Ipsy Makeup Bag – Shea Moisture Review


Another week of first impression review on this pretty lip stain by Shea Moisture. You can find this product available online at Target’s website but I got this from my ipsy bag. Regular price $9.99 a tube. Available in eight lovely colors from Nude to Vampy shades selection.

shea moisture

Just look how pretty Sarah is! A Dark Pink/Magenta shade perfect for summer wear, I like it. I love the color swatch on my arm as it looks the same on lips. It gives a lovely satin finish. So yay!

The downside of this lipstick is the scent which is not my favorite smell. It has a strange smell I find it hard to pinpoint 😦

lip swatch

It’s buttery smooth on texture and it’s moisturizing. This lipstick glides so smoothly and I’m so impressed that this actually comes from a drugstore brand. Further, I tried on the lip color transfer on my hand and as you can see it has very light transfer which is awesome. The color hugs your lips, and stays on half the day.

This lipstick contains Vitamin E and aloe which nourished and protected your lips. Even better? The line is eco-friendly. It’s also paraben free and cruelty free!

Which color lip will you be wearing to rock your summer? I love to hear your comment so don’t forget to leave them down below 😀

Thank you very much for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo

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Fifty Shades|Review|Swatch|Ipsy Bag



I got this in my March Ipsy Glam bag and I’m excited to share my review on this mineral eyeshadow by Marsk. The shade I got is called Fifty Shades and it’s in a  greyish metallic tone.

marsk review

The jar packaging is simple but yet I find it hard to close it tight and it gets messy in the jar and outside the container. I’m not sure if you can see that inside the jar is a hard plastic cover with holes on them and this was again covered by a thin layer plastic However, I still find that the powder were flying and at the end of my eye makeup look, both my hands are practically covered with this Fifty Shades formula.

Just be extra careful when opening or closing the cover lid. Otherwise, this color might to too stubborn to take off. Is it just me, or have any of you experienced some problem while using mineral powder? Leave your comment below. I’m really curious to know.

50 shades of grey


I do love how pigmented this mineral eyeshadow formula is. This mineral powder eyeshadow is soft and smooth. It has a stunning metallic finishing which I find it to be fun to work on especially for a dramatic look. But for now, I’ll just go ahead to share the neutral look, please continue to read below.

50 shades eyelook


I find that with this awesome pigmented mineral eyeshadow, I’m able to create more depth and intensity around my eyes especially on the lids without looking like just been punch on the eye kind of look, lol.


In this eye makeup look, instead of pulling out a smokey eye, I did an everyday eye makeup look since I like this look better with this shade. On the lids I used fifty shades and on crease the brown matte eyeshadow by Marcelle. I love the end results of this look. Stunning don’t you think?

So, that’s it on my review and eye makeup look for this week and until next time. Stay beautiful!

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Copper Bronze New Makeup


Hey gorgeous!

I thought I’ll start the week with one of my favorite or go-to-looks. It’s the casual or get-ready with me eye tutorial makeup. I did a review on this Pixi eyeshadow palette which I picked up at Target several moons ago.

So, for today’s look I’m going to go ahead to use this Pixi eyeshadow palette in Copper Peach.

pixi bronzer shadows palette

This Copper Peach Eyeshadow Palette by Pixi I picked up at Target for $12.00. In this palette are six beautiful shades of warm-neutral toned. There are three matte and three shimmer finishes. I really love palette that has some matte finishing on it. I think this palette is very versatile. You can use it from really natural looks to the more dramatic appearance.

pixi eyeshadow

So, let’s do this!

bronze eyeshadow look 1

So, I’ll start by using this copper shade and apply it on the lids. You can use wet application with spray your brush with water to intensify the look or dry application which ever suits you better.

Next is the bronze which I put on the crease. I then use the darker brown for the outer half and inner corner. Then I go back to the palette and use the peach shade as highlighter right underneath the brows.

Alright, let’s finish this with Prestige pencil eyeliner. I like black color eyeliner and I’m using Jet Black on it now. Lastly, I use my eyelash curler by Emite Makeup which I got from my February ipsy bag.

color swatches bronze

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Which 5 Makeup Rules To Break !


Hey friends,

Weekend is the time to sit back and relax especially with the snow. Yes, it snows in March. I was looking forward so much for Spring. Last Friday,there were birds singing, chirping and flying from tree to tree in excitement as I took my morning stroll. But anyways, my spirit is not dampened yet. Instead, I got the opportunity to read some interesting articles and would like to share with you all what I came across.

I read an interesting article yesterday about 5 makeup rules that you might think of breaking.  I for one is happy to know what my days of having a raccoon eyes are gone. Oh my gosh!!! That’s so amazing! Glad to know that it’s considered trendy. Although today, I “broke” the rule by trying on my new concealer from my ipsy March Glam Bag.

raccoon yees

We all know that sometimes rules are made to be broken. Not when they are punishable by law but definitely when it comes to your beauty routines. We’re talking about raccoon eyes (how chic), monochromatic or using only one color on your eye lid (simply awesome).

This year’s makeup fashion is all about why been bad looks so freaking good.

Here are the rules per the article:

  1. One shadow is enough
  2. Say Yes To Glitter
  3. Rock Raccoon eyes
  4. Skip The Lip Liner
  5. Forget the top lashes

Which of the beauty rules do you feel like breaking? Let me know on the comment below.

Thank you for reading, guys.

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IPSY Glam Bag|Unbagged|Floral Fantasy



Mail man is here this morning with a hot pink package. Yup, my March Ipsy bag has arrived. Want to see what’s in my bag? Come on in … and see what goodies I got this time physically.


I love hydrangea flowers and I told myself that I have to add this ipsy banner in my post. I learned that I can get a sneak peak for this month’s Ipsy glam bag. Excited! You bet I am. The theme for March is “Floral Fantasy”. Yes, it’s Spring (I know, I know I have repeated myself over and over again about Spring but look at all these gorgeous flowers). They’re tempting me. I just can’t help it.

Ipsy Glam Bag March 2015 ipsy unbagged

Let’s talk about the “Sneak Peak”. Ipsy allows the so called sneak peak where you get to sneak into your glam room to check out which products you will receive in your package mail. Personally, I prefer to receive a surprise package. I’ll be like “A Package For Me?” Oh…. I can’t wait to open it. You know what I mean right. But anyways, since I was tempted and did a sneak peak which I wish I didn’t, It just dampen my excitement by half but when I received it, the level went up to 100%. This is the best glam bag by far. I mean I can totally see myself using each one of them thoroughly and completely. The bag has floral print and I believe it’s the standard size for ipsy bag.

nyx butter lippy

NYX Cosmetic Butter Lipstick in Hunk with net wt: 0.16 oz (valued for $6.00)

This butter lipstick is hydrating and delicate to lips. The buttery formula is smooth and the satin finish is awesome. I have one of this NYX butter lipstick before from Ipsy and I’m loving it. So, same goes for this Hunk in purple-violet shade. Love it for evening wear. The color is beautiful and I love NYX lips products and this shade is fabulous for Spring. Just in case you’re wondering, this butter lipstick is available in 22 luxurious shades. Available at Ipsy, drugstores, Ulta, Walmart and Target.

acure day cream

Acure Day Cream with net wt: 1 oz (valued for $18.99 for regular size of 1.75 oz)

I love to try different day cream especially those of SPF protection but this one seems to fall short in this category, but the upside is that this product is gluten, vegan and cruelty free. It claims to help fight off signs of aging with a one-two punch. Sounds interesting and I’ve got to try this product definitely. Very eco friendly.

pur lisse

Pur~Lisse Beauty Pur~ Delicate Gentle Soy Milk Cleanser & Makeup Remover with net wt: 1 oz (valued for $32.00 on regular size of 5.6 oz )

Yes, you read it right! Soy milk!!! And that’s not all. This cleanser that removes your makeup also contain whole oat and white tea as part of the ingredients. Oh my! I haven’t tried anything like this and this is a great opportunity for me to venture into the unknown. Wha.aa…ha…ha… It claims to gently washes away dirt and even mascara while soothing and toning skin. A Soy milk Cleanser – cleanse and also remove makeup, how cool is that. And it’s for all skin types, wonderful! Excellent! I can’t wait to try for sure. Available at ebay, ipsy and Pur-Lisse online.

everlyn cream

Evelyn lona Cosmetics Concealer in the shade Flawless (which is an medium with beige undertone) with net wt: 0.55 oz (valued for $18.75)

This is a gluten free, natural, organic and cruelty free product. The ingredients are formulated for sensitive skins to hide imperfection and yet moisturizing. I’m totally falling head over heels to try this. I have serious dark circles under my eyes and this concealer arrives in perfect timing since my other concealers need replenishing soon. On second thoughts, this shade is in medium ivory which might be too light for me. Hmm… I know that the rule of thumb is to have a concealer one or two shades lighter than my skin one. So, here is a color swatch and let me know what you think on the comment section below.

marsk 50 shades

Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow in Fifty Shades of grey, I mean Fifty Shades. Oh wait a minute … that’s the most talked about movie and book. I’m excited to try out this bad boy. I’ve already got an eye makeup look in mind. Check back later if you are curious to see what I’ll do with this loose eyeshadow. It’s a mineral eyeshadow which is cruelty free and 100% natural. The pigmentation is absolutely beautiful and blendable. The creamy texture put a punch to its intense depth. Can you guess which look I have in mind?

Okay beauties, product reviews will be up next week after I have tried them thoroughly since I just got them yesterday. Until then here are the swatches to calm your curiosity.

color swatches.1jpg

So, what do you guys think? Here are all the five samples I got from this month’s subscription. Will you be picking up any of these items? What do you have your eyes on?

This month’s bag are all cruelty free and 100% natural ingredients which is very eco friendly and my most favorite March bag ever. I love this glam and so happy I got all cruelty free products <3.

Ipsy, please keep them coming.

Excited to join Ipsy Monthly Subscriptions. Look no further, for only $10/month you get five products to try and be amazed. Envy, don’t be – just join me and we can share our experiences together with IPSY.

Thanks for reading, hun!

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Cosmopolitan Blush|Review|Ipsy


Hey girlfriends! Well, after a week so of dolling myself with this pretty blush by ModelCo Cosmetic, I’m flattered to say that this blush looks good on me (giggling).

model blush review

I got this blush in Cosmopolitan which is of a pinkish tone and it’s very smooth and you wouldn’t believe how pigmented this blush is until you have tried it. The packaging is in a simple round plastic which I don’t really mind as long as I can see the shades from the glass window. The net wt: 0.12 oz and selling for $22.00 a pot online at ModelCo.

This blush has two gorgeous shades available for this line and good news is that ModelCo is a cruelty free makeup brand. It claims also that this blush gives a natural and radiant glow to brighten on any complexion. Sounds inviting!

After my one week experience using ModelCo blush. Here is what I have to say:- It’s so easy to blend with a sheer to medium coverage but buildable to the shade you desire. I find that it’s long lasting and no discoloration after 3 hours of wear. Yay!!! On me, this blush gives me a blushing and dewy finish. I love how is makes my skin looks fresh and I’m glad to have tried this product frankly.

The next time I shop, I will definitely get the other coral shade as well in my vanity. This pink tone will be prefect for Spring and the Coral for Summer would be ever marvelous!

Overall, this blush is of awesome quality and topped with it’s claim for cruelty free. I would recommend it to my family and friends. NO doubt that the price of $22.00 is a little too steep but it’s still worth every buck.

Which color shade would you pick for this Spring?

As always, thank you so much for reading.

Sharon xoxo





Ipsy Glam Unbagged|February|Preview


Hey Beauties,

Hurray! I could not believe my eyes when I saw this pink package in my mail box yesterday and thank goodness I’m able to share some of these interesting products samples just before Valentine’s day.I didn’t expect to receive them so early but guess I’m in luck (giggling!).

ipsy bagipsy love february

If you are not familiar, Ipsy is $10/month and sends its members a beautiful Glam Bag with deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products.

I think this month’s glam bag is absolutely pretty and I know that I’m just going to enjoy wearing them tomorrow and the day after.

This February’s Ipsy bag is pretty classy with diamond shapes pattern print on and I just like it.

The February ipsy glam bag theme is ipsyLove. Let’s see what’s in my bag.

ipsy glam unbagged ipsy unbagged 5 samples ipsy

Let’s see what I got in my glam bag. Oooo!!! a lovely and pretty,

creamy lip stain lip stain

1) Creamy Lip Stain by City Color Cosmetic in Flirtini (valued for $4.99) Available in six fun and lovely color of hybrid lipstick and gloss. It also has a soft sweet scents that I like. The color texture is of a soft rose pink with a nice subtle shade for you who loves rose pink lips. I’m not so sure how to describe the texture but I’ll do my best. This lip stain feel very lightweight and creamy. It glides so easily and soft. The formula feels as light as a face primer but not quite. It looks a little messy as I first applied it but as it dries up, it gives a lovely pretty finish look. Once the lip stain sets, it surprised me with a matte finish lips which I really really enjoy. It sort of feathery at the beginning when I try it on. Just make sure to check your teeth just right after you apply this lip stain but once the formula sets the result is exceptional.

I thought I would not like it on first sight but boy was I wrong. I really love this creamy lip stain after I tried it. My lips look so pretty and I just love this color stain. Cupid must have struck again ❤

eye lash curler emite curler

2) Professional EyeLash Curler by Emite Make Up (valued for $25.00) This eyelash curler has a special curl design angled to suit all eye shapes. It has a red silicone rubber pad to apply a specific pressure to curl the lashes. Very nice and comfortable handles not to mention its sturdy. They even included 3 extra rubber pads as spares. I’m very impress with this big boy and was too excited to give it a try. An awesome eyelash curler for everyday curling. Emite Makeup is new to me but do check them out because not only do they have beauty tools but also makeup products from Brows to lips.

night volumizing

3) Up All Night Volumizing Spray by Eva NYC (valued for $10.00 for 1 fl oz). As the label reads, this Volumizing spray is here to keep your hair up all night, alright! This lightweight formula adds volume and texture to your hair. Many of you may know that I’m not so of a hair person, but for you guys I’m going to try this spray and will share my thoughts and review on my next post. Do stay tuned!

face oil

4) Fine Radiance Face Oil by Mitchell and Peach (valued for £30.00 actual size of 20 ml). Oh wow… this is an interesting product that makes me wanted to venture more on it. A face oil that has anti-oxidants and vitamins that absorbs instantly and leaving skin plumper and firmer. This statement makes me wanted to check it out at once. I applied them on my skin and first, it’s not oily and  second it has an aromatherapy scents to it. My finding is that this face oil is not heavy and it absorb quickly into skin. I do not see and feel any difference right away but in a weeks time after testing, I’ll be able to write a review on this face oil. I’m intrigued by it and seeing how it’s price, I’m curious to see how this product perform.

blush flirtini

5) Blush Cheek Powder by ModelCo  in Cosmopolitan (valued for $22.00) This is a beautiful blush that was created to give a rosy glow and beaming effect on every complexion. I got this pinkish shade blush in regular size. I love how pigmented this blush is and it’s very smooth and creamy. On top of that it has quite a bit of shimmer. Another lovely pink for all my pink ladies this Valentine. This blush gives a sheer and natural radiant look that lasts all day. Available in two lovely shades. Full review will be up soon once I have tried it thoroughly 😛

Honestly, that’s great value for a $10 subscription service!

Did you get this month’s ipsy bag? What variations did you get? And what’d you think? If you are interested in subscribing or interested in learning more, click here.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

cupid love

Sharon xoxo




REVIEW|Pacifica Natural Mineral|IPSY Bag

Hey beauties!

Today, I like to talk about the Pacifica Natural Mineral Coconut Eyeshadow which I’ve tried over the past few days since I received it as a sample from my Ipsy Bag. So, Here is my review of my two cents opinion of what I think.

color swatch pacifica close up pigments

Look how pigmented the texture of this mineral eyeshadow is? It’s soft and smooth and very easy to apply on eyelids.

pacifica natural mineral pacifica eyeshadow

Let me start by saying that this eyeshadow is of natural mineral formula enhanced with coconut for a velvety finish. This is a beautiful eyeshadow that has rich pigmented formula and it’s smooth to apply.

pacifica eyeshadow (2) side look

I got mine in Ethereal which is of lighter shade than Treasure. It gives a subtle shimmer finish which I find it amazing. I wore them on my eye lids and then finished my neutral eye look with dark brown eyeshadow from Marcelle. The eyeliner, I was wearing is the E.L.F. eyeliner and shadow stick in Black and Smoke. Lovely eye shadow from Pacifica. The natural ingredients used for this smooth velvety eyeshadow are 100% vegan and formulated without parabens and petroleum.

Do I like this natural coconut eyeshadow Well, I don’t only like it but Love it. As if it’s long wearing, I’m going to say absolutely. I wore them the whole day and the shadows haven’t bulge a bit 😀

Will I repurchase? Yes, I’ll definitely pick a few more shades and Ethereal will be my favorite lid eyeshadow for sure.

Have you pick any Pacifica natural mineral eyeshadow and in which shade? I love to hear from you.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo



Unboxing Ipsy December Glam Bag ~ Thinking of You!

Hey beauties,

I got this in my mail box Friday and I’m excited to share what’s in my December Ipsy Bag as I unboxed. This month’s theme is about “Thinking of you” and I got several products which I know I will personally love on first sight.


So, without further delay, let’s dig in shall we?


The first item in the bag is the NYX Butter Lip Balm in Ladyfingers with a net wt: 0.14 oz. Available in eight decadent hues with a retail price of $4.00. I would love to have this lip butter on my lips this Christmas with my new Revlon gladiolus. I’m so ready right now! 😀


The next is the Crown Brush – Infinity Shadow/Crease Duet brush. Retail for $6.99. This brush is perfect for applying eyeshadow and contouring while the crease brush works for defining eyes.


Pixi Fairy Dust in Brightening Bare is here to elevate and transform eyes in a fairy few seconds. Retail for $10.00 at Target. It highlight eyes and cheeks for a soft focus glow. Available in six color shades. With this fairy dust in the December bag, it really strike the cord of reminding us what wishes are made of. Not enough of fairy dust, well there is still New Year remember!


Next in line is Tarte deluxe lights, camera, lashes 4 in 1 mascara. Retail for $7.69 in 0.10 oz while the regular size sells for $20.00, this is like a pushup bra but this time is for our lashes. It claims for lengthening, curling, volumizing, and conditioning the lashes.


Last but not least is the final product in the bag is the Coolway Boost Repair Treatment for hair (Net wt: 1.3 oz). Unfortunately, I have cut my hair short and I don’t think I will have split ends for now and never have. This product is retailed for $29.95 for 8 oz(regular size). I did my ipsy profile of not getting anything of hair nature but I still keep on receiving them. So, this is the setback for me. Well, it’s not the end of the world but I still love to get something that match my profile more.

Anyways, I will try the products above-mentioned except the boost repair mask treatment and will post my review in my next post.If you have any request for product review which you like me to do, please leave comment below. Otherwise, I will do my review based on the sequence on products I picked up.

If you are interested in getting what I got, head to Ipsy to check out their monthly subscription boxes for only $10 .00 a month with free shipping in the States. You can cancel anytime you like 🙂

What color lip butter balm you picked up recently from NYX?

So, thanks you very much for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo

Ipsy Gem Liner by Starlooks ~ First Impression

Hey guys!

Oh yeah!!! I’m back with this week’s edition of Ipsy product which is nothing than this pretty and glittery eyeliner in Ultra Orchid. I mentioned it in my last week’s ipsy unboxing post. I’m very excited to finally have the chance to do this first impression review on this eyeliner.

starlooks eyeliner (2)

First of all, I’m quite satisfied with Starlooks makeup brand. I learned about this brand through ordering the monthly subscription glam bag from Ipsy. This week’s bag has the theme Girl Meets Glitter and believe it or not? I got almost everything glitter except the hair spray.

For today’s makeup look. I just use 3 makeup products:

ipsy makeup products

Anyways, I did my usual cat eye look using this lovely ultra orchid eyeliner. Oh my goodness! It’s so soft and creamy. It glides so well and every stroke is magical. It comes with 6 gorgeous shades to select at Starlooks online.

ipsy gem liner pencil

Eye Base Bombshell in Submissive/Essence Liquid Eyeliner/ Gem Liner in Ultra Orchid/ Eyeshadow Blush  

ultra orchid gem ipsy gem liner

Step 1 – I apply using my eye base and it has a golden metallic finish. I’m not putting any eyeshadow for this look since I wanted the focus to be the eyeliner only.

Step 2 – I use the ultra orchid eyeliner to glide and draw a perfect cat eye look. I apply it to the top lash and bottom lash too.

Step 3 – Next, I also did a tight liner on my top waterline. A tutorial guide on how to do a tight line will be up very soon.

Step 4 – If you have a white eyeliner, use it to draw a bottom waterline to make eyes looked bigger.

finish cat eye look

I can wear this both for day and night for a more dramatic look especially for this coming holidays. This gem eyeliner is smooth and creamy to use. This liner stays for a good 5-6 hours with an eye base.

Oh yes, a short note of caution is that it has those micro-glitters that migrates to the cheek due to rubbing. For those who has sensitive eyes, you might want to avoid this because the micro-glitter might cause some irritation to the eyes. If you got it in your ipsy bag and has sensitive eyes, I would suggest to just use it as an eye base instead of an eyeliner.

In terms of the pricing, it is a little bit steep for an eyeliner product and I personally will not repurchase because I prefer to wear my staple black liner color. But I’ll still continue to wear it for this holiday season or until I got tired of wearing it.

So, my question is would you pay $16.00 for this Starlooks eyeliner? Love to hear from you.

Thank you for reading.

Sharon xoxo




November Ipsy Glam Bag – Girl Meets Glitter!

Hey guys!

I just received my November’s Ipsy bag yesterday. Since I’m always excited to unbox my Ipsy Glam bag, I’m doing a special edition posting today to share what I’ve got in my November’s bag. This month’s bag came in a plastic silver metallic glitter purse by Forever 21. The theme is Girl Meets Glitter!

There are 5 beauty products in this glam bag. Let’s see what’s in:-

Ipsy bag

ipsy november glam bag

Ipsy Glam Bag for November ~ Girl Meets Glitter!

bomshell submissive love and beauty

1) Eye Base by Be A Bombshell (value at $14.00, net wt: 0.09 oz) in submissive ~ received in regular size

Submissive in Bronze has an intense creamy bronze with gold shimmer. Formula is highly pigmented, a long lasting product that can be used as a single cream color or used as an eye base to build color. Lovely shimmer finish.

2) Love and Beauty Creme Lipstick by Forever 21(value at $3.80, net wt: 0.0105 oz in regular size) in Berry ~ in regular size

This lipstick in Berry shade has lots of glittery finish. I did a color swatch and it glitters. It has creamy texture combined with rich pigment formula. Forever 21 lipstick glides very well and it feels moist. Available in 12 beautiful shades to choose from.

marc anthony hair spray starlooks eyeliner (2)

3) Oil of Morocco by Marc Anthony(value at $8.29 for regular size of 8.8 oz) received travel size

This hair spray comes in a travel size packaging. Supposedly, gives hair more volume, shine and extra hold.

4) Gem Eye Pencil by Starlooks (value at $17.00) in Ultra Orchid ~ received in regular size

Oh wow! This year’s pantone color is velvet orchid and I’m glad to get this one for the holiday seasons. It’s metallic glitter and so soft in texture. It glides effortlessly and so high pigmented. Would be perfect to wear as eyeliner as well as eye bases.


5) S/B Highlighter by Temptu (value at $27.50 regular size net wt: 1 fl oz) ~ received in sample size

Sample I received was in 0.1 fl oz in a tiny tube bottle. Available in 4 different shades. It claims to brings a natural radiance to the complexion with colors designed to highlight and emphasize eyes, cheeks and other features. Long lasting for all day wear. A choice of 4 different shades.

Total bag value: $70.59.  

Since, I’m more interested in testing makeup than hair and skincare products, Ipsy is my personal favorite. It consistency delivers phenomenal value and different established makeup brands that I really love. So far I’m liking it since I always love to try on new makeup and brands.

For this month’s glam bag, I would say I’m not very keen with all these glittery products but hey, it’s for the holiday season where sparkles and glitters are so in. Therefore, for special occasion it is.

The subscription of Ipsy glam bag is available online. I’ve put a link here . The cost is $10.00 a month on a rolling subscription or $110 for 12 months subscription free delivery in the United States and about $4.75 shipping cost for Canada. Best thing is that you can cancel anytime. It will be a nice experience to discover new makeup products for just $10 a month. How cool is that?

Have you subscribed to ipsy subscription? Please leave comment what you got this month.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo

Get Your Starlooks ~ Lip Gloss

starlook ligloss

Starlooks Lip gloss in Guilty Pleasure 

Hi guys, I shared my Ipsy Glam bag on my previous post and I promised that I will make a review on some of the makeup and skincare once I have tried them. So, I really like this particular lip gloss by Starlooks. It came in a small sample size packaging. Would be an excellent idea to bring along in a travel purse. I got mine in Guilty Pleasure in peachy pink.

starlook pink lipgloss

Packed in a translucent tube which comes with a doe foot applicator. This is a sample size lip gloss.

Starlook lip gloss guilty pleasure

I love the color shade since it’s not too pink. The outside packaging looks opaque but it’s very glossy when I tried it on.

starlook lip color swatch

The color swatch of the lip gloss looks opaque and matte but wait until it’s on the lips.

starlook lipgloss

The up side of this lip gloss is the ability to give a glistering finish look without feeling sticky. It’s formulated to have a creamy effect while providing a long lasting gloss.

Nice! kissable lips starlook

I wore it alone without applying any lippie and I like how natural it looks. My lips felt moisturized and I can wear this all the time.

It’s available in 8 different gloss shades to choose from and it’s price for $12.00 for regular size tube.

What is your favorite lip gloss?

Thanks for stopping by.

Sharon xoxo