Summer Skincare Must-Haves|AVEENO & NEUTROGENA


Hey everyone! So we’re smacked up to the beginning of summer. It’s about 80 degrees where I am right now. So, I thought it would be probably a good idea to have a little chat about sunscreen today. I’m going to show you some of the sample products I just received in the mail from Aveeno and Neutrogena.

Aveeno Summer Must Haves
*Press Samples

I’m a very firm believer that the best sunscreen for you or you could possibly use is the one that you would actually be using. The one that you’ll apply and reapply as much as needed. I love to wear sunscreen with high SPF pretty much everyday in the summer. Yes, I tend to get burn to crisps quite easily, so let just say sunscreen is my life saver.

So many products are out this year, so  many great products actually. I’m super excited because I’m having so much fun doing this review. This year both Brands are introducing their must-haves new mineral sunscreens.

Aveeno Mineral Sunscreen

AVEENO Sensitive Skin SPF 50 – It claims that – this new and improved mineral sunscreens are formulated with naturally sourced 100% zinc oxide and active natural oat to combine effective broad-spectrum UVA sun protection with skin soothing benefits.

I can’t leave home without sunscreen especially when I go for a vacation. So, I’ve been wearing it religiously during our trip to Ottawa and have been loving it. I also shared it with my family members and appreciate how it helps protect our skin from being baked by the UV light. A sunscreen that has a nice and natural soothing scents which reminds me of the beach. I really like the smell even though it reads on the bottle as fragrance free. Honestly, I was intrigued by the non-greasy mineral sunscreen formula. This product isn’t greasy at all and the best thing is that it doesn’t irritate skin. The only cons I can think of is that it leaves a white cast on my dad’s darker skin, but I haven’t found a physical sunblock that doesn’t. If you have dry and sensitive skin then Get yours here!

Baby Sunscreen Aveeno

Next new product is the AVEENO Baby Sunscreen SPF 50 – I’m very happy to have this sunscreen for my 2nd grader. He spent his summer outdoor very much everyday and this is a must-haves for him to wear it whether for soccer or swimming in the pool. I love all Aveeno’s products so I wouldn’t hesitate giving this to him. It’s a brand I trust. Get this for your baby.

Aveeno Cleanser

This is one of my favorite Positively Radiant Cleanser, it leaves my skin feels so soft and completely clean. This is a win. I love the formula, I love the way it smells so natural and slightly medicinal. Available in drugstores.

Daily moisturizer

For younger, oilier skins this lotion alone should be plenty for all day moisture and protection while leaving your skin hydrated. For a daily moisturizer that works, this might be just the ticket for you, too.

60 second facial shower .jpg

Aveeno Positively Radiant 60 Second In-Shower Facial –  is a gentle treatment you leave on for just one minute in the shower and because of the steam, it helps to exfoliate and brighten your skin. I noticed tiny micro beads that’s great for exfoliating death skin. If you’re someone who love multi-tasking when in the shower, this In-Shower facial won’t let you down. Find it here! 

Overnight Hydrating Facial Moisturizer

AVEENO Positively Radiant Overnight Hydrating Facial is a deeply hydrating moisturizer that you apply at night. It actually reminds me of the Laniege Sleeping Mask which I’ve been reaching for lately. The formula feels very lightweight on skin and it smells so amazing. I’m also amazed at how quick the product absorbs into my skin leaving skin hydrated and smooth. Smells like a walk through the enchanted forest. Another good thing about this product is that it’s oil free and leaves a soft glow on skin

I think this would make a perfect moisturizer for warm summer night. It’s not super hydrating as other night cream I’ve tried during winter months but this just hit the mark. It’s your summer must haves product if you’ve normal to combination skin typed. Your skin is going to thank you for it. You got to try it. 

Makeup Remover Wipes Aveeno

AVEENO Make-Up Removing Wipes – this product contains Total Soy Complex that not only help even out skin tone and texture but visibly transform dull, uneven skin into brighter, more radiant looking skin. I have tried this wipes over the last few days and I’m satisfied by how well it removes my eye and face makeup. This wipes feels a little thicker than other drugstore brands I’ve tried in a good way. I really appreciate its durability. A wipe that cleans and remove all the dirt and makeup with ease. If you haven’t tried this – here’s the link.

Sheer Zinc SPF50

Another two new and improved mineral sunscreens this summer are from NEUTROGENA and it’s their Sheer Zinc Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50 and Face Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50 which I’ll talk about next.

Mineral Sunscreen has increasingly gain its popularity over the past years and was lucky enough to receive package containing a top-up of some of my most-loved Aveeno and Neutrogena products. So I thought I’d put together a post combining these two brands and to tell you a little bit more about some of my favorite skincare items from the collection in case you were interested in trying any out.

If you’re into mineral sunscreen then you just have to try this Neutrogena Mineral Sunscreen with SPF 50.  Then your quest for mineral sunscreens ends right here. 

It claims – this gentle formula delivers superior broad spectrum protection against burning UVB and ageing UVA rays – with 2x better UVA protection than the leading mineral sunscreen. It’s mild even on sensitive skin, and it’s free of fragrance, parabens, phthalates, dyes, and irritating chemicals.

With summer officially here, sunscreen with high SPF UVA protection is a must-haves in my household. I love to know what’s your must-haves skincare products this summer?

Sheer Zinc Facial

Next is the NEUTROGENA Sheer Zinc Face Mineral Sunscreen with SPF 50 – it’s of 100% zinc oxide UVA. A new revolutionary product that helps prevent sunburn. I like how easy it applies and doesn’t leave any white globs and disappeared into skin rather quickly. I appreciate a good consistency product which is neither overly liquidy nor thick. This mineral sunscreen is on my check list. Try it out for yourself! 

Body Stick Sunscreen

I’m very excited to be testing out the Ultra Sheer Facial and Body Stick Sunscreen by Neutrogena. This is my first time seeing sunscreen in a stick format. My first thought was a deodorant but a sunscreen with SPF 50+ in a stick – this I’m intrigued to try. Love the amazing scents and I like that it glides on like a dream. No mess on application and so convenient to use. A travel friendly packaging that’s leak proof and the best part is that you can just throw it in your purse. This mineral-based stick sunscreen won’t clog pores, and it helps to prevent signs of aging while protecting your skin. Waterproof and lightweight, for a full face and body UVA protection, try this mineral sunscreen the next time you’re out and about.

I’ve already posted it in my Instagram because I love it so much. I’m very much into skincare right now. Aveeno is hands down one of my favorite drugstore brand.

If you’re new to the brand definitely make sure you try some of the products that I’ve mentioned. Let me know what you think and if you love Aveeno and Neutrogena as much as I do!

So, thanks for stopping and read. I also like to thank Aveeno and Neutrogena for this great opportunity to collaboration.  And until next time, I’m wishing a Great Skin Health! Bye!!!

Sharon xoxo


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Disclaimer:  I only work with brands I love, so thank you for helping me to support them. I received these products for free in exchange for sharing my experience, all thought and opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post. 



May Skincare Favorites


Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog. It’s been awhile since we sat down and talked about favorites. And since it’s that time again, I thought I’ll round up a few of my skincare favorites from the last month or so.

So, let’s hop into it.

Hey Sharonoox May Skincare Faves

For this post I wanted to show you a few of the items that I’ve really been enjoying for the month of May, the ones that have made my daily skincare routine all the more fun and the ones that help to make my skin not only look and feel on top condition, but help to give me a little bit of zen in my life at the same time. I love these products and I know that you will too!

OLYMPUS Clarins Extra Firming Day Cream
#Press sample

You guys know I’m super into moisturizers so when I was given this Clarins Extra Firming Day Wrinkle Lifting Cream  free sample from my beautician at my local Pharmaprix to try it out,  and I was completely hooked. I love it so much that I’ve been in my daily routine for quite sometime now. I’m sad that it’s finishing soon but I’ll purchase it in a full size. I’m lazy when it comes to applying too many products on my skin so I really like the efficient way of wearing it. The formula is so creamy that makes it easy to wear and it smells so amazing. This product is luxurious that it feels like an awesome treat to apply! I’d go as far to say that the Firming Day Cream is up there with some of my favorites. It leaves my skin feeling very hydrated and firmer. Give it a go if you haven’t already. 

Aveeno Posivitely Radiant Night Cream

You all know by now that I’m a fan of Aveeno products and this Positively Radiant Intensive Night Cream is my drugstore alternative night cream to my Lancome Bienfait Vital Night Cream when I don’t feel like to be spendy. I’m not saying that it’s better than the latter but it’s works the same for me. Both have vitamins that helps the skin to recharge, radiantly luminous and ready to face the day.

Aveeno Posivitely Radiant Night Cream

I’ve been using this product consistency for the past 3 months before going to bed and I’ve almost ran out of this one. Even though it’s almost done but it lasts a long time because I don’t need to use so much product. The formula is so good that with just the size of dime is all I need, so a little goes a long way. I’m so happy that I almost hit pan with this product. I love it so much. Get yours here.

Origins Frosty Face wash

Next favorite I want to give a shout out to is the Origins Cheeks and Balances Frosty Face Wash. Come on who doesn’t like Origins right! This brand is awesome and honestly I’ve been loving some of their skincare products lately.

I tried it a many times and with so many products I received, I kind of forgot about it and ever since I rediscovered it again in my vanity and I’ve been using this non-stop. With combo skin I find it hard to pick a cleanser that doesn’t dry out my face and keeps the oil at a minimum but this product changed everything. It smells great and lather amazingly. It gives a foamy feeling during wash and it feels gently to the skin. A little goes such a long and I do appreciate that. Makes me remember why I love it so much in the first place. If you love Origins, you must run to get it, it saddens me that such great product is so underrated.

Acure Moroccan Oil [Rose]
#Press sample
This product smells insane. Yes, I’m talking about the Acure Moroccan Argan Oil Rose. This was sent to me for an exchange of my honest opinion a while ago. I love the scents of rose and cherish it; this smells so good. The pump bottle packaging is perfect for girls like me who prefers not to dab my fingers into the product. And when it comes to cute packaging, I’m down you know what I mean. Another thing I really like about the packaging is that it’s travel friendly.

I’ve been wearing this as face serum in my nighttime skincare routine, on my cuticles and my dry flaky heels. It’s super moisturizing and with my combination to dry skin type this is a great standby oil to always have on my hand. This oil is the best I’ve tried by far. For some of you who’s environmentally concern, rest assure that this brand is cruelty, vegan and paraben FREE.  You seriously got to try it.

Caudalie Grape Water

Last but not least in my May Skincare Favorite is the Caudalie Grape Water.  I LOVE face mists, and when I stumbled upon this Grape Water by Caudalie I know that we’re going to be BFF. I love this stuff. It has the faintest scents of grapes which isn’t over the top kind of smell, if you know what I mean! It’s so easy to use and it makes my skin feels nice and fresh. I like to spritz it when I’m on my no makeup day – just to give my skin a little boost and energy kick which I didn’t know I needed. You can also used it as a setting spray after your makeup, it’s so versatile you can use it how ever ways that sails your boat. Trust me! This is a must have. Available at Sephora.

Have you tried any of the products that I’ve mentioned in this post? If so, which ones are your favorites? I’d love to know! I’m always looking for new skincare products to try, so if you’ve any recommendations that you think I’ll love then please let me know by leaving me a comment down below, I can’t wait to hear what you guys are loving!

Thank you so much for stopping by to read. If you did enjoy this post definitely follow my blog. I hope you come to check on my social media down below. Make sure you are following me on Twitter and Instagram (@heysharonoox) for the latest update. In the meantime come and say hi!

Sharon xoxo


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Nivea Skincare Products



Hello everyone! Winter is the perfect season for me to try skincare products as my skin gets dryer and it needs to be even more hydrated and protected. I am excited to share with you today another beauty review on the Nivea face products.

I’ve been really obsessed with skincare products lately and I’ve been scanning for a great bargain and obviously good products to try on.

Nivea Face Products

Okay guys! I need to explain to you that I’ve dry to combination skin and it drives me nuts when my skin started to be acting up especially on a dry winter season. I need my humidifier on the whole time to keep the air humid and not too drying for my skin.

I stumbled across some of these at the Walmart  a couple of weeks ago and I want them all. I honestly don’t need it since I’ve got many products to try still but what the heck … they were on special discount!


I picked all the face products by Nivea for dry skin and that’s this review is all about. I can only share my experience  with products I’ve actually tried.

GENTLE CLEANSING WIPES FOR DRY SKIN. These are heavily scented, so if your skin is somewhat sensitive, beware. I cannot use them on my face, so they are relegated to cleaning my makeup area and removing swatches. I would recommend you go with the unscented ones.

I could not find a single fault with these wipes except with the strong scent. It doesn’t remove the make-up completely but I’ve never used a wipe that does. If you get my point.


GENTLE TONER FOR DRY AND SENSITIVE SKIN. This toner smells nice. It says on the packaging it contains natural almond oil but I smell floral scent (maybe it’s just me, I really don’t know).What scents do you think it is? Let me know on the comment below, if you’ve used it.

I find it to be gentle and hydrating. It’s nice and did the job of removing leftover residue from makeup remover but it didn’t rock my boat. I’m not saying it’s terrible but average. Overall, here is what I  concluded, this toner doesn’t break me out on my sensitive skin. I’ll still continuing using it.


NOURISHING DAY CREAM with SPF 15 for Dry Skin. I enjoy day cream that contains SPF to protect skin from sunburn more so in winter.  For a budget spend moisturizing cream with SPF 15 point of view, this is not the best in the world but it works for now.

I would say this is what my skin (and wallet) needs during these winter months, it’s cold and I need something to protect my poor skin. I noticed it’s a bit greasy but like I said, for the winter, that’s what my skin need. It dries out few seconds after I apply it and it feels lightweight.The scent is like every other Nivea product.


PEARLY SHINE LIP BALM with Long Lasting Moisture Hydration. Some of you might know me after reading by many posts that I’m not a very lip gloss person and a pearly shine lip gloss would just be pushing it too hard. I’ll keep this one to be added for another giveaway.

I want to do product reviews for you guys and I’m digging my pocket deeper each time I shop. I feel very encouraged when I have friends, fans, readers who stop by and comment on my post. I love reading your comments and I want to share as many products I’ve tried with you guys as much as I can.

What do you think of these products?

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo



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Disclaimer: These products were purchased by me and the opinion are solely mine. I’m just sharing my experience on these products and hope it would help you in your next purchase decisions.



Wednesday Drugstore Epic Beauty Snag


Happy Wednesday guys! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I have another epic makeup snag that I just acquired recently. Let me know on the comment below if you think it’s a snag or not at the end of this post?

Garnier Exfoliating scrubs

I was at Walmart yesterday looking for a facial cleanser since I ran low with my Tony Moly in Aloe Vera face cleanser. I really enjoyed it but you guys know me that I love to try out new products and share here with everyone. So, at the beauty section, I stumbled upon the Garnier Pure 3 in 1 product and it was on special for $3.79 (regular price $5.97) with net wt: 150 ml. A decent size tube packed full with 3 in 1 formulas. So for the value standpoint you’re getting more for your money when it’s on Special!


It has all three : Cleanser, Scrub and Mask in one tube. You guys know me that I love my coffee and especially the 3 in 1. It’s a time saver and so easy to bring for short trips. I’m a coffee addict and seriously I can’t live without it in the morning. So, it’s a no surprised for me when products are packed all in one combo. So, I was excited to try out this Garnier Pure 3 in 1 the moment I stepped inside. I expected it to be light and bubbly for a face cleanser but that didn’t happened 😦 Continue reading if you want to know more …


It stated on the packaging that this formula is formulated for oily skin typed and imperfection which my skin experienced a few weeks ago after taken beating from the hot summer. So, I was so sure that it would help with my skin imperfection but instead my skin became dryer than ever.


The texture was thick and it contains tiny beads which works best when you exfoliate your skin. If you leave the product for more than 2 minutes it would dries up into a mask and you can just leave it for another few minutes before rinsing them out. Leaving your skin smooth and clean. Since I had only minor oily skin on my T-zone during the summer, this cleanser really make my skin really dry and honestly I don’t like the result I see. Well, it might just be only me encountering this experience but if you have been using it and love it, then that’s great.


As for me, this is Garnier Pure 3 in 1 is a miss and unfortunately I’d not be repurchasing it. I’m very picky when it comes to face products or skincare and this one is definitely be out of the window. Frankly, I’m disappointed that it doesn’t work on me but I really don’t know if it works well for others.

Have you tried any skincare products by Garnier? Do you love or hate it? I love to hear your comments.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

Sharon xoxo


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Top 5 Tuesday Favorite Face Products … you don’t want to miss!

Hey beauties! Today, I wanted to share my post about my Top 5 Favorite face products. Despite the fact that I have dozens of various makeup products at my fingertips, I have chosen 5 top picks which I love using.

Top 5 Face Products

top 5 tuesday favorite makeup

Bourjois Brush Concealer/Laura Mercier Foundation Primer/Tarte Amazonian Clay Bronzer/Revlon Classy Coral Blush/Cover Girl Ready Get Set Gorgeous Foundation  

laura mercier primer

Let me start with my first top picks which is the Laura Mercier foundation primer.It has become one of my most recent love due to the fact that it’s so smooth and silky with the effect of making my skin feels light and easy. Since I put on primer before foundation, I really enjoy wearing Laura Mercier’s foundation primer for a flawless and fresh looking skin.

covergirl foundation

The second face product which I used every time I did my makeup will be the foundation. I have various type of foundations which I have tried and tested but I still love doing my face with this Cover Girl Ready Set Gorgeous foundation. I love how natural and flawless this foundation provides. Coupled with an amazing primer, this foundation will guarantee to last all day. The one I’m wearing is in 220 (soft honey).

Bourjois concealer

I always wear my concealer after applying the foundation. Since Bourjois is one of my favorite drugstore brand makeup, I love how this concealer works on my dark circle under my eyes and eyelids. It gives a radiant and the coverage is wonderful.

tarte bronzer

Okay, all the sun-tanning during the summer had slowly diminished as winter rushing in. Well, I usually gets a little paler comes January and I just thought that I have to put some warmth glow on my face.  I got this Tarte Amazonian Clay bronzer from Sephora in the summer. Some of you might be skeptical about wearing a bronzer in the winter, but as long as the bronzer is not too shimmery or not too dark shade then contouring it with a blush will gives a pretty glow.

revlon blush

The last face product in my list will be my Revlon powder blush. It’s smooth and it has a nice and lovely finish. I love how pigmented this powder blush is and love the coverage and it’s so blendable. The color of this Classy Coral adds a natural flush colors on my complexion instantly.

So, there you have it some of my 5 Top face products which are my favorites.

Have you any of the face products that I mentioned above? Please comment below.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sharon xoxo