Some Favorite Beauty Products


Hey guys! Today I’m going to share with you what I’ve in my makeup bag. They’re some favorites which I’m so excited to talk about.I know this is a rather late post but I’ve been so busy and with the days turns to weeks so quickly, I find it hard to juggle so many things at the same time. But I love you guys, and I want to share this post badly, so here are some bites and pieces of my favorite beauty products for #augfavorite.


So here’s what’s in my makeup bag.


Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free Foundation stick in Golden Beige was so easy to use and bring for travelling.

I decided to bring it instead of liquid foundation since I wasn’t planning on going to do a full face makeup when I’m at the beach. So, this foundation is just perfect. It has light medium coverage and it blends like butter. One thing to put into consideration is that the formula is more suitable for normal to combination skin. And if you’re oily skin, then you might not enjoy this product as much.

I’ve combination to dry skin typed and it works well on me. You could layered without it looking cakey. That’s a plus! I also love the fact that it gives a natural finishing which was what I was looking for on vacation. A foundation that wasn’t too over the top and I still look presentable throughout the trip. Yay!


Next is the Covergirl Cheekers Blush in Golden Pink. I’ve tried other blushes from Covergirl but this one is new to me. The shade is what I’ve been looking for to bring with me on my vacation. I see myself using it too as a transition from summer to fall or when the cold weather hits.

This is seriously the prettiest color I have ever put on my cheeks. It’s a warm rosy pink which is not pink b any means and would look so flattering on many skin tones. The pigmentation is just right- not too much and not too sheer.  It blends evenly and lightweight coverage. I love that gives a nice sun golden finishing.


Milani Color Statement Lipliner in 09 is my favorite shade. It glide on smoothly and the color is perfect for everyone. I really love how pretty it lined my lips. You could even fill your lips with this lipliner which I did during my vacation. I got lazy some days and so I just use this lip liner to make my lips look pretty! Could anyone relate?

I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for an affordable drugstore lip product with amazing quality. By the way, I wanted to point it out that Milani’s product is not tested on animals, (Cruelty Free) in case you want to know.


I also got the BH Cosmetics  Long Wear Shadow Primer in Malt in my makeup bag. This is a wonderful product! I love love love the consistency and the color. I find this primer easy to apply and blend. The color stays perfect all day/night out and it doesn’t crease. Very pleased with this product. Great to work with. So, yay for that!

Another thing is it certainly reminds me of the Mac Cosmetics Paint Pots except this one is much cheaper in price. Comment below if you think this could be a dupe to the Mac Painterly Pot? 


I absolutely adore the Wet n Wild  Coloricon Eyeshadow Trio in Walking on Eggshells. 

Let me just say that this trio is pretty much the best thing to happen to a girl who’s worried about her makeup and budget. Amazing quality product that’s so affordable. Super pigmented and they stayed all day. Very easy to blend and I’m truly impressed with the quality. I’ve been going back and forth with other eyeshadows for review but this is always my go to for natural look. As a matter of fact, I’m wearing them on my eyes today. Love love this! One thing I’m hoping for is that they don’t change the formula. They’re ridiculously amazing!

I will definitely repurchase it for my family members and my best friend. You must try it too 🙂


I absolutely love Marcelle 3 in 1 Micellar Solution! I go through micellar water very fast and I’m on my second bottle already.

How did I used it? I just dab a good amount on a sponge or cotton pads and then wipe off the makeup. For stubborn eyeliner and mascara that refuse to be removed this works like magic. I like that it removes makeup easily and leaves no dirty residue behind. It’s not greasy at all, I promise.

I  would recommend this to anyone who is on a budget buy. Another thing worth mentioning is that, it’s so travel friendly.


Clinique Water Therapy Hand Cream is incredibly brilliant. It absorbs to your skin like no other. It leaves skin feeling moisturized and soft. They’re 100% fragrance free. I got compliments from my hunny bear that my skin feels baby soft.

What’s in your makeup travel bag? Comment below what’s your beauty essential to bring on your vacation? I hope you had a great time!

Thank you so much for stopping by. Hope to see you on the next blog 🙂

Sharon xoxo


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Gosh Cosmetics Review & Photos



What on earth is mineral pigments???

Mineral pigments are pigments that are created by combining and heating naturally occurring elements. They include ultramarine and spinel pigments such as below mentioned. I did some google search and found some information which I thought would help answer this question.

Gosh  Mineral Color Pigments

In summary: historically, ultramarine blue was derived from the precious stone called lapus lazuli. The use of ultramarine pigments is to create deep blues and violets that are fit for a work of art.

Let’s take a look!


I think this is one of the Mineral Colour Pigments by Gosh  that wouldn’t drive me crazy. I picked it several weeks ago and I’m wearing it today. The bright Apple Green color is pretty and inviting. I typically don’t use mineral powder shadow very often but this shade of light green with a tiny hint of shimmer, I like. This Mineral Colour Powder has a very light and silky texture too.


First, I love the color green and this shade is right up my alley. Second, it doesn’t cause any mess on my face or on my vanity when I’m applying the shadows.

The tricky part is taking out the product from the jar. Instead of dipping or scrambling to pick up the shadow from the tiny hole, what I did was to shake the products into the cover and use my finger to apply them on my lids. No hassle and no mess. I like that!


Jar packaging is cute with a duo plastic lid to protect the mineral powder. Easy to pick up products with eyeshadow brush and it blends well.


It’s silky, soft, finely milled and blends easily onto lids! It doesn’t cause any creases or fall out when I used it with dry application. The texture gives a wet look on swatch as seen on my fingers and directly on bare hand.


Color swatch on dry application on naked hand. Nice color payoff, what you see is what you get especially more with wet application. The product are more intense and bold. It really is not that intense neon apple green, depending on how you use. If used lightly as on the lids or inner corners it is just a normal colored shimmer.

Overall, I feel this is a very nice pigment shadow. When paired with a good primer, this product also wears well into the day without having to touch up. I would recommend if you’re looking for an alternative to the pricey MAC pigments. Available at Shoppers Drug Mart/Pharmaprix.

Have you tried any pigment shadows? Leave your comments which brand is your favorite. I love to read what you think.

That’s it for today’s post and I wish you all a wonderful weekend! Happy Mother’s Day to all mommy in the world.


Thanks for taking the time to read guys. I’ll see you on the next one!

Sharon xoxo



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Hide & Glow Cheek First Impression



Last night, after dinner we decided to drive over to the nearby Walmart to get some gardening soil. So, as usual the trip to Walmart wouldn’t be complete without me stopping by the beauty section. And without a doubt, each trip I ended up with some makeup products. Here is the product which I wanted to talk about.


I saw this peculiar looking Hide and Glow Cheek Duo in the shade 315 In Love by Hard Candy and I know that to have it. Net wt: 0.28 oz. The price is $5.98 and it’s the only bottle left.

This bottle has duo cheek tint on both sides and some of you might know that I’m a sucker for cute packaging. I like makeup products that comes in a stick packaging because it’s so much convenient to just put it in your purse or in the bag especially when you go travelling.


Since I couldn’t find any other shades at the Hard Candy counter in Walmart, I came back and went to Hard Candy website to check and found that the other color available is Pillow Talk. For me, I think the downside of this blush is that it has a so limited color choice. I wish they have more color selections.

This end of the bottle has a more neutral nude shade than the other side. I notice that this formula has a little bit of plastic-y smell on both. At first, I thought it would smell fruity since it loos like soft candy and so obviously I took a quick smell. Frankly, it wasn’t that bad but just wasn’t the smell I expected.


Here is a closed-up look of the formula which this end is the neutral nude color. I find this packaging interesting and I was drawn by it. I’m a sucker for cute and peculiar packaging. This packaging comes in a twisting format. You twist one end for the other end of the bottle to work and vice versa.

When I first tried it on my cheeks, I feel that this formula can be a little bit sticky but it goes on like butter. My skin feels moist and glowy. After 15-20 minutes later when I checked again, I don’t feel the stickiness anymore and the shade is looking good. I really like the natural dewy finish appearance on this one.


The next is this coral-pink shade blush which has soft and dewy shimmery finish. Just like the neutral nude color, the texture is somewhat similar.


Behind the packaging, Hard Candy claim that this product is Not Tested on Animals which means it’s cruelty free. So, for those of you who like cruelty free cream blush, look no further.


Cream blushes may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you love cream blush then this blush is something that you would like. No brush needed. Just glide them on your cheekbone and tap with your fingers. It gives a soft shimmery finish that looks natural and fresh.

Anyways, I will continue to wear this High and Glow Duo Blush for awhile and will report back once I have emptied them 🙂

What do you think of this blush? Have you seen one of this before at your Walmart? Leave your comment below.

Thank you so much for reading.

Sharon xoxo


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Friday Beauty Haul: Dollar Store Haul

I remember when I first started my beauty blog, I used to do my beauty haul on Friday and if you have been following my posts you know what I’m talking about. But for those of you who are new here, feel free to read my previous Friday Beauty Hauls. But anyways, long story short, I decided to do a Friday Beauty Haul every once a month. I’ll share with you what I pick from the drugstores, Walmart and Dollar Stores etc… If you have any drugstore makeup products that you like me to do a review on, just leave comment below.

So, for this week I’ll start with my Dollar Store Beauty Haul. I got these last week but I just couldn’t find the time to do it until last night. Ya, I’m obsessed with makeup and I just pick and pick more of the makeup products and they’re piling up as high as an anthill.

Anyways, long story short. Today’ I’m going to do a haul and a first impression at the same time. So, let’s get rolling:-

Oh, yes remember that all the items are all under $3.00 mark.

dollar store haul

I got a Top Coat by Revlon for $2, Eos lip balm for $3 and a gift set bag for $3 and inside this bag, we have Eye Define Pencil, Lip d’ovotion and an Eyeshadow Box all from Bonne Bell.

It’s like $1 each per item not counting the labor for the bag and that’s a great deal. Yipee!!! I love great sale and deals. Every dollar I save adds up and I got to spend on another item the next time round. That’s saving too according to my own interpretation (giggling).

Believe it or not, you can find some good products especially drugstore items at Dollar store or Dollar tree store nowadays. It’s convenient and cheap. You pay less at Dollar store than at a drugstore with similar products. Don’t get me wrong, I still love shopping at the drugstore but it makes more sense to shop at Dollar Store especially if I’m on a budget spend.

bonne belle kit

I’m excited to open this Eyeshadow box by Bonne Bell in Cafe Classics. I’m pretty sure that the items are sold separately at the drugstore or Bonne Bell Cosmetics website but in this case it happened to be packed as a gift set.

This is a pretty cafe shades that have shimmery and pearly finish. The texture is smooth and it has beautiful pigmentation. I did a color swatch on bare arm- meaning without primer on. The instruction on the website says that you can apply using dry or wet application.

neutral eye look

These shadows are easy to blend and I really like the appearance I get using all the shadows from this shadowbox. If you love shimmery eyeshadow then this could be another drugstore brand  to look for. The shadow pan is descent in size and it comes with 2 cute sponge brush. It comes in a plastic packaging which you can stash in your purse or jeans pocket.

So here is the finish look. I really enjoy playing with the colors and for this look I used dry application and without eye primer. The shadows stays on nicely and long wearing .

eye define pencil

Next in the bag is the Eye Define Liner Pencil in Espresso Brown. There are 5 shades for color options. I have Bonne Bell eyeliner in the past and have always love how smooth and easy it glide on like a skyglider. The formula is creamy and it doesn’t drag or skip. I like it 😀


Okay, this is a fun new Lipd’ovotion by Bonne Bell. This comes with a twist-top applicator on one end and the brush the opposite end. I personally think that this packaging is genius. I love the idea of having a lip brush with a lip color together.  So easy to apply the lip gloss with much precision.

By the way, its available in 5 shimmery shades that fit any outfits. This clear shade  lipd’ovotion smells like caramel. Yummy! The downside for me is the formula. I feel that is a little bit sticky or tacky and if you dislike sticky lip gloss then you’re not going to like this one either. I’ll have to pass on this one even though I really like the packaging. It’s just that this sticky formula isn’t something I’ll reach for. So, I’ll not repurchase this again.

eos lip balm

Eos Lip balm in Sweet Mint. It’s 100% natural and 95% organic. This is my favorite scented lip balm. It smells so good and it’s so so smooth. My lips feels so smooth and moist and I can feel the minty sensation on my lips. It’s not gunky or sticky at all. It has 7 different minty scents to choose and it’s available at Walmart and all drugstores.

I love the super adorable “kinder egg” packaging. The rounded top formula reminds me of the tropical hairy fruit in Asia called “rambutan”. You can googled it up in case you’re curious to know. I will repurchase again and again. Totally love it.

revlon top coat

Revlon Colorstay Gel Shine Top  Coat in 0.4 fl oz. On the bottle it says long wearing nail enamel. Well, I’ve been meaning to get a top coat a month ago and this couldn’t come in a better time. For $2 a bottle of top coat by Revlon, I’ll have to say I’m a happy camper. With summer approaching, all finger nails and toe nails are ready to be painted for flip flop or beach sandals.

So, I hope you enjoy this Dollar store beauty haul for this month and I’ll see you all again next month on Friday Beauty Haul.

Which is the best deal of makeup products that you found recently at your dollar tree store? I love to hear your comment below.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo ❤

NEW Glamoflauge Foundation by Hard Candy |Review


Hey Gorgeous!

My going to Walmart to return the Sassy Eyes palette which I did a review a week ago ended me up with an exchange product. This time I get the Glamoflauge foundation by Hard Candy. So, after trying this foundation for over a week since my last purchase, I’m going to go a head and share my review with you guys. I’m so excited!


Glamoflauge invisible Camouflage Foundation for $6.98 net wt 1.1 fl oz. 

I actually have this foundation in Light-Medium. And it actually says that “transforming liquid-powder foundation that absorbs oil, camouflages imperfections, and delivers a long-lasting, velvet finish. I wouldn’t say if transforming liquid-powder dos absorbs oil but one thing for sure is that it does have the soft and velvety feel on it.

hard candy glamoflauge

This foundation comes with a pump packaging. It took me awhile to noticed that  you don’t need a full pump with this. It spread so well and it really really feels so lightweight. I would say that this foundation gives a medium to full coverage because it’s so lightweight and it blends so well. I’m really enjoying this foundation. I won’t say that this is a matte finish either but more like a semi-matte finish.

color swatch

Available in eight glamour shades from Porcelain the palest color to Tan been the darkest shades. The drawback of this glamoflauge is its limited color selections. In my opinion, I feel that this foundation is running into a little dark. The shade I got in Light-Medium matches my skin tone and that makes me a happy camper 🙂

But overall, this is an amazing drugstore foundation that will keep me going back for more given the price and amazing quality is really something to shout about!

What do you think of this Glamoflauge foundation? Don’t forget to leave your comment below.

Thanks for reading.

Sharon xoxo



The Urban Decay Mariposa Palette|Swatches|Review


Hey beautiful! Today, I’ll be reviewing a recently acquired item from Urban Decay. It’s a beautiful eyeshadow palette which I adore. Oh my gosh! I’m so thrilled to do the color swatches and my thoughts on this eyeshadow palette.

urban decay mariposa

I admit that Urban Decay is one of my favorite high end brand when it comes to  eyeshadow palettes. Many of you might know that I’m totally addicted to eyeshadow palettes . Here I present to you, the Mariposa Palette by Urban Decay with net wt: 10 x 0.03 oz. It comes in a metal tin packaging with a hinged lid. In the palette are ten gorgeous shades of  neutral shimmer and a travel-sized eyeshadow brush. The palette is almost a perfect square with rounded edges. It looked small when I first got it, but it’s actually a perfect size!

eyeshadow palette

These are the shades included in the palette:

Top row from L-R: Rockstar (deep eggplant with metallic), Gunmetal (dark grey with silver glitter), Skimp (pale nude/beige with gold shimmer), Infamous (fuschia pink), Wreckage (shimmery dark taupe)

Bottom row from L-R:  Haight (shimmering mermaid blue), Money (silvery pale green), Mushroom (shimmering fawn), Spotlight (medium taupe with gold sparkle), and Limelight (bronze with gold glitter).

I noticed that the new shades that were included in are Infamous, Limelight, Spotlight, and Wreckage.

eyeshadow palette

You may notice that there is no mirror in this palette which is quite unusual for Urban Decay palettes. The exterior packaging is unique with an engraved butterfly and the lid shut well. The only problem I have with this palette is the interior whereby the cardboard does look a little cheap in my opinion.

mariposa shadow palette

L-R: Rockstar – Gunmetal – Skimp – Infamous – Wreckage 

L-R: Haight – Money – Mushroom – Spotlight – Limelight 

color swatches ud

The fuschia pink (Infamous on the left) and mermaid blue or teal (Haight on the right) are very bright, the others are basics and go with just about everything. Infamous and Haight are two of my favorites, it’s bright and seems to be calling to me (giggling). I guess probably because I’ve been quite influenced by the Disney Princess movie. My other favorite is Wreckage. Totally love the bronzy finish. I would say that I’m a matte type but when it comes to this gorgeous shimmery finish, I just can’t say no. I’m hooked!


Overall, they are definitely fun. There is nothing boring about this palette except the misses on spotlight and limelight.

The eyeshadows are nicely pigmented and has very beautiful shimmer without going crazily overboard. For this look, I use one eyeshadow, the Infamous on bare lids. It’s blendable and long wear. I’ve been wearing it the whole day yesterday and are very happy with the performance appearance.

So, there you have it, my first impression review on Mariposa eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay. I’m satisfied and happy with the performance of this palette.  The shadow textures are quite nice and easy to blend. If you enjoy shimmery neutrals with a few bright shades, pick this up! Available at ebay online.

What do you think of this Mariposa palette? Leave your comment below. I love reading your comments.

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Thanks you for taking the time to read. See you tomorrow!!! Stay GORGEOUS 🙂

Sharon xoxo


Sonia Kashuk Foundation|Review



sonia foundation

I did my drugstore haul last week and I did mentioned doing a review after I have tried this bad boy and I wanted to share with you guys the results a week later. I picked this foundation from Target actually.

Since I was impatient, I decided to try it right away after I finished posting it. So, for the records, I have tried it for a full week and here’s what I think.

sonia kashuk foundation spray

Sonia Kashuk Perfecting Luminous Foundation in 04 Buff. Available in six color selection for $8.99 on discounted price at Target.

This is a rather easy pump applicator to use that comes together in a plastic tube packaging. Just squeeze the pump a few times to the desire amount of foundation you want on your hand. The formula is not runny nor too thick. So, I’ll say it’s of medium consistency which is perfect for buffing and blending.

SK Perfecting Luminous foundation is a liquid foundation for normal to dry skin. Just be aware – this foundation has a slight fragrance smells that others might find it to be too strong but I don’ mind the smell on this one somehow for some strange reason. I’ve tried many foundations and there were worst one out there that just freak me out. Anyways, to each of their own. Let’s keep our peace.

sonia pump swatch

Well, this is my first time trying Sonia Kashuk foundation line and so I’m going to go ahead and I’m excited to share my thoughts with you guys. Yeah!!!

I got this shade in Buff since it’s the lightest in the medium shade selection available at the store. To be honest, it’s difficult to pick the right shade through an opaque tube. Worst thing is that later at home, I found out that the formula doesn’t seems to match the color on the tube. Argh!

makeup review foundation

So, when I first apply and buffed this foundation on skin, I noticed that this formula has quite a bit of orange toned in it. I’m in a medium-light warm undertones yet I feel that the formula is somewhat orangey on me. Well, that’s a bummer!

But other than the orangey tone formula, I got to say that overall I find that the SK foundation makes my skin looks flawless. In the sense that it makes my skin feeling soft and hydrated all day. That’s an amazing feeling! On top of that, it gives a lovely dewy finish which is a plus for any dry skin type. The picture on my left is without foundation and on the right is with SK foundation. The result is a flawless looking skin. 

As for the texture, I would say medium coverage and build to layer up without looking cakey. Once the foundation sets, I don’t see any big pores on my skin and I’m delighted on how it helps hide the skin imperfection and redness beside my nose area. So yay!!! I love the coverage and how this foundation makes my skin feels but not the shade I picked. It’s just too orangey for me 😦 bleh! 

But since I love this SK perfecting luminous foundation, and that I wanted to continue wearing it, so what I did is applying the setting powder from L’oreal True Match to balance out the shades and it works.

Overall, I think this foundation is amazing except for the color tone. And if you happened to find the right shade and has normal o dry skin then I’ll recommend that you go for it. It has very good quality with reasonable price.

So, will I repurchase? Yes I will definitely pick another shade if I come across Sonia Kashuk again.

What do you think of this Sonia Kashuk foundation? Let me know on the comment below.

Thank you so much for reading.

Sharon ❤ ❤



Dollar Store Makeup Haul |Series #2

Hey guys!

Today, I wanted to talk about my yet another interesting and fun finds at my local dollar store or similar to dollar tree store. I got many requests to do another post and here I am hauling as many products from the dollar store to share my post with you guys.


This is what I picked up from the dollar store and since Easter is just in week. I was excited to be picking some Easter treats for the children. So, I got the Easter eggs, chocolates, stickers and gift bags together with color paint for my son to do his art drawings. Whereas for myself, I picked a facial mask, L.A. Colors makeup, elf eyeliner and a death sea revitalizing cream.  Okay, that should covers everything.

dollar store

Dang! I forgot to put this BB cream in the group picture. But anyways, finally reunited with all other makeup haul.

I’ve heard from some bloggers’ treading that L.A. Colors is going be a permanent line at Target. I’ve seen this L.A. Colors at my dollar store and I thought of sharing what I think about this brand which will be going to Target. Frankly speaking, I haven’t the least idea how good the quality of L.A. Colors since I don’t shop for makeup products at dollar store/dollar tree store but this time it’s an exception.

Here are the makeup products from my haul, so let’s roll.

l.a. color eyeliner

First thing first, I got this L.A. Colors Liquid Eyeliner in Black. Net wt: 0.22 fl oz for $1.25 

It has an ultra fine applicator that works nicely on lash line. If you have tried Elf liquid eyeliner and like it then you will like this one too. It’s not waterproof but it holds on pretty well for that price. The liner glides with the liquid formula and it’s not messy or hard to apply. It takes about 2 mins to dry up. I think this is a decent eyeliner for those who just starter doing makeup. The price is right and a decent quality to practice eye lining.

l a colors

L.A Colors Lip Color in Cherry Red. Net wt: 0.11 oz for $1.25.

This comes in several shades but I picked this cherry red lip color instead. It says here on the packaging that this lip color – moisturizes with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. I smell a nice slight of fruity scents but not overpowering. It glides beautifully and oh my, I’m truly impressed with this lip color. It’s so pigmented and creamy. Love it. Furthermore, it’s gives a velvety finish which is so lovely. This lip color is not gunky or sticky at all. It has long wearing power. I’ve tried i and going to grab a few shades for the next round at the dollar store. You can also find it at Target. Look for L.A. brand 😀

bb cream

BB Cream 2 in 1 Tinted Cream in medium shade. Net wt: 1. fl oz for $1.25

I saw a Light shade and Medium but not the darker shade. So, I cannot confirm if they have a darker tone for this BB cream since different dollar store might have some different inventories at times. This tinted cream reminds me of the Olay BB cream I picked up not too long ago. I did a post on the BB cream recently. Hit here to get you back to the link. On swatch this formula is light and not thick at all. I notice that this shade has a pinkish cool undertone. It smells very nice and the formula is so moisturizing. Okay… I’ll leave it for later review … it will be more fun that wayyyyyyy…

elf eyeliner

I also have in my dollar store bag this cute little eyeliner by elf. I got it in Black. Net wt: 0.17 fl oz for $1.50

This is a nice liquid eyeliner with a fine tip applicator. It makes creating the lining super easy and fast. It dries up quick and glides incredibly well. For beginners, I suggest using elf  liquid eyeliner instead of paying for the big buck, I do recommend that you invest in this first. It works and for me that’s what matters.

moisturizing cream

Luxury Care (LC) Moisturizing and Revitalizing Cream with Vitamin E and Dead Sea Minerals. Net wt: 1.69 fl oz for $3.00 a jar. 

Dead Sea Minerals – I was like doing a double take when I saw the printed words on the packaging. Okay, I’m always curious of the Dead Sea scrolls and dead sea minerals make my curiosity grew to 110%. I’ve never heard of this LC in my entire life and I’m super sceptical to even apply it on my skin but after reading the ingredients that contains water, extract fruits, kernel oil and shear butter with other ingredients I feel more confident in trying it out. Honestly, skin care products – I prefer to go to the professionals or the high end store but never at Dollar store.

Anyways, I did try it and this is what I think. First of all, this moisturizing cream smells amazing. It’s cooling and it’s very light on skin. It blends and absorbs quickly while leaving skin moisturized. I’ve wore it for the whole day and so far so good. I’m scare of formula that causes breaksout (ok, doesn’t anybody?) but whew… the cream feels comfortable actually. Well, I may use or may not use it in the long run but here is what I think from my perspective. For only $3.00 I’ll say go for it girl if you can find it at your dollar store. I think it is a good product to try. Did I also mention that it’s cruelty free? Made in Israel.

eurospa mask

Eurospa Facial Mask Skin Brightening Vitamin E in Pearl. Net wt: 15 ml for $1.00

I saw some other mask that were selling for $1.99 at drugstores and at the dollar store it’s only $1.00. I’ll check if it’s legit once I’ve mask myself with this beautiful pearl. The packaging looks so inviting . Oh dang!!! I wanted to wear it now but I can’t since I’ll be going out in less than 10 minutes.  Anyways, I will share my 2 cents in my next post wearing this white mask (he!he!he!) in my next post. On the packaging it claims to help tone and rejuvenate complexion, clear blemishes, minimise pores and enhance blood circulation. Okay, all that you need is in one sachet. Pretty cool and for a buck … I’ll probably be hopping over to the dollar store to grab a few more. By the way, this mask is Made in Korea in case you like to know 😀

l.a. eyeshadow

Last but not least is this L.A. Colors 12 Color Eyeshadow Palette in Traditional. Net wt: 0.49 oz  for $1.25

Okay… hold it right there. Behold this lovely and rich pigmented L.A. Colors eyeshadow palette. One word to say is that “I’m Impressed”. I was taken aback by the pigmentation, the creamy texture and the shades are so incredible. Alright, the packaging is not the most adorable or cutest on the shelves but presentable. It comes in a plastic packaging with an applicator.

I learned not to judge a book by its cover and I can tell you that this eyeshadow palette is awesome. I’ll be doing a review and makeup tutorial using this L.A. Colors palette. I can use all the shades in the palette and they’re beautiful. It gives a pretty dewy finish.

So, here are my thoughts and well my review on my dollar store haul and I hope you find them interesting and helpful. So, the next time you walk pass the L.A. Colors aisle at Target or Dollar store, stop by to say “hi”. Who knows, you might stumble upon some pretty awesome products with incredibly insane price where everything is less than $3.00.

Will you pick up L.A. Colors makeup products after having read this? Please leave comment below. I love to hear what you think.

Okay, don’t forget to check out my next post reviews from my dollar store makeup haul and until next time take care and stay beautiful.

As always, thanks for the love. I’ll check back with you guys tomorrow 🙂

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I Have A Crush on OLAY BB Cream



Olay BB Cream.

I was at Target to pick up some more makeup products for the upcoming first impressions and beauty reviews (spoiler alert … it’s going to get worse in the coming week) where more products will be in and I’m suppppeeeerrrr excited. I picked up a hand full of interesting products which I know you will be interested.

This BB Cream … by OLAY! It’s pretty amazing stuff!


I got a crush on this BB Cream at first sight. Well, frankly speaking this is not my first time seeing this bad boy in the drugstores, Walmart or Target but probably because we weren’t properly introduced.

olay bb

The experience I got was like I got pulled right in front of this Olay BB Cream and the rest is history (giggling!!!). I pick the shade of Light to Medium which fit my skin tone nicely. Only two shades are offered, the other available shade is Fair to Light. The broad spectrum of SPF 15 sun protection is an added bonus. Net wt: 75 ml for $12.99.

olay ingredient

I can go on and on about it and make this post incredibly wordy and lengthy but I ‘ve got to retrained myself from doing so. I’m going to share the very gist of this BB cream which I have a crush on.

color swatch

It has a very nice and mild scents in this formula. The texture is not thick like those of the foundation counterpart which are much thicker in consistency. To me, this formula is not heavy and it blends pretty well.  Once it set, you get a beautiful and glowing skin. When I was trying it out I have to admit that my skin are happy and healthy. So, there isn’t much of a covering needed except for my under eyes. So, I put it to the test and it managed to cover some parts under my eyes. I would say the coverage is sheer to tinted finish. Honestly, it feels as if not wearing anything at all but in a good way. The last thing I want is a heavy formula on my skin.

exture olay

I have to agree that using this BB cream, my skin does feel softer and it’s great for addressing dry skin problems and wear well throughout the day.

Simple fact about BB cream is that it’s not to be applied as if i’s a foundation. I personally love using BB cream because I can :-

(a) wear it anytime of the day,

(b) it doesn’t clog my pores and

(c) it’ so easy to use.

It’s like if you can apply a face cream then you should ith BB cream. Huurraahhh!!!

olay face look 1

The downside of this BB Cream is the lack of coverage. The upside is that the price is reasonable for a ton of products compared to Rimmel and Maybelline. I’m quite happy with the result it gives on my skin so far. Although given the choice,  I would personally prefer it to be more of medium coverage than just tinted. But since I have it I’m going to continue to wear it as a tinted moisturizer just as stated on the packaging. I can always top up with foundation or pressed powder if I needed more coverage. But for now, I’m happy with my first crush 😀 I love how soft my skin feels after using Olay BB Cream. yay!!

So, that’s it on my BB cream review. What I want to hear is what kind of BB cream did you use? Which ones do you love and which ones you hate?

Thanks so much for taking the time to read.

Sharon ❤


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L’oreal Mineral Powder|Review|Swatches


I have been doing a few back to back reviews this past few days and believe it or not, I’m really enjoying sharing my thoughts and opinion with you guys. As you can see, there are some products that I like more than the others while there are some which just didn’t work on me.

Let’s take this L’oreal True Match Mineral Powder for instant. The Mineral Powder compact comes in a built-in mirror that’s handy for an on-the-go application. I find this mineral powder packaging to be simple and nice.

loreal powder review

The shade I pick is in Sand Beige W4-5 with net wt: 0.31 oz. Behind this packaging L’oreal claims it can hold up to 16 hours of fresh, true color without oil breakthrough which blew my mind.

Obviously, I got to pick this babe and try it out myself. I tried applying them on and I’m glad to say that it did a good job on concealing the redness around my nose and it leaves a soft mattifying finish. I don’t see any shine on. I’m more of a dry skin type and when on me, I don’t feel that it’s cakey and was able to build-up beautifully. The formula is very lightweight and the silky texture works best for touch-ups and as setting foundation. Since it’s not cakey, you’ll get a sheer coverage that is buildable.

This mineral powder works pretty well on natural lighting and to put it to the test, I took a photography test and it turns out good. And after a few hours wearing I still can’t see any shine on it. Overall, this mineral powder is oil-free, fragrance free and it doesn’t break out on me.


The absorbent formula helps control oily shine which is good news for many. I have to say that it is an excellent powder for normal to oily skin type. But as for the 16 hours claim, I don’t see the staying power to last that long since on me it lasted only for about 2-3 hours. I have to retouch-up after the 3rd hour.

There are eight shades available which are from fair to medium tone and you can easily find at any Walmart. You can also find this product at your local drugstore, Ulta, Boots, Amazon and L’oreal online. For the price of $12.88 for a drugstore brand, in my opinion I find it to be averagely priced consider the quality you get from L’oreal Paris 😀

hard candy review

Hard Candy Face Primer is fragrant free and I have a lot of fun playing with it. First of all, this primer like any other primers share the same texture of being smooth, featherly light and he formula absorb quickly into skin. It claims to minimizes skin imperfection and leaving skin velvety smooth.

I’ve tried it for a few days under my foundation, I don’t see any different when using this primer to be honest. Conclusion is I’m not too crazy with this face primer and no hate either. So, this face primer is just a miss for me. But to be fair, having said that I still think that it’s a decent primer given the cheap price in store. I guess I’ll leave it all to your  own.

What do you think of this review? Do you find them helpful?

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo




Cosmopolitan Blush|Review|Ipsy


Hey girlfriends! Well, after a week so of dolling myself with this pretty blush by ModelCo Cosmetic, I’m flattered to say that this blush looks good on me (giggling).

model blush review

I got this blush in Cosmopolitan which is of a pinkish tone and it’s very smooth and you wouldn’t believe how pigmented this blush is until you have tried it. The packaging is in a simple round plastic which I don’t really mind as long as I can see the shades from the glass window. The net wt: 0.12 oz and selling for $22.00 a pot online at ModelCo.

This blush has two gorgeous shades available for this line and good news is that ModelCo is a cruelty free makeup brand. It claims also that this blush gives a natural and radiant glow to brighten on any complexion. Sounds inviting!

After my one week experience using ModelCo blush. Here is what I have to say:- It’s so easy to blend with a sheer to medium coverage but buildable to the shade you desire. I find that it’s long lasting and no discoloration after 3 hours of wear. Yay!!! On me, this blush gives me a blushing and dewy finish. I love how is makes my skin looks fresh and I’m glad to have tried this product frankly.

The next time I shop, I will definitely get the other coral shade as well in my vanity. This pink tone will be prefect for Spring and the Coral for Summer would be ever marvelous!

Overall, this blush is of awesome quality and topped with it’s claim for cruelty free. I would recommend it to my family and friends. NO doubt that the price of $22.00 is a little too steep but it’s still worth every buck.

Which color shade would you pick for this Spring?

As always, thank you so much for reading.

Sharon xoxo