August Beauty Favorites!


Hey everybody! I’m back with an August Favorite. 


I’m going to start with foundation this time around. I’m in love with this foundation even though it’s not my perfect color match which I’m going to explain and show you down below. But this Burberry Velvet Fluid Foundation is amazing. It’s so lightweight as if you’re not wearing anything at all. As many of you might have already know me, I’m a BB cream type of girl and this foundation has to be my favorite after Make Up Forever Water Blend Foundation.  


Love the luxe packaging. It comes in a glass bottle with a pump that twist to lock. This is targeted for combination and oily skin type person. It suppose to last for 12-14 hours wear.

I decided to start with one pump and with a damp beauty blender because that’s usually my favorite way to apply foundation or bb cream. Since I’ve combination skin, I like to wear it with a primer and moisturizer underneath the foundation for best result. The consistency is really light, liquidy and it smells really good. And right as I apply it I can see it cancelled out my redness really well. I used a total of 2 pumps on my whole face to get the coverage that I wanted. So far I was very pleased with the way it looks. After wearing it all day long I was pretty impressed by how it holds on to my skin without the need to touch up.

I think this is a wonderful foundation. It does dry quickly, but I use it with a damp beauty blender and it blends out amazingly. The formula allows you to layer up to full coverage without looking cakey or streaking.

The coverage is amazing, it’s so lightweight, and is perfect for my combination skin. It dries to a velvety matte finish that looks airbrushed. The finish is just so beautiful. I really really like it apart from the wrong shade!


Everything would be fine, if not for the color I  picked. The shade in Trench #202 has a pink undertone and too light for my NC25 skin tone. I believe it’s the 2nd lightest from their color range. I kick myself on the back when I realized my mistake. I should have gotten a #203 instead. You see I was overly excited when I saw this gem at Winners and everything just went blank after. Has this ever happened to anyone or is it just me?

Yes, it’s pricey and since the damage has been done, I found a way to fix my problem. I just mix it with darker foundation to get the right color match for my skin tone and I’m happy.

Overall, I do recommend it if you’ve very oily skin you’re going to love this but if you’re vice versa then this foundation is not for you. Don’t waste your money, there are other high end brands that perform just as awesome.


Next is the NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Jolie Poupee. This is a nice color purple combo duo by Nars. My first ever Nars eyeshadow and here’s my story.

I’ve been lusting for Nars products ever since I first saw Michelle Phan’s earliest YouTube videos where she used this brand. Yes it’s that long ago and I’m happy that it finally landed in this post.

Nars Jolie Poupee

The left is a matte lavender and on the right is a bright purple shimmer. Both of them works really well and look beautiful. It has a nice pigmentation and it blends really well.

The color in the pan is gorgeous and would be perfect for fall smokey purple looks. This is a beautiful color purple if you’re into this shade. A lovely color that screams fall or if you aren’t afraid of trying a bit of color out of your comfort zone then you’ll love this duo. You should definitely get this one.


Last but not least I got another eyeshadow that I’ve been loving this month and it’s the TIGI Cosmetics High Density Eyeshadow Singles in Chocolate. There’s only eight shades shadow available in this collection.


This is another amazing eyeshadow that’s true to its color with remarkable color payoff. A mineral based powder shadow that’s goes on smooth and highly pigmented.

TIGI Single Eyeshadow
Swatch on bare hand. NO primer

A matte shadow that keeps me reaching out every time I feel like wearing one shadow by it own. You can basically wear it wet or dry but I’m a creature of habit so I’ll go with dry application for that’s how I usually rolls.

My verdict – I wish they’ve more color options and easy to get my hands on. Otherwise, this is a great brand that’s gives you the most bang for your money.

NARS Smokey Purple Eyes combined with Chocolate by TIGI

I’m wearing the Lavender on my lids and the Purple for the crease. I then use the Chocolate shadow by TIGI for the outer corner of my eyes and on the bottom lid. Next, I apply flexitarian by Colourpop on my brow bone and the inner corner of my eyes. Complete it with Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner and Clinique Chubby Lash mascara. Makes brown eyes really pop. I always gets compliment on my eyes every time I wear this.

Have you tried any of these brand mentioned before? I’d love to hear what you think in the comment down below.

Thank you guys for always reading, please comment and subscribe. I hope you guys enjoyed hearing my opinion and seeing how this product work for me.

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Sharon xoxo


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Disappointing Product – Month of July


First blog of the week, huh! Actually what prompted me to do this post is my disappointment of these liquid foundations I got recently. I have a UK Beauty Haul coming up but I wanted to mention this first. I feel that it’s worth mentioning this upfront.

This is my first time trying out the foundation from Makeup Revolution London and sad to say, I don’t like them. There! I’ve said it. Read more if you’re curious to know why …


While I was looking at some other makeup products to combine on shipping, I came across  this The One Foundation on the Makeup Revolution London website. So, I go ahead and I ordered a medium shade just to try it. Little did I know that I’m ordering two bottles for the price of one and it seems that I had also ordered another set but it was in a very deep shades. I was beyond furious when I first saw these.

I’m going to talk about this product based on the way we’re going to use them! And this is no different when it comes to liquid foundation.


This foundation is almost like water in consistency and does not have any scents. I used my dam beauty blender to apply the first and two layers but this foundation in Shade 13 didn’t seems to do anything or even a slight sheer coverage on my skin. It’s like I’m not applying any product on my face at all. It just didn’t do anything!!!


Here are the four bottles of the One Foundation by Makeup Revolution London that I’m going to pass it on to some friends who might appreciate the formula more than I do. The darker shades are Shade 14, 15 & 16 and they’re definitely not my shade at all. Even their Shade 13 was a little darker than I anticipated. I was hoping that it would work on my tan skin for this summer but after trying it for a few days, I don’t see myself reaching out for it or not at all.


Coming to the packaging, it is very sturdy and small in size which reminds me of the Mac Studio Face and Body Foundation, which makes it easier to carry it around with you. I did notice a little product does come out because of the runny consistency, but it remains on the nozzle of the packaging and does not spill out.


I really don’t like this formula at all. They’re much too runny to work on and difficult to built up to the desire coverage.


Basically, you’ve to shake the bottle for 3-4 seconds before pouring them out. Since they’re so watery, I used the container from my lipstick kit (pic inserted). It’s quite hard to work with the consistency of this foundation. I then dip the blender to take the product but much were absorb by the sponge than on face. And yes, I’ve using a sponge and it just soak up all the foundation. If you use a brush it is kind of difficult to get the product evenly distributed on the skin and neither using fingers helps. It’s too runny to hold up water. I wonder what were they thinking when developing this foundation? I’m really curious to know.

This is my first time experience with Makeup Revolution foundation and I’m disappointed to say this. I don’t know what to make of these. It’s not a foundation and definitely not a BB cream. So bumped!


Here are the round ups:


  •  Reasonable price
  • Good shade selection, for all skin types (I got mine all too dark) Problem for ordering online 😦 Never know what you order until it arrives.
  • Sturdy package


  • Difficult consistency to work with
  • Near to none coverage

Conclusion –  I feel the foundation would be better if the consistency was a little thicker, which would make it easier for application and better coverage.

Please keep in mind- different people are going to have different opinions on products. So, there’s no big earth-shattering revelation there.

But as always, I’m just here to share my 2 cents and everyone is entitled to make their own decisions! Everyone doesn’t have to think the same, and I think we should ENCOURAGE unique perspectives 🙂

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope I’ll see you guys again on the next one. Bye!

Sharon xoxo


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BH Cosmetics Cruelty Free Liquid Foundation- Review


Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog 🙂


I’m a big fan of BH Cosmetics products because their products are not tested on animals (cruelty free) and so far, the products I purchased from BH haven’t let me down. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised by the good and consistent quality par with an affordable price.


To start, I’m NC20 currently with warm undertone. I bought this online because it was on 50% discount from $9.00. I paid $4.50 for a 0.85 oz product. So, I picked the shade M3 in Medium Olive among the other twelve available colors.

I like cute glass packaging foundation that comes with a pump. Don’t you? Or is this just me! The pump works fine and the consistency of the formula is decent. Yes, it has a pump. A plus for hygiene! I find it not overly liquidy to my liking. I would say it has a close consistency with the BB cream if that make sense.


Anyways, I’ve tried this product for over a week and I’m liking it. The problem I experience with this foundation is the shade. I got a shade a bit darker than my usual light/medium. what I did was to mix it with my other foundation of lighter shade for now. I tend to get tan quite easily in summer so a darker shade is .


See what I mean! Uh hmm! I was shocked when I saw the color of the foundation when I pumped it out on hand. It looks so orangey yellow and it’s definitely darker than my skin tone. bump!


Upon application, I could tell it was too dark and it even oxidized after application making it even darker.

The consistency of this foundation reminds me of the BB cream with heavier buildable coverage. I would say it gives you sheer to medium coverage but if you’re looking for a full coverage then you might not like it.  For me, this is perfect because I have combination to dry skin. I was looking for a foundation that looked dewy on the skin and not cakey for summer!

One thing worth mentioning is that I would have loved if it had SPF in it, well it’s not anything terrible for me since I use a moisturizer with SPF anyways, so it’s no biggie.


This product blend into my skin smoothly and nicely. The coverage as I mentioned earlier can be sheer to begin with (but is very buildable) to medium coverage. It’s a bit darker than a BB cream and does oxidizes. So, do not be alarmed if the shade looks a bit orangey straight out of the pump.

Anyways,  I’ll continue to wear this on rotation this summer and I’ll update back in this post if there is any changes in my opinion after trying it a little longer.

Overall, this is a decent product given the price I paid for is only $4.50 a bottle. It didn’t cause break out and I’m happy with the formula. As for the color selection, make sure to get a color lighter than your usual product shade as it might be come in a little darker.

What do you think of this foundation? Have you tried it? If yes, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Anyway, that’s it from me for now. See you guys soon.:) Bye!

Thanks for taking the time to read. I’ll see you guys again next time.

Sharon xoxo


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Cover Girl Natureluxe Liquid Silk Foundation- Review


cover girl natureluxe cream

I got this at the Dollar store for $3.00. Truth been said, I much prefer BB/CC creams but this Cover Girl Natureluxe in 315 Bamboo color looks appealing that I decided to pick this one and share my review with all of you here.


This is a good foundation, it smells nice, applies evenly, and does not make sensitive skin break out. It lasts about the average time of a foundation, which is about 6-8 hours. This medium coverage foundation has a whipped texture which feels light on my skin, leaving me with a semi-dewy finish. It feels smooth and easy to apply and would be great if you’re beginners. I want to point it out that it’s definitely not a full coverage foundation if that’s what you’re looking.


It has a slight scents and I believed it infused with cucumber water and jojoba extracts. I like the feel and like how it goes on. It feels feather light on skin with a nice dewy finish. Would be great for normal to dry skin person.

I know that this foundation had been discontinued by Cover Girl. I can’t be sure if you can still get this foundation at your drugstore on clearance, if it’s on sale then it’s worth the try. But honestly if it’s for $11.99 I definitely wouldn’t get it. In  my opinion, I think that it’s a little pricey for a drugstore product since you can get an equivalent quality or if not better coverage foundation compares to other drugstore counterpart foundations.


I’m a happy bunny but I do think that those of you with oilier skin types who relied on this foundation might be disappointed.


I can really feel the difference and it works so much better on my skin. It blends in much better whilst still keeping the coverage, just with a bit of added glow. Don’t get me wrong that I don’t like full coverage but when I have good skin days, I prefer wearing a lighter coverage formula.


Overall, I think this is a good foundation, especially for people with normal to dry skin that aren’t sensitive to scents. Package is cute, practical and hygienic. I’ve dry complexion skin so wearing this foundation doesn’t make my face looks cakey. So yay!

Let me know if you’ve tried the new formula and what you think? Comment down below!
Thank you so much for taking the time to read. Stay Beautiful!

Sharon xoxo


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MAC Mineralize Moisture Foundation SPF 15 |First Impression


mac foundation

Not a week goes by where I don’t use Mac Mineralize Foundation SPF 15 at least once. You see, I dutifully test and report on the other, newer, fancier foundations that come my way… but I always return to Mac. It is my love. My jam. My crack! If they ever discontinue it, my face will be in big trouble! Seriously!


Another reason to love this moisture foundation? There are 23 shades available online at Mac Cosmetics for CAD$43.00. There’s going to be a shade here for pretty much everyone.

Love the packaging … it’s very elegant in my opinion. You need to turn and press on the cap for the applicator to dispense off the foundation. Turn to hear a click to close. This is really a neat bottle!

They actually recommend you shake the (glass) bottle before use, although I’ve never experienced any separation issues.

Here they are straight out of the pump:


And blended (see how liquidy?):


I would say the coverage is sheer, but can go up to about medium, if you build it. (Actually, you could build and build and build, but it will never look heavy.) The lightness is exactly what I look for in a foundation, because it looks MUCH more natural if you do a sheer all-over layer, and then spot-conceal, wherever more coverage is needed. This shade is a perfect match for my skin tone. So yay for that!!!


It feels like you’re not wearing anything, and you can totally get away without priming or powdering—it’s not one of those foundations that absolutely needs to be set. It just makes your skin look so healthy and well cared-for.


I want my skin to look like SKIN close-up, not like I’m wearing a full-coverage makeup. The finish is ever-so-slightly dewy, but never greasy, and it doesn’t accentuate any flaky patches or other imperfections, like heavier formulas tend to. To me it just makes my skin look more even, but not like I’m wearing makeup—which is my goal. And because it’s waterproof, it lasts all day. I literally feel gorgeous after putting this on.


I was wearing the Daiso Quad Blush for this look on the foundation. I used the white highlighter and mixed the peach with pink shades on the apple of my cheek. You can see how pretty it lift my face up. I’m loving this look! Oh wow!

And that’s probably the longest foundation review I’ve ever written on this blog! Truly, it’s a Holy Grail for me, and I’m excited for you to discover it, if you haven’t already. Tell me what you think below!

Which is your holy grail liquid foundation? Describe why in the comment section below. I love to hear your comments.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo


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Nearly NAKED Foundation by Revlon


Hey guys,

I wanted to share this Revlon Nearly Naked foundation review with you guys and are excited to jump right in.

revlon nearly naked

The shade I picked for this Nearly Naked Makeup is in 230 Nutmeg with net wt: 1 fl oz. It has a good selection of color ranges available for a drugstore brand. I got this from Wal-mart but it’s available at Target, Ulta and local drugstores too.

It is lightweight and has good decent coverage. I notice that the formula is a little runny. This formula is buildable and the color match is spot on.

I’m in love with this Nearly Naked foundation. It gives my skin a happy and healthy glow. When apply on skin you won’t feel the foundation because it’s weightless as if are nearly naked. Skin doesn’t feel heavy or cakey. I will recommend this to my friends who has drier skin type since I’ve tried it and it works on my skin type. I learned that for normal-dry skin type – using a light weight foundation is key to natural beautiful look. While heavier formula tends to set and define fine lines and creating uneven skin tone which is something you want to avoid.

revlon foundation

I wish that this foundation comes with a pump applicator. It would definitely easier to control the amount you like through the dispenser. Secondly, I think it is more hygienic with a pump but that’s just my opinion.

This foundation comes in a glass bottle packaging which reminds me of the Revlon Age Defying foundation but the latter has a pump applicator which is nice.

sharon beauty prime - revlon

Overall, I think this liquid foundation works for you who like a tinted moisturizer which is lightweight and has a sheer to medium coverage. I don’t think it will work for full coverage given that the formula is thin and sheer. It is buildable to hide imperfection and blemishes but not so much as to make your skin looking flawless but natural looking.

Oh yes, I heard that it is a dupe for Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation (which doesn’t have SPF and costs $39 for 1 fl oz|).

Will I repurchase? Yes, I will definitely repurchase once I’m over the moon and back. It’s an awesome product which also contains SPF 20 to protect ultra uv lights. I’ve tried several foundations by Revlon that actually works. So far, for a drugstore foundation I’ll have to say Revlon is my go to brand. It has yet to disappoint.

What do you think of this Nearly Naked foundation? Leave your comments below.

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you again on the next post.

Sharon xoxo


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Sonia Kashuk Foundation|Review



sonia foundation

I did my drugstore haul last week and I did mentioned doing a review after I have tried this bad boy and I wanted to share with you guys the results a week later. I picked this foundation from Target actually.

Since I was impatient, I decided to try it right away after I finished posting it. So, for the records, I have tried it for a full week and here’s what I think.

sonia kashuk foundation spray

Sonia Kashuk Perfecting Luminous Foundation in 04 Buff. Available in six color selection for $8.99 on discounted price at Target.

This is a rather easy pump applicator to use that comes together in a plastic tube packaging. Just squeeze the pump a few times to the desire amount of foundation you want on your hand. The formula is not runny nor too thick. So, I’ll say it’s of medium consistency which is perfect for buffing and blending.

SK Perfecting Luminous foundation is a liquid foundation for normal to dry skin. Just be aware – this foundation has a slight fragrance smells that others might find it to be too strong but I don’ mind the smell on this one somehow for some strange reason. I’ve tried many foundations and there were worst one out there that just freak me out. Anyways, to each of their own. Let’s keep our peace.

sonia pump swatch

Well, this is my first time trying Sonia Kashuk foundation line and so I’m going to go ahead and I’m excited to share my thoughts with you guys. Yeah!!!

I got this shade in Buff since it’s the lightest in the medium shade selection available at the store. To be honest, it’s difficult to pick the right shade through an opaque tube. Worst thing is that later at home, I found out that the formula doesn’t seems to match the color on the tube. Argh!

makeup review foundation

So, when I first apply and buffed this foundation on skin, I noticed that this formula has quite a bit of orange toned in it. I’m in a medium-light warm undertones yet I feel that the formula is somewhat orangey on me. Well, that’s a bummer!

But other than the orangey tone formula, I got to say that overall I find that the SK foundation makes my skin looks flawless. In the sense that it makes my skin feeling soft and hydrated all day. That’s an amazing feeling! On top of that, it gives a lovely dewy finish which is a plus for any dry skin type. The picture on my left is without foundation and on the right is with SK foundation. The result is a flawless looking skin. 

As for the texture, I would say medium coverage and build to layer up without looking cakey. Once the foundation sets, I don’t see any big pores on my skin and I’m delighted on how it helps hide the skin imperfection and redness beside my nose area. So yay!!! I love the coverage and how this foundation makes my skin feels but not the shade I picked. It’s just too orangey for me 😦 bleh! 

But since I love this SK perfecting luminous foundation, and that I wanted to continue wearing it, so what I did is applying the setting powder from L’oreal True Match to balance out the shades and it works.

Overall, I think this foundation is amazing except for the color tone. And if you happened to find the right shade and has normal o dry skin then I’ll recommend that you go for it. It has very good quality with reasonable price.

So, will I repurchase? Yes I will definitely pick another shade if I come across Sonia Kashuk again.

What do you think of this Sonia Kashuk foundation? Let me know on the comment below.

Thank you so much for reading.

Sharon ❤ ❤



Have You Ever Wonder? Maybelline …


Hey guys!

Could this be a real dream? Let me share with you whether it is or is not. I’m super excited.

Dream wonder maybelline                                             maybelline dream wonder texture

Dream Wonder foundation was launched recently sometime last June of this year and was an Insta-stir. Its unique featherweight, silky texture and dry-oil texture gives the most natural foundation finish ever. Best of all it comes in 12 beautiful shades to pick.

It comes with a dropper that allows foundation to drop on the finger or hand for blending purposes. This formula absorbed and sets very quickly, so blending with fingers is much better than using foundation brush.

color swatch dream wonder

 (Color swatch) Dream Wonder liquid foundation in 85 Sun Beige (net wt: 20 ml)

Just look at its consistency. Incredibly smooth and easy to blend. It has medium coverage and it sets in seconds giving a natural and beautiful finish look.

sets in dream wonder

The texture looks very much the same as of L’oreal Magic Nude Powder Bare Skin Perfecting Makeup which was launched last fall. As you may know that Maybelline is owned by L’oreal Paris. Dream Wonder has the similar formula with it’s predecessor which means there have these two different brands that catered to demographic group and price point.

I paid $12.99 for this bottle at Targetl. I love the shade that suits me and with the awesome natural looking skin, I will definitely repurchase it again. I would recommend it for I find this foundation very easy to use and it’s so lightweight as if not wearing the foundation at all. No wonder, it is a dream come true! 🙂

What’s your take on this most talked Dream Wonder foundation? I love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading.

Sharon xoxo



Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation|Review

Hey guys!

Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous is absolutely worth trying. True to its claim that this foundation is lightweight and blends easily into skin. Yay!!! Pretty awesome isn’t it. I did a previous post on top 5 new makeup collection – hit here.

cg readysetgorgeous foundation

I chose Covergirl Soft Honey in 220 and with net wt: 1 fl oz. Available in twelve pretty shades. This liquid foundation is oil free and won’t clog pores so it claims.

It provides medium coverage and when I apply it on the redness beside my nose area it covers very well. I don’t see the redness and skin looks awesome. I feel that it sets fairly quickly and it gives a natural soft matte finish. It’s smooth on skin and it feels lightweight when buffed in.

COVERGIRL gorgeous foundation

Well, since I have dry skin – I thought that this Ready Set Gorgeous can be a little bit matte-y for my skin type but after trying  it for more than a week it really works on me. So, I’m super happy that it doesn’t feel cakey or heavy but one word said it all – AWESOME!

The formula has an absorbing oil ingredient that helps to hold excess oil so skin looks less greasy. The upside is that this foundation doesn’t budge the whole time I was wearing them. Except that I see some emphasize of fine lines towards the end of the day. But with a little touch-up of setting powder your worries will be gone.

color swatch covergirl

Soft honey looks natural for my skin tone. It is also good for built-up if you need full coverage without looking cakey.

For only $7.99 a tube, I will go ahead and try as many color shades available (just kidding). The thing is that you won’t go wrong choosing the right shade. It comes in ranges from fair to medium skin tones. On more point is that this Covergirl foundation is fragrance free.

Overall, I have to say that I really like this foundation and if you’re on a budget why not pick up something that actually works on you. I’ll recommend this to friends and will sure to repurchase.

What do you think of this Ready Set Gorgeous foundation? Do you think it’s worth the hype? Let me know on the comment section below.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo