Mac Eyeshadow Swatch & Review


mac hepcat eyeshadow

Hepcat Eyeshadow by Mac is a raspberry pink with a fuchsia-purple sheen. It’s not too red and not too bluish purple. Not too dark, not too light and is a unique color that you won’t find in a drugstore. It has a nice pretty frosty finish.


I’ve this Mac Eyeshadow a long while ago and totally forgotten about it until recently while unpacking more boxes in my basement. Unfortunately, this shade has been discontinued but I wanted to give this eyeshadow its credit and share this gorgeous shade with all of you.


On me, it’s not too bright, but still is pigmented. The color swatch is on bare hand without primer whatsoever. The texture is soft with a slight of shimmery color and frosty finish. Beautiful shade which is not too loud!


It goes on very smoothly and really makes my eyes pop. Hepcat shadow has a soft texture and it blends easily.


My favorite way to apply this is just all over my lid with no other colors. It really brightens up my eyes and is a simple way to make them pop. It’s still a fun, edgy color that I feel safe wearing out. The last thing I want is to look like I’ve been in a major fight! LOL!  Anyways, if you couldn’t pull this color out then blending it between color would be great! I want to put this out that this shade may not be everyone’s cup of tea.


I created another look by blending darker colors up to lighter ones. It’s a raspberry pink shimmery color that looks amazing on brown eyes!


I apply the eyes concealer by Mac and pat it over and under my dark circles. Then I use the Joe Fresh Single Eyeshadow in Petrol (Blue) on the outer corner and gently blend them on my socket eye but not above the crease. Then I continue by applying Mac Hepcat shade on my lid. Continue blending until no sharp edges. I then use the shade Honeywell as the highlighter under my brow bone and lastly the L’oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Time Resist White on the center lid to make my eyes pop. Love it!

This was one of the first MAC eyeshadow I purchased purely because of its gorgeous colour in the pan. I love it that I totally forgotten to even use it and once I have it on, little did I know it would become my most favourite MAC single eyeshadows 🙂 I’ll definitely be picking up more of Mac eyeshadows.

Which is your favorite Mac single eyeshadow color?

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