Spring Must Haves – Beauty & Fashion


Hey guys! Wanna know what products I’ve been loving and thought you might want to check them out for Spring Must Haves? Then let’s skip the introduction and jump straight into the gist of it. Since we’ve been blessed with such beautiful spring like weather last two weeks, I’ve been out and about shopping at my favorite store. So I picked up a few things that I really like!

Sprung into Spring

Let’s talk about BEAUTY for a starter.

Lancome Veris in Lovve

I’m a Lancome addict and  when I saw this Lancome Vernis In Love Nail Polish at Winners when I went shopping two weekends ago, I was overjoyed to find this hidden gem.

Lancome Nail Polish

I’m loving the formula and the color which I have in the shade Douceur Vanillee. It’s not to thick nor thin, and the color is just amazing. It looks great and classy which I really like. It’s an everyday color that I can wear it the whole time. It stay well and haven’t chip even after day 5.

Douceur Vanille #Lancome

Not to mention the brush applies easily and my nails being fully covered in 2-3 strokes. It’s buildable for a more opaque finishing. For about $19 (CAD) per bottle this worksas good as the Deborah Lippmann nail polish. I’d say it’s on par. You got to try this! It’s really that amazing!


Rockport Clog Shoes

Shoes – Well, you see I don’t live near Winners so that days of picking up a few new affordable pieces for my wardrobe at every change of season are over. But whenever I got the chance to shop there, I like to go a little crazy with my shopping spree.

If you know me, then you know I love almost everything leather. I find them to be really durable and long lasting. This especially holds true when it comes to footwear materials. So when I saw this beautiful Red Rockport Clog Sandals, I know I’ve to get it for good measure. No, really I picked this up because they made the most comfortable shoes. I’ve a few pairs in the past and they haven’t let me down. This slip on sandal is easy to wear with almost anything, from denim to hot pants or summer dresses. Well, at least that’s how I’d wear them.

You see, I also wanted to pair it with my red bag as seen below. I feel like I’m going to be wearing this combo for the rest of the year!

This could be the most comfortable sandals ever and I’ve been really loving it!

Lauren Ralph Lauren Corssbag

Bag – when I said I splurge a little on my bag collection. I mean it! One of my mini goal this year is to be a more I guess aware consumer. I used to be someone who if I see something I like, I don’t too much about it and if I can afford it I’ll just buy it but I want to be a shopper where I’m a little more conscious about the environment.  I want to make sure that the things that I’m buying is going to be used for a very long time even if that means I’m paying a higher price tag for it. If it’s something of quality and will last me for a good while, I would rather do that.

Inside Lauren Ralph Lauren bag

So,  picked up this adorable Lauren Ralph Lauren Crossbody Bag that’s red and it’s screaming my name. Regular price tag is for $110 but I’m paying a reduced price at $69.99 which is quite a steal, don’t you think!  It’s of 100% leather material and was made in Indonesia. It’s perfect to wear as a crossbody bag or on the shoulder as shared on my Instagram post. I really love the good compact size of this bag. It can store cellphone, coins, cash and so many other things in it. So many compartments for cards and there’s also a pen holder just in case. They think of everything even to the smallest detail which I truly appreciate.

Closed up look #RalphLauren

It’s like a wallet but with a strap on it and suprisingly roomy on the inside. The long strap is adjustable and I really like the cute heart shape on gold metal zipper and hardware. I’m loving x10 with this crossbody bag.

So those are some of the stuff that’s a must have for Spring. Definitely make sure you check them out. Leave me a comment down below and tell me what products you like me to try this Spring!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by and read. You can find me online on my social media and if you’d like to get notification of a new post, you can follow me on my blog post.

Happy shopping!

Sharon xoxo



Disclaimer:  Post contains affiliate links for your convenient only. I don’t get any monetary compensation or perks from sharing these affiliate links. Products mentioned I’ve purchased with my own money & thoughts my own.



Blogtober* Dress Up For Fall – Zara & Coach


Hello guys! Today’s I’ll be doing a different blog post than my usual beauty makeup haul. It’s going to be a dress up for fall blog post. It’s basically all the clothing and accessories I got from Zara recently. Let me know what you think of this different format in the comment, please.


I ordered them online on Zara website. You can see here my current wardrobe clothing for fall. I always keep it simple and comfortable like stripe top and skirt but I always try to spice them up with a little accessories.



I’m almost always wearing a t-shirt when I’m just hanging around and my latest obsession is this Zara Round-Neck Stripe Top. I also very obsessed with stripes. They’re super comfortable and easy to throw on so that’s a definite must have for me. I like to pull up the sleeves and usually I tuck the front into the front of my skirt. This can also be paired with a denim jeans and a rugged jacket for casual look. It’s nice to wear a soft pop of color when the weather is so grim.



I love wearing skirts for more formal occasions and thankfully I finally found an A-Line Skirt with pleated front. I love that they’re in a comfortable thin material but not over the top. I also really like the design of this skirt where I can paired it with any boots or even high heel shoes. But this time. I took this opportunity to finally wear my ankle boots.



Flat leather ankle boots with fringe is prefect for fall. I wear them with jeans, skirts and dresses. The design is simple but yet sophisticated. It has that girly cowboy look which I absolutely adore. Topped with the fridge, this boots are everything you need for fall season.



I’ve been keeping this Coach New York Handbag I received from my hub since last Christmas because I thought it was too pretty to wear, but that’s nonsense!  Come on pretty things are meant to be worn and not just stared at, right! So, for its first outing I wanted to make it the statement piece of the outfit. I really like the color match I picked for this month’s look-book.

I was able to put my wallet, cellphone, lipsticks, mirror, glasses, phone book – yes, I’ve it with me for a long time and I always has it in my handbag wherever I go. I know, I’m strange!



I bought this necklace two weeks ago and I’ve been reaching for it. I’m loving it! It’s a pretty accessory that make an impact to the entire outfit. Today, I’m going to show you this silver chain necklace and talk a little bit about it. I like silver as to gold – reason been anything gold I wear will turn red. But don’t get me wrong, I do like gold things as long as I’m not wearing them.

So, that’s it for my first installment of fashion post here in this blog. I’ve some more fashion haul coming this way.

Would love to hear your feedback or comment as to what you think of this post. I hope you fin this post interesting and let me know if there’s anything particular that you’d like me do in the comment section.

Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope to see you again on my next blog!

Have a fab week!

Sharon xoxo



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Question Tuesday Tag Comments


Hi guys! Today I’m going to do something really different in this blog. I’m thinking of starting a new tag questions for November and I need your help to comment below what you would like me to put in the tag.

Let’ s chill out:


It’s going to be called #Tag Me Beautiful.

The rule is very simple. All you’ve to do is comment one or many questions you like in the comment below. It could be any random or beauty related questions. Once I’ve collected 30 questions from you all, I’ll do a tag based on your questions. And for doing that, I’ll put a link back to your blog so that you too can do this tag.

So, let’s do this ladies and gentleman – share it and make this viral.

Sharon xoxo





Wordless Wednesday|Summer Fashion File


Hey guys!

Happy Wednesday. In today’s post I just have a few of  the clothing for Spring/Summer to show you guys. Since the weather is warming up here where I live – short sleeves and light sweaters at night are my favorite outfit to wear. So, I picked these few pieces of clothing from Winners.

Fashion file

Dark Brown Turtle Neck blouse with black sweater (14)




I’ll be sharing and talking more of clothing and fashion in a different category very soon.

So, have you started your spring cleaning already? If yes, which products would you mostly discard?

Thank you for visiting.

Sharon xoxo

Custom To Fit by eShakti



by eShakti
by eShakti

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by this company called eShakti and was asked if I would like to do a review on their products. I was thrilled with the thoughts of someone going to do a tailor or custom made dress for me. So, I took up this great opportunity to do a fair and genuine review on this dress. As we go along, I will be sharing with you my experience from how this custom made dress took place until how it arrives at the doorstep.

eshakti dhl

If you go to eShakti website, you will see many many cute, sophisticated, embroidered blouse, jackets, skirts, pants, dresses and even jumpsuit. Just choose your choice of preference. They have sizes available from 0-36W and a huge collection of fashion clothing awaits.

I was excited to be given the choice to pick a product from the eShakti website for this *review. I chose the dress as shown above from the website. I was so in love with this dress – it’s like my dream dress. It has a beautiful charm to it and I’m planning to wear it to my daughter’s graduation ceremony this summer and also I can even wear it to attend my friend’s wedding party too. The color of this dress is a soft teal green with white lovely lace. This dress is totally spot on. Curious to know more, continue reading below…

front dress

Here are a few simple steps which I did when I ordered my dress:-

Step 1: You choose the design you like as seen on eShati website. Then a custom size prompt will appear to ask for multiple body measurements. Just follow the requirements and you’re good to go to the next step.

Step 2: I recommend that you have someone to measure for you to get the correct measurements. I did mine on my own at first and somehow the measurement on my chest and bust were a little bit out. I was so glad that the customer service emailed me to confirm my measurement again. It seems they thought that my body measurement  on my chest and bust does not match and an illustrator photos were sent to help me do the right measurement again, But this time, I have my honey bear to do my body measurement for me.

Step 3: Slight adjustment made and I shoot an email to the customer service representative confirming the adjusted measurement and they responded the next day confirming that my order is in the process.

Step 4: You put in your height measurement

Step 5: Custom styling is where you have the option to change the sleeve and length type. Custom or styling cost $7.50.

Step 6: You have the choice remove the pockets at no extra charge.

So, basically from the date eShakti contacted me for a collaboration review until the day I received this lovely dress was about 3 weeks. Their customer service is top notch and they don’t leave you in the cold. They keep updating me with new updates and communication is key.

back dress

I received a tracking email from eShakti on April 28 and the next morning the DHL guy was at the doorstep with a pizza size box package. That’s how fast the  delivery service is. I don’t even have the chance to track the package yet but it was here the next day. I’m impressed with the fast delivery from DHL.

dreesing up eshakti dress

Upon opening this package, I can’t wait but slipped into this gorgeous dress and did a fashion runway walk. I received my dress exactly the same as the website specification design. I’m so happy with this dress because fits me like a glove. Now, I’m ready to go to the ball…

ready for prom

I have the perfect dress to wear to the ball and what I need next is a pair of glass slippers to meet my Prince Charming ❤

eshakti non-oven label

eShakti is giving a $40 gift coupon when you register with them for the first time. Coupon valid for residents of USA or Canada.

My experience with custom online ordering from eShakti is smooth sailing and great. If you are planning on going to a prom, wedding, special lunch date or even graduation, and if you have some time to spare check their website at eShakti.com. You might find your dream dress there 😀

What do you think of this dress?

Thank you so much for stopping by.




Autumn Wear!


Autumn is officially here. The weather here is getting much colder by the day and it’s time to say bye-bye bikini wear to hello legging and cardigans. So, I got a few sweater that I picked up and like to share with you guys.

I got these sweaters from Winners (Canadian retail chain stores) except the Jessica brand.  Winners carry many different brands and trends for autumn.


My first choice is this beige color V-neck sweater by Hollister for $24.99.


American Eagle round neck, black top. T-shirt material. Paid $19.99 at Winners.


Jessica brand from Sears in a lovely neck shape design. I love this sweater particularly because it’s comfortable had a soft lovely look. Retail price $19.99


Ralph Lauren round neck sweater with a belt-hook design. It’s body hugging and t-shirt like polyester material. I got it for $29.99 at Winners.

 Are you changing your wardrobe this autumn?

Thank you for taking the time to read.