Best of Neutrogena


There’s no denyig that I love the brand by Neutrogena. I’ve been obsessed with the foundation that was sent to me by the PR company a few weeks ago. A big thank you to Neutrogena and especially to Laura for this amazing product.

#Press samples

Let’s start with my favorite Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Tint which all I’ve been wearing since I got them. I want to share with you guys my thoughts on this hydrating tint foundation because it’s a new release from Neutrogena just recently.

The first time they sent to me this foundation, it was in Natural Ivory shade which was too light for my skin tone. Later, I received two other shades which are a good match for my skin type.

Natural Beige (60)

I really like this shade in Natural Beige. It’s a perfect match for my NC25 skin toned. I use my Elf beauty sponge to apply the foundation everytime and the finishing is flawless. It’s my most preferred method of application.

Soft Beige (50)

It comes in this very nice packaging. I love the packaging, it’s slim, it’s light and I think it’s plastic though it looks like glass, and it’s very heavy duty. It won’t break even if you drop it. So that’s cool!

Soft Beige can be a tad light and pink for me.  I would get lighter color coming up winter as the weather gets colder for some reason. So this would be perfect for me. I love this foundation, I’m just going to say I love it. It’s so unique and the formula is so different that it feels so lightweight and comfortable to wear on skin. It does reminds me of Make Up For Ever Water Blend foundation formula somehow but this one is a fraction of the price.


Natural Ivory (20)

I gave the Natural Ivory bottle to my daughter since she has lighter skin than me and she really likes it. She’s not a big fan of full coverage, full makeup girl so this she enjoys a lot.


It’s not a pump but a different type of applicator. It got a big doe foot applicator while I’ve never used a foundation like this before. It’s super easy application. You just throw it on your face. There’s no mess with finger application or brush.

The reason I love this foundation is because I do feel that at the end of the day, it doesn’t dries up my skin completely. This product does literally moisturize and plumps your skin and makes it feel so smooth and natural as if you just applied it. It’s very nice coverage and it does feel great on my dry skin.

Hydrating tint swatches

Here are the color swatches. From left to right: Natural Beige, Soft Beige and Natural Ivory. It claims to have hyaluronic acid in it and moisturizes and plumps skin for 24 hours and I agree with their claims.

Neutrogena tinted foundation

The coverage is light to medium. I highly recommend it. It is better than many highend foundations that give light to medium coverage. This one is a keeper and the best thing is that it’s from the drugstores.

Have you tried this Neutrogena product I’ve mentioned in this post? Share it in the comment below.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read. I’ll see you again on my next blog. Until then bye!

Sharon xoxo


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Disclaimer:  I only work with brands I love, so thank you for helping me to support them. I received these products for free in exchange for sharing my experience, all thought and opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post. 


Make Up For Ever Water Blend Foundation – It’s All About That Base


Hey everyone! Welcome back to my blog! Make Up For Ever is a brand that always interested me. So, when they launched their new Water Blend Face & Body Foundation recently and asked if I’d like to try it out, I was more than excited. Some of you may know that I love foundation that feels lightweight on my skin but still provides a good coverage on the areas that needs covering, I’m down with it.

Makeup Forever Water Blend Foundation
*Press sample

This foundation is for people who’s on the go all day long and don’t have much time to touch up their makeup. The Water Blend Foundation is a water based foundation that contains 80% of vitamin water enriched in Pro-Vitamin B5. This product helps prevent shine and enhance the natural look of your skin. What I like most about it is the lightweight and long lasting finish.

MUFED foundation

The Make Up For Ever Water Blend Foundation retail for $54 CAD for 50ml.

MUFE packaging

I appreciate foundation bottle that comes with a pump applicator. This glass bottle packaging would look great on your vanity.

MUFE Color Swatch

I wear the shade Marble in Y225 which is a lighter and more yellow base on. There are 20 different shades for you to choose from this line if you’re interested. Make Up For Ever is consistent with its foundation colors across the board, so if you already know your color, you can be confident about finding a good match.

Water Blend Y225

Here’s is the consistency of the product up closed. It blends effortlessly with a beautiful finish. I really like how it make my skin looks after applying. I noticed my skin looking radiant and fresh. It has a floral scents that smells amazing upon application but disappear once applied. I’ve been wearing this none stop for the past couple of days and I didn’t experience any breakout whatsoever.

MUFE Formula Consistency

I love the sheer to light coverage finishing. Enough to even out your skin tone and make you look put together, but you can’t really rely on the product to mask blemishes or discolorations. It’s definitely a foundation for people with decent skin to start off with.

Beauty Blender MUFE

Ellipse Blender Sponge is a latex sponge which allows you to apply your foundation on the areas that’s hard to reach. It doesn’t feel overly dense to touch and it works so well without absorbing the water base foundation which is a good thing – if that makes any sense. I went ahead to test it by going near my under-eye area and honestly I’m quite impressed.

Ellipse Blender.jpg

It works well to built up products without picking up the 1st layer.

Medium Coverage
Make Up For Ever Water Blend Foundation – 2 layers #waterblendchallenge

For me, the coverage provided is perfect. Being with my age and a proud owner of a combination dry-skin complexion, I really can’t reach for heavy products. They will end up looking crusty and flaky even worst – emphasizing all the issues which I’m not even aware off.

As you can see, even after wearing this foundation for the full day while part of my day spent outdoors at our local circus festival, this foundation looks fresh as though I’ve just applied it. It’s so lightweight and doesn’t look cakey. It’s as if you’re not wearing makeup at all which is the aim of this game. Right! I really don’t have anything bad to say about this product. It’s a win in my book!

I highly recommend checking out this product if you’re someone who hates fussing over their makeup throughout the day or if you’re one of those people who hates the “feel” of foundation, this formula will be amazing for you! I like applying it with the Ellipse Blender or a buffing brush which is quick and easy to use.

I hope you come to check on my social media down below. Make sure you are following me on Twitter and Instagram (@heysharonoox) for the latest update. In the meantime come and say hi!

Sharon xoxo


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Disclaimer:  I only work with brands I love, so thank you for helping me to support them. I received these products for free in exchange for sharing my experience, all thought and opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post. 



BH Cosmetics Cruelty Free Liquid Foundation- Review


Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog 🙂


I’m a big fan of BH Cosmetics products because their products are not tested on animals (cruelty free) and so far, the products I purchased from BH haven’t let me down. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised by the good and consistent quality par with an affordable price.


To start, I’m NC20 currently with warm undertone. I bought this online because it was on 50% discount from $9.00. I paid $4.50 for a 0.85 oz product. So, I picked the shade M3 in Medium Olive among the other twelve available colors.

I like cute glass packaging foundation that comes with a pump. Don’t you? Or is this just me! The pump works fine and the consistency of the formula is decent. Yes, it has a pump. A plus for hygiene! I find it not overly liquidy to my liking. I would say it has a close consistency with the BB cream if that make sense.


Anyways, I’ve tried this product for over a week and I’m liking it. The problem I experience with this foundation is the shade. I got a shade a bit darker than my usual light/medium. what I did was to mix it with my other foundation of lighter shade for now. I tend to get tan quite easily in summer so a darker shade is .


See what I mean! Uh hmm! I was shocked when I saw the color of the foundation when I pumped it out on hand. It looks so orangey yellow and it’s definitely darker than my skin tone. bump!


Upon application, I could tell it was too dark and it even oxidized after application making it even darker.

The consistency of this foundation reminds me of the BB cream with heavier buildable coverage. I would say it gives you sheer to medium coverage but if you’re looking for a full coverage then you might not like it.  For me, this is perfect because I have combination to dry skin. I was looking for a foundation that looked dewy on the skin and not cakey for summer!

One thing worth mentioning is that I would have loved if it had SPF in it, well it’s not anything terrible for me since I use a moisturizer with SPF anyways, so it’s no biggie.


This product blend into my skin smoothly and nicely. The coverage as I mentioned earlier can be sheer to begin with (but is very buildable) to medium coverage. It’s a bit darker than a BB cream and does oxidizes. So, do not be alarmed if the shade looks a bit orangey straight out of the pump.

Anyways,  I’ll continue to wear this on rotation this summer and I’ll update back in this post if there is any changes in my opinion after trying it a little longer.

Overall, this is a decent product given the price I paid for is only $4.50 a bottle. It didn’t cause break out and I’m happy with the formula. As for the color selection, make sure to get a color lighter than your usual product shade as it might be come in a little darker.

What do you think of this foundation? Have you tried it? If yes, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Anyway, that’s it from me for now. See you guys soon.:) Bye!

Thanks for taking the time to read. I’ll see you guys again next time.

Sharon xoxo


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Mineral Wear Cushion Foundation Review




Seriously, wouldn’t this packaging reminds you of a pin cushion? Well, I don’t know about you but I definitely think so. As much as I like physician formula beauty products I’ve to admit that I picked it up because I was totally drawn by this pin cushion packaging look.


I think Physician Formula launches their new line of product last December. It may not be totally new for some of you but it’s still new to me.

Good news guys, this Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free All-in-1 ABC Cushion Foundation  consists of SPF 50. It is a weightless mineral formula that promises to blur fine lines, correct visible imperfections and give skin an airbrushed finish while protecting it with a SPF 50 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen. Cool right! Continue reading …


Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free All-in-1 ABC Cushion Foundation (for CAD$16.95) is one of two drugstore cushion foundations you’ll run into this Spring. The other is the new L’Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation which is selling for over $20.00 price tag.

I really like this one!


My only complaint is that this Mineral Wear Cushion Foundation sadly arrives in three color selections only. I afraid not everyone is going to fit into their Light, Light/Medium, and Medium shade range. Very limited color options. But if you’re lucky enough (their light/medium tends to be a perfect match for me) to fit into one of those three shades, let’s just say you’re in for a treat.:)


This cushion makeup arrives in a cute blue compact. On the face plate you’ll see that it looks like a spongy cushion. It has a sturdy dual-lidded cover. So, the first lid opens up where you’d see a small mirror and a compact sponge while the second layer is a snap closed method to prevent the product from dying out.


Here’s an up closed picture of the sponge.

I don’t know why I like cushion makeup, I guess because a lot of the time I find the consistency of the texture super lightweight yet creamy and easy to blend.

So what is a cushion foundation? Good question if you’ve never used a cushion makeup before. They are simply a sponge saturated with foundation which you can press into to release the product onto a makeup sponge (yes you can use your beauty blender my dear), your brush or even fingers.

I personally prefer using my beauty blender and it kick out the products nicely and blend very well. It didn’t set immediately as I feared which is good. It gives an average medium coverage but if you’re looking for full coverage than this product will not be to your liking. The formula is lightweight and it gives me a pretty natural look.


I really like the smooth finish of this product, truly it does look airbrushed and it wears like a champ at around seven hours without fading. Yay!

It is a little expensive at $16.95 for a drugstore brand but it has a $9 mail in rebate offer from now until December 2016. So go and pick yours if you haven’t already. I recommend it. Make sure you pick the right shade, I know that some drugstores accept returns but do check with the store’s return policy first.

Lastly, I feel that this cushion foundation is light, natural looking, easy to wear and apply well. This one had absolutely no issues with formula wise except one just wishes they would extend the shade range so everyone could partake it such a great formula.

Let me know if you have tried this cushion foundation? If yes, what do you think in the comment below.

And that’s it for today’s review. Thanks for stopping by to read. I’ll see you on the next one. Bye!

Sharon xoxo



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photo by source
photo by source

Welcome to Question Tuesday Beauties! It has been raining since last night and I thought of just sharing some tips on how to apply a foundation like a pro. Below are some of the list of things you can do before committed to pick up a foundation from the store.

  • do you shop online?
  • check not neck or wrist
  • ask for sample
  • do color swatch?
  • change with the season
  • know your undertone
  • use the right brush
  • prep and prime

Q: How would you apply foundation like a pro?

What other tips you like to add that you think I missed out. You can leave your comment in the comment section below. I love to hear what you think 🙂

Thank you very much for stopping by.

Sharon xoxo



Wet n Wild Coverall Foundation

wnw foundation

I bought this Wet n Wild Coverall Cream Foundation because I’m literally obsessed with the Wet n Wild makeup line and therefore here I am with its cream foundation I picked up recently 😛

The shade I picked is in 819 Medium. I heard a lot about this foundation and I’m curious to try it out myself. For those of you who are new here, I’ve dry skin and I’m always on the search for a really good foundation that doesn’t make my skin looking cakey.

wnw color swatch

This Wet n Wild foundation comes in a tube packaging which I like but not in love with. I think it’s a great size for travelling and all you need is just squirt the formula on your hand before blending them on your skin. You can use a beauty blender or foundation brush to buff and blend them in.

This cream foundation has medium to full coverage. I like the consistency of the formula on swatch but it feels a little heavy when I applied it on skin. It does hide the imperfection and redness around my nose and it doesn’t oxidise like some other foundation do. When I put this foundation on my skin with a light layer, I notice that with this formula, it sink into my fine lines and it makes my pores seems larger and more visible. I heard mixed reviews on this foundation but for me personally I just cannot figure out why so many boast about this foundation being full coverage. I could barely cake it on to medium coverage status. 😦

wnw color swatch foundation

This cream foundation  goes on very smoothly and dries with a satin matte finish. I personally prefer a bit of a dewier finish especially on a full coverage foundation but that’s just me.

It’s not a terrible foundation, it’s just not for me. It might work better for you, I don’t know but this is a miss for me. I would like it a lot better if it didn’t make my small pores look larger and that it has a longer staying power.

Overall, I think that Wet n Wild has good and inexpensive products such as their tinted moisturizer with sunscreen and bronzer but mostly very good eyeshadow and lipstick options. Anyways, if you’re looking for a cheap on the go foundation and if you have normal skin tone, then this cream foundation might be something you will like to try considering the low price and it’s cruelty free.

Have you tried any of the Wet n Wild foundation? Do you have good experience with your purchase? Let me know your comment on the section below.

Thanks so much for reading.

Sharon xoxo

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The BEST Products For Makeup|Spring


Hey friends,

I’ve got to admit that it has been a while since I did a review on foundations and BB creams. So, allow me to share with you my love for some of these products which I will eventually purchase. You can think of this content title as a Wish list or the best makeup products to have in your vanity.

buxom BUXOM Show Some Skin 

This weightless foundation is so light, it’s like you’re not wearing anything at all, so it claims. This is absolutely insane in my opinion and I really must get my hot paw on this Buxom for sure. My curiosity grew as I was writing this post. It’s available in ten gorgeous shades at Sephora. This weightless foundation claims to deliver breathable coverage that increases hydration, brighten and smooth skin appearance. Reducing fine lines and wrinkles. I’m totally sold!

roc bb creamROC 5 in 1  Perfecting BB Cream 

Works to reduce the appearance of imperfection by restoring an even complexion with a sheer coverage that blends beautifully with your natural skin tone. I really want to try this product and if you want to read a review of this ROC BB cream on my post, please leave your comment section below.

burberry foundationBurberry Glow Luminous Fluid in Golden Radiance

There are a few methods to use this Golden Radiance. You can mix a few drops of this liquid fluid into your favorite foundation for a more warm but radiant boost. Or another way is to simply apply them on nude skin to have a natural and healthy glow. Lastly, you can wear it as a primer under your foundation for hydrating effect.

stila foundationStila HD Illuminating BB Cream

It claims to take your skin to another level of beauty enlightenment. This is an excellent product to wear if you are heading to yoga or just out jogging. The rose gold pigments are supposedly to recreate post-workout glow. I find this to be interesting and can’t wait to pick this BB cream for my stash.

loreal pressed powderL’Oreal True Match Mineral , Loose Powder 

Haven’t pick this up in your makeup collection. Well, this is a loose powder that works to make your most dreaded mis-matched or uneven tone a matter of the past. Say goodbye to uneven lines and hello to beauty complexion. It has a blendable formula and gives a sheer finish.

UD lloose powderUrban Decay Naked Skin Loose Powder 

Many of you might know now that I’m a UDer and I love Urban Decay’s beauty products so far. I believe this is their new Naked Skin collection for Spring 2015. Up this Spring is the Naked Skin concealer, liquid makeup and loose powder. Sorry, I’ve gone tangent but the thing is that this loose powder claims to sets makeup and cuts shine. The jar packaging looks sophisticated and high end.

These are some of the best makeup products I’ll get for Spring 2015. I’m not affiliated with any of them whatsoever but I just want to share my love and findings on products that best suits one or the other. I’ve not tried any of these products yet but sources gave positive likes on each of these products.

If you like to see me do a review on the products, please leave your comment below.

Thank you for taking the time to read and for stopping by 🙂

Sharon xoxo





Laura Mercier Foundation Primer


Hey beauties,

Guess what I got for this week? I just got this foundation primer by Laura Mercier in my mail box. I ordered it online and excited to share my thoughts and opinion on this primer. I remembered talking about it in my previous post on the Top 5 foundation mistakes we make and I just wanted to highlight this product since it is important in my opinion.

laura mercier

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer in a plastic tube packaging with a net wt: 1.70 fl oz.

“It claims that this primer creates a smooth and invisible layer to prepare skin. It meant to be used prior to foundation. Your foundation will stay fresh all day”. I’m extra curious and out to testing it.

The cream gel is not totally transparent like in ELF face primer. It looks whitish and light as a primer should. It’s so smooth and soft on skin. The cream is cooling and it blends so well. It claims to contain water-based formula. When I applied it on skin, I can smell the soft scents of Laura Mercier’s primer.It smells wonderful!

laura mercier tube ingredients

Available at Laura Mercier website, Nordstrom, Sephora and Amazon online.

Verdict: I really enjoy this soft primer on my skin and it leaves my foundation last longer. I recommend that you get a good foundation primer before applying foundation to have a more long lasting makeup. It helps hold the foundation and makes face looking beautiful.

Have you tried any primer and if yes, which brand did you use? Leave comment below. Love to hear from you.

As usual, thanks so much for reading.

Sharon xoxo



Top 5 Foundation Mistakes We All Make


Hey guys!

Foundation is the fundamental to flawless skin but unknown to many of us, we’re still doing it wrong. First thing first is to discover where you’re doing it wrong, then on how you get a quick fix. I have some good news on how to avoid these few mistakes. 

1) Skipping Primer 

Let’s face it, not all everyone wants to have another layer on their skin and it’s so conveniently for us to skipped this step. But putting a primer is equally important in order to avoid foundation from changing colors (when the foundation changing to light orange) due to oxidation. Primer also act as an anchor to hold down makeup for a good few extra hours of wear.  


2) Using your fingers

Sure, it’s true that the warmth of our fingers can help melt the makeup in. But it can also leaves harsh lines on our skin. Therefore, it is recommended that using a foundation brush or sponge is crucial to have a more accurate blend. 


3) Using Powder foundation

For those of you who has oily skin, using a powder foundation can be a great idea. But for those of you who has dry-skin, avoiding powder foundation can be a life saver. Powder foundation can look chalky and settle into wrinkles. Instead it was recommended to use matte foundation on the T-zone to eliminate the unwanted shine area and only to use powder to setting your makeup at the end. Make sure to give it a thorough blending to avoid patchy and white marks.


4) Testing 123!!! Testing 123! 

We often make the mistake of testing the foundation shades that we wanted to pick up on my hand instead of on our face. Truth been said, I sometimes unconsciously will do that too. Instead of offering my face to the salesperson I’ll just shovel my hand which is much convenient. But the best place to test is the jawline, around the nose and underneath the eyes to find a perfect color match. 

testing 123 foundations

5) Applying concealer under foundation

Another thing to ponder is what’s the point of putting a concealer under the foundation if the main purpose of a concealer is to add additional coverage when foundation doesn’t completely covers the problem area? By putting a foundation on top of the concealer, we are just thinning out the concealer making it lose it’s purpose to cover trouble areas. 

bourjois concealer

6) Trowelling it on

Oh yes, good foundation is something that we tend to want to apply it over and on every inch of our face but hold on! Come on ladies, use foundation where it is needed and not all over the face. The less you use, the more natural it appears. I’m sure you must have heard of the theory of Less is More! So, it stay true for foundation too. The next time you apply foundation, focus on the red area around the nose, dark circle under the eyes and blemishes. 


7) Highlighting fine lines

Okay, foundation’s job is to make our skin look flawless and natural looking. Foundation is to hide lines and not enhance them. Avoid creasing a thin amount of product under the eyes and around the mouth area where it’s prone to house wrinkles. Dab off any excess products with a tissue.


So, that’s it on my take to avoid the foundation mistakes and I hope these few tips helps. 

Do leave comment on what other mistakes you experience on the comment below?

Thank you for reading.

Sharon xoxo


Have You Ever Wonder? Maybelline …


Hey guys!

Could this be a real dream? Let me share with you whether it is or is not. I’m super excited.

Dream wonder maybelline                                             maybelline dream wonder texture

Dream Wonder foundation was launched recently sometime last June of this year and was an Insta-stir. Its unique featherweight, silky texture and dry-oil texture gives the most natural foundation finish ever. Best of all it comes in 12 beautiful shades to pick.

It comes with a dropper that allows foundation to drop on the finger or hand for blending purposes. This formula absorbed and sets very quickly, so blending with fingers is much better than using foundation brush.

color swatch dream wonder

 (Color swatch) Dream Wonder liquid foundation in 85 Sun Beige (net wt: 20 ml)

Just look at its consistency. Incredibly smooth and easy to blend. It has medium coverage and it sets in seconds giving a natural and beautiful finish look.

sets in dream wonder

The texture looks very much the same as of L’oreal Magic Nude Powder Bare Skin Perfecting Makeup which was launched last fall. As you may know that Maybelline is owned by L’oreal Paris. Dream Wonder has the similar formula with it’s predecessor which means there have these two different brands that catered to demographic group and price point.

I paid $12.99 for this bottle at Targetl. I love the shade that suits me and with the awesome natural looking skin, I will definitely repurchase it again. I would recommend it for I find this foundation very easy to use and it’s so lightweight as if not wearing the foundation at all. No wonder, it is a dream come true! 🙂

What’s your take on this most talked Dream Wonder foundation? I love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading.

Sharon xoxo



Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation|Review

Hey guys!

Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous is absolutely worth trying. True to its claim that this foundation is lightweight and blends easily into skin. Yay!!! Pretty awesome isn’t it. I did a previous post on top 5 new makeup collection – hit here.

cg readysetgorgeous foundation

I chose Covergirl Soft Honey in 220 and with net wt: 1 fl oz. Available in twelve pretty shades. This liquid foundation is oil free and won’t clog pores so it claims.

It provides medium coverage and when I apply it on the redness beside my nose area it covers very well. I don’t see the redness and skin looks awesome. I feel that it sets fairly quickly and it gives a natural soft matte finish. It’s smooth on skin and it feels lightweight when buffed in.

COVERGIRL gorgeous foundation

Well, since I have dry skin – I thought that this Ready Set Gorgeous can be a little bit matte-y for my skin type but after trying  it for more than a week it really works on me. So, I’m super happy that it doesn’t feel cakey or heavy but one word said it all – AWESOME!

The formula has an absorbing oil ingredient that helps to hold excess oil so skin looks less greasy. The upside is that this foundation doesn’t budge the whole time I was wearing them. Except that I see some emphasize of fine lines towards the end of the day. But with a little touch-up of setting powder your worries will be gone.

color swatch covergirl

Soft honey looks natural for my skin tone. It is also good for built-up if you need full coverage without looking cakey.

For only $7.99 a tube, I will go ahead and try as many color shades available (just kidding). The thing is that you won’t go wrong choosing the right shade. It comes in ranges from fair to medium skin tones. On more point is that this Covergirl foundation is fragrance free.

Overall, I have to say that I really like this foundation and if you’re on a budget why not pick up something that actually works on you. I’ll recommend this to friends and will sure to repurchase.

What do you think of this Ready Set Gorgeous foundation? Do you think it’s worth the hype? Let me know on the comment section below.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo

Beauty Haul – Target Makeup Haul!

Beauty haul Target-pic

Hey beauties! Last Wednesday morning as I drove passed Target, I decided to check out some new makeup arrival and my just browsing always ended up with me picking up a few interesting items which I’m excited to share today.

beauty haul-pic Sonia Kashuk 15th Anniversary Limited Edition Fall Lip Palette (net wt: 0.21 oz)  for $22.99

Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition Brush Couture 4 pcs brush for $12.99 on special 

NYX Eyeshadow Single in ES54 Cherry for $5.99 

Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous in 220 Soft Honey (net wt: 1 fl oz) for 7.99

Maybelline Dream Wonder in Sun Beige (net wt: 20 ml) for $12.99 

              cg readysetgorgeous foundationDream wonder maybelline

Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous foundation was a very much requested makeup item that I received from friends to do a review on. So, I have to get down to business and try this little babe and see how it fairs out on me. It comes with 12 variety of shades and it smells wonderful. I just can’t wait to try it 😀

Next is the Maybelline Dream Wonder foundation which many beauty gurus have been raving about for sometime on youtube. It looks to me that practically all the beauty gurus I watched seems to be using it. Well, you guys know me that I’ll not miss out on a rave like this. So, I got this :-O

nyx eyeshadow

NYX eyeshadow Cherry is so pretty. Couldn’t resist to pick this cutie. The pigment is so rich and creamy. Love this dark pink Cherry and I’ll be trying it out soon for my Dark pink eye look tutorial and review.

sonia kashuk brush

Sonia Kashuk 4 pcs Brushes are amazing. I love the printed design on the brush. I opened up the packaging immediately as soon as I reached home. I don’t usually buy a lot of makeup brushes but this one looks pretty. OMG!!! It’s so soft and I simply love them. I know that I will be using these bad boys soon. It has a powder brush while the other 3 are for blending, smudging and angling eyeshadow. Pretty neat, huh?

sonia kashuk lip gloss palette

Sonia Kashuk Fall Lip Gloss Palette is my first time purchased. I usually browse through their counter but don’t seems to be able to pick up anything. But this time, this lip gloss palette seems to speak to me. Obviously, I have to get it because those are the colors of my dream. I wish to have an array of red to cherry lips and here I found what I have been missing. These deluxe gold palette houses 5 shades of red satin matte finish that’s perfect for every occasion.

So, there you have it, my beauty haul for this week. I’ll try them out and leave my review in my next post.

What is the NYX product that you are going to pick up today?

Thanks for reading.

Sharon xoxo