The More You Have, The More You Need!


Dollar Store Mini Haul

So after my obsession with eyeshadow palettes as many of you who knows me by now my craving for eyeshadows have gone to an insane height. My eyeshadow collection is confirmed full as last weekend but yet, just a few days ago I was happily stashing in a few more palettes from the Dollar Store. Here I’ve rounded up five products that are perfect for the Holiday season. Best of all, they won’t break the bank. Each product is less than $5.

Well, one thing I know is that I love trying new products and very excited every time when I’m sharing my thoughts and opinion with all of you.

I have these five products which I just picked up yesterday. I’m excited so let’s just get started.

Cover Girl Exact Eyelight for blue eyes

I have this Exact Eyelight Quad Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes by Covergirl. This is Quad shadows comes in a standard clear plastic drugstore packaging with a sponge tip applicator. To my surprise it even has an eyeshadow brush together in the box. For $3.00 you get the quad eyeshadow with a decent size eyeshadow brush.

There are four nice eyeshadows and I apologized that you’re only seen three. The last shade was hidden and it’s a Navy blue. All the shades are average and I noticed that only the first two lighter colors have high pigmentation while the Green and Navy Blue feels drier and low color payoff. They’re not pigmented at all and the colors just doesn’t cut it. I wanted to mention. I’m disappointed with the formula but I’ll continue trying them and will give my final verdict on my next post.

Christmas Greeting Cards

I’d be lying if I said I’m not excited with the coming holiday season. Christmas is the time of sharing and giving and I just love the atmosphere and the holiday decorations. It’s the best season of all and I’ll be busy mailing Season Greeting cards to family and friends. I still love sending cards by mail than e-cards. Maybe, that’s just me. If you love to get a card from me, you can pm me your address 🙂

Mariposa Metallic Chic Eyeshadow Palette

I’ve said before and I’m going to say it again that eyeshadow palette is my favorite topic to talk about. When I saw this Mariposa Metallic Chic Eyeshadow Palette at Dollar Store, my jaw almost drop. Unbelievable! $3.00 for twelve eyeshadows is seriously a non-brainer. But, I don’t care since I got to try something new from this brand again.

There are two other shades available and since I’m planning to do some holiday season makeup look with metallic shadows, I dive in immediately to grab it. I like the color selections and the color placements in this palette. But one visible downside I notice would be the narrow color pan. I tried using a different brush but still I think using your pinky or a small flat brush works better to pick up the shadows. Another point to mention is the size of the products are decent and all could work for a glam look.

OPI Schnapps Out Of It! Nail Polish
OPI Schnapps Out Of It! Nail Polish

This shade just speaks to me and I got it for it looks so pretty in the bottle. Regular drugstore price is $9.95 and I got it at Dollar Store for $3.00. I’m not regretting purchasing it. Schnapps Out Of It! is described by OPI as mauve. It reminds me more of a rosy terra cotta kind of shade. There is also a hidden silver shimmer, it’s not very obvious on the nail…even in the sun. The formula is really really great, if you like it, you can go with 1 coater and if you’re loving this shade then 2 coats would be AWESOME!

Not for everyone but if you are willing to try something different, it’s a good pick. You may share your color obsession with OPI on their facebook or twitter.

Covergirl Natureluxe Silky Foundation

CoverGirl Natureluxe Silky Foundation for $3.00 with net wt: 1 fl oz. The shade I have is in 315 Bamboo. This shade is a good match for my light-medium skin toned. Note of caution -this product has a slight scents of jojoba extract and cucumber water. It has a medium coverage and it feels lightweight on skin. I’m excited to try this and will share my review in the next post.

What are some items you have hauled recently and are super excited to try? I’d love to know. Don’t forget to leave your comments down below.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo