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Hey guys! Today I want to show you something excited while I was clearing up my makeup stash drawers. I don’t know about you but February always make me feel optimistic and full of energy to do something, anything fun. If you know about the folklore story about groundhog day then that’s basically how I look forward for spring.

Accordingly to Global news, “Canada’s celebrity groundhogs have “predicted” an early spring after officials declared the pudgy prognosticators did not see their shadows. If the groundhog doesn’t see its shadow, then tradition says spring is on the way!” Woohoo!


As I was doing my early spring cleaning, I stumbled upon these makeup products that were shoveled to the deepest end of my makeup drawer. It’s insane to find back beauty products that I used to wear a while ago and then totally forgotten about them.


I got two of the Velvets Eyeshadow by Essence Cosmetics in Smooth Caramel and Taupe Secret. The image on the right is their Super Soft Eyeshadow pot in Keep Calm and Berry On.


I really adore the packaging of the Velvets eyeshadows. I’ve two of the nine shades out there and I can’t wait to get my hands on more colors for Spring.


Here’s the color swatches I did with one swipe of shadow directly from the pan to my naked arm. These are some nice neutral shades for everyday wear. The textures are very soft and nicely pigmented. I created an #EOTD look which I shared on my Instagram.

It blends smoothly on the lids. The only downside I find about this berry shadow is that the color payoff is so much better on the eyes than on swatch. It applies best with eyeshadow brush instead of fingers. On a positive note, I didn’t see any creasing or fall out from these shadows which is awesome. For only CAD$2.49 you’ll get a good quality and value for money drugstore products.


For being a super cheap product, I’m actually pretty impressed with this. The coverage is decent and it blends in well with my skin and I look significantly better honestly.

Elf Cosmetics Concealer is available at any Walmart stores. The shade I have is in Light Beige. It’s a nice color match for my skin tone.


I remember now how I used to reach for it. I really enjoy how easy the doe foot applicator work. I applied them on my under eyes, the bridge of my nose and forehead. It gives a good coverage on my skin without looking cakey. Bye bye to my dark under eye circles. This is the product which I know I’ll be reaching for.


Another product I found in my stash is the BH Cosmetics Flawless Brow Highlighter.  I must have tried it a while ago to write a review and it completely slipped off my mind until a couple of days ago. I start wearing it and I must say, I’m quite impressed with the results.


This is a duo ended pencil with a matte finish on one end and a shimmery one on the other. A double-ended matte and shimmer highlighter for your brows. Use the matte side for a soft, subtle highlight or the shimmer side for an added glow.

I also use this matte highlighter for under my brow bones to clean any access from any brow products besides just as a highlighter. This product is creamy and soft. You wouldn’t believe me if I say that it glides like a dream. So smooth, so blendable. I’m loving it.


They’re very easy to use or apply especially when I use the shimmery ones for my inner corner. It works wonder!

Not convince! You got to try this yourself. I know you’re going to like it as much as I did. Maybe, I say maybe this post will make you want to start your spring cleaning too. who knows you might rediscovered something in your stash too.

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog. I hope to see you all again on my next post. Stay tuned for more popped up makeup products which I’m so excited to show you guys. Bye!

Sharon xoxo


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Beauty Product I’m Loving!


I have to say, I’m so excited that August is over. Not that I have anything against August per se – but the end of August means the start of September, right! September means fall … pumpkin spice lattes… leaves on the ground … I can go on and on … blah blah blah. So you get the picture. I can’t be bothered with summer anymore.  I’m ready to move one and honestly I’m so ready for the temperature to drop!


Today, I want to share products I just picked up from Walmart last weekend. Can you take a guess? Yes, it’s the Wet n Wild Beauty Mega Lip Color. Fall for me mostly means playing with darker and bold color lippies, and boy was I excited to try them upon reaching home.

I uploaded pictures of the color swatches on my Instagram. If you have been following me, you probably had seen it, and if you haven’t already just click here to go to my Instagram 🙂


I did a post review on them before and since I really love this awesome products, I’m going to rave about it again today.

The packaging is a decent drugstore plastic material. Nothing fancy but the formula is amazing.  To read more of my thoughts and opinions on other color I reviewed, then just hit the link.


L-R: Cherry Picking, Mocha-licious & Stoplight Red

OMG!!! Just look how pigmented the formula is. I know, it’s freaking Amaazzzing!!! Love, love the color payoff and insane pigmentation.


I tried out all the shades and here are the color appeared on lips. They feel comfortable and not drying at all. I really like the nice feel on my lips. As I was writing the review yesterday, I was wearing my Stoplight Red for around 5 hours then and even through eating and drinking, the pigment was still true and even on my lips, despite a lot of the product itself having worn away. It just blew my mind! Oh yaass!


Available in 26 beautiful shades at Walmart for CAD$2.84 and you can. This lipstick is going to appeal to people who are on-the-go all day long. They lasted a long time.

I highly recommend if you’re someone who hates fusing over their lipstick throughout the day. For the price, what could possibly go wrong.

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Thanks guys for being super awesome! muak …♥

Sharon xoxo


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Makeup Revolution MATTE Lipsticks- Review & Swatches


Hey guys! Hope you week if off to a great start.

Another new Makeup Revolution London review today, at least to me! A few weeks ago, I ordered some beauty products online and here are one of the many I got. For some of you, you might’ve seen it appeared on my Instagram feed. But here is the gist, you guys!

I’m super excited to do color swatches and try them on seriously. I must say my hunt for red matte lipstick ends here for now. Many of you might have known that I love a good matte lipstick and red is my favorite color besides nude.

So anyways, let’s start …


The two products I wanted to features are the Rose Gold Lipsticks in Red Carpet and Iconic Pro Lipstick in Duel Matte and obviously both are from Make Up Revolution London. So yay!


Love the cute bullet packaging, especially the rose gold one on my right. The black tube reminds me of the Mac Lipsticks. And you can see the color at the bottom of the clear tube.


First and foremost, Iconic Pro Lipstick in Duel Matte – I’m a sucker for matte lipsticks and I knew I would fall head over heels for these two babes. 

The Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipstick line has 20 lipsticks in total with a fabulous mix of shades from nudes to brights and classic reds to vampy dark hues. A wide color selections that fit everyone.


Just look how fabulous the shape and color of this lipstick, please. This is a beautiful true red and eye-catching lipstick that’s not over the top in my opinion. It’s totally wearable and I know it would suit a vast majority of people. The formula is richly pigmented and  it goes on  ever so smoothly. I am really impressed with how pigmented these lipsticks are.

Another thing I wanted to mention is that I don’t feel that there’s any tugging or patchy finish on lips. I love the formula and yes, it feels very comfortable.

There is a hint of smell on this lipstick but it’s scented enough to be pleasant without being overpowering. It wouldn’t cause me headache like some other brands do.


I find that they do stain the lips a little which I don’t mind at all as I find that as the color wears off, I’m still left with a little color underneath. I would say that the staying power is about 6-7 hours. So, I’m not complaining!


I’ve also been wearing this lipstick the last one week or so and I think now is the perfect time to share my thoughts on this. So, let’s get to the review and see what I have to say about it.

This rose bullet feels lightweight yet looks luxurious. I like this packaging for it looks cute and sleek. I’m quite impressed with the long lasting formula and color payoff. It’s definitely something I’ll go back and order a few more for backups.


This shade is more of a true, traditional red.  It has a sexy and classically feminine look to it. I love love it! Excellent pigmentation and gorgeous matte finish without having the dry feeling on lips like some matte lipsticks do.


These lipsticks comes with an affordable price tag and I would definitely recommend you all to try them.

Conclusion – The red shades are absolutely fabulous and I can see those that love red lipsticks really enjoying these as much as I do.

Have you given either of these products a whirl? Let me know what you think of them in the comments below! I love to read what you think.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope I’ll see you guys again on the next one. Bye!

Sharon xoxo


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Eyes Of The Week Compilation


Hey Guys! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.

I was inspired to do this after reading from my favorite youtuber’s blog.  I love watching her channel and I could confidently say that she’s one of my favorite youtuber. I really like her honesty and she seems like a very down-to-earth person. She’s an amazing woman and I really like her.

I was really pumped and excited to share with you guys. So, here is what I’ve created with my own version for this EOTW (“Eyes of the week”) compilation. Hope you guys enjoyed it.

by source

Anyway, something I’ve been trying to do recently on Instagram is to document my daily makeup looks. I’ve started something specific like lips, nails and eyes on Instagram and I thought why not do a compilation of my makeup look for the week and share it here in my blog.

So, I tried to do colorful eyes each day. Here are the look I created for the week. I really like the way everything came out together.Let me know which day is your favorite EOTD pick? Your encouragement will definitely motivate  and inspires me to do more.


I was too excited to share that I totally forgotten to note down the products I used. I do apologized for that. But, I’ll definitely list down for the next time round.

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Let me know who is your favorite beauty youtubers that inspires you the most! I love to hear your thoughts in the comment below.

Thanks for reading! I’ll catch up with you guys again on the next one.

Have a great day everyone! Bye!

Sharon xoxo


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Instagram For Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Lovers


Hey everyone! It’s been very quiet here this week. This gives me the opportunity to organize and update some pictures to my Instagram. I noticed that my Instagram was suffering. So I decided to start making connections with so many IG friends. I’m so glad to meet different friends who share the same passion there. I’ve fallen in love with Instagram all over again. Yay!

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Wordless Wednesday|What are your favorite Instagram accounts?

by source
by source

Did I see some positive reaction from you beauties like : “Ooohhhhh always looking for new accounts and I think I totally just found some here. Thanks for sharing!!!” 😀

You’re very welcome and here are 5 you should be following :-

These instagrams are a mixed of beauty and design. Hope you ladies find it interesting to check them out.

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Thank you for taking the time to read and check them out.

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Breaking News – Sneak Peek



NEW Maybelline Color Blur Matte Lip Pencils

Isn’t this a good time for us to try out the matte lip color this Summer!  There are so many choices for you, and here you are looking at a brand new one which is also affordable. How amazing can it get! I mean seriously … read further down

maybelline colorblur matte lip pencils

NEW Maybelline Color Blur by Lip Studio Matte Lip Pencils

Coming this June to a drugstore near you

As I was looking through my instagram I came across Maybelline posted the above image on instagram. I was speechless and was in awe…

Color Blur: Our newest vivid matte lip pencil will be your favorite new accessory for a night on the town. Hitting drugstores this June.

Don’t forget to check your nearest drugstore to grab this Maybelline Color Blur Matte Lip Pencils. Oh boy, can you feel that the month of June is going to be an exciting time for beauty bloggers like us who love drugstore makeup! I am so excited, and knowing how they are, I’m hoping that they may start popping up before then. I can’t wait to lay my hands on these. Hmm.. speaking of which – I’m eyeing on the No. 20 in Orange Ya Glam if I read it correctly. I believe there will be more shades available but for now, let’s be content.

What would be your favorite summer lip pencil to pick from Maybelline? Leave your comment below. I love to read your comment.

Thank you so much for reading 🙂

Sharon xoxo




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