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Hey guys! Welcome back to Question Tuesday. As we’re a month short to the biggest holiday season of the year. I’m curious to hear …

Q: What’s on your holiday wish list? It could be anything and not necessarily beauty related.

Let me know on the comment.

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Elf Subtle To Sultry Eyes Review, Photos and Swatches




Limited edition of elf Subtle to Sultry Eyes Duo – you get three eyeshadows duos with a brush for CAD$7.00. I was totally blown away by the price when I saw this set at Maxi Grocery store. Undoubtedly, I have to get this. You know by now right, I’m just too obsessed with eyeshadows.


Top: Nude/Light Brown

Center: Plum/Coffee

Bottom: Grey/Black

Right: elf Professional Eyeshadow Brush


I feel that the shadows aren’t the most pigmented, but the brush it comes with is awesome and the colors are still beautiful. I really enjoy playing with all these color shadows. Very versatile and it could be mixed and match shades to create any eye makeup you fancy.

Nude/Light Brown

I really like the twist lid packaging for these shadows. It contains a generous amount for products and they’ve pretty shimmer and texture smooth and soft. I’d say my favorite is the light brown shade for the soft muted shimmery finish. The nude one has matte finish which be nice to apply on ids and as highlighter.

Sorry! This Picture Couldn’t Make It Justice

Need a good primer though if you’re aiming for a long lasting wear or intense dramatic look.


Love, love both of these shadows. The plum shade is of matte finish and the coffee shimmery. I’m in love with this duo!!!

Swatch Directly From The Pot

Apologize for my nail polish but just ignore that and focus on the color swatches. Aren’t they amazing. One thing I love about this duo eyeshadows is that all colors are true to the post. Impressive color payoff, so a little goes a long way. Can’t complain much on that.

Color Swatch On Bare Hand

Excuse me to show some of my green vein (okay, okay I’ve warm undertone) so there you have it. I couldn’t seems to get closed up picture focus, hence this picture doesn’t make it justice. I recommend you pick this gift set and give it a try. You’d only either like or love it. That’s how great value and good quality these duo shadows are.


The packaging is of clear transparent lid. Easy to see which shades to pick without much effort. The Grey and Black shades are amazing. It quickly become one of my favorites.

How Pretty Are These Darker Shades?

Such a lovely grey and black eyeshadows. You can wear these for smokey eye which would look glamorous.

All The Color Swatches from Nude to Mid-tone to Darkest

I don’t know about you, but for CAD$7.00 to get all these beautiful shades,  I’ll jump on this set in a heartbeat. Impressive value and I’m personally impressed given its from a drugstore brand. So, YAY for that!

Closed Up Color Swatches

Be mesmerized by the color and the formula. Aren’t they just so pretty? I can’t wait to wear these but I stopped to share this limited edition gift set with all of you in a HURRY! It’s LE and so, if you’re really serious of wanting Elf Holiday Gift Set, then don’t wait. Go PICK UP one now.


This is a great brush to be included in this set. The handle brush is easy to hold and the bristle soft and easy to pick up products. It can be used for dry or wet products. A nice size for my eyes when blending shadows.

Elf Professional Eyeshadow Brush

Definitely worth the $CAD7.00! ELF you did it again! The colors are beautiful and the brush that comes with it is also very nice. It can be used for everything, from crease to inner corner to liner! Definitely a nice addition to this set. Makes a great gift for any makeup lover (including you)!

Now, back to where I stopped, continue my eye makeup with these lovely shadows of course! I’ll put the finish look on twitter and facebook. So, make sure to stay tuned.

Thanks as usual for stopping by and comment.

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by source
by source

Welcome back to Babes in Blogland Collab blogmas where I teamed up with a three good friends to share our Christmas holiday specials. I have a marvelous time collaborating with Stashy from Stash Matters, Kaily from Hello Kaily and Ingrid from Curly Spring Blossom.

Today’s post isn’t not my usual Beauty Post but rather special just for the HOLIDAY. It’s not material things that one can touch but more of what’s in the inside. “THE SPIRIT”

I’m going to talk about my favorite past X’mas gifts and this gets me thinking of the movie A Christmas Carol” .

The best part of the movie were obviously the three Ghosts of Christmas Past”. In my opinion, one has to learn from the past, live in the present, to leap to the future. It’s definitely not once a one year thingy but one has to embrace it. To share good food and good tidings to everyone near or far.

Hence, I’m sharing here with all of you, my Favorite Past X’mas Gifts: Hope you’d liked it and let’s all be reminded of our Christmas Past!

Don’t forget to head over to BABES IN BLOGLAND. They have some interesting favorites to share too.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What is your favorite Past Christmas Gift? I love to read your comments.

by source
by source

Thank you very much for stopping by this post and your comments!

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Wordless Wednesday| COACH New York HANDBAGS


Yes !! We’re already in the mid month of December and it means Christmas, fun, joy, gifts, food and lots of parties. Speaking of gifts, I mentioned on twitter that I was at Coach to pick up a Christmas gift for my mom and I ended up with a few these. I got carried away sometimes when I go stopping.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I know my mom loves Coach New York handbags and so this one is going to be a surprise for her. Regular price is $295.00 but I only paid $169.00 for this bandbag. You can get these coach handbags for a lower price at Premium Montreal Outlet in Mirabel, Quebec.

The other purse sells for $75.00 each but with discount it was $29.00. So, a small little gift for the ladies.

The Coach store I went has a great promotion sale of 60% off. So, the damage wasn’t too much for my wallet.LOL! My honey bear got me one as a gift but I’ll keep it a suspend until Christmas to unwrap it. I know what I’ll be getting since that’s my favorite design.  As mentioned previously in my post, I planned to do my Christmas Gift unwrapping series in my later posts.

There’ are many holiday gift ideas besides beauty products, candles, fragrances or electronics gadgets. This year, I’m giving something I know they would really like. My shopping list is still a mile long and this week I’m targeting to get presents for my everyone in my family. Oh, my shopping frenzy!!!

Thanks as usual for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo


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Mariposa Metallic Chic Eyeshadow Palette – Review

mariposa metallic eyeshadow

Hey Beauties! It’s weekend and let’s talk about eyeshadow. Honestly, I was not sure what to expect considering this was my first Mariposa Eyeshadow Palette purchase. Interested to read past post for full review of Dollar Store Haul, click the link here. I’ve tried their blushes and falsies and like them alot so I’m curious to put my fingers for a color swatch.


I’m an eyeshadow junkie and have probably bought more than 25 palettes this year alone. Having said that, I have a good base for comparison. I’m impressed with the pigmentation or color payoff. A little goes a long way.


This palette is very pretty by Mariposa!! The colors are very vibrant well pigmented. Very soft pigments! Smooth application. I love that they threw in a few nudes, warm tones, purples, blues and highlighters. It’s a good palette and easily one of the most affordable for those who are new to makeup or those who likes to play with shadows for the holiday seasons.


The quality of this palette is on point with full size shadows for the price at least. You get a lot of product for the money with this palette. The packaging is sturdy cardboard with two sponge tip applicators but there is no mirror on the lid. It comes in a clear plastic lid and I like this packaging design since you can see the eyeshadows right away. That’s brilliant!


Here’s a closer look of the palette.

Mariposa’s powder eyeshadows are really good, particularly the satin ones, and they seem to last longer on me without creasing. You get 12 of them in the giant palette which is a real steal. On hindsight, it looks quite close to the packaging of L’Oreal La Palette Nude Eyeshadow.


Brighter shadows – just as glammy!


Warmer shadows – look how pretty these shadows are!


Shadows picked up directly from the pan. Really like the pigmentations. I dare say that the eyeshadows are true to color.


You get the burgundy that is so very on-trend right now. And a glittery steel grey, another one of my favourite shades to wear. The taupe, gold and pale pink are very versatile, and would work for day or night.

Color swatches under natural lighting

They swatches beautifully and the shades are amazing. I was very impressed with the pigmentation given it’s only $3.00. I love that there are a few nudes/neutrals for daytime, in various textures and tons of shimmery shadows that aren’t black. The bright maroon and bright gold are the two unusual colour pops. The color selections are amazing and the textures soft and smooth. I really really like this palette.


Here are the color swatches on bare arm without primer or eye makeup base on closed up picture. What you see is what you get. Impressive, don’t you think?

eye makeup look look 2 look 4 look 5

I have so much fun playing with all the shades in this palette that I want to share some of the eye makeup look with all of you. Tell me what you think in the comment section. I’d love to know what you think.

PicMonkey Collage

I was excited to share a few of the eye makeup look with only using this Metallic Chic palette. So yay for that!

Overall, this is an amazing palette considering the low price. I’ll certainly repurchase and planning to pick the other color palettes the next time. This palette won’t cost an arm or leg, don’t wait till Christmas, this great value and quality products goes out fast. You’d love this! Available at Dollar stores and on ebay.

Hope you find this post helpful. Until next one, stay beautiful! ❤

Thank you so much for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo



Sephora + Pantone Color 2015

Hey Gorgeous!

Yesterday, I posted the winner of Pantone Color 2015 in my post of the recent announcement by Pantone and the good news is thanks to the partnership joining between Global Pantone Color with beauty authority of Sephora combined has some amazing makeup products of Marsala color available. The list is endless and I’m going to share a few brands and products which is available now at Sephora online or in-store. I’m always super excited to share new finds with all of you and sort of rave a little about it. That’s what happened when I’m super excited. Oops!!

The brands that has Marsala flavor/pantone color are Urban Decay (naked 3), Kat Von D (monarch eyeshadow), Nars (blush), Hourglass (ambient blush), Make Up Forever (artist shadow), Bobbi Brown (lip color), YSL (glossy stain) so on and so … Well, beauties, this is just a preliminary makeup products and more to come in a few weeks. “While the elves are working on bringing in more of makeup products inspired by color of the year, we might as well add in another list this Holiday Season with Marsala for this coming year, of course! (giggling)!”.

sephora marsala color pantone + sephora color 2015

photos taken from Sephora
Aren’t the color so lovely!!! Are you thinking of what I’m thinking? You’re right! I’m just going to jump into my neutral eyeshadow and start creating an inspired eye look. Join me in the quest to create an amazing eyelook of the year won’t you? Now who’s with me? Kindly leave comment below.

I’m getting ready for more Marsala color makeup for Year 2015 where you will see more shades of neutral and nude in my makeup reviews for January 2015.

So, when you are hunting for a Christmas gift this holiday be it for yourself or a friend, don’t forget to add this Marsala color in your gift list. I love nude color after red and this color will make my collection easier since it won’t go out of style and the fun part is that it can be worn for everyday look. Light for daytime and darker shade for evening. How cool is that? So, do check on Sephora.

I’m definitely going to try the nude mascara and some red earthly tone Marsala makeup for sure.

What about you? Find anything that you like in Marsala color? Leave comment below. I love to hear what you think.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo