Top 5 Tuesday Favorites – Simply Red Lipsticks

Happy Tuesday guys! I’m back again with my Top 5 Tuesday Favorites and this week I’m going to write about red lipsticks. Yes!!!! my most favorite color lipsticks. I know we’re only in the fall and winter is yet to come but I’m just thrilled to share some of my red lipsticks today. I’m always on the hunt for a perfect red color lipsticks. They’re bold and beautiful and can definitely lift up appearance and moods. It’s noticeable and have that sexy look of romance.

top 5 tuesday fave - simple red lippes

I have here two high end and three drugstore’s lipsticks to talk about. They’re in no particular order.

closed up red lippies

From left to right:

Clinique Creamy Nude Soft Shine (03) Long lasting lipstick. The reason I chose this to be my top 5 fave is because I had it for more than 5 years and it’s one of my favorite nude color lipstick I ever found love in. I share this because of the quality and the formula of this lipstick that has not changed over so many years. It’s a real keeper. It glides very smoothly and has medium coverage. It has a soft shine finish which makes lips look moist. There are 11 color shades available and I love the merlot red and watermelon shades. They are all beautiful colors with long lasting wear. It’s selling for $19.00 at Sephora and for that price point, why not.

Sothys Rouge Ardent. My first love of red lipsticks was from wearing this Sothys Red color shade. It has such rich pigmentation and fabulous matte color finish. It feels velvety and it smell awesome. I had this for a decade and since I have found more red favorites I kept it in my collection. The packaging has changed but the color intensity is simply gorgeous. There are many gorgeous colors available at Sothys. Please check on their website if you are interested with their products. Caution when wearing red lipstick – to wear nude lip liner to outline lips to prevent red lipstick from running or bleeding.  And you, do you know Sothys? Do you like their products?

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Matte in Really Red (006). I love, love this chilli red matte lipstick. Yes, it’s matte and I love it. The color might not be as long lasting as the sheen or sheer lipsticks but it still leaves some color stains behind. It doesn’t glide as smoothly but I love the high pigments formula. For a drugstore brand and the pricing, I’m totally going forward everything I used it up. I love this color so much I have another one as backup, just in case (chuckle!!!)

Rimmel Long Lasting Kate Moss in 107. This is also my favorite lip color. It has more berry red than tomatoes red. I found Kate Moss lipsticks awhile ago and so I grabbed one of this due to the velvety finish and beautiful pigmentation. It claims to be long lasting and it lasted me for 3 hours not 8 hours. This 107 color is the color Kate Moss wore on Rimmel’s website. Superb!!

lip color rimmel kate moss

I’m wearing the Kate Moss Long Lasting Lipstick by Rimmel in 107

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Standout Remarqueble (250). The color swatch of this colorburst is totaly amazing. I’m trully blown away by such mattifying balm it provides. Oh wow… a lip balm that’s so moisturizing and had a finish beyond comfort. It’s easy to carry around and easy to apply. No messy business and I like the packaging in a crayon type. It came with 10 dazzling color shades to select. It’s such a fun color to have.

color swatch top 5 faves

Lipstick color swatches.

There you have it! My top 5 favorite red lipsticks. What is your favorite lip product?

Next Top 5 Tuesday favorite will be …. (can you guess???)

As always, thank you so much for reading.

Sharon xoxo.



Moisture Renew Lipstick by Rimmel


Moisture Renew LIpstick by Rimmel in 360
Moisture Renew LIpstick by Rimmel in 360

Two weeks ago, as I went window shopping at Wal-mart. Just checking if there were any new products for fall season. My five year old son was with me at the makeup section and he picked up this lovely color (Rosette) for me to purchase. Well, this was not the new collection from Rimmel. But then I thought, well I haven’t been buying lipsticks lately and I desperately need one. I preferred to get Revlon because I just love the creamy and matte texture. Anyways, so thought it would be a good idea to get this one. First reason, so that I will not disappoint my son and second I pretty much like the color when I made a color swatch. I believed there were like twenty different colors to choose from. So, I paid $5.47 for 0.14oz.

Moisture Renew Lipstick by Rimmel
Moisture Renew Lipstick by Rimmel

I got to admit that this lipstick was too creamy and it glides easily on lips. It’s smooth and nice on the lips but in my opinion the formula was too moisturizing or I would say wet.  It’s smudges and on top of that, Oh dear, it has such strong scents. I can’t tolerate the smell of the roses scents (too strong for a lipstick).

Moisture Renew Lipstick by Rimmel
Moisture Renew Lipstick by Rimmel

I like the color I got in Rosette but not so much on the texture.

Bare lips
Bare lips

Lips without lip liner and lipstick yet.

Moisture Renew lipstick on lips
Moisture Renew lipstick on lips

I put on the lip liner before applying this super moisturizing lipstick. It’s super pigmented and that might be the reason why it bleeds color like crazy.

Moisture Renew lipstick KISS
Moisture Renew lipstick KISS

This lipstick has intensed color shade. It’s bright and had glossy finish. So, when I tried to check on the color transfer. I was suprised to see the amount of the color transferred. I refused to believe to get three times of color transfers by just applying one coat of lipstick. I rest my case.

Rimmel lipstick transferrimmel lipstick transfers 3x

The color wasn’t as long lasting as the Kate Moss Long-lasting lipstick by Rimmel. I’m terribly disappointed with this one. I don’t see myself wearing this lipstick again. It will be in with my other Collectible haul (products that I will not used again).

For that price at Wal-mart or any drugstores, and to pay $2 more, I will definitely go for Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks ($7.99 at Target) anytime than to go for this particular product.