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Just to let you know that the Joe Fresh Makeup product giveaway contest is running starting from Mar 24 until Apr 1, 2016 at 12.00 am EST. You can click here for the chance to win this giveaway or visit Express Beauty Blog.

One winner will be selected by random pick. This giveaway contest is open for US residents ONLY. Kindly read the rules before entering.

Here is the sneak peak of the prize.

Joe Fresh Giveaway Prize
5 Beauty Products by JF

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COMING SOON: Giveaway Contest – Joe Fresh Makeup Set



Anyone having a Spring Fever or is it just me?

But anyways, I got GOOD NEWS for everyone. Express Beauty Blog will be running a giveaway contest from March 24 (Thursday) till April 1, 12.00 am EST. Head over to the link here and don’t forget to enter for your chance to win this amazing prize. Don’t forget to mark this IMPORTANT date and blog on your calendar or planner.

You will find  giveaway rules on the blog. I wouldn’t be revealing the content of the prize yet since I want it to be a surprise to all of you. I can only say that there are 5 products for winner of the contest.

spring giveaway
by source


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EPIC Haul Snag $3.00 And Under – Joe Fresh


Hello Everyone! Since it’s only a week to the biggest holiday season and subsequent haulage, I’d better write about it, huh? I grabbed a few random items which are not my usual products to write if you scroll down. Another SALE Items! Whahahaha!

But you know if you’ve been following my blog that I rave a lot on Joe Fresh because the quality and products are exceptional for the price range. I’ve been seeing a few products popping out at some Pharmaprix recently. I just want to point it out that  by mid 2016, you’ll see more of Joe Fresh beauty line available at Shoppers or Pharmaprix (in Quebec) and Loblaws.


Let me repeat this, all these products here are CAD$3.00 and under after an epic sale. I couldn’t be happier when the cashier ring up the total damage to be only CAD$9.12 instead of CAD$42.00. Discount on discount, that’s so AMAZING! My pocket is happy 🙂

Yep, I’m jumping on the Nail Strips train. I’ve never tried any nail strips before and didn’t care a lot for it. But I’ve read and seen the trend and I’m curious to try these.


As soon as I saw these little cute color strips, I knew I was in for something new and exciting. Look at those strips!


These is the only item that doesn’t have discount on discount. But still a 50% off sale price.  I’ll going to try them on Christmas Eve.


Very soft brush and I like that it has a short handle for easier control when applying products. This Kabuki brush was at liquidated price of $2.94 with another 30% off.  So I’m delighted.



Flat top kabuki brush. Good precision for buffing blushes.


Joe Fresh Kabuki Brush? Gold. I can see why so many loves it!


I think I’m addicted to eyeshadow brush now. I grabbed this because of the small brush tip, I didn’t have any from Joe Fresh and it one is on sale! Regular price is CAD$8 and I paid CAD$1.36.


I really like this transparent handle brush. I got this for a great steal. It’s soft and works perfectly when blending shadows.




Nail scissor is what I’ve been searching for while. Honestly, wouldn’t pay $8.00 for it but with the discounted price. I couldn’t say no, right!


Very comfortable handle to ho;d and it’s sharp enough to do what it’s supposed to do.


Well, that’s it for this week’s epic snag and hope to see you again on the next one.

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Have you tried any of these products? Done any hauling lately? Let me know! I so want to hear your comments in the comment section.

Thanks as usual for stopping by.

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Breaking News! Joe Fresh Is Now Available At Shoppers Drug Mart

flyer from Shoppers Drug Mart
flyer from Shoppers Drug Mart

Canadian friends, the wait is over! You can now enjoy Joe Fresh cosmetics at your local Shoppers Drug Mart starting now. Joe Fresh is a Canadian Clothing brand that has branched out to beauty products. Before you can only find their beauty products at Loblaws, Maxi and a few stores in New York but the good news is you could see them in SDM stores. 

Have you heard that Joe Fresh is now at Shoppers Drug Mart? Seriously, and I have a clip from this week’s flyer that you might want to check it out.

Have you spotted Joe Fresh beauty products at your local Shoppers Drug Mart? I love to hear comments from you on the section below. 

Thank you for stopping by.

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Wednesday Epic Beauty Snag| JOE FRESH

Joe Fresh beauty

Every once in a while–though I’m hardly in need of more makeup!—I’ll pick up another little pot or two or a lot too many from Joe Fresh to add to my collection.

Yep, I buy this makeup all by myself, which is a big deal as a beauty blogger. I’m pretty sure many of you can relate on. Anyways, now I want to tell you about the latest great steal which I picked up for this week’s Beauty Madness Wednesday which I’ve change the topic to be “Wednesday Epic Beauty Snag” that is getting much love from me ❤


What you’re looking at are three Single Eyeshadows from clockwise is Pebble, Apricot and Charcoal. Each retailed for $4.00 but I got this on liquidation price for $1.94 (basically 50% off). So yay for that! This is Joe Fresh’s range of powder eyeshadow that works for any look.

charcoal eyeshadow

The texture is smooth and it blends nicely. Eeks, shimmer! But don’t worry. On the outer corner, it looks more like a flat colour, and goes on very pretty. If your skin is paler than mine, you’d obviously apply way less than I did above for the swatch, but for darker tones, it is buildable to more intensity. I’m showing only the Charcoal color swatch but I’ll be back to do all the color swatches in my next post when I do a full review.


Another eyeshadow pot I picked up is this Eyeshadow Quad in Limelight. Retailed for $10.00 and I paid $2.44 for this lovely palette. I love the lime green shadow and also the price is a super bargain. So, it’s a 75% discount for this eyeshadow. Yipee!


There are 4 pans in this gorgeous round hard compact packaging. There are two mattes and two shimmery finishing which I’m very excited to try them out for fall though. Lately, I seem to be gravitating to green, olive, dark brown and purple shades. Could it be because of the coming change of season! Oh well, there’s so many pretty colors out there to love, and Fall is best time to try out new shades and new makeup collections.


Lastly, I picked another Eyeshadow Duo in the shade Faded Violet and Iris. Remember I did a full review on it two weeks ago. I’ll put a link here if you like to hop over to read. I got to grab this one for obvious reason, I love the texture and the pigmentation and these purplish colors are perfect to create a smokey eyes look.


Secondly, it was only for $1.74 and I couldn’t pass on this deal. So yay for great deals! Hahaha! I love the great products and the great steal. Love it and last Wednesday, I got a coupon to spend $12.00 on makeup and get $3.00 off. How neat is that, right!

Anyways, that’s it for this week’s Wednesday Epic Beauty Snag. I hope you’ll find this post interesting and helpful. If you’re in Canada, don’t forget to check out Joe Fresh makeup aisle. My US friends, if you have friends visiting Canada, do ask them to grab a few things for you. The price is a real steal and the products are worth it.

Are you a fan of Joe Fresh? Have you tried any of the new shades? What’s your favourite single eyeshadow?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read. Until next week, stay beautiful!

Sharon xoxo

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Primary Color – Blue Eyeshadow Look & Review


I’m doing a single eyeshadow review cum how to use the 2nd primary color Blue in this post. In my previous post I did mentioned of doing a Red Primary color but since I’m doing this topic of reviewing a Blue eyeshadow by Joe Fresh, I thought this would be a better idea of combining the two together in one post. Hope it’s alright with all of you. If you like to check on my previous posts, continue reading and hop over to the link here.

Let’s start by the review first. I picked this eyeshadow up because the color seems to be calling to me and as many of you know me that I’m a sucker for cute and lovely packaging, so this eyeshadow must not leave my hand. I got to have it and without saying, it was in my previous Friday Makeup Haul (full review) ❤


As you can see, this single eyeshadow comes in a decent size eyeshadow pan and the packaging makes it looks more classy in my opinion. It’s not of glass material but it sure looks like an expensive packaging on first glance.


Check this out beauties! The texture is soft and smooth and look how pretty the pigmentation is. It blends well and glide like a dream. High pigmentation and incredible long wear. It doesn’t crease or give you any fall out, what else can one ask for right! I’m really impressed with this eyeshadow.


I notice that Blue color shadow looks pretty on brown eyes by contrast and from the pictures below, you can see that I put on a few blue tone shadows from Joe Fresh and BH Cosmetics Baked shadows to share a few different eye shadow look using one of the primary color BLUE.

blue eye makeup look

The top row is by BH Cosmetics where the texture are more intense since it’s from baked shadow.

The 2nd and last row, I’m using the eyeshadows from Joe Fresh in Petrol. I just use a single shadow from the Petrol (blue) which seems to be trendy these days.

While the bottom row, I used the Petrol (blue) with a plum shade from the trio palette by Joe Fresh to do a soft everyday wear. A not too dramatic look.

So, there you have it a review of Joe Fresh single eyeshadow product and how to make an eye catching Blue eye makeup using the 2nd primary color. Up next is Red.

Overall, I really love this eyeshadow by Joe Fresh and I’m going back for more color choices for this summer 😀 The quality is very impressive and the price is affordable. If you happen to shop at JC Penny in US or at Loblaws or Superstore in Canada, stop by and check them out. Joe Fresh Cosmetics will be hitting all Canadian drugstores (ie. Shoppers Drug Mart) by 2016.

I hope you enjoy reading this post and find it interesting and helpful. Until next time, stay beautiful!

Do you have Blue eyeshadow in your stash? Give your comment here in the comment section below.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

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Joe Fresh Eye And Lip Palette |Review

Hi lovelies, how did your weekend go? I had one of most relaxing days for I don’t know how long. I got to take my long afternoon nap. Woke up and I decided to stay in, as the weather wasn’t great. Sunday was sunny and very warm, went to my fridge and dig out Chapman ice cream in vanilla. Ahhh!joe fresh eyeshadow

Since 1st of July was Canada Day just like past a few weeks ago, I plan to feature Canadian brands on the blog for the week or maybe the whole month. I haven’t decided yet but you have been seeing lots of Joe Fresh brands in my blog, aren’t you? Not to lie, the second reason is because I got some Joe Fresh items for a very good deal.


Up first is Joe Fresh, a brand that probably doesn’t need any further intro of. Their makeup line is awesome, great price point, but I love their eyeshadow more. If you read my blog, you know I’m super obsessed with eyeshadow and its palettes and this one is no different. I love how cute the packaging is and the amazing quality of this eyeshadow is just incredible. So loving it!


The shade I got is in Bronze Age and it comes with three shadows – matte, metallic and satin. Also included is a Sheer Lip Balm and a decent brush applicator that you can actually use 😛 Yay for that!

eye and lip palette

From L-R: The Champagne is the highlighter, the Metallic Brown and Dark Brown.

color swatch joe fresh

They’re very pigmented and creamy smooth. I’m able to work on these shadows easily and it blends super well. I love neutral nude eye makeup look for day wear and this palette is just perfect for the occasion.

eye maeup look joe fresh neutral

You probably heard me mentioned a few times that I sometimes went for more dramatic colours for different day wear (darker shades or shimmer). But in any cases, where I need a colour that is strictly for everyday appropriate, Bronze Age would be a good candidate.

finish look

I just love these shades and the formula is gorgeous. It’s long wearing and I just can’t get enough of this palette.

lip balm joe fresh

Next is this Sheer Lip Balm that comes with this eyeshadow palette. It’s sheer and moist but not sticky at all. I’m not sure if they sell this lip balm separately but I’m pretty sure the lipsticks are.

color swatch joe fresh

I like the formula of this lip balm which is soft and smooth which makes it easy to glide. I don’t see any color except that it’s moist on my lips.

joe fresh lip  balm

I really have to go back to Loblaws or Maxi to grab a few other colors available. After all, I’m doing a Canada brand theme this month and might as well go all the way. So, yay for Canada!

For my US friends you can find Joe Fresh brand online at JC penny and stores location in New York.

This is like my longest post ever. Than you so much for taking the time to read.

That’s it for now and I hope you enjoy reading and find this post interesting. Until next time, have a great week 😀

Sharon xoxo

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Drugstore Madness Wednesday|Cream Blush by Joe Fresh



Remember in my previous post on the Drugstore Madness Wednesday, I mentioned finding some interesting and super steal makeup products by Joe Fresh! Well, I’m here to give you part 2 of the products for this week.

Curious to know what’s these three bottles are, right?  Don’t sweat it, I’ve put the color swatch down below and if you stroll down further, it’s there.


I picked these blushes up because of the cute packaging that intrigued me to get them. But also the price is super deal from $4.00 a bottle to $0.94 I can justify myself to buy three of these. Well, would you pay $4.00 for this? I’ll help you find out in a moment.


So, here I have three shades I picked from the grocery store. I got the shades in Bronze, Berry and Pink. Just to recap for those who is new to this post – Joe Fresh makeup brand is exclusive only to Loblaws and Maxi (subsidiary company) as I speak but brace yourself for its coming to hit all Canadian drugstores (according to the source) in 2016.


The packaging is of white plastic bottle which I find them cute to put in my vanity <3.   Very easy to open and close and the texture is very smooth. I would say it gives a sheer to medium finishing and buildable through layering up.

color swatch blushes

Color swatches from left to right: Bronze, Berry and Pink. The Berry is the loudest color while Pink the softest. On me, I use Berry and the color payoff is amazing. This blush doesn’t feel sticky or tacky when on skin, it’s as if not wearing any blush at all. It also gives a nice dewy finish which I like.

You can that for what it is and I can say that this is a pretty impressive cream blush which I’ll continue to wear and report back later. But for now, I’m satisfied with the appearance and I’m so glad I picked up these three bottles of cream blush that will keep me entertain this summer.

Which shades would you like to pick up from the store? They’re available online for US residents and some location in the States.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo



Joe Fresh Duo Concealer in Dark – REVIEW


sharon beauty prime

Today, I’m going to talk about this Duo Concealer by Joe Fresh. I did a beauty haul last week and the link is here if you want to go back to read it. Anyways, onto the review!


This side is the stick while the other side is a cream with a doe applicator. Neat packaging isn’t it!


The shade I got is in Dark and I’m glad that it matches my skin tone nicely since from the packaging the formula doesn’t look Dark at all. I’m a medium skin-tone in the summer and I have to say that this Dark shade doesn’t bother me at all. This shade fits me perfectly. Having said that, I recommend that you choose the shade one notch down from your usual shade might help.


The stick side is usable for acne scarring on forehead or on the redness around the nose  area but since I don’t have much issue recently with my skin tone, so I’ll be trying out on under my dark circle areas only for this review.


Love the cream side. It’s semi thick, it has amazing coverage and matches my skin tone precisely, the stick part is a little thick but work amazingly and it’s perfect for covering up blemishes. All I did was pat the formula with my fingers and they blend it effortlessly. Love this!


Here is the color swatch of the cream/liquid and stick concealer. In my opinion, both works amazingly and I’m happy with my purchase since I picked the right shade. So, yay! Overall, it’s a good buy with good quality and I really like this concealer. 

Both the formula runs smoothly and it blend very well especially under the dark circle areas. The texture feels smooth and lightweight.


The only downside of this concealer is limited color choices. It has only 3 shades from Light, Medium to Dark in this selection. Kind of sad in the color selection… but overall a pretty good duo concealer. So, please Joe release more shades!!

It’s a pretty good concealer and works very well I would recommend this product for sure.

What do you think of this 2 in 1 Concealer? Would you try them out? Please leave your comment in the section below. I love to hear your comments.

As always, thank you so much for stopping by.

Sharon xoxo


Friday Makeup Haul


beauty haul joe fresh

Many of you may not know this brand, but Joe Fresh is a fashion brand and retail chain created for Canadian Food Distributor, Loblaws Ltd. Joe Fresh has also entered the American market with permanent and pop-up stores in New York City and region, with JC Penney store outlets throughout the United States.
I tagged along with my honey bear to do our weekly grocery shopping, and as I was browsing at the makeup section and doing some makeup swatches, yes that sounds crazy and no joke that’s the life of a makeup lover. Anyways, long story short, I heard many good things about Joe Fresh products and needless to say I walked away with several interesting beauty haul which I’m excited to share them in my post. So, let’s get rolling:-


First item I picked up is this Eye and Lip Palette by Joe Fresh because of its neutral earthy shadows topped with super cool packaging! I really like this simple but yet sturdy plastic packaging. The packaging doesn’t look cheap but rather expensive looking. The shade I got is in Bronze Age and the shadows are in Gold (shimmer),  Bronze (shimmer) and Dark Brown (matte) finish. It comes with a bright orangey lipstick and an eyeshadow brush. I’ll do a color swatch and review on my next post. This palette retails for $12.00


On a whim, I also pick up this Nail Polish in Maple. Net wt: 0.2 fl oz – for $1.94 and it was on special, so I justify myself to get it. The packaging is of cylindrical with a white plastic top. The lid is slightly larger than the bottle length. They are so amazing! Color goes on next to opaque. A full review coming up once I’ve tried it. I really really like this color. Oh, so pretty! It has a very nice selection of colors to choose.


I also got this 2 in 1 Concealer Cream Stick retails for $8.00 and I’m just curious to try this one out. I got mine in the shade Dark but it doesn’t look so dark from the stick. Anyways, I’m excited to try this out too. I’m going to open it right now :P. It comes in a twist stick pencil packaging and the texture is super amazing. It’s soft and it glide so well without having the feeling of it dragging whatsoever. Judging from the look of this concealer stick I personally think that it’s a little steep for a 0.07 fl oz net wt but I’ll report back the quality and performance once I’ve tried it if the value and quality are on par.


Next is this Eyeshadow Duo in Honeybell and Apricot. Again, I was blown away by the packaging. The packaging is made of clear plastic polycarbonate material which looks like a glass packaging. It doesn’t look like the drugstore plastic packaging we often see at the drugstores. Highly pigmented and it blends super amazingly. The texture is soft and smooth and no fallout. It has a soft dewy finish and these shades are very versatile.


I got this single Eyeshadow in Petrol – a blue spruce undertone with micro-glitters. Net wt: 0.08 fl oz for $5.00. It comes in a sturdy clear plastic packaging. I’ve been planning on doing a single eyeshadow makeup look and this shade will be perfect to make my brown eyes look more pop. Full eye makeup tutorial with review on my next post. Don’t forget to check back later 🙂


Many of you know that I don’t wear false lashes and well that’s about to change. Since I was at the Joe Fresh makeup section long enough, everything seems more appealing and I spotted this Lash Adhesive for $4.00 and told myself that now I don’t have any excuse not to. So, this is going to be my first time ever to try wearing a false eyelashes and I’m super nervous.


Lastly is a random product I saw in the liquidation box and it’s the L’oreal HiP (high intensity pigments) Bright Shadow Duo in Brazen. The color tone is of Dark Rose and Dark Brown and both shadows are matte finish. These shades look pretty to wear for evening wear. Comes in 5 high-flying combos. It’s ultra pigmented and the color intensity is amazing.

That’s it on my makeup haul for this month. So, I’ll say that these products are incredible for the price with good quality. For the price, the quality and the pigmentations, you can never go wrong. I’m so so glad to find these products by Joe Fresh. I’ll definitely be getting more of this brand to share in my next several posts. I must say that the price is affordable and the quality is impressively good.

I’m all about good deals when it comes to beauty on a budget and if you are in Canada go and check this brand out at the Superstores or if you have friends living in Canada, ask them to get it for you or order online.

Have you tried these lovely products? Let me know what you thought on the comment section below!

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo

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