An Honest & Emotional Health Update



Hi guys! I mentioned in the previous post about my health and today I’m just going to sit down and update you guys a little of what’s happening behind the blog. I’ve some health and body issues for quite sometime now and it’s just don’t seems to be getting any better. I kept telling myself that I’m going to blog about it but for some reason I keep on postponing it. But then after talking to my doctor yesterday, I thought I just fill you guys on what has been going on, in today’s post.

I’m postponing it because I’m shy and nervous. I hope at the end of this post, you guys would comment positive and encouraging things to say to help me and others who are in this situation out. I feel so alone sometimes but reading your comments and reading your posts makes me less alone, if that make sense!

I had a chronic injury for awhile but since last year I started having new symptom which was so weird. It may be caused by my pain that makes me feel depressed. So now, I’ve two issues that need to be helped. I’m not going to touch on that too much because different people have their ways to cope with it. It just that recently, it gets a little more annoying and more frequent! There are days, where I just don’t feel like doing anything. And then the  good days is when I can crawl out from my bed to sit down and write reviews, my beauty favorites and beauty hauls.

I feel that for the past few weeks, it just getting harder for me to feel motivated and I’m sort of falling behind with tons of products waiting to be reviewed. I don’t want to add more stress in my already depressed situation so I’m planning to just blog as the day goes.

It’s not over yet but a great lifestyle change for me. I haven’t been myself the past many months. I can say that this a very challenging and difficult time for me. I also want to mention that it wasn’t also like this all the time as I said earlier. My depression is really like a yo-yo.

I’ll still try to plan my blog and write when I’m more myself. And I really really appreciate you guys for been patient with me. I hope this post will explain a little bit of what is going to be, moving forward on this blog. I’m hoping to be able to do the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday blog posts and Thowback Thursday. On other time, I’ll try to also focus more on posting instagram and snapchat where you guys can subscribe or follow me there.

So, sorry that I won’t be able to post Saturday blog for now since I want to spend some real quality time with family as well. Hope you can understand where I am.

Thanks a million for be an awesome friend and for taking the time to read! Hope you’ve a lovely weekend [muak].

Sharon xoxo



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Guest Post: 5 Shower Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Skin



There is nothing more relaxing than taking nice shower before going to bed. Let’s face it, when it comes to shower we don’t put much thought into it. We just get in, make sure water is hot and that’s it. Without knowing it, you probably make different mistakes when you’re taking a shower and these mistakes can be harmful for your delicate skin. Keep reading this article to discover what mistakes you probably make on daily basis.

  1. You’re using hot water and washing your face

While hot showers seem like excellent way to relax, particularly in winter, they aren’t that good for your skin. According to Cynthia Bailey MD a dermatologist in Northern Carolina, hot showers remove natural skin’s oils that are necessary for hydration and smoothness. Furthermore, hot water brings blood circulation to your skin which is why you get out of the shower with lobster-like red skin on your chest and limbs. Together with circulation inflammatory building blocks appear and cause irritation and awkward itch.

If water is too steamy, it’s definitely too hot for your skin. It is needles to mention that stripping of natural oils from your skin contributes to dryness. Skin dryness is one of the most frequent causes of dullness. Ideally, you should shower with lukewarm or warm water.

Another mistake you make every day is washing your face while showering. According to Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi, co-director of the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery in Washington DC, told The Gloss that washing your face in the sink is a much better alternative. Why? It’s because skin on your face is sensitive and more prone to damage than rest of your body. Hot water can cause skin dehydration and it opens up the pores, while cold water closes them. Dehydrated skin is more prone to signs of aging and accelerated appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

  1. You don’t clean your razor

Razors collect bacteria from your skin and when you just leave them in a damp shower they breed bacteria and germs at a faster rate. If you don’t clean your razors adequately (or at all) you are risking infections even if you don’t cut yourself. To prevent this from happening, you should rinse your razor with hot water before you use it. Also, if you shave on daily basis you should replace a razor head at least once a week.

  1. You use harsh soaps

You probably can’t imagine taking a shower without nice soap, but antibacterial and harsher agents can do more harm than good to your skin. The squeaky sensation you like while rubbing your skin and cleaning it with soap comes when natural oils are stripped from your skin. Basically, harsh soaps can dry out your skin. Besides premature aging that was already mentioned in association with dryness, your skin also becomes sensitive and more prone to infections and irritations. Furthermore, you don’t even have to soap the entire body. Soaps are formulated to dissolve oil and dirt so water can wash them away. Skin on your arms and legs doesn’t have a lot of natural oils to begin with and cleaning them with soap can dry them out significantly. Ideally, you should soap only the odor-causing parts of your body.

  1. Waiting too long to moisturize

The purpose of moisturizer is largely misunderstood. They don’t provide the moisture; instead they are formulated to retain the moisture in your skin. This is why moisturizers are applied immediately after taking a shower. First, you pat dry your skin with towel (never rub it), then you apply moisturizer evenly. Waiting longer than 3 minutes to apply moisturizer can make your skin lose moisture it got during the shower. Loss of moisture adds to dryness. Furthermore, you shouldn’t forget about your face as well. You should never use body moisturizer onto your face and vice versa. Most people apply moisturizer on their body while face is usually overlooked. In turn, moisture your skin got after you washed it (in the sink after shower) is lost which contributes to dull complexion.

Therefore, apply face cream or moisturizer and body moisturizer immediately after taking a shower and washing your face to trap the moisture in your skin for nourished and hydrated look.

  1. Scrubbing too much

Scrubbing to much removes natural oils as well as the “good” bacteria. In order to stay healthy and smooth, your skin needs natural oils and good bacteria that protect it from infections and various skin conditions like eczema. Furthermore, when you scrub hard besides removing good bacteria and natural oils, you also irritate your skin thus making it more prone to infections, redness, dry skin and rashes. Therefore, it’s time to reconsider your scrubbing strategy and use gentler strokes if you are unwilling to ditch loofah and use your own hands instead.


There are many shower mistakes we constantly make and this article listed five of them. Making these mistakes on daily basis contributes to skin dryness, dullness, and accelerates the aging process. Remember, use warm water, don’t scrub too hard, and opt for gentler cleanser.


Author Bio:

Ella James is an aspiring author who is pursuing Health Services Administration degree from St. Petersburg College. She is an active contributor to Consumer Health Digest, which is a leading Health News Website. In recent years, she had the opportunity to write Dermaset reviews. Get connected with her on Facebook and Twitter.

Don’t forget to check Ella’s on her Health News website.

Thank you all!

Sharon xoxo


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Saturday Guest Post: How to Make Your Eyes Look Younger by Emma Lawson



My first guest blogger of the year is Emma Lawson.  I’m absolutely thrilled that she is here to write-up a guest post for this blog. Don’t forget to check out her blog and give her a follow. Click her links at the end of this post.


How to Make Your Eyes Look Younger

They say that eyes are the window to the soul. But what do your eyes say about you? Are you getting enough beauty sleep? Are you using the right products and maintaining a balanced diet? These are all factors that can greatly contribute to how your eyes will appear. If you are constantly dealing with bags under your eyes or the wrinkles around them make you look much older than you really are, perhaps it is time to change some of your habits. These things can be managed quite easily, with only a few of these simple tricks:



It is in the inside what counts, right? Well, before you start looking for alternative procedures to fix your baggy eyes, you should first consider your diet. What you eat can have a great effect on your overall appearance. What you should start implementing into your diet are foods that are rich with antioxidants which will help you with inflammations and puffiness and actually help you with clear signs of aging and pollutants. Other than that, consider foods that contain high levels of vitamin C like leafy greens, strawberries and citrus fruits, as they are known to prevent wrinkles and dry skin but also some more severe conditions like cataracts and macular degeneration.

Face Masks

face mask

Another great way to fend off wrinkles and clear signs of aging is by relying on homemade masks. Keep in mind that the skin around the eyes is very thin and that is why fine lines and crow’s feet will first appear. Because of this, make use of your fresh foods to create natural remedies that will help you depuff your eyes, remove wrinkles and deep lines and also help soothe those dark circles and sagginess around them. Foods like sweet potatoes, cucumbers, pineapples, eggs and herbal teas are known to be quite effective against these annoying pests.

Makeup and Other Products


When it comes to various beauty products that could help us in our battle for younger looking eyes, it is important to consider what kind of compounds are found in our cosmetics. When choosing your products, whether they are makeup or anti-aging creams, make sure they are based retinol, hydroxyl acids, niacinamide, tea extracts and coenzyme Q10. Vitamin C based creams are known to make the skin firmer, stimulate collagen synthesis and also prove antioxidant protection. It is also important to protect your skin from sun damage by applying sunscreen regularly, as too much sun exposure is known to cause older looking skin, brown spots, wrinkles and deep lines.

Beauty Sleep


In the end, do not forget to get appropriate amounts of sleep. Your beauty sleep will help you energize your body and prevent dark circles, bags and sagginess under your eyes.

As we get older, our skin will lose its elasticity, start producing wrinkles and show clear signs of aging. Of course, there is nothing you can do to stop aging, but these few simple tips can at least help you age gracefully. Implementing a few of these changes into your daily routine can greatly contribute to younger looking skin and eyes as well.

Author Bio: Emma is a teacher and a mom to two boys. Kids inspire her to feel and look beautiful every day. She is passionate about writing and learning new things that can help you to lead a quality life. She is a regular contributor to High Style Life. You can follow her on Twitter @EmmahLawson