Daring Enough To Try This Ombré Lips Look!


Well, read further down and let’s get started. I’ve heard a lot of love for ombré hair and it doesn’t stop there. But ombré is now taking over another part of our bodies.

With so many hypes and raves about this ombré thingy, I couldn’t help myself but been curious to check it out. So, what is ombré exactly? I’ve heard of ombre colors for wedding themes and it simply means a gradation of color hue from the lightest to the darkest which usually begins from the center of the mouth.

Wanna know how to make a sexy and fun looking electro pop ombré lips!

ombre makeup tools

I have here my lip crayon by Flower, lipstick by Clinique, lip liner by NYX and a lip brush from essence for the look below.

To kick start, I moisturise my lips with NYX lip cream. It’s important to make sure that your lips are well moisturised.

step 1 ombre lips

The next step is to use your lip pencil. This lip pencil is your friend since it is not only creating definition but also hold down any matte lipstick or gloss in place.

It is recommended to use only three lip color products and a lip brush. So, start by lining your lips and then continue pulling the lip pencil slightly more towards the center of your lips. Then blend gently the liner with a lip brush. You can see that I leave the center visible and bare.

ombre lips look

Gently apply a contrasting lipstick shade on both corners of your lips. For this tutorial I use the color “Va Va Violet” lipstick by Clinique. Using a lip brush, blend it well on both sides and try not to touch the center of your mouth.

Then again work a lip brush or for this case I use a lip crayon and just apply in the middle with a lighter shade lip color. I’m using “mauve over” by Flower which is very pretty matte shade. This method is to add more dimension and makes lips look fuller.

The trick of this ombre lips is to make lips appear as large as possible without looking overdrawn simply with lip liner. Amazing isn’t it on how my lips appear more plumper and sexier I would say ❤

Well, the only thing about having a sexy yet futuristic ombré look is by practising. I encourage you to give it a try at home and just have fun playing with the lips colors. Good luck!

more of ombre lips lookorange ombre

I have so much fun doing this ombré lip tutorial and thrilled to share this experience with you guys. I love how my lips look, it’s fuller and sexier, don’t you think?

What do you think of this ombré lip tutorial? Leave your comments below.

Thank you guys for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo