Under $15 Drugstore Holiday Gift Sets


Hey guys! Today we’re talking about the Under $15 Drugstore Holiday Gift Sets. I’ve very excited to share with you this post since I got them from Walmart.


I’ve been picking and collecting a lot of holiday gift items as the week gets closer to Christmas. There are so many exciting and new gift sets rolling out to the drugstores.


For a starter let’s get into Elf Cosmetics which came out with this four piece “Mad for Matte” lip color set for the holiday. I really like the whole product format in this.


The colors are top notch and you guys knows I love a good matte lip products and these is just right up my alley. The packaging comes in a slim stick design and also you got a lot of control when applying it. At the end of the stick there’s a pops off sharpener in case you want the tip to be finely pointed. I think this is brilliant! Comment below what you think?


Here are the four matte lipsticks that I’ve been loving lately. The colors are so pretty and truly matte finishing. The color intensity is fully there and for the price of CAD$15.00 (US$10.00) for all four, I think that’s awesome value!


I telling you that all these four shades are a winner in my book. You’ll get Pralline which is a beautiful neutral shade. I really love this color a lot for everyday wear. This color is fantastic on its own and you could also mixed it with nude for a natural nude lips.


Moving on is this Rich Red which is a true bright red. Gorgeous for this holiday season. I’m a huge fan of red lip color and this shade just knock me off my feet. I love love this red. It’s very glam and if you’re trying out a new shade this


Next, I got Berry Sorbet which is a pink berry with some brightness to it. On the days that I’m feeling my best, this shade is something I would wear for an evening out. Such a pretty color that’s long lasting and looks great on lips.


Last but not least is the shade Wine which is a nice holiday color of reddish berry. A little dark berry for fall and winter season. They wear comfortably on lips and they glide like a dream. No tugging or any feeling of dryness on my lips whatsoever.


From L-R: Pralline, Rich Red,Berry Sorbet and Wine. I’ll do a lip swatch over at my Instagram if you’re curious. 

I also want to show you the color swatch I did on all four shades. They’re awesome matte lip color for less than a fraction of what you would pay for Bite Lipsticks. I highly recommend it.


The next set that I’m very excited to show you guys is their Get Glowing Highlighting Set. This is the best drugstore set that’s cruelty free and for CAD$15.00 (US$10.00) you couldn’t ask for more, I’m telling you.


Here’s the actual products in this set. There’s a brush, a shimmering facial whip and a illuminating palette.


There a good mixture of highlighter, a cooler pinky tone on the top right, the bottom of beige which is very subtle and the golden-y peach.


You get highlighting brush. The bristle is a little longer and you could use it for setting the under-eye or for the highlight. It’s very soft and I’ve been enjoying using it to blend the highlighter.


The glow is very subtle and I really like what it looks on swatch. Really enjoy the consistency of the formula and it’s a great highlighting palette if you’re trying out new products.


One of them is this Shimmery Facial Whip. I tell you this is the best I’ve tried yet. This shade is called Lilac petal but it doesn’t look lilac at all. It’s a soft peachy pink.


Just a tiny itsy bitsy size is enough to brighten your skin. A little goes a long way! It’s highly highly shimmery.


Just take a second and look at this swatch. Are you convince how little you need of this product to get this huge effect. Here is the result! As you can see, I blend it a little and then more as shown on the image below.


I wear it on my cheek as highlighter, tip of my nose and on my cupid bow. Love this to the moon and back. One word = Awesome.

These are products I’ve tried that really impressed. It excites me to give it to those in my list.


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Thanks a million for be an awesome friend! Hope you’ve a lovely week [muak]

Sharon xoxo


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Tester Wednesday Minimalist Makeup| Elf Cosmetics


Another  Wednesday, another Tester Wednesday! Every week, I’ll share with you products I’ve tested. It could be new products, rediscovered makeup brand or best or worst products before hitting the bin. These last few days have just flown by for me and I’m hoping the weekend won’t feel as quick.

Anyways, have you shopped at Walmart lately? I’ve bits and pieces of products from Elf to talk about in today’s tester Wednesday.

This week, I want to talk about Elf makeup products which I picked up about a week ago.


I got the Cream Eyeliner in Black and HD Undereye Setting Powder in Sheer. 

Let’s start with their Cream Eyeliner first!


Now some time ago, I tried the Maybelline Gel Liner and I just didn’t care for it. That’s part of the reason I held out on trying this e.l.f liner for so so long. I could order it online but decided not too. I’m really excited to see a good selection of products at Walmart Canada. So, this is the first cream eyeliner I have purchased from e.l.f and I absolutely like it but not love love! If you know what I mean? It lasts for a really long time without having it smudge or faded. So ya, I’m happy the way it makes my eyes look bigger!


At the beginning,  I’ve some difficulty doing winged eyeliner with the brush. Too bad the brush is really small and I find it hard to control, otherwise the brush would be perfect. Definitely need some work to perfect a winged eye and I suggest to use your own brush.

It does goes nice and smooth and I really like the formula. It dries up pretty fast and once it sets, it’s a little harder to remove. If that makes sense.


I honestly think that this is not a product for someone who is new to makeup. I do feel that the product is good but you definitely need much more practice to get a perfect wing. Secondly, I would like to see some improvement on the pigmentation department. Don’t get me wrong, I really like this product but it definitely could get some extra pigmentation that includes darker black formula could hit the mark.


I personally find this cream liner works best if you’re planning for a bold pop evening look (a bit thicker stroke). It seems thinner stroke doesn’t cut it as I would’ve expected. It definitely a good liner if your planning on doing a winged or cat eye look.

Can you tell, can you tell!

Capture 2

Overall, I think the quality of this product is pretty decent for what it’s worth. For this price, you can’t possibly go wrong with it.


The new Elf High Definition Undereye Setting Powder in Sheer/Transparent with net wt: 0.04 oz.

It BLURS my dark circles under my eyes like no one’s business. “Blur” is really the right word to use with this product, as that is really what it does. The formula is super fine and silky like. Such a soft and smooth texture that I can apply them everywhere. Okay! Not everywhere but all over my face.


Elf High Definition Undereye Setting Powder kinds reminds me of a cross between Laura’s version and Benefit’s. This is a translucent pinkish powder with a hint of shimmer which is a bit brightening, and has a thinner consistency of silica powder.


The glass jar packaging is quite nice and for CAD$3.97 only at Walmart, I suggest you to give it a try. Did I mentioned that it comes with a brush for application? Well it does but I still prefer using my own brush to set.


The thin powder doesn’t crease into fine lines on your undereyes. It sort of blur them out nicely. Another benefit of this product is that it sets your concealer for longer wear. Hurray!

E.L.F. product is cruelty free in case you want to know.

Conclusion! I dare say this is a cheap thrill product that’s worth picking up!

Thank you guys for stopping by!

Sharon xoxo


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Glossy Girly By Elf |REVIEW


ELF is by far the most inexpensive beauty products and loved by many makeup lovers.


I’m not quite a lip gloss person myself but I sure love the price. For $7.00 you get three pretty lip gloss in the shades of red, pink and plum.


The Lip gloss Super Glossy Lip Shine by ElfThese make your lips feel so smooth and it tastes great. This lip gloss has different fruity taste depending on the shades. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of the lip gloss but the colors DOES look right up my alley judging from the transparent tube packaging.

elf lip gloss

This lip gloss gives a nice glossy finish but I felt it was thick in formula with a slight feeling of tackiness. I’m don’t feel comfortable wearing lip products that makes my lips feels heavy and gunky. I also noticed that the Plum color lip gloss doesn’t have the color intensity I would have expected. They have delicious scents and taste but sadly I’m not “wow” by these 😦


This is a decent deal price wise if you like elf lip gloss product! I want to like them but it just failed to  impress me. So, I’ll not repurchase this again. I’ll give these away.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Are you loving the Lip gloss? What’s your favourite tinted lip gloss? I want to hear your comments down below.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo


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Elf Subtle To Sultry Eyes Review, Photos and Swatches




Limited edition of elf Subtle to Sultry Eyes Duo – you get three eyeshadows duos with a brush for CAD$7.00. I was totally blown away by the price when I saw this set at Maxi Grocery store. Undoubtedly, I have to get this. You know by now right, I’m just too obsessed with eyeshadows.


Top: Nude/Light Brown

Center: Plum/Coffee

Bottom: Grey/Black

Right: elf Professional Eyeshadow Brush


I feel that the shadows aren’t the most pigmented, but the brush it comes with is awesome and the colors are still beautiful. I really enjoy playing with all these color shadows. Very versatile and it could be mixed and match shades to create any eye makeup you fancy.

Nude/Light Brown

I really like the twist lid packaging for these shadows. It contains a generous amount for products and they’ve pretty shimmer and texture smooth and soft. I’d say my favorite is the light brown shade for the soft muted shimmery finish. The nude one has matte finish which be nice to apply on ids and as highlighter.

Sorry! This Picture Couldn’t Make It Justice

Need a good primer though if you’re aiming for a long lasting wear or intense dramatic look.


Love, love both of these shadows. The plum shade is of matte finish and the coffee shimmery. I’m in love with this duo!!!

Swatch Directly From The Pot

Apologize for my nail polish but just ignore that and focus on the color swatches. Aren’t they amazing. One thing I love about this duo eyeshadows is that all colors are true to the post. Impressive color payoff, so a little goes a long way. Can’t complain much on that.

Color Swatch On Bare Hand

Excuse me to show some of my green vein (okay, okay I’ve warm undertone) so there you have it. I couldn’t seems to get closed up picture focus, hence this picture doesn’t make it justice. I recommend you pick this gift set and give it a try. You’d only either like or love it. That’s how great value and good quality these duo shadows are.


The packaging is of clear transparent lid. Easy to see which shades to pick without much effort. The Grey and Black shades are amazing. It quickly become one of my favorites.

How Pretty Are These Darker Shades?

Such a lovely grey and black eyeshadows. You can wear these for smokey eye which would look glamorous.

All The Color Swatches from Nude to Mid-tone to Darkest

I don’t know about you, but for CAD$7.00 to get all these beautiful shades,  I’ll jump on this set in a heartbeat. Impressive value and I’m personally impressed given its from a drugstore brand. So, YAY for that!

Closed Up Color Swatches

Be mesmerized by the color and the formula. Aren’t they just so pretty? I can’t wait to wear these but I stopped to share this limited edition gift set with all of you in a HURRY! It’s LE and so, if you’re really serious of wanting Elf Holiday Gift Set, then don’t wait. Go PICK UP one now.


This is a great brush to be included in this set. The handle brush is easy to hold and the bristle soft and easy to pick up products. It can be used for dry or wet products. A nice size for my eyes when blending shadows.

Elf Professional Eyeshadow Brush

Definitely worth the $CAD7.00! ELF you did it again! The colors are beautiful and the brush that comes with it is also very nice. It can be used for everything, from crease to inner corner to liner! Definitely a nice addition to this set. Makes a great gift for any makeup lover (including you)!

Now, back to where I stopped, continue my eye makeup with these lovely shadows of course! I’ll put the finish look on twitter and facebook. So, make sure to stay tuned.

Thanks as usual for stopping by and comment.

Sharon xoxo



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Best Hits and Oh Hell NO! Elf Eyeshadow



I haven’t been doing a lot of monthly favorites and regrets for awhile and I won’t be doing it now. Instead, I’ll be doing weekly series of Best Hits and Oh Hell NO! Note that it will continue after Next year. Don’t forget to follow more exciting post coming up next year.

by source
by source

So, let’s start with a positive post today with the Best Hits!

by source
by source

You know that I’m an eyeshadow palette junkie, right? I mean, if you follow me on Facebook or if you have been following my blog, you already know that I’m completely smitten and drool over when it comes to palettes.


I love all makeup, but if I had to pick a favourite beauty item it would definitely be eyeshadow palettes. ELF Cosmetics has released a holiday gift set that is the mother-load of eyeshadow collections! I love that Elf’s jumping on the huge palette trend in the best possible way. So YAY!

In this ELF All About Nude contains 32 shadows palette, two eyeshadow brushes and an eye primer. The theme is called Play Beautifully! Limited EDITION!


I got a beautiful ALL ABOUT NUDE palette set for myself this Christmas for $CAD15.00. Yes, I love my eyeshadow, I adore makeup and obsessed with palettes. I’m super delighted, it feels like a dream to grab a limited edition palette.


From smokey colours to super wearable nudes this set has something for everyone. I’ve used and tried Elf products before and it’s my first time trying a huge eyeshadow palette. Honestly, I don’t know why I waited so long!


I find it’s conveniently packaged into one festive set.with the inside you’ll see all the 32 eyeshadows AMAZING COLORS.. This palette was for CAD$15.00 at our local grocer, MAXI. I was taken by double surprises, FIRST to pick this gorgeous palette and TWO it’s available locally NOW.


It’s not easy finding well pigmented good color selection  eyeshadows, especially for an affordable price. For $15.00 a set, I definitely think is a good deal because they’re so smooth and pigmented. But some colors are better than the others. Apart from that, they’re also cruelty-free.

elf color swatches

Look at these color swatches without eye primer nor eye base. The eyeshadows stay true to colors on my hand from pan. Also, color payoff is quite nice.

The formula is pigmented and smooth, which makes it easy to work on and to blend. I couldn’t find any reason not to love this all about nude. It has good color selection and I’m so glad I grabbed it.


First off, I love the packaging, curved tube with the beige band is very sleek, definitely something I’m happy to see from a eyelid primer! I have no issues holding it in my hand or applying. And the applicator is of doe shape. Nothing not to love about this primer.


The formula is soft and the formula applies very well. It’s definitely not tacky but feel creamy to touch.


Instruction at the back of the packaging asked that you leave the primer until it dries before applying the eyeshadows. I know the fact that with eye base, you want to apply shadows before the formula dries to lock the shadows in. There is no right or wrong way.


Next, I didn’t get only one eyeshadow brush but two. Elf has some good brushes to keep in my collection.


I’m so obsessed with this limited edition that ELF comes out with this Holiday season. I’m really speechLESS. Love, LOVE this set.

Limited edition products usually go out fast. If you see this on Elf website or at your local drugstore, Target, pick one for yourself and another for your best friend.

Final question is, do I recommend them? Highly. For me, this palette is absolute must-haves! You seriously have to try it for the price and quality you’d get. That’s it for today’s BEST Hits. I’ll be right back with more beauty posts… on the next one. Stay Tuned for more!

Don’t forget to head over to BABES IN BLOGLAND to read their Blogmas Day 21. Here are their links:

Thank you very much for stopping by this post and your comments. mmmuak!

Sharon xoxo



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Elf Brightening Eye Color : Photos & Color Swatches

elf makeup palette

Welcome to this week’s post review. Today’ I love to talk about the product from Elf. I did a mini beauty haul previously and I’m sharing with you some pictures, color swatches and product review. So, let’s hop in!

This Quad Essential Brightening Eye Color consists of other colors namely Luxe and Drama.

quad eyeshadow

Each quad is composed of 4 coordinating shades that allow for both natural and dramatic looks. A small built-in mirror tucked underneath the dual sponge applicator. Lovely packaging and easy to bring around in your purse.

elf brightening eye color swatches

I bought this in the shade “butternut” and it’s amazing for $1.00. I didn’t expect much for only $1.00 but each shade is nicely pigmented, smooth and blend easily. It has a slight shimmery finish. It’s not bad. Could be a bit more pigmented, but for a buck I’m not complaining. But I have to point this out so that you know. The downside which I notice visibly was the formula – it’s a bit chunky by using fingers but it blends well with eyeshadow brush.

elf color swatches

But see how it blends out so well on my bare hand. I don’t use primer or eye base when I do a color swatch. This is what you get from Elf Brightening Eye Color.

elf eyeshadow

No color fallout and it give a soft dewy finish which looks so natural and feeling care free. It’s a perfect shade for everyday wear. No touch up needed.


As I have mentioned in my earlier post, I noticed that the lighter shades don’t really show up on me but the darker two shades are beautiful as a duo. This would be a great product for some one who isn’t really experienced with eye shadows or you’re new to makeup as well as people who value the inexpensive price.


Which are your favorite products you always go back to with Elf? I love to hear your comments in the section below.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo

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Beauty Mini Haul On Elf And LA Colors

elf, la colors haul

An online purchase totally inspired by my blogger friends and YTers – Elf brushes and Brightening shadow palette with LA Colors products. I ordered just a few to try out this beauty online store called Miss A. Everything here is only $1.00!!!


Emilynoel83 mentioned some Brightening Eye Colors by Elf that are dupes of MAC or of good quality, so I got Butternut (beige and pink toned, with a dark mauve and bronzy gold, pretty!). Great value for the money at $1 a piece!

I had high hope for these but they swatch more sheer than I expected given the texture were creamy and pigmented except the Beige and Pink tones. I love love the two darker shades which are impressively pigmented and so smooth. In my opinion, the lighter shadows could work better as bases for that reason.


I’ve seen L.A. Colors products in some Dollar stores which I did a beauty haul many months ago but I’ve never seen this cute Single Pot Eyeshadow and I was excited to try it out when I stumbled over at Miss A online store. The shade I got is in Bare and I wear it as my eyeshadow base. The texture is very smooth and soft. I love the pretty embossed design in the pot with a bunny ear type sponge brush hooked on the cover.


All 3 will earn their spots in the stash. I got the 3 Color Eyeshadow Palette by L.A Colors in Dandelion for only $1.00. Net wt: 0.19 oz. You’ll get Pale Yellow, Peachy Bronze and Dark Taupe in this Trio. L.A Colors is also a cruelty free makeup and I’m super excited to share all cruelty free products in this post.

Well, honestly I don’t really need anymore eyeshadows but I needed some fillers since I’m paying for the shipping already ($5.95), and found some palettes that were already on sale.


For brushes, I got the classic Eyeshadow Brush, Eye Crease and Blending Eye Brush. Have always been a fan of their foundation and eyeshadow brushes, but since Target left us with Elf, I headed to look online for their brushes. So, I picked only three for now and I know I’ll be ordering for more 😛

The brush material are soft and dense. It has printing of the type of brush on the handle which is helpful but would be even better if they put numbers on the brush too. Anyways, I’ll let you know how these brushes perform once I have a chance to try them and review on the eyeshadows coming up next. So, remember to stay tuned!

Have you found LA Colors anywhere else? Dont forget to leave you comments down below.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo

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ELF Concealer|Review


elf concealer

I bought this concealer from Target a long while ago when Target was still here, thinking this e.l.f. concealer would be great for covering my dark circles, it is creamy, comes in a stick packaging, and it has a peachy tone, and so I purchased it. The shade I got is in Beige. It’s available in four different shades at US Target and on e.l.f website for $3.00.

I’ve tried wearing it for a few months ago but had left it on the back burner until two days ago, I started to wear it again. And here is my review on this concealer. I expected much better from elf especially since it’s their studio line that has the best products but I’m slightly disappointed to say the least. So, let’s get into it. The texture of this concealer is creamy and it blends well without having any pulling under my eyes which is awesome. The formula is not hard and not sticky at all. It comes in a twist up concealer packaging which is very convenient and easy to use.


I do like it for it works pretty well for under my dark circles but it’s not like a holy grail for me. The price is affordable and it perform as an average concealer does. I like that this formula is lightweight and it blends out effortlessly by just patting them with my fingers. Okay now that I’ve clear up the good let’s get to the bad, whahaha!


I heard some mixed review about this concealer and it could pretty much be a hit-or-miss depending on each person. But for me, I’m sitting on the fence for it does cover a tinnie tiny bit under my dark circle but it doesn’t give a full coverage. It has low coverage but was able to pull up to medium by layering. It does cover some acne and redness around my nose area but that was it. So, if you have bad dark circles then you will not like this concealer. There are some oily feeling around my eyes while washing off the makeup.

To sum up, I’ll not repurchase this concealer again since it doesn’t give good coverage and it leaves oily residue on my skin which I’m not very fond of. This is just my opinion and it might work well for others but it’s not something I’ll go and reach for.

What do you think of the elf concealer? Leave comment on the section below if this concealer is your hit or miss?

Thank you as usual for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo

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The Elf Eyeshadow Quad|Review



Last night after super, my husband decided to drive us to a shopping outlet not too far from our house. The store is called “Giant Tiger” and they basically sell food and stuff like Wal-mart but in a much smaller scale. It was my first time there since we moved here a couple of months ago. Frankly speaking, I didn’t expect to see makeup products there but I spotted Elf and L.A. Colors makeup essentials. Oh well, it’s better than nothing 🙂

elf golden palette

Three Dollars! Get out of here!!!

I’m surprised to find this Flawless Quad Eyeshadow by e.l.f for only $3.00 (Net wt: 0.14 oz.). That’s wonderful! This quad eyeshadow is available in nine lovely shades. I picked the Golden Goddess for a new eye makeup look. Please read further.

elf eyeshadow

I love the packaging and the colors in the pan. It looks simple and fuss-free. This packaging reminds me of Almay’s brand actually. I’m happy to say that the packaging on this palette doesn’t look cheap given the price is only $3.00. There are four awesome shades in this palette – for base, lid, crease and line. Beige(base), Gold(lid), Bronze(crease) and Charcoal(line). It also comes with an itsy bitsy mirror and a mini applicator.

elf shadow swatch

On swatch the colors comes out beautifully. It’s super pigmented and it’s very good. I really love the golden shimmery finish. You can spray the eyeshadows with makeup mist and set method for a more intense look or to make your makeup pop. Cool isn’t it!

Well, I notice that the texture of of these eyeshadow are not smooth on pan. It feels a little flaky or dryish which I can only assume was due to the glitters and shimmery properties used into this formula. But once its blended on lids and crease the only problem you have is admiring how stunning your eyes look.

golden eye look

Well, as I mentioned earlier, I wanted to create a golden glittery eye makeup look to share in this post. So, here are some easy and simple steps that I created using this elf flawless eyeshadow palette. An eyeshadow quad perfect for everyday look.

I love this shade in Golden Goddess and its freaking pigmented. Will definitely be going back for more shades. Good quality for only $3.00 a palette , I couldn’t ask for more! Seriously! If you are a newbies in makeup or on a makeup budget, I’ll say go and pick one please.

What do you think of this look? Let me know what you think under the comment below.

Thanks for staying around. Stay beautiful ❤

Sharon xoxo


e.l.f DIVA HD Blush


Hey friends!

Many moons ago I did a beauty haul on this lovely HD Blush by elf in Diva and somehow it was pushed down by other makeup products for reviews. So finally, I pulled it out from my drawer and do a review on what I think about this product.

I picked this from Target for CN$8.00. It’s available in five fancy shades from hot pink to plum shades.What a remarkable liquid blush for such a great value and quality. So, here we go ….

elf studio HD Blush

Let me tell you that this HD blush is so pigmented and all you need is just three tiny dots from the pump applicator and you can basically look amazing. Another trick is to start by pressing a small dot or a soft squeeze on your hand and then blend them evenly before applying them on your cheekbones. You see, I have to reiterate again how pigmented this formula is for a little goes a long way. As for me, this bottle is going to last me forever.

hd swatch  elf hd blush

The Diva shade which I picked up was a hot pink and the color was amazingly vibrant and bright. I love the creamy texture and it’s so soft. I’m very impressed with this elf HD blush, frankly speaking. Didn’t expect it works so well. It wears all day and the shade is amaazzzing …

I’ll definitely go out to get more of this lovely HD blush such as Superstar and Encore after this review. I would obviously recommend to anyone who love liquid blush and once you’re in you will be hooked with its incredible durability and

For that price, who can resist? I’m in. How about you? Which color would you pick? Please leave comment below. I love to hear from you 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Sharon xoxo



How to Perfect a Winged Eyeliner 101!

Hey Lovelies!

This is a very tricky question and I have great news for you, lovelies! Let’s face it, doing a winged liner can be a tacky things to do. I find it difficult even for myself. I have been practising and practising but sometimes if I’m not in a mood, then winged eyes can’t fly : ( It’s disasterous if lack of focus (arrghh!!).

beauty makeup tools

maybelline eyestudio gel liner in charcoal

marcelle monocromatic eyeshdaow quad

maybelline big eyes waterproof mascara

essence coverstick in 04 true nude

elf professional eyeshadow brush

So, here are some of  the tips which I find them helpful and without hesitation, I like to share them with you. How to do a nice beautiful winged liner without putting on a sweat?

Tip #1 – turn on your favorite music. I would prefer blues or musical music. But no rap or hip hop music, please. We don’t want to dance to the beat quite yet. Remember, we need to calm down and stay focus here.

Tip #2 – close all doors, turn on lights and get ready all the makeup tools you need.

Tip # 3 – invest in a good eyeliner

Tip #4 – sit on a nice comfortable chair and have a proper lightup makeup mirror

Tip #5 – eye makeup remover and Q-tip

Then the ultimate process begins, by start applying the makeup base foundation, eye concealer and then once all prep. Let’s begin:-

winged eyes closedupwinged eyes

winged eyes (2)side view winged liner

First of all, start with a clean eyes. Meaning no eye makeup for example mascara and eyeshadow. Examine where you want your wing. Then follow the bottom lashline as a reference.

Then begin to make a thin line at the bottom of the lashline diagonally at a 45 degree angle from bottom line up. Drag the line longer if you wish to have a more dramatic winged liner. Do this with your eyes open. Look straight into the mirror and do the same on the other eyes. Make sure you have a perfect balance line.

Next, with  your eyes closed, use your pointer finger to pull your eye lids to your brow brown while applying liner very closed to your lashline from center to connect the line to meet the wing. Then from the top of the wing, draw a straight line to the center of the lid. Continue to fill inside the liner. I prefer to use gel eyeliner instead of liquid liner but it’s entirely up to you. Whichever you find easier. For me, I’m using gel eyeliner for more control when doing this look.

oct 6, winged eyes look

The last steps is just to continue lining the lashline as you would applying your eyeliner. I like drawing a thin line at the beginning of my eyes and then thicken towards the end of my eyes. If you need to clean up the edges for a clean perfect wing, that’s when the Q-tip and eye remover comes in handy.

I then finished up with mascara and then with a neutral color shadow for an awesome look.

looked don winged eyes

So, congratulations, yo.  Look a perfect winged eyeliner makeup look. yes!!!

I hope you find this makeup tips helpful and interesting. Leave comment below if you have other tips for your own type of  eyes, feel free to share : )

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elf Mineral Face Primer ~ First Impression

Hey guys! I’ve got this Elf mineral face primer for quite sometime now and I haven’t really got the chance to talk about it. It was stacked under with my other makeup stuff which I have totally forgotten about it. Good news is that I found it while clearing my makeup bag. So, I tried it yesterday and wow… it’ unbelievably impressive.

elf face primer

I found the receipt where I got it. I picked it up from Target for $8.00 (net wt: 0.49 oz) in Clear. There were 3 other colors available to pick with each having it’s own different functions. For example the light purple/mauve will cancel out the sallow tones for studio perfect look while subtle pink can brighten a dull complexion.

I love how smooth and airy this face primer is. It feels silicone-y when applied which is a nice feeling. Let’s not confuse the word “silicone” and “silicon” though. Face primer is formulated to smooth uneven skin texture. It also helps to minimizes the appearance of pores.

This ELF face primer came in a frosted translucent glass bottle packaging. I really like the sleek look of the packaging. On top of that, it comes with a pump applicator which I think is brilliant

elf mineral primer

I just need to pump several times on the component for the primer liquid to come out. The silky soft texture is amazing when I applied it on. The upside of this primer is that it does the job well for the price I paid for. Managed to gives a silky smooth and evenly long lasting satin finish before I apply my foundation.

elf primer

This is my first time using a mineral face primer but so far I’m liking it. I don’t think I will wear it for everyday makeup since I like to have my makeup done in 5-10 minutes. But I will definitely wear them when there is a special occasion.

So, I hope you like my first impression and catch up with you guys later.

What other face primer have you use, which I am missing out? Do tell in comment below.

As always, thank you for reading

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