Milani Cruelty Free Lipstick |Review & Swatch

Milani Lipstick Nude

I don’t mean to freak you out, but fall is basically here. Fall is one of my favorite season, it’s not that I don’t like summer but I really love the fall season watching as the leaves changes its colors and the cool air seeping in.


According to Fashion Magazine “When artists weren’t dressing up eyes, lips got some attention: previously painted in flesh tones or a quick smear of lip balm, this season mouths moved from red, to brick, to berry to…black”. Talking about stepping out of comfort zone! Black lips, that’s another whole new level 😀


Aargh!!! But I still love my lips but better lipstick from Milani which I picked up recently. Okay! Go ahead and judge me if you want, I don’t care! I’m a basic person clinging onto my comfort zone :P. Did any of you feel this way? I feel that neutral shade could never go out of style but then that’s just my opinion! So, today I just want to talk about it. It’s not a new color released from Milani but it’s a shade that looks better and comfortable on my lips 🙂


I got the shade 42 in Rose Femme and totally love it. It’s highly pigmented and moisturizing. I blends well and it a gorgeous shade for everyday wear. It’s a muted shade that gives a natural finish.


Right here, I’m sharing with you here a glimpse of my bare lips but I’m going to show you my lips but better lip color down below using my new found love of Rose Femme Lipstick by Milani. That’s the main star of this post, lol!


The importance of wearing a lipstick is that you must feel comfortable, be it by the texture, the formula, smell and the shades. Excellent tips if you want to achieve the look of my lips but better lipstick!


Kylie Jenner lip challenge but this method doesn’t require sucking on short glasses. You heard me right! All you need is a Nude lip liner and draw the line out of your natural lips. I then smudges it with the lip liner and I used an eyeshadow highlighter (White color) and pat it in the middle of my lips for some dimension.

Et voila! a pouty pout which is so easy to create. Milani you did it again, I love how gorgeous the formula is and the staying power. It glides well and very impressive lip finish. One lipstick with many different looks. This drugstore brand is also cruelty free or No Animal Testing on its products. So yay for that! My next pit stop is to pick up the darker shades for the season.

Go for it, if you try being bold with your lip colour this fall, whether it be a cherry red, a plum or – if you dare – a glossy black. There are endless shades for fall and you decide which shade best represent you.

You can find Milani on their website, drugstores, and Walmart.

Which color lipstick you’ll pick for your fall collection. Leave your comment down below.

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I Did The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge!



There was the Cinnamon challenge, the Ice Bucket challenge and now the Kylie Jenner lip challenge.

I read some horrible stories of young girls trying to follow Kylie Jenner’s lips and their quest for a pouty pout lips turned terribly wrong. They use short glasses, deodorant lids, small jar and suck out the air. But instead of getting the optimum results just as the TV reality star, their lips ended up with bruises, torn skin and soreness.

This ridiculous trend (that started as a joke but ended up being taken seriously for some reason) is outrageous. Like youtuber Nikkie said: “what have your lips done to deserve that?”

I’m not telling you what to do with your lips but there is an option which is pain-free and easy to use in less than 2 minutes.

There this thing called lip liner in our beauty world that can make your lips look as pouty and beautiful! Not convinced. Continue reading …

kylie jenner lip challenge

Use your magic wand aka your lip liner pencil and a lipstick that compliment the lip liner. Create the look by drawing the outline on your lovely lips like so. You can draw as wide the outline for a more dramatic pout but it’s entirely up to your taste.

no to short glass Warning: NO SUCKING on short glasses required! Read below on how I did this lip challenge.

pouty pout lips

Et voila! I did a Kylie Jenner lip challenge look!

Product used:

Essence Lipliner in the Nude

Milani Matte Lipstick in Naturally Chic

Thanks for taking the time to read and if you like to take up this Kylie Jenner lip challenge, please take a selfie and share it on my twitter or put your link so that I can go visit. I love to see how everyone’s look on this lip challenge 🙂  Leave comment below if you’re up to do this lip challenge.

Afterall, your lips deserve better!

Sharon xoxo

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