A Pop Lipstick We’re Obsessed With: Gerard Cosmetics


Hey guys! Welcome to my blog. This is going to be a casual post which is also my first post of the Gerard Cosmetic Lip products I got them through online order.

I’ve always wanted to try these lipsticks after hearing so many youtubers raved about them and also saw them on instagram.

Anyways, I apologized for posting this review a little late. Don’t get me wrong, I love them but it’s just that I wanted to try each shade before giving my final thoughts and opinion. Off the bet, I could clearly narrow a few that could be ranked as my stand out lip products so far if you continue reading …


So, I got a few lipsticks and lip glosses to show you guys in this post. When I tried them on my lips, I was completely sold. I was like – that’s what I’ve been missing all this time. I’m obsessed with them now.

To be honest, I really like the packaging of both the lipsticks and lip glosses. They look quite luxe and I’m loving it.


First of is the lip glosses I got in the shades Nude and Pouty Princess.

They are just ridiculously pigmented and resemble lipsticks more than anything. Incredibly buttery and creamy (as the names suggest!) they leave my lips feeling hydrated and smooth while the color lasts for hours. I’m quite impressed with these!


Each lip gloss clicks to lock when fully closed. This creates a seal to keep the lip gloss fresh. To talk more about the packaging, it gets better than the gold prettiness. There is also a mirror on the tube! eeee! Yes, a mirror. Oh and did I mention the light? This is a genius idea, they made this lip gloss all-in-one. How cool is that, right!

The light! It’s on the bottom of the cap, so when you point it towards your lips, it lights them up so you can see when you are applying the lip gloss. And,finally it comes with the standard doe foot applicator which makes gliding a breeze.


Here are the color swatches up closed.

About the gloss in general, the formula is a little hard to apply evenly but once done, bam, beauty except a little too sticky in my opinion. I find the texture to be thicker than other lip glosses I tried by far, which makes my lips feel sticky and heavy. Let me put it this way, this formula would definitely reminds you that you had a lip gloss on. If that make sense!

They didn’t have a strong smell except the shade in Pouty Princess which I find it to smell a little plastic-y, and the Nude smell like caramel. The scents didn’t bother me that much, it’s just scented enough to be pleasant without being overpowering.

Honestly, I’m sad to say that being not a huge fan of sticky lip gloss costs me a toll. I love the packaging and colors but the texture/ formula does bother me – so it’s a miss for me. I’ll probably pass it over to my daughter to try.


I decided to purchase the Hydra – Mattes because the curiosity was killing me, I mean the colors are gorgeous as is the packaging so I just HAD TO HAVE IT. Also I just really wanted to be the person that gives the best and the most honest review ever.


A blood red that will pull them in and take hold. Perfect for an evening wear for your truly striking makeup look.

These take between 2-5 minutes to fully dry on me. And they’re extremely comfortable to wear. I had absolutely no cracking, crumbling or flaking. These dried completely matte yet felt so so soft on the lips. I love love this!

The packaging is so pretty I really love it. Its got a frosted plastic bottle and a gold lid.


I find that with one swipe you can completely coat your entire lips, but I like to get more product to make sure that they’re fully covered or it can dry a little thin.

Just look at how pigmented this formula is! Intense red that’s so dramatic and classic. I mean LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL THIS IS!

Verdict on this product : I would BUY THESE – I’m so happy I did. The formula is great.


And now to the lipsticks!

Yes, a gold bullet. I really like it, very luxurious:) The bullets look like the MAC ones except they are not as high quality. Cute packaging nevertheless!


These offer nice pigment, they last decently long and they go on like a dream.

Throwing shade is about to have a whole new meaning especially when you have Fire Engine, 1995, Berry Smoothie and Vintage Rose to be added to your vanity.


They don’t tug at my lips and it makes them feel great the entire time the lipstick is on. Love love the high pigmentation of this product.


I have one of the pink shades and one of the coral shades but there are 19 in total, encompassing beiges, corals, reds, pinks and purples. Go to their website to find out more.

Swatches from left to right is Vintage Rose, 1995 (total perfect nude), Fire Engine and Berry Smoothie. I find they wear for a solid 3 to 4 hours, even after a few cups of coffee, and fade evenly.

And I would say that overall, I like these and recommend the lipstick and liquid lipstick. I also really really like the packaging.These are amazingly pretty, I think I’d live in it! hahaha!

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning the beauty with Gerard Cosmetics, is they DO ship to Canada (yay!) and often have sales/codes/offers for free shipping. Yes. Free shipping. To Canada. Yes!

Got any question about them, let me know in the comment below.

So, that’s it for today my friends! I hope to see you again on the next one:). Bye for now!

Love you guys!

Sharon xoxo


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Burts Bees 100% Natural Lip Gloss – Review & Swatch



I remember saying that I’m not a big fan of lip gloss especially those that are sticky and gunky but I started liking them now because they’re easy to apply and you can get a really pretty lip finish from them in seconds. Sometimes, that’s all you need when you’re rushing around in the morning like a chicken without a head?


I enjoy some of their other products and I love the all natural aspect of Burt’s bees. So, far it hasn’t let me down. So yay!

I got this Burt’s Bees at Walmart and they’re in the shades Starry Night and Nearly Dusk. You can also find them at US Target, Walgreen, Rite Aids, Ulta, drugstores and pretty everywhere. I think these are available in 12 glossy shades but I could be wrong. Need to go back to check again.

Let’s start with Starry Night lip gloss. The color is a deep purple and shiny when first applied but it fades slightly after a few moments. Even after all the shine is gone, there is still a nice subtle color. The formula is not sticky and it’s comfortable on my lips. This product kinda hugs lips and does offer moisture.


I notice the tube itself is pretty pitiful. You aren’t getting much product especially if you’re buying this at the regular price tag at CAD$12-$13 depending the areas. Note that the packaging is of plastic tube with a doe foot applicator. I also like to add that the packaging is cute with the honey comb lid.


I’m happy that both the formula of the Starry Night and Nearly Dusk are nicely pigmented.


You need to dip the doe foot applicator a few times to get enough product to have an even coverage. Those who hate getting massive amounts of product on the wand at once will love these.

I do enjoy the consistency of the formula. I don’t feel the stickiness at all. It feels really comfortable on lips which is a bonus point for a picky lip gloss like me.


Here is the doe foot applicator. The color of the Nearly Dusk is pretty and glossy. I like it! I just want to put this out – both of these products have a natural scents but I notice that the Starry Night has stronger scents even though both are of the same formula [100% Natural]. They also have a taste that is sweet, but not overwhelmingly so. I want to say it tastes like honey, but it’s so subtle that I can’t quite put my finger on it.


Unlike some pigmented glosses, these don’t leave unevenly stained lips behind once they are worn off! Another point I want to mention is the finishing look. It gives a nice subtle sheer finish that leaves your lips looking moisturized and fresh.


There you have the color swatches. On your left is the Starry Night and Nearly Dusk on your right. You can see the shimmers on the swatch.

  • Starry Night is a sheer deep purple wine (left)
  • Nearly Dusk is a sheer medium mauve with subtle light purple shimmer (right)

Overall, I find that the price is of a steeper end for a drugstore brand and if you’ve already have your lip gloss, then you can skip this one. But for those who truly love sheer washes of glossy pigment on their lips, but also want moisturizing benefits, then this would be a great product to grab. Definitely give it a good look.

Have you tried it already? Don’t forget to leave your comments below.

Hope you all enjoy this post, the product and the look and I can’t wait to see what you all think!

Sharon xoxo



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Glossy Girly By Elf |REVIEW


ELF is by far the most inexpensive beauty products and loved by many makeup lovers.


I’m not quite a lip gloss person myself but I sure love the price. For $7.00 you get three pretty lip gloss in the shades of red, pink and plum.


The Lip gloss Super Glossy Lip Shine by ElfThese make your lips feel so smooth and it tastes great. This lip gloss has different fruity taste depending on the shades. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of the lip gloss but the colors DOES look right up my alley judging from the transparent tube packaging.

elf lip gloss

This lip gloss gives a nice glossy finish but I felt it was thick in formula with a slight feeling of tackiness. I’m don’t feel comfortable wearing lip products that makes my lips feels heavy and gunky. I also noticed that the Plum color lip gloss doesn’t have the color intensity I would have expected. They have delicious scents and taste but sadly I’m not “wow” by these 😦


This is a decent deal price wise if you like elf lip gloss product! I want to like them but it just failed to  impress me. So, I’ll not repurchase this again. I’ll give these away.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Are you loving the Lip gloss? What’s your favourite tinted lip gloss? I want to hear your comments down below.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo


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Matte Lip Paint|Lip Gloss by ColouredRaine


Hey girlfriends,

I remembered doing a post on this Colouredraine matte lip paint a couple of months ago and I just can’t stop to share my love for this incredible matte lip paints. I saw some new shades in the collection compared to last year’s collection and Mars is the shade that is calling to me 🙂

colorraine matte lips

Truffle/Raine Fever/Suite Raine/Electric Raine/Berri Raine/Amazing Raine/Vanity Raine/Sugar/Marshmallow/Soul/Mars 

For $16.00 a tube with a net wt: 0.4 g available online at Coloured Raine website. It is cruelty, paraben and gluten Free. Vegan!

I simply love how matte it looks and gorgeous, gorgeous shades this lip paint offers. It looks so velvety and vibrant matte lip finish. So, if you are looking for some lovely and amazing shades for this Valentine, why not just hop over to Coloured Raine and pick a few colors you love 🙂  Make your pick before they’re gone. Too many incredible shades to choose from, why not start with Vanity Raine and Amazing Raine. They’re bold, sexy and romantic colors for Valentine’s Day.

For a gorgeous velveteen finish lip paints at that best price, I couldn’t resist but to lush a few. I’m crazily in love with this Mars shade which I find it so pretty. I add it to car but it’s out of stock. Argh!!! What a bumper!!! Anyways, I’ll do a review on this matte lip paint once I got it and review will be made available in my next post once I’ve tried it : ) Coming Soon Mars!

Oh yes, by the way, if you love lip gloss more than matte lip paint then proceed reading below.

lip gloss colored raine

Oh gosh!!! When I saw these jars of lip gloss at Colouredraine website, I started to sing “I’m on top of the world”, “I’m on top of the world” song. More amazing are the lip swatches. Look how amazing each shades are.

This awesomely pigmented lip gloss comes in 11 glorious colors which I couldn’t resist at all too. I’m putting it on my wishlist for my upcoming spring vanity.These lip gloss are selling for $14.00 a jar at Colouredraine website. On first glance, these lip gloss looks so creamy but you wouldn’t believe if I told you that it’s a lip gloss.

lip gloss by coloredrainedsource

Arabian Night/Bajan Princess/Intimate/Persian Queen

Oh wow … even the name of the lip gloss makes my head turns. I haven’t had a lip gloss with such a bold creamy color and lusting finish. I would love to have a sexy lips like this for Valentine. Hurray!

Bear in mind that all the photos posted are not mine and I’m not affiliated with Coloured Raine whatsoever. I just love their matte lip paint and lip gloss so much that I just have to share my love on these products with you guys.

Which shade would you pick for Spring 2015?

Thank you all for reading.

Sharon xoxo







Essence XXXL Nude KISS|Lipgloss|Review


Hey lovelies,

You might noticed that I have been doing a whole lot of reviews on lip products recently. I’ve been crazily looking and trying different lipgloss hopefully to end up finding my holy grail. Anyways,  I picked this Essence XXXL Lipgloss at a drugstore. I love the shade and the packaging looks pretty too. So, I caved in to this gloss 😀

essence lip shine essence lip gloss

This lip gloss comes in a pretty bottle tube with a doe foot applicator. I got 002 in Nude Kiss, which is of mauve color which I truly love. It claims to be an ultra shinny lip gloss which is moisturizing and non-sticky.

essence lip shine

First of all, the claim is true that it’s really, like freaking serious shinny. They’re not joking! It’s moist and not sticky nor gunky which is great. It smells of a tint of buttery cupcakes scents to it. The light scents doesn’t bother me at all personally. I’m quite picky in terms of lip scents and this XXXL is not too overwhelmingly strong. So, if you are scents sensitive then you might want to stop reading here.

color swatch essence

There’re a handful of itsy bitsy sparkles or micro-glitters if you look closely from the transparent bottle. So, when I applied them on my lips, you can see the particles of the micro-glitters on my lips. It’s even more profound up closed. I can’t really decide if I love the sparkles on my lips but I definitely love how cute it makes my lips look :3

beautiful lipshine pouting lips

Shinny particle aside, I love how my lips feel moisturized and how pretty this formula stays on my lips. The shade I chose looks mauve but when applied it completely looks nude or neutral finish just as the label says. It has a sheer finish leaving my lips looking naturally awesome 🙂

kissable lips (2)

Is this a love or hate lip gloss relationship? Well, I would say it’s worth the try to pick this Essence XXXL Lip gloss up in your vanity. For just $2.49 a bottle tube, I will say go for it girlfriends. With twenty-four shades to choose, you simply can’t go wrong choosing your perfect shade.

Well, this Essence lip gloss may not be my holy grail lip gloss but I sure find some beautiful lip gloss that looks lovely on my lips. Yay!!!

Which shade would you choose if you were to pick your favorite color?

Thanks so much for reading.

Sharon xoxo






Coloured Raine ~ Matte Lip Paint

Hey friends!

If you have heard of this makeup brand named Coloured Raine then you know what I’m about to talk about and for those who doesn’t, do not fear for I’m going to share with you this awesome looking color lip paint which is insanely wow!!! It took my breath away.

Well, I came across this Coloured Raine lip paint before on youtube but it sink-in until when I visited their website  lately and I have to tell you that I have a jaw-dropping experience, mind you! If you like to check out more of the colors available, I’ve put the link below and color swatch chart by Coloured Reine.

lipstick-colour-guide by Colouredraine

I’m like Oh my gosh!!! I missed all this fun color lipsticks and luckily I got news that Coloured Raine announces recently like a week ago that pre-order for these bad boys will be on Black Friday (November 27th) and shipping on December 19 just in time for Christmas holiday. Price per piece is $16.00.

So, if you find yourself looking for something really magical and obviously bold looking and sexy then you have come to the right place. The photos are taken from Coloured Raine. I’m so jealous with the color lips.

I have put my order in the wishlist and I hope to get mine before Christmas. I love the Vanity Raine and Arabian Night lip gloss. So, another reason for me to look forward for this holiday season even more! Yay!

Which one is your favorite color? Are you a bold lipstick wearer, let me know what other bold colors you’re loving!

Thanks for reading.

Sharon xoxo


for Less is more!

100% Natural – Burt’s & Bees Lip Gloss “Fall Foliage”

Hi guys, since fall is already upon us and the weather is getting colder as the day gone by. It reminds me that I did picked up a lip gloss by Burt’s & Bees a month ago. It was hiding in one of my shopping bags. So, I decided to wear them last week. It’s fall and what better time to wear a natural lip gloss in Fall Foliage color, right! I’m excited to share with all of you what I think of this lip gloss.

burt's bees li gloss

Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Lip Gloss in 209 Fall Foliage (0.2 fl oz). 

I picked this up at winners (Canadian retail stores) for $8.99. Winners usually sells their makeup much cheaper than drugstores. The cons is there ain’t much shades available but it’s a good buy to pick up something suitable while shopping for fall clothing. I found this neutral shade and I’m excited to give it a try.

On Burt’s & Bees website, there were 12 gorgeous shades to choose from. It has colors of neutral, pink to red/plums. It says to promote healthy looking and beautiful lips.

burt's bee lip gloss

I wore it for a week now and when I tried applying it, the lip gloss glides smoothly but it has a slightly thicker texture giving the lip-sticky (tacky) feeling at first. It has a hint of distinctive smell in it.

It claims to contains natural flavor and nutrients that would leave lips soft, shinny and naturally beautiful. Oh yes, on top of that it has a nice, rich and pearlized finish. Below is the photo taken wearing fall foliage lip gloss.

burts and bees lip gloss

I love the color of fall and this Fall Foliage is a complementary color lip gloss to wear alone or on a darker lipstick. I’m more of a lipstick person and I guess I’ll give credit to lip gloss when the credit is due.

Have you owned Burt’s & Bee’s lip gloss? And if yes, which color? Please share on the comment below.

Until then, thank you very much for reading.

Sharon xoxo

Top 3 Tuesday Favorite High-end Lip gloss

Hello friends!

It’s November already? Oh…wow! Time do flies when I’m busy writing my daily blog! As usual, since it’s Tuesday, I better get on with my Top 3 favorites on high end lip gloss. This week I’ll be doing only Top 3 Tuesday fave instead of Top 5 on the high end makeup.

These are my favorite high end lip gloss which I love and has been using. I can foresee myself wearing them more often now as the weather draws colder and throughout the holiday seasons!

top 3 favorite lip gloss

Top -Bottom :Too Faced Glamour Gloss in First Time ($19.00)/Smashbox Santigold in Hot Lava($12.00 on special)/Starlooks Lip Gloss in Guilty Pleasure (regular size pack $12.00)

color swatches

Oh my gosh! Look at these color swatches. They are simply gorgeous. I picked these because of the smooth and easy to apply formula each of these lip gloss provides. It gives a lovely glossy finish which was not gloppy. I did my reviews before on blogs some several weeks ago. The price for the high end lip gloss are a little bit more expensive than the drugstore brands but once in a while I love to indulge myself with a special treat. I know that I will be wearing them often and it won’t go to waste. For me, that’s great value. Overall, all my top 3 favorites lip gloss which I have selected has best value for great quality products.

kiss smacker

I would recommend that you try any one of the lip gloss above and let me know how it fairs for you? I like to hear what you think?

In this image I put 3 of the above lip gloss on. Can you spot which color shade I put and where?

Thanks for participating and stopping by.

Sharon xoxo



Embellished by Revlon Colorburst Lip Gloss

Revlon colorbusrt lipgloss (2)
Hey guys! Today I’ll be sharing with you a review on the lip gloss which I did a blog on my beauty haul last Friday. It’s the Revlon Colorburst Lip gloss in Embellished. Net wt: 0.20 fl oz . I picked this up for $4.99. It looks like a dark plum color lip gloss to me.
lipgloss brush
The tip brush applicator is soft and blended well when I did the outline on my lips and filling my lips.
revlon color swatch apply lipgloss
Here is the color swatch which I did with the embellished lip gloss. It has a pretty color and some glossy shimmer on it. It glides easily and not tacky at all. It looks dark when I wear them but under the natural light, the color doesn’t seems too gloomy on my lips.
revlon colorburst finish gloss revlon colorbusrt lipgloss
I took one photo shot with indoor light and the other under natural daylight (second photos). My lips does feel moist and has some glossy finish. In terms of the lasting wear, let’s just say that it will fade once we started eating or drinking. I like this lip gloss since even after the shine has faded there was still a slight color stain remains.

Revlon Colorbust has a selection of 18 fabulous shades to choose from and it says to have 5x more shine than patent leather.

Have you tried any of the Colorburst recently? If yes, which color did you picked? Please share comments below.

Thank you for reading.

Sharon xoxo


Everything is AWESOME!!! Too Faced Lip Gloss

Hey guys! I’ve never had a Too Faced makeup before and I am super excited to share with you guys my first impression on this Glamour Gloss Volumizing Lip Gloss in First Time (Perfect Nude). Net wt:

too faced lip gloss

It has a pretty packaging with a crystal jewel at the top end. The sponge wand applicator is pretty awesome.

swatch lip gloss

The color swatch in First Time, Perfect Nude.

lips without lip gloss

Natural lips without lip gloss plumper.

too faced lip gloss (2)

Lips with Too Faced volumizing lip gloss. I experienced  slight burning sensation immediately after I applied this lip gloss and it lasted for 15-20 minutes. It glides so smoothly and it smells great. It doesn’t feel too sticky and it just has a bit of shine which is real nice. Lovely pigments and love this nude shade that gives natural pouty lips.

closed up lip gloss look

Lips with Too Faced Lip gloss plump after 5-10 minutes . I do feel that it adds volume on my lips. Let’s see the difference on this photo compared to the one above it. I simply love this awesome lip gloss plumper. It’s so awesome and I’m so happy to have picked this. I just love it!

Note of caution: not to apply it out of the natural lip curves to avoid mouth irritation. The selling price is $19.00 regular and on special for $17.10 at Too Faced website. Available in 12 diferent shades. Awesome!!!

I would like to know if you have tried any of the lip plumper recently? If yes, please share in the comment below.

Thanks for taing the time to reading.

Sharon xoxo



Get Your Starlooks ~ Lip Gloss

starlook ligloss

Starlooks Lip gloss in Guilty Pleasure 

Hi guys, I shared my Ipsy Glam bag on my previous post and I promised that I will make a review on some of the makeup and skincare once I have tried them. So, I really like this particular lip gloss by Starlooks. It came in a small sample size packaging. Would be an excellent idea to bring along in a travel purse. I got mine in Guilty Pleasure in peachy pink.

starlook pink lipgloss

Packed in a translucent tube which comes with a doe foot applicator. This is a sample size lip gloss.

Starlook lip gloss guilty pleasure

I love the color shade since it’s not too pink. The outside packaging looks opaque but it’s very glossy when I tried it on.

starlook lip color swatch

The color swatch of the lip gloss looks opaque and matte but wait until it’s on the lips.

starlook lipgloss

The up side of this lip gloss is the ability to give a glistering finish look without feeling sticky. It’s formulated to have a creamy effect while providing a long lasting gloss.

Nice! kissable lips starlook

I wore it alone without applying any lippie and I like how natural it looks. My lips felt moisturized and I can wear this all the time.

It’s available in 8 different gloss shades to choose from and it’s price for $12.00 for regular size tube.

What is your favorite lip gloss?

Thanks for stopping by.

Sharon xoxo

Under $5 High Street~ Beauty must haves!



Essence makeup haul

Last Tuesday, I got this and this and this…. each for under $5.00 by Essence. Oh my gosh! I just can’t resist the temptation and voila! All my one stop purchased at Shopper’s Drug Mart. Sometimes, there maybe some gems hiding at the corner of the store. You may be surprised!! The price is very affordable and good quality. And yes, I promised to share this awesome finds with you, so let’s start.

essence lip gloss paris

essence mini lipgloss set 06 Paris, ma jolie ~ $3.99

essence eyeshadow base

essence I love Stage eyeshadow base ~ $3.49

essence gel lash  brow brush

essence lash & brow gel mascara ~ $2.99


essence lipstick in 12 Sparkling Miracle ~ $2.99

color swatch matte lipstick

essence long lasting lipstick in 03 Dare to Wear $2.99/essence long lasting lipstick in 06 Barley There ~ $2.99


essence waterproof eye pencil ~ $2.99/essence superfine eyeliner pen ~ $2.99/essence kajal pencil in 04 white ~ $1.49

I did my review post earlier on the lipsticks and if you have any products which you like me to do a review on. Please leave comment below.

What is your recent beauty makeup purchased which is under $5.00? I love to hear about it.

Hope you enjoy reading this and find it helpful!

Sharon xoxo