Walmart Mini Beauty Haul!

Hey lovelies!

It’s time to go shopping again and this time I happened to be at Walmart and so I picked up these few beauty products for my haul this week.

mini haul

So, I pick this two gift sets, a foot scrub and an eyeliner from this trip. I’ve seen many lip smacker and I’m just as excited when I saw this pepsi lip balm. As usual, I find the packaging quite intriguing.

mini chubby by flower lip balms

I love this mini chubby sticks by Flower. It comes in a pack of three with three shades to wear for day and for night. For $9.00 a set is a steal.

As for these lip balms, who can resist the temptation of tasting it, right? Mountain dew, pepsi in wild cherry and cherry vanilla. It such a festive green and red color cherry lip balm for this Christmas. Smells wonderful and taste just right on lips! And by the way, I did my review posting on the lip balm earlier today and the rest of the products will be review later on after I have tried them.

annabelle eyelinerfoot scrub

Annabelle kohl eyeliner in 156 Rhone (Dark grey). I’m always in the hunt for a perfect eyeliner and kohl is one of my favorite liner that I tend to pick.

Foot scrub by bare foot in Lavender and mint is a random purchase. It was on special for $2.79 (retail price $3.99) and I really love the smell of lavender and so in my shopping bag it goes.

Have you tried any of the lip balm or lip smacker?

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo


3 Pepsi Lip Balms!


Hey guys!

Are you drooling now? Well, here is 3 lip balms by Pepsi which I picked up from Walmart recently. Since we’re nearer to the holiday season and with dry cold air blowing, lip balm and lip gloss are seen on many shelves and counters. I did not get my lip smacker by Coca Cola but I thought these are cute too. So, I’m going to share some my of first impression on these pepsi!

lip balms

I love the punchy color on these packaging. It’s plastic but still looked adorable.

trio lip balm

They came in a set of 3 cylinder tubes and each with different flavor. That the Pepsi Cherry Vanilla, Mountain Dew and Pepsi Wild Cherry. Each weight 5.1 g. It cost me $5.00 for these three which I find it quite reasonably priced.

Mountain dew mountain dew lip balm

Mountain Dew in green color formula and it does taste like mountain dew. It glides smoothly as a lip balm should perform.

pepsi cherry vanilla pepsi lip balm (2)

Pepsi Cherry Vanilla has cherry taste. They came in a twist bottom tube if you need more to apply on lips.

pepsi wild cherry pepsi lip balm

Last but not least is the Wild Cherry which taste more a like cherry vanilla but I still feel that it’s a cool marketing strategy and trendy. So the next time, you go to Walmart, check out their latest lip balms.

With so many different brands of lip balms from coca cola, pepsi, kisses, m&m, sierra mist, french fry to frosty cereal and sriracha. It’s hard to pick my favorite.

Which is your favorite lip balm or lip smacker that you pick up?

Thanks as usual for reading.

Sharon xoxo