy this face primer is. It feels silicone-y when applied which is a nice feeling. Let’s not confuse the word “silicone” and “silicon” though. Face primer is formulated to smooth uneven skin texture. It also helps to minimizes the appearance of pores.

This ELF face primer came in a frosted translucent glass bottle packaging. I really like the sleek look of the packaging. On top of that, it comes with a pump applicator which I think is brilliant

elf mineral primer

I just need to pump several times on the component for the primer liquid to come out. The silky soft texture is amazing when I applied it on. The upside of this primer is that it does the job well for the price I paid for. Managed to gives a silky smooth and evenly long lasting satin finish before I apply my foundation.

elf primer

This is my first time using a mineral face primer but so far I’m liking it. I don’t think I will wear it for everyday makeup since I like to have my makeup done in 5-10 minutes. But I will definitely wear them when there is a special occasion.

So, I hope you like my first impression and catch up with you guys later.

What other face primer have you use, which I am missing out? Do tell in comment below.

As always, thank you for reading

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Top 5 Tuesday Favorite Blushes

Top 5 Fave blushes blog


Hi friends! Today, I would like to talk about my Top 5 FAVORITE BLUSHES which I picked up from the drugstores.cI love blushes since it make a pale face looking fresh and bright. It really make a dull day seems happier. It works for me everytime when I feel down these beauties knows how to cheer my face up.

maybelline blushinside maybelline blush

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in 10 – Pink Frosting

Essence Kalinka blush

  Inside Kalinka

Essence Kalinka Blush in 01 – East Side Story

revlon blush

inside revlon blush

Revlon Powder Blush with Brush in 010 – Classy Coral

nyx blush 

inside nyx blush




















NYX Blush in 21 – Copper
elf blush inside elf

E.L.F. Blush in Mellow Mauve

color swatches of blushes

Color swatches of the Top 5 Blushes

Maybelline Dream Bouncy blush is also one of my favorite blush of all time. I had this for a while already and finally I got the chance to show case it as my Top 5. Yes it has those bouncy effect which I find it quite cool. This is a cream blusher that is so lightweight to powder form. It has a beautiful colour payoff and so a little goes a long way.

This little gem – Essence Kalinka blush. Believe it or not I got this for only $2.00 on liquidation sale. I simply love the cute and adorable Russian doll theme packaging that drew me to grab it. But I did find it quite pigmented and soft. It blends in quite well and it has a matte finish. Not too bad for a $2 bucks blusher.

Revlon Blush in 010 Classy Coral is a rich, quite pigmented and so wonderful soft when applying. The texture is soft and it blends pretty nicely. One thing to note is that the color of this Classy Coral which I picked has a very soft and light tone to it. So, lots of blending required for a fresh looking cheek. Good news is that the color is buildable so it works for me. There are 9 color shades available!

NYX blush is one of my everyday blusher after I started using it. It’s very pigmented, creamy texture feel eventhough it is a powder blush. Has a shimmery effect too.  It creates a really natural glow when I applied it on my apple cheek.  It glides so smoothly and I absolutely love this blusher. By the way, I got mine in copper for an autumn look. Available in 24 gorgeous and radiant colors!

Last but not least is my E.L.F. blusher. It has a silky finish which blends pretty well on my skin. The formula is silky to touch. It has a tiny, subtle amount of shimmer to it which gives off a natural looking glow. Average pigments and good value for money. I got mine at Target.

What is your favorite blusher from the drugstore?

Thanks for reading guys!
Sharon xoxo

Maybelline NY Color Tattoo cream gel shadow ~ Painted Purple (No.20)

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 hr

Purple eyeshadow? Anyone? Well, I always ended up choosing purple color eyeshadows everytime I shop. Purple seems to attract my attention more somehow. So, I got drawn to get this painted purple in No. 20. I must have this lovely vibrant cream gel shadow to my collections.  Color choice is a little bit limited. There were only 6 color shades to choose from.

What so special about this Color Tattoo is that it claimed to last for 24 hours. I wore it just by itself for 8 hours and it does live to its claim to be long lasting. It is not recommended to wear any eye makeup or cosmetic to sleep – in my opinion. So, the 24 hours long lasting claim is a bit of a stretch. I have to use more eye remover to clean them.

I like the creamy and smooth texture of this product. It blends so easily and without creasing and the best thing is that I can use my fingertips for even blending. The price is  very affordable for the value of this product. The packaging makes it looks trendy and pretty.

So, for those who feels the need to wear something for a long lasting period of time, then I would recommend it simply because it lasts.

Has anyone of you have a favorite color eyeshadow that caught your very eyes everytime you shop for makeup?