KARITY Professional Single Eyeshadows – MY Fave Picks


Hi everyone! Some of you guys asked for a review when I got my order in and I’ve to apologize for this insanely overdue post. My obsession for eyeshadows is real and you won’t believe if I told you that it’s all buried deep in my storage drawer that I totally forgotten about these. So instead, today I’m going to show you what’s my favorite picks that I got from Karity Professional and how I save coins

I did a research and here’s the story behind this company. According to their website, Karity aims to “By selling directly to you, they cut out all of the extra markups that make all of those other fancy brands so pricey.”

#Karity Eyeshadow Pan

My obsession for neutral nude eyeshadows are endless. So, when I saw these pretty shade eyeshadows I knew I needed to try some of them. On their website they have eyeshadow palettes as well as individual shadows. I picked up seven single shadows from matte, velvet and frost finishing for you to get the sense of the type of finish this brand offer.

I’ve found some amazing and affordable eyeshadow that’s comparable to the Colourpop individual shadows and I’m excited to talk about them today. Scroll down for comparison from both brands in packaging, eyeshadow and to color swatches.

$4.50 a pan

MOONSHINE – is a Soft creamy beige frosty eyeshadow.


DIMEPIECE – Metallic Silver with icy shimmer frost eyeshadow


BIRTHDAY SUITE – Soft creamy beige matte eyeshadow


INOD is described as a Soft golden peachy brown matte eyeshadow


PANAMA GOLD – is described as a Peachy-brown with shimmer velvet eyeshadow


TEMPTRESS – Intense reddish brown matte eyeshadow


BEIGNING – Soft muted beige taupe matte eyeshadow

Cruelty Free

As you can see, they come in a cute packages and when you turn around it, you’ll also see the list of ingredients, as well as it’s cruelty free and recyclable. It gives you the texture of the color, it’s matte and the name.

Did you see that happy little cruelty free bunny!

#Karity $12 Eyeshadow Palette


I bought this separately to fill the individual eyeshadow pans. This palette also contains built in magnets that can hold up to twelve of our finished single shadows or empty 26mm pans. It comes with a huge mirror that I really appreciate.


Note that it doesn’t have a magnetic closure but it’s definitely a sturdy constructed palette to store your individual shadows. The lid’s opens and shuts with a click. This palette is the exact dupe to the Coastal Scents Interchangeable Palette if you asked me. If you’re only looking for an empty palette and for the price alone, I would say go for the Coastal palette. It’s only a fraction of the price for the exact product 

All the shadow pots stick perfectly to the base due to the magnets. It’s a good size palette that’s travel friendly and convenient to bring everywhere. I like that I only picked the colors I want in it, my own customized palette tailored to me.


As you can see the shades although pigmented are also extremely buildable, so you can create a very soft and natural look with these neutral shadows. I would say the lasting power is decent but it gets better with eye primer for sure.


Today’s blog post is super quick but jammed packed with photos. I wanted to share with you the full swatches of the eyeshadows I got from Karity. I understand how hard it is to shop online so I’m hoping these straightforward swatches help.

Below are the color swatches I did on my arm without primer or eyeshadow base. I love how pigmented these shadows are. The texture feels smooth and creamy. I’m surprised that it blends so well given they’re so pigmented shadows.


The color payoff is amazing, what you see is what you get!


I don’t have all the Mac Single Shadows to compare but here’s the list of dupes of (Mac vs Karity) I found on Pinterest which I hope helps. I’m pleased to have picked up six out of seven Mac dupes from Karity that saves me some money.

Nylon – Moonshine

Brule – Birthday Suite 

Electra – Dimepiece

Soft Brown – Inod

Texture – Panama Gold

Embark – Temptress

I mentioned earlier in this post that I’ll be doing a comparison between Karity and Colourpop so here’s a quick sneak peek. If you like me to do a comprehensive blog review, let me know in the comment below. As far as packaging, formula and price tag goes, I think they’re very competitive and similar in many ways. To top it up, both are also cruelty free brands except Karity is a little underrated.


Overall verdict: These eyeshadows are richly pigmented. I like the way it applies and blend. Honestly, I’m quite impressed with the quality and the affordable prices are a hard thing to come by. This cruelty free single shadow is only $4.50 and they got all shades of the rainbow for everyone. I do recommend you giving these a try because you won’t be disappointed. So what are you waiting for – don’t take my word for it, go check it out!

When you order from Karity, make sure to use their offer for FREE Shipping on US orders over $35. I want you to save on shipping so I’m just passing on the good news. I don’t work or have any affiliate links with this brand.

What are your favorite single shadows? Have you tried Karity eyeshadows before? Comment below what are your thoughts? I love to hear from you.

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Sharon xoxo


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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post! These products were purchased with my own money and all opinions on the product are my own.


The Best Cheap Makeup aka Drugstore Dupe


Confession: Alright! I’m a makeup hoarder. Okay, maybe that wasn’t exactly groundbreaking news but you see, I love makeup. I do not discriminate towards any certain price point. If it’s good stuff, I will sing its praises. In fact, I am a sucker for a good dupe, and will always choose it if it performs just as good as its high end counterpart.

As a self-proclaimed beauty addict, I’m not ashamed of my love for/need to try every new product out there, but obviously this addiction isn’t very budget-friendly.


Today, I’ve something special to share with you all. I’ve here what I think is the best cheap makeup. They’re everything you can find at your drugstore. From foundation, mascara, to eyeshadows and more! Keep your eyes peeled for what I’m about to reveal here. Who doesn’t love a good splurge…. but a good steal is the real thrill!

Best of all? This bad boy is under $10! Hurray!


I have this Color Tattoo Metal 24 Hrs Eyeshadow in Barely Branded for $7.67 at my local drugstore but you can find it at Walmart, mass merchandise retailers or drugstores.
The shade is gorgeous. It is probably my most favorite cream shadow I acquired from Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal line. You know me: nude crazed lol!
Speaking of pigmentation, this Barely Branded has good pigmentation and creamy. Layering is easy to achieve and color last all day with no creasing and minimal fading. 
Photo: Mac Cosmetics

You can wear it alone as an eyeshadow or like me I used it as an alternative dupe for Mac Painterly. I haven’t a clue how Mac Paint Pot formula is like but I heard this Color Tattoo Barely Branded is a close dupe for the shade Painterly. If you have tried both, I would love to hear your comments below.

I’m sharing my thoughts on my experience with Maybelline Color Tattoo and not comparing the difference of the two for dupes. This is just my personal liking for Color Tattoo Barely Branded shadow which I think was a great find for me to use as eye base until I’m ready to invest on the paint pot by Mac. 
Here is the swatch out shadow directly from the pot. You can see just how pretty the pigmentation is. Amazing, right?
Since this is a dupe for Mac Painterly, you can easily save more than $15.00 easily. 
Overall, I am blown away by the gorgeous shade in Barely  Branded and I’v been reaching for it since I got it. Now that I know I’m in love with this dupe, I’ll be repurchasing this once I ran out. You can find this product at any drugstores. 
Off you go to your nearest drugstores to check it out for yourself and be sure to visit Maybelline website.
Got any beauty dupes you’ve found lately? Share your favorites with me in the comments below!
Thanks for stopping by. I’ll see you again on the next one! Ciao bella!
Sharon xoxo



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This Earth Day Go Green With Beauty Routine



by source

Earth Day 2016 — Trees for the Earth.

Let’s get planting. 

Seriously guys, don’t worry. I’m not suggesting that we start planting tree but there are other ways we can help our planet earth. As you might know, April 22 is celebrated as Earth day and if you haven’t already, today could probably be a good day to start helping our EARTH. Each one of us can and should do something nice for our planet Earth, be it a small act or a big change. Right!

For all you beauty junkies out there, I just happened to have put together a list of ways you can go green with your beauty routine.

Use Refill Bottles

  • Look for products which has minimal packaging. May I suggest that whenever possible try to go for products with recyclable packaging.
  • Buy in bulk or gallon for shampoo or conditioner

Recycled Bottles

  • Find stores that take back empty bottles for an exchange of a new product for example, I remembered M.A.C has a Back to M.A.C program under which you can return six primary M.A.C packaging containers in exchange for a M.A.C lipstick of your choice.

Save water

  • Whether you are taking a shower or running a bath, be conscious of the amount of water you are using.
  • If possible try to combine the activities such as brushing teeth and washing face in your daily shower
  • Ditch bath tube and take a quick shower instead

earth day

by source

I know WE can do this together. Let’s make everyday earth day!

That’s it for today my friends! I hope to see you again on the next one:)

Sharon xoxo



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Chinese New Year – NO Monkey Business : Mac Cosmetics


Year of the monkey, Chinese New Year is February 8th 2016.

Let’s talk about “imagination, creativity and identity”.

by Mac

Mac Cosmetics had recently introduced their 2016 collection which was inspired by Chinese Opera. Chris Chang puts a twist to Mac Collection featuring a vivid cutting edge color which I personally find them lively and stunning.

chinese opera
by source

Brings my memory back to when I was little girl watching the Chinese Opera playing on stage. The elaborate costumes and makeup of the actresses, so bright, vibrant coupled with music and dance. And with Mac launching their newest 2016  collection, that’s so cool.

chinese opera 2
by source

One of the female opera actress with full makeup and costume. Look at the headdress, I want to try wearing it. But you know me, I look horrible, ya I know, I know (bahaha!)). I should stop pretending to imagine that I’ll look like them.

chinese oera 1
by source

History: I’m no historian but I got this from my google search and share it here:

“Kun opera orKunqu Opera, is one of the oldest extant forms of Chinese opera. It evolved from the Kunshan melody, and dominated Chinese theater from the 16th to the 18th centuries. The style originated in the Wu cultural area.”

Now, now! Who needs this in your collection? Don’t forget to leave your comments in the comment section.

Happy Chinese New Year to all friends who celebrate this special tradition, old and young, near or far! 😀

by source

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read. Hope to see you in the next one!

Sharon xoxo


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Show Off With Mac Heroine Lipstick


In a blink of an eye, another month has flown by, and we’re already in the end month of October, 2015.

mac lip color heroine

Another product that needs no further introduction. It was my guilty pleasure this month. I’ve been eyeing this lipstick for a long time now but I could never bring myself to spend CAD$20.00 on a single item mainly for fall season. But after a long time of indecision, I decided to just bite the bullet and get it. It is definitely worth every single cent! The color is amazing and pigmented!


Mac Lipstick in Heroine is described as a “bright violet/purple.” It’s a medium-dark purple with a satin finish. Love it!


Heroine has a creamy consistency that glides on well without tugging or pulling on the lips. It has full, opaque color coverage and wears well for four hours and does leave a reddish stain behind. Carry it in your purse so that you can retouch just in case. Another thing to point out is that the formula is neither drying nor hydrating. It feels comfortable on the lips.


The official finish is matte, but in reality, it’s not full-on matte. I feel that it has a shiny finish if you ask me.

Here is the color swatch. Amazing color and impressive almost matte finish! I’m loving it.

mac heroine lipstick

I was worried that it may turned out too dark but to my surprised it gives a pretty finish. I knew some purples look good on me, but this always seemed like it would be too much…it wasn’t! Yay! I managed to pull it out nicely. This shade may not be everyone’s cup of tea and I totally understand that. You have to pick the shade which speak to you the most. Judging from the shade on my lips, I’m confident that I’d be wearing it for Spring too.

Wanna show off an awesome violet-purple lipstick, you’ll not go wrong with Heroine!

What color undertone did you see in this Heroine lipstick. Is it red or blue tone? I’m curious to hear your comments down below.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read.

Sharon xoxo

Mac Eyeshadow in Lucky Green|Review


mac eyeshadow

I’ve reviewed the Mac Eyeshadow a couple of times and now I wanted to share this eyeshadow in Lucky Green by Mac which is a perfect color trend for this fall. I love the appearance of the eye makeup look which I’ve created from other Mac eyeshadows. Feeling very inspired, I started working on several different ETOD makeup looks for this post. I hope you would find some inspiration and finding this post helpful.

September is the transition period from summer to fall and the colours screamed dark vampy purple, green, golden orange, brown and deep sultry red! Anyways, I’ll be doing more of the fall ETOD makeup look in my coming posts. So, please stay tuned!


This is a very shimmery cream eyeshadow that blends easily. I wasn’t so sure about this shade of green, but it’s subtle and goes on sheer. They recommend applying it with a small brush.


I love the rich pigmentation and the color payoff is awesome. Another thing is that the shade is true to its color. What you see is what you get! If you love green as much as I do, then this emerald green would be excellent for you.


The texture runs smoothly and it’s long wearing too. This color swatch is on bare hand. So pretty!







I really love the Mac Eyeshadow! It’s a fun, pretty, and pigmented eyeshadow to get an amazing eye makeup look with quality product.

What do you think of  Mac Eyeshadow? Don’t forget to leave your comment in the comment section below.

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by.

Sharon xoxo


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MAC Eyeshadow -Color Swatch And Review


mac eyeshadow in nocturnelle

I like the MAC eyeshadows due to their great quality, they are easy to blend, most of them have a nice colour pay off and they are crease free and even water resistant. In my previous post, I talked in full length of switching up your summer to a fabulous fall and I just got this pretty purple eyeshadow to share with you guys.

Note: Please excuse for the lighting of these pictures taken. It was taken with natural lighting but they appeared more blue on pictures than of being purple 😦

mac eyeshadow

I got this eyeshadow in the shade ‘Nocturnelle’ by MAC and it is now my favorite eyeshadow to-date. It has a purple and blue undertone, which has some pop to it.


The Mac eyeshadows are super pigmented and soft. And I love the range of colors, and all the finishes. So yay to that!

Look at the texture and be mesmerized by it. A lovely shade to transition from summer to fall.


Color swatch swiped directly from the pot. It gives a glittery and satin smooth finish. It feels buttery and blend well. If you love shimmer shadows then look no further. This Mac eyeshadow is made for you 🙂

mac eyeshadow pot


I love working on purple and brown color shadows especially for fall. On this look I think it’s a very pretty transition color for fall. I used the L.A. Color liquid liner to winged it out for finishing touch. This is an everyday look which is soft and subtle. But if you like something more dramatic, you can continue by applying the same color brown on the crease to the lower lash line and smoky it out. The frosty purple glitter really makes my brown eyes pop. I love that it’s not boring and has that little ‘oomph’ to it. I really am happy the way it turned out. Just like the way I like it – on point! 😀

Which color shadow makes your eyes pop? Don’t forget to leave your comment below.

Thank you so much for taking your time out to read this post which I really appreciate. And I hope to see you again on my next one.

Sharon xoxo


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Mac Eyeshadow Swatch & Review


mac hepcat eyeshadow

Hepcat Eyeshadow by Mac is a raspberry pink with a fuchsia-purple sheen. It’s not too red and not too bluish purple. Not too dark, not too light and is a unique color that you won’t find in a drugstore. It has a nice pretty frosty finish.


I’ve this Mac Eyeshadow a long while ago and totally forgotten about it until recently while unpacking more boxes in my basement. Unfortunately, this shade has been discontinued but I wanted to give this eyeshadow its credit and share this gorgeous shade with all of you.


On me, it’s not too bright, but still is pigmented. The color swatch is on bare hand without primer whatsoever. The texture is soft with a slight of shimmery color and frosty finish. Beautiful shade which is not too loud!


It goes on very smoothly and really makes my eyes pop. Hepcat shadow has a soft texture and it blends easily.


My favorite way to apply this is just all over my lid with no other colors. It really brightens up my eyes and is a simple way to make them pop. It’s still a fun, edgy color that I feel safe wearing out. The last thing I want is to look like I’ve been in a major fight! LOL!  Anyways, if you couldn’t pull this color out then blending it between color would be great! I want to put this out that this shade may not be everyone’s cup of tea.


I created another look by blending darker colors up to lighter ones. It’s a raspberry pink shimmery color that looks amazing on brown eyes!


I apply the eyes concealer by Mac and pat it over and under my dark circles. Then I use the Joe Fresh Single Eyeshadow in Petrol (Blue) on the outer corner and gently blend them on my socket eye but not above the crease. Then I continue by applying Mac Hepcat shade on my lid. Continue blending until no sharp edges. I then use the shade Honeywell as the highlighter under my brow bone and lastly the L’oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Time Resist White on the center lid to make my eyes pop. Love it!

This was one of the first MAC eyeshadow I purchased purely because of its gorgeous colour in the pan. I love it that I totally forgotten to even use it and once I have it on, little did I know it would become my most favourite MAC single eyeshadows 🙂 I’ll definitely be picking up more of Mac eyeshadows.

Which is your favorite Mac single eyeshadow color?

Thank you for stopping by.

Sharon xoxo


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Mac Cosmetics Reviews |Lipsticks


Hey lovelies,

I have always wanted to do a Mac feature brand lipstick reviews and this opportunity didn’t come in even better. I just got this Mac Retro Matte Lipstick (in Ruby Woo) as a mother’s day gift from my honey bear and I love this bold red that I just so thrilled to share my thoughts and opinion with you guys. Many of you may have read some of my beauty haul which I scratched the surface of the lipsticks I picked up for my haul. But this time, I’m going to show more pictures and color swatches in this post. So, grab yourself a bowl of popcorn as we’re about to roll:-

Mac matte lipsticks

I don’t have a huge collection of Mac makeup line but I can feel that my stash is growing slowly but steadily (giggling). Here are the four Mac lipsticks which I have from this brand. Mac cosmetics is one of my favorite brand lipsticks and the shades are ridiculously amazing. I love the pigmentation and the creamy, velvety feel of this lip color on my lips.

Right here are Lady Danger, Saint Germain, Saint Nude and Ruby Woo my latest bullet in my collection. Yay! They net wt: 0.1 oz for each bullet. The packaging is simple with a high end bullet design.

Below, I’m going to demonstrate a “Perfect and Clean Lip Look” using Mac Retro Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo to create this look.

perfect & clean lips by mac

On my right, I started with a naked lips. I did not put lip concealer but it is really optional. If you like your lip color to stay longer and don’t budge. Once you have applied your lip concealer you can start by using your lip liner brush.

Start by drawing a line on your cupid bow. Make sure that they are balance in height. Once you have the shape of the cupid bow, do a weird smile and draw from the corner of your lips to join the centre of your lips. Do this for both corners. Then, fill your lips with your lipstick. We are only doing the top lip and let’s go ahead and do the bottom lip now.

Use the same lip brush, draw a smooth line along your lower lip like the picture shown. It’s pretty easy to do this look. Once you are done drawing, fill your bottom lip with your lipstick. In my case, I use Ruby Woo and then make a smack on both lips. And you’re done! I really love this perfect and clean red lips look ❤

mac color swatches-review

All these lipsticks are super pigmented and the shades are so incredibly smooth and pretty. The Saint Nude is in a neutral nude tone while Saint Germain has a cool tone pink. I love the coral tone of Lady Danger and the bold red is simply my style.

Saint Nude and Saint Germain both have a shimmery finish while Lady Danger and Ruby Woo are more opaque and with matte velvety finish. These shades are all perfect to summer days with the exception of this solid red which is specially reserved for special occasion 🙂

kissable lips

I hope you like and enjoy reading this post. The demonstration is a throw in bonus since I was excited to share how a red lipstick can rock a beautiful lips.

Oh… I can’t end my blog without giving you guys a flying kiss. So, mwuah!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and stay Beautiful.

Sharon xoxo

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