Kat Von D Innerstellar Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches


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I recently featured quite a bit of eyeshadow palettes and this reminds me that I still have several palettes to go through or at least tried for a review.


It features transformative matte and shimmer shades in Kat Von D’s signature, high-pigment eyeshadow formula.


Top 3 from left to right:  gravitron – vast – lycan

Second row from left to right:  night crawler – dios – lunacy – astrological – darkstar – orion – 3am – moonshine – killing moon 


This Innerstellar is notably a cool toned palette. I really love the shades but the formula doesn’t seems to wow me as much. You see, I’ve warm under toned and cooler shadows sometimes just didn’t cut it. If you’re cool-toned person, you’re going to enjoy this more than I do.

The texture of the eyeshadows, on the whole, was soft, finely-milled, and smooth. There were a couple that were a little powdery, but some were really easy to work with.


Here are the color swatches of Innerstellar:

Top to bottom:

Gravitron is a cool-toned, iridescent pink-white with lilac shimmer.

Vast is a muted, medium taupe brown with a subtle, gray tint and a soft, frosted finish.

Lycan is a bright, yellow-toned, creamy white with a matte finish.

There are only two shadows (lycan & kiling moon) in this palette with matte finish, while the rest are either metallic or shimmery finishing. They blend easily on lids which is awesome. I don’t find any problem with applying and blending.


Color Swatches from top to bottom:

Killing Moon is a deep black with a matte finish and neutral undertones. The texture is a little dry but it doesn’t seems powdery.

Moonshine is a brightened silver with a metallic sheen. I find the texture for this shade to be smooth and fairly pigmented. It does kick up some powder, I just to put it out there for you guys.

3AM is a brightened, light-medium warm taupe brown with a frosted, metallic finish. The texture is soft and has great color payoff.

Orion is a medium-dark brown with subtle, warm undertones and a satin finish. It feels silky and finely-milled. I would hope that it’s a little darker to fit this palette selection better. I find the shade to be a little weak compared to the other rest of the shadows.

Darkstar is a deep, gray taupe with a metallic sheen. Best pigmentation and creamy. I can say that this is my favorite color after Moonshine.

Astrological is a bright lavender with a subtle golden sheen. The texture is soft and pretty. Very decent pigmentation.

Lunacy is a medium-dark, cool-toned purple with a frosted sheen. I find the texture ran a little drier but it has good color payoff.

Dios is a muted, silver-shimmered dark gray with bluish tones and a soft, satiny finish. It a little powdery and drier but I’m not overly concerned with it since it blends well on the outer v.

Night Crawler is a cool-toned, taupe with strong gray tones and a satin finish. Very nice pigmentation and it went on smooth and easily. An everyday shade I would reach for.

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Here is a quick eye makeup look from the shadows I used:.

Browbone – Lycan

Lids – Orion

Crease – Astrological

Outer corner – Lunacy

Inner corner – Gravitron

Under eye – Lunacy

Center eye – Moonshine (to make eyes look more popped)

What do you think of this palette? Which KVD is your favorite? I love to hear your comments.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read. I’ll see you again on the next one!

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Kat Von D Monarch Palette – REVIEW


You guys, I’m calling it – this palette was the best money I spent  in the past years (make-up-wise, to avoid sounding too shallow). I’m so happy I took the plunge and got it. This is definitely not the new eyeshadow palette by Kat Von D but it’s definitely new to me. After so much hemming and raving, I caved in and bought it.


The colour range is versatile, mainly because there are more useful lid shades for my skin tone and eye colour, and I love every single shade in this palette. The pigmentation of this palette is outstanding, they apply and blend so nicely. It’s worth the hyped in my opinion.

Inside Monarch you get twelve warm-toned eyeshadows  as well as a mirror and they are all encased in a heavy duty, sturdy cardboard magnetized palette.


The colors are highly pigmented, but buildable, and they blend like a dream. This palette comes with 3 base shades and 9 accent hues.

Price-wise, at CAD$55.00 it’s about what I’d expect a mid-range luxury eyeshadow palette to be. But, you do get a decent amount of product, and with every color being wearable and usable, I feel like that’s a fair price. Available at Sephora 


These colors are perfect for a natural look to an intense smokey eye. And they are so pigmented. I notice some fallout when wearing them. Make sure to tap off extra product before applying to ensure that it doesn’t end up all over your cheek (I can be a messy makeup applier!). Here is what I noticed:


  • Smooth, buttery texture that’s easy to blend.
  • Strong color quality.
  • Shadows wear well without creasing or fading.
  • Attractive colors that work well in a variety of combinations.


  • A little chalky on the formula when I did the swatch but I didn’t notice anything terrible happening on lids.


Color swatch on my bare hands (without eye primer).

1st Quad from left to right

Entomology is a is a matte cream.

Wrath is a coppery orange with pearl.

Papilio is a medium chocolate with pearl.

Summerfly is a glittery gold.

2nd Quad

Telepathy is a pale champagne pearl.

Killing Jar is a pale pink/copper pearl.

Delaney is a silver/grey with pearl.

Vanish is a light taupe matte.

3rd Quad

Tiny Death is a cream with fine gold glitter.

Disintegration is a brown with pearl.

Shadow Box is a dark chocolate brown matte.

Deadhead is a black matte.

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I found nearly all of these shades to be super soft, finely milled and very pigmented. The first four are stunning all together. The second four are all also nicely pigmented but have a lighter finish for a softer look. The final four are mostly deep and the two matte shades are not patchy whatsoever.

Overall, I’m impressed and it’s totally worth the money. I have nothing bad to say about these shadows except with a minor fallout from Summerfly shadow. Otherwise, they are all standouts. I’d definitely love to get more of these Kat Von D Eyeshadow Palettes. If you haven’t tried any of it yet, I’d recommend this one.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read. Hope to see you on the next one! Bye!

Sharon xoxo



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Kat Von D Love Letter Shade Shifter Eyeshadow



Today’s a rainy day here but I’m sure this post will warm you up a little bit just before Winter hits. I’m going to do a review on this single eyeshadow by Kat Von D. It’s the Shade Shifter Eyeshadow in the shade Love Letter.

kat von d eyeshadow single pan
Kat Von D Love Letter Shade Shifter Eyeshadow

This is supposed to be a powder eyeshadow that shifts–as in a duochrome finish and that is water activated. Available in four shades at Sephora. I believe the  other shade is On the Road which is of Brown/Green shift for $16.00 a pop but I don’t remember the rest. Oops!!!


Love Letter is described as a pretty purple/ maroon shift. It looks like a warm toned plum to me. And it has a frosty finish. What makes this shadow neat is that if you add just a dab of water to your spade or brush before dipping it into the color, you get this gorgeous two-tone color that shifts depending on what light you’re in.


I noticed that this duochrome powder eyeshadow shift a little weak. It really just looks like one color most of the time. Nevertheless, I find the color payoff for this is huge, so it’s likely that one of these will last you a long while.

Let me tell you that the texture is soft and buttery to the touch, which made it easy to use on the lid. The duochrome is subtle for me but the quality of the eyeshadow (as far as eyeshadow goes) is fine for me. I’m in love!


Another pros: is that this shift shadows can last for eight hours wear before showing some fading. I’ve been wearing it over the last week and today without any primer, I’m satisfied with the results I get  from this shadow.


This is really a pretty color and the duochrome I think will eliminate the need for another color to pair with! You can practically wear this shift alone.


You know what, I picked up this Love Letter and I absolutely loved it. The swatched Love Letter didn’t look like it would be much, but it looks gorgeous built up on the eye. It’s pigmented as you can see on the color swatch.

I believe it could be my second time that I tried KvD products. I’m in love!

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I’m using dry application for this look without primer but it can be built-up to the color intensity you desire. The good thing about shift shadow is, it could be applied wet.

Why purple? But you know the purple /maroon colour is really calling out my name… so I caved in 😉 This shade is definitely give a very fall vibe! It’s a race against time to wear it before winter seeps in.

I definitely will repurchase for other shades in my collection.

Have you picked any Kat Von D single shadows recently? I love to read what you acquire in the comment section.

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Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner Review

kat von d tatoo liner trooper kat von d packaging
This is my first love with Kat Von D Tattoo eyeliner in Trooper (0.007 oz). I got this as a free sample when I ordered my Urban Decay Naked2 Basics at Sephora online.
closed up look kat von d liner swatch trooper
I love the design on the packaging. The black color liner is fine and liquid-y. I did a swatch and it glides very well. It’s a waterproof liner.
winged eye look with kat bottom lids liner
Today, I want to share how I create my everyday winged liner look using this tattoo liner. It has a superfine tip brush for precision drawing. Oh wow… I love the way the tip glides so easily and it’s gentle to eyes. I can do the bottom lids and applying it nearer on eyelids without causing any irritation. Sometimes, if the line is not even, I can always layer it a little thicker to make both liner balance.
kat von d side look winged liner look with Kat
It’s smooth and doesn’t smudge.  The fluid application flows easily and it’s fun to play with many different look with this liner. Winged or cat, you name it. But when I did my winged look, this liner makes drawing a thin line so much easier. With the short pencil design, I can control the liner better, perfect winged eye look without using much effort. The formula seems to dries up quickly once in contact with skin. The ink leaves some watery finish look. The liquid ink are easily removed with eye remover.

Overall, I love how it glides and not causing irritation in my eyes. That’s a plus point for Kat Von D Tattoo liner.

I think this is an incredible product but having said that, the price is at a higher end border. The last time I checked, it’s selling for $23.00 at Sephora.

Have you tried any of Kat Von D’s makeup products from Sephora? Please share on comment below.

Urban Decay  Naked2 Basics eyeshadow palette’s review coming soon on my next blog.

Thank you guys for reading.

Sharon xoxo