Burt’s Bees A healthy radiance fit for a queen.


Hello everyone! Back to reviews this week! A few weeks ago my honey bear bought this Burt’s Bees Radiance Body Lotion home for only $5.00 instead of $15.49 when our Pharmaprix (SDM) store was on liquidation. Okay, not embarrassed to admit, we’re bargain HUNTERS, lol!

I’ve been interested in trying Burt’s Bee’s in my skincare, but either balked at the price or was skeptical of how much of the good stuff was actually in the product. Luckily, since Pharmaprix has this on sale, I got to try this and share my point of view.

It contains Royal Jelly and Mica to soften and make your skin more radiant. Also, this product is 98.2% natural and not tested on animals. It smells amazing and the texture lightweight and pleasant.

The first thing I noticed was the formula runs quite watery when I first applied it, but moisturises well. I can tell that this moisturiser is rich in nutrients because it makes my legs look a lot healthier when I massage it into my skin. It makes my legs look amazing because it has a slight sheen when you apply it to skin.

The price of a body lotion is steep in my opinion but if you see this on sale, you definitely have to try it. It’s worth the try. Worried of the sheen or shimmer finish, you can pick the normal body lotion from Burt’s and Bees without radiance.

Overall, if you’re looking to enhance skin tone to your skincare routine, I recommend trying out this Radiance Body Lotion. I personally like this body lotion and I’m sure be going through this a lot in winter.

Don’t forget to check their website or local drugstores for their Holiday Gift Sets which I think is amazing to give it as a gift for someone who loves and appreciate this brand. They’re going to love you for this.

Have you tried Burt’s Bees products? If yes, which one. Be sure to leave your comments in the comment section.

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